At BlueRun Ventures, our passion is partnership. For the last 10 years, we have worked with our entrepreneurs to build lasting businesses and successful exits in the crossroads of technology, ideas and global markets. In partnership with our entrepreneurs, we have helped to create markets and technology leaders such as PayPal and Widerthan. We support our entrepreneurs by lending our operating and investing experience to guide young companies through competitive and rapidly changing environments. With over $1 billion of capital under management, we continue to look for passionate entrepreneurs and market changing ideas.

What we look for:

We seek innovative technologies and business models that will disrupt mass markets. We primarily invest in early stage technology opportunities across Internet & Media, Mobile, Enterprise Software, Semiconductors and Components. We look for scalable technology solutions in each segment that can address a sizable home market. Most importantly, we look for entrepreneurs who share our passion for technology and entrepreneurship.

Investment philosophy:

We generally make initial investments of between $1-6 million with additional capital reserved for follow on rounds. Our investment is just the beginning of our longstanding partnership with our entrepreneurs. We invest in key geographic markets and help our companies build an extensive network of partnerships and customers across the value chain and around the world. BlueRun Ventures works hand in hand with our entrepreneurs to identify opportunities to leverage innovative technologies and business models to address the rapidly changing landscape.

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