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Handmade Shoes

Project Cost: RM250,000

Amount Invested : RM10,000

Amount Required : RM250,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant
others (Sleeping Investor)

Industry: consumer goods

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

I am a bumiputera entrepreneur, previously in auto id and design industry. Owner of small business Monster Dreamwork and been doing small general trading and design work. Graduate from University of Wales UK in year of 2000. Am creative, aggressive and passionate in design and new things.

Product / Service Description:

I just been awarded as exclusive distributor for South American handmade shoes for Malaysia & Singapore Region. The nearest competitor will be Converse, Vans and Sketchers shoes. Its still new in Malaysia but has been in few countries like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, Japan and few more.

Business Opportunity:

The target market will be the from student up to executive or professional level. Since its a new trending and design in Malaysia, I saw a big potential to sell in affordable price. Its can suite to most of the daily activities such like walking, light jogging, cycling, skate boarding, casual outing and many more.

Revenue Model:

I am planning selling them online, through agent or third party and also direct to customers. Participating in exhibition, setting up kiosk in mall and through roadshow will help me promoting and spreading the products in the markets.

Management Team:

Mohamed Tazwid Nordin as Founder/CEO

Current Status:

I am in Selangor, Malaysia and still looking the right candidate to invest in the business.

Funding Milestone: These can be divided into two categories which are small stock by courier and big stock with sea freight. The big order around 1500 pairs by sea freight will take around 2 1/3 months to arrived from principal place. So while waiting for the big stock, am placing small order around 100-200 pairs of shoes and getting them in 2 weeks by courier. I can start promoting and selling these small order first while waiting for the big stock to arrive.

Business Valuation:

As for the investor am willing to give around 20-30% as profit sharing. The profit for a pair of shoes is around RM 80 – RM100 which equivalent to 80% – 100% profit.

Expected Return On Investment:

ROI for the small order will be around 2-3 months while the big orders will be around minimum 6 months – 9 months. These are because for the small order, delivery lead time will be in every 2 weeks and delivery lead time for big order will be around 2 1/2 months.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The risk is very low since we are selling in cash terms and every pairs that sold come with profit.

Exit Strategies:

Selling at cost price which are so much cheaper and also can be selling of to other third party.


From: Taz
Company Name: Monster Dreamwork
Postal Address : 62, Jalan SP10/6, Saujana Puchong
State : Selangor
Post Code : 47110
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0136160996
Website :
Mobile: 0136160996

Wearable badminton sensor

Project Title Wearable badminton sensor
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description My name is Jimmy. I am currently 32-years-old, working as a Java Team Leader in a procurement project. I am passion in badminton but I get injured so often because of wrong posture. I hope to have one-to-one coaching session with a coach but it costs me more than RM100 per hour. Therefore I wonder is that possible to reduce the training cost by using motion sensors?

For the past 16 months, I have been developing an analytic software (with sensors) to help badminton player to perform better.

To use my analytic software,

1) Sportsman need to apply sensors to his / her limbs.
2) The sensors will send motions data remotely to a server.
3) The server will analyze the sensor data and then provide various notification to a sportsman. The software will analyze the acceleration, rotation and direction of different parts of limbs and tell the sportsman to move in the expected way.

Business Opportunity Wearable devices are getting popular nowadays. See

Motion sensors are getting better. Although they are still expensive and not 100% accurate, this give me more time to write a better software while waiting for their maturity.

Badminton is not common in western countries. In silicon valley, few giant companies are doing wearable devices software. However, it is unlikely for them to create a badminton software as the popularity of badminton is still low there.

In future, the technology used can be extended to other expensive sport like golf and football.

Revenue / Business Model A complete badminton sensor app (Including all required hardware sensors and software) cost RM499.

A badminton racket can cost up to RM1,000 and a badminton shoe can be sold RM400. Other than that, a badminton player still need to pay for his / her shirts, pants, badminton strings, badminton grips, courts rental and etc.

So, RM499 seems expensive but it is affordable if the product is good enough.

Management Team Jimmy Lee (Founder)
– 10-years-experience Java programmer.
– A team lead of a software house in Cyberjaya.
– Currently developing a procurement system for government.
– Like to explore various technologies like Bluetooth and wearable devices.
– Learn advance Mathematics when free.Lee Ying ying (Co-founder)
– 3-years-experience in Marketing.
– Currently working in a software consulting firm in Sri Hartamas
– An active toastmaster member.
– Outspoken and able to communicate well.
Company Background We haven’t setup a company yet.
Funding Milestone First funding → RM150,000 for developing the product. (Expected to be complete in a year.)
% Equity Allocation To be discussed.
Expected ROI It is hard to provide an estimate return but the amount could be big. This is an innovation and not a clone geographical product.
Risks and Mitigation – Competition. Usense (See is doing another similar product.
– Strong sensor is important to provide accurate data yet the price could not be affordable by the public.
– Although it is expensive, sportsman may still prefer to have face-to-face coaching sessions.
– It maybe tedious for users to apply sensors to their limbs.
Company Name We haven’t register a company yet.
Business Address 21, Lorong Sungai Daun 1. Taman Sri Mutiara. Off Jalan Kapar Batu 4. 42100 Klang
Contact Person Jimmy Lee
Contact Number 0122075069

