Project Cost: rm3,000,000

Amount Invested : rm500,000

Amount Required : rm1,500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor

consumer goods
biotechnology / healthcare
others (green nano technology)

Project Stage:
second stage expansion


Company History:

xxx is a brand founded by xxx Technology, previously known as xxx Corporation. The company was the first and considered as pioneer in bringing the xxx technology to Malaysia. From a country distributor of this technology, xxx Technology has evolved and became one of the manufacturer of this unique technology and branded itself as xxx. With it 12 years of experiences, the company managed to expand this technology to almost all its applicable industries in Malaysia and made itself available in many countries around the world.

Product / Service Description:

xxx is a multi functioning nano coating developed to target the hygiene problems, indoor air quality problems and building maintenance problems. xxx is a coating that:

1.Self sanitizes
2.self deodorizes
3.eliminates harmful VOCs
4.improves indoor air quality
5.Self cleans
6. Prevents mold/fungus

xxx has all of the above functions once its being applied onto our interiors and exteriors of the buildings and these functions lasts up to 3 years hence, reducing maintenance and reducing the use of cleaning chemicals.

This technology us applicable to a very wide industries

1. Health related buildings
2. Educational facilities
3. Child and elderly care
4. Public places
5. F&B and Entertainment outlets
6. Green buildings
7. Commercial and residential
8. Self Applied DIY products for personal hygiene care
9. Automotive

Business Opportunity:

With the ever emerging infectious diseases around the world, we need such a protective coatings to protect us from contracting with deadly sicknesses such as H1N1 and the current Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.
The indoor air quality is much worse than the outdoor air in the recent years. This has caused many buildings to be sick (sick building syndrome) which is causing a lot of health problems to patrons in these buildings.
There are also a lot of focuses in the green building sector to keep the VOCs level in the interiors buildings to a very minimal level and to reduce maintenance costs of maintaining the exteriors of the buildings.
There are also very big concerns for international car manufacturers to reduce its interior VOCs level to very minimal level too.
All the above problems are not easy to be solved. xxx will be able to solve these problems by just applying its nano solutions into these environment. This has been proven with numerous successful sites and has been commercially acceptable in the market for the passed 12 years.
Revenue Model:

The business generates its revenues from project applications, distributorships, and to direct end user market through its self applied series and also its expansion to the international markets

Management Team:

Our management team consists of the board of directors, R&D team, sales team and application team of which we are operating in a very simple way that we see the need of expansion To project team and marketing team.

Current Status:

We current are focusing on our core product which is targeted mainly for projects and we have developed a self applied series targeting to direct end consumers with at least a 300% profit margin from the cost of the product which allows us to venture into distribution channels to generate more volume to our manufacturing side.

Funding Milestone:

The fund will be used according to the following stage

As a qualifier for our up coming Resort World projects
To expand our project team and marketing team
Participation in overseas exhibitions for existing countries and countries which has not been explored.
Funding for mega projects which is on going.
Business Valuation:

We are allocating 20 to 25% of our stake for our investors base on our 12 years of experience, building of our profiles, available projects in the near future and our availability of our r&d team and facilities for developing more products in the future for greater market expansion

Expected Return On Investment:

Pay back from year 3 onwards and whole investment will be fully paid by year 4.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

market instability
project delays
payment delays

Exit Strategies:

Sell back the shares to the company


WH Wong
Country : Malaysia