10 years Building project in Yangon, Myanmar seeking JV partner

10 years Building project in Yangon, Myanmar seeking JV partner

Project Cost: 1 to 1.5 million ringgit

Amount Invested : 2.5 million ringgit

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as consultant

real estate
others (Resident or Hotel)

Project Stage: startup


Company History:

My father is the owner of the land in a prime area in Yangon which is called Nat Maut Lane 1 road.

Product / Service Description:

He want an investor to invest on his land for 10 years. Build 6 stories building and rent it out.

Business Opportunity:

Currently the market value of rental amout for the land only is around 5k US Dollar, but my father thinks instead of renting out the land he want to make it more worthy and get higher income. Many foreigners are now entering Yangon so the market is probably big.

Revenue Model:

It is very simple, Investor will invest for the building purpose which will be around RM 1 to 1.5 million. And in the building we will get around 12 rooms. One room can rent out for minimum of 1500 to maximum of 2500 US dollars. So basically minimum monthly income will be US $ 18000 and can reach up to US $ 30000. In short, the amount you invested will be covered in 2 years or maybe slightly more than two years, okay let’s make it 3 years. So basically 7 years of benefit. All the benefits will be divided equally. There will be no rental cost for the land as well.

Management Team: n/a

Current Status:

My father is a real estate investor so basically he just buy lands and keep it. So i can say it is just a land where you can build buildings and everything, it is freehold land.

Expected Return On Investment:

The minimum profit for 10 years after my calculation is around 1.8 millions US dollars. So investor will get 50% of it which will be 905,000 US Dollars. This will be the profit only.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Other than government law changes there will be no risk. Becuase this land title is under my father’s name and it is free hold land and everything is clear.

Exit Strategies:

Exit with almost a million dollar profit after 10 years, that would be the biggest exit opportunity


Yangon, Myanmar