12 Tips for Getting Your Bank Loan Approved

Without a previous track record in business, securing a bank loan may be difficult. Banks cite risk factors and increasing costs of servicing small accounts as the primary reasons for minimizing their exposure to small businesses. Still, it can be done. Here are the steps that you should take to improve your chances of getting that much-needed bank loan.

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How to prepare a Loan Proposal and get funded?

Developing your loan proposal

Your loan proposal must answer the following questions:

Who are you?
How much do you need?
How are you going to pay it back?
What happens if you can’t pay it back?

Elements of your loan proposal

Generally, the loan proposal is comprised of the following elements:

Summary: Comes first; written last.

This should be clear, concise, accurate and inviting. You want to summarize how the proposed loan will be used, how it will be repaid and how it will benefit your business. Remember, that you are competing with many others, so you’ll also want to point out some of the distinguishing features of your business.

Top management profiles:

The key issue here is who are you? Be prepared to come under close scrutiny. You will need resumes as well as a summary of experience, qualifications and credentials for all owners and key members of your management team.

Business description:

You don’t need to repeat all of the information contained in your business plan, but you do need to present a solid description of your business. Include a brief overview of the history of your business, plus a summary of current activities. Make sure you clearly demonstrate that you understand your markets and industry (current trends and risks). Include literature showing your products or services. It is also helpful to include letters from suppliers, customers and other business references.


Include projected income statements and cash flow statements for two to three years. Your assumptions should be clearly stated and realistic. Generally, you don’t need to show “best case” and “worst case” unless the banker asks you to do so. But do be prepared to answer questions (in quantifiable terms) about what happens if some of your assumptions don’t come true. For example, if you anticipate obtaining a major new contract or customer as a result of newly expanded capacity, can you estimate the impact on your income statement if that customer decides to take her business elsewhere?

Financial Statements:

The loan package must include both business and personal financial statements. Make sure that you fully understand the “story” that your financial statements tell. Be assured that your banker will fully analyze your historical financial statements and calculate all the ratios. So, prepare in advance and point out any significant trends in an introductory paragraph.

Purpose of the loan:

Present a detailed statement of how you will use the loan proceeds.. Don’t forget to include the proceeds of the loan in your cash flow projections (and the interest in your projected income statement).


Remember, that you are offering the bank a deal that will make them money — you are not asking for an “allowance”. The attitude you should take is to ask, “how much money do you need, and how much will they lend?” and not, “will they lend it?”

Repayment plans:

You will have to make some assumptions about the terms of the loan in your proposal. (Obviously, this is necessary to prepare the initial financial projections.) In the first package, you will propose the terms that you want, but ultimately this will be a point that will be negotiated with the bank. The bank will consider a number of factors as they assess the overall risk of the loan and this will impact the repayment terms they are willing to give you.

Selecting the bank

You may already have a relationship with a bank, and this is generally the logical first choice for borrowing money. But whether this is your first loan, or you are borrowing additional money, you should consider several points before selecting the bank.

Although you may need money, you should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing the bankers or partners you want to deal with. Make sure the bank is sincerely interested in your business and will provide you with the services you need. You should also look for a banker with whom you feel you can develop a good ongoing relationship and that has experience with similar businesses. Keep in mind the value of your business to the community and what its future deposits could mean for the bank.

Key questions to ask bankers include the following:

Do they have an industry specialty related to yours?
What is the average size of their borrowers?
What are their professional backgrounds, especially in terms of whether they are commercial or consumer lenders?
How long have they been in these positions?
Do they have the level of lending authority you need?

Whether you patronize a large commercial bank or a small community bank will depend on your needs. Major banks tend to offer a wider range of services and locations, which may be important if have the need for a variety of financial products and services. Community banks, on the other hand, are smaller, meaning that the banker you deal with daily might be able to make your financing decision personally or get it through the bank hierarchy quicker.

Presenting your loan proposal

Okay, now your loan package is prepared and its time to get ready to present your proposal. Before you go to the bank it is a good idea to role play with someone you trust. This is not the sort of presentation that you make every day, and this can help ensure that you are comfortable discussing all the material in your loan package, and have considered all the questions your banker might ask in the initial interview.

If you have a question about how to present your loan, now might be a good time to visit the Info

Exchange – discussion forum on lending and seek the advice of an expert or another business owner that has been through this before.

Before you approach a bank you should:

Have comprehensive written documentation ready.
Know your numbers inside and out.
Know what collateral you can offer.
Be prepared to sell yourself.

Handle the meeting professionally — make an appointment, show up on time and have a business demeanor throughout the meeting. You should tell a prospective banker what benefit your business brings to the bank in terms of average balances in checking accounts, savings accounts, and present and future financial needs. You should also ask them questions to see if you think they are the right people to handle your account.

After you present your loan proposal, ask the banker what can be expected in terms of a response time, or when they will request additional information. Obviously, the request won’t be approved in the initial meeting. But if you’ve done your homework, you will already have a good idea of whether or not your loan is likely to be approved.

If your loan is approved:

(besides celebrate) make sure that you:

Thoroughly review all loan documents and understand before signing. Consult with your lawyer or accountant if you have any questions.

Get documents in on time — frequently there are a number of documents that cannot be finalized until after the loan is approved and closed. Keep up that good impression the bank has of you by promptly responding to requests for additional information, documents, signatures, etc.

Maintain close contact with your loan officer. It is a good idea to give her progress reports — the bank now has a vested interest in your success and will want to be kept current.

Communicate problems. Bankers, don’t like surprises, particularly if the news is bad. So, make sure they are one of the first contacted if you encounter any problems.

Once your banker makes a loan to you, he or she has a vested interest in your business success. If you prosper, the bank prospers. If you fail, the loan they approved is not going to be paid.

If your loan is not approved:

Don’t despair.
A “no” today doesn’t necessarily mean no forever.
Don’t take it personally.
Be gracious.
Ask the banker to explain “why” your loan was not approved.
Don’t get defensive, seek information so that your next proposal addresses and corrects any deficiencies in the current application.

What to do when no one will lend you money?

There may be times when knowing the money markets, as well as preparation, presentation, luck and persistence just don’t seem to work. The key to overcoming this financial obstacle is not to get bitter: get resourceful. Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat.

If you have a viable business idea you should be able to find funding… as long as you have done your homework and developed a written business plan.

Other owners have raised money from friends by making attractive interest rate offers to friends and acquaintances for loans.

The secret is to prepare yourself — before you implement that growth strategy. Your business plan will provide you with a way to look, before you leap.

Need help to get funded? contact:

Dubai Grilled Sub in Selangor seeking growth fund

Project Cost: RM250,000

Amount Invested : RM50,000

Amount Required : RM200,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b

Company Current Status: Growth


Syarikat SHD Quality Enterprise adalah sebuah perniagaan milikan tunggal yang telah ditubuhkan secara rasmi pada 16 Januari 2015. Perniagaan ini didaftarkan beralamat di No.15, Jalan 16/2B, Taman Cheras Jaya Fasa 7, Batu 11, 43200 Kajang, Selangor. Syarikat ini merupakan sebuah syarikat yang berkonsepkan makanan dan minuman. Di samping itu, syarikat ini juga turut merancang untuk membuka restoran pada masa yang terdekat ini. Perniagaan ini telah didaftarkan oleh pemilik bagi meneruskan impian beliau bagi membuka sebuah restoran. Pemilik juga mempunyai lebih 2 tahun pengalaman kerja didalam bidang pemakanan.

Syarikat SHD Quality Enterprise amat berharap agar dapat turut serta menyumbang kepada perkembangan ekonomi negara yang sedang berkembang. Syarikat ini ditubuhkan bagi menyahut seruan kerajaan untuk mewujudkan perniagaan dibawah program Masyarakat Perdagangan dan Perindustrian Bumiputera (MPPB). Melalui pembiayaan ini, Syarikat SHD Quality Enterprise akan turut meningkatkan prestasi perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan dengan menumpukan lebih perhatian kepada pelanggan industri makanan dan premis perniagaan.


Rafat Abuaqel

Company Name: dubai sub
Postal Address : 901B Office Block – Perdana Building –
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43300
Country : malaysia
Telephone : 00601128006049
Website :

ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY: 6 years old health/beauty product brand owner

Established brand, market-ready with tremendous potential for growth. Highly profitable.

GMP Ready, Halal Certificate by Jakim, continuous growth trend

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Company overview

The company has been established in the market for more than 6 years with its own range of premier health/beauty product to serve the different needs of demand in the market. Products focus based on the principal of holistic approach to improve the quality of life of one’s. With its own brand, a wide range of its products already well-accepted in the market and there are still huge untapped market to be explored for growth.


The company production line operates from a rented facