Established in 2000, SB China Venture Capital (SBCVC) is a leading venture capital firm in China. We strive to help outstanding entrepreneurs to build world-class companies.

SBCVC has successful track records of both entrepreneurship and investment. In addition to capital, our team leverages its rich experience in investment, operation global network, and China know-how, to assist its portfolios.

SBCVC invests in various industries, including information technologies, healthcare, cleantech, new materials, consumer, and retail, etc. for high potential companies in early, growth/expansion, and pre-IPO stages.

Headquartered in Shanghai, SBCVC has offices in Beijing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Taipei. Our portfolio companies include Alibaba, Taobao, Focus Media, eBao Tech , GDS, Precise, PPLive, etc.

At SBCVC , we are dedicated to integrity, and strive to do business in an entrepreneur-friendly manner. We want to be the first venture capital fund great entrepreneurs think of when they create their new businesses.

We bring a powerful set of resources to such a partnership.

Unlike some other firms whose management consists of people with pure finance backgrounds, our team — to a person — has senior level operating experience. Our senior executives include a former CEO, CFO, CIO and CTO — all within four years of having served in those roles. We have operating experience as founders of early-stage companies, senior managers of major technology corporations, and leaders in investment banking.

In addition to management leadership, we provide valuable services to our portfolio companies. SBCVCIncubator, our innovative incubation environment, provides entrepreneurs with expertise and ready-made resources in recruiting, legal, financial, IT, investment and human resource issues. SBCVC Incubator provides entrepreneurs with a working environment where they can focus on their unique values, not the routine work of starting and growing a firm. By being in the SBCVC Incubator , they also get access to and guidance from other entrepreneurs and industry experts.

We also work hard to ensure our entrepreneurs get access to the SOFTBANK family of companies and affiliates worldwide.

Global expansion is essential to the future leaders on the Internet. SOFTBANK is a global company, with significant operations in the US, Japan, Europe, Latin America and other emerging mavkets that can be of aid to our portfolio companies. SOFTBANK’s joint ventures with News Corp and Vivendi provided a head-start in European expansion. We don’t believe there is an Internet investor on the planet who can provide the kind of power we can behind global expansion.

Bottom line, we strive to find, fund, and enable the best entrepreneurs with the brightest ideas. Do you want to work with us? Please review the process section below for direction on how to submit your plan.

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