H&Q Asia Pacific (H&QAP) is a leading Asian private equity firm that has managed an aggregate of over $2.7 billion in committed capital through 23 funds since its inception in 1985. Originally founded by Dr. Ta-lin Hsu as a division of U.S. investment banking firm Hambrecht & Quist, H&QAP is currently an independent organization that conducts both later-stage control investments and earlier-stage venture capital investments. It focuses on growth sectors including technology, technology manufacturing, consumer brands and financial services. The firm’s offices are located in the principal markets of Asia as well as in the Silicon Valley, providing it with a unique combination of local market presence and global perspective. H&QAP is dedicated to identifying superior commercial potential in Asia and working closely with companies to unlock that untapped potential. Throughout its rich history, H&QAP has developed an extensive network specifically geared towards helping its portfolio companies emerge into global business leaders.

Experience Providing Growth Capital in Asia

As one of the most established private equity platforms in Asia, H&QAP has over 20 years of experience in financing and guiding growth in both young and mature companies throughout the Pacific Rim. The Asia Pacific region is one of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly growing areas. The economic growth in Asia has generated an abundance of growth industries and entrepreneurial companies. H&QAP is well suited to provide investment management and financial advisory services to investors and companies in this dynamic region. As a leading Asian private equity firm, H&QAP capitalizes on the exciting investment possibilities presented by Asia.

A Deep Market Understanding. An Extensive Asian Network

H&QAP’s current infrastructure of seven offices and local investment professionals located throughout Asia and the U.S. provides the firm with unparalleled knowledge of the economic and cultural dynamics that drive Asia’s markets. The firm’s Asian network of strategic, financial and government partners also serves as a valuable resource for its portfolio companies seeking to expand their businesses.

H&QAP’s professionals in Asia have considerable experience in the local markets. Most of the firm’s professionals are Asian, fluent in Asian languages, and have “hands-on” experience in operations, finance, marketing and business development. They have encountered first-hand the complexities of running and expanding businesses in the region, bringing valuable advice to help clients achieve stable, profitable growth. H&QAP’s professionals have also obtained successful public listings for companies in the region’s vibrant equity markets. Through the establishment of long-term working relationships with its investee companies, H&QAP is in a position to assist them with their developing financial and business needs as they grow or as they seek new business opportunities through mergers and acquisitions or subsequent rounds of financings. The H&QAP worldwide network is a critical part of the success of H&Q Asia Pacific.

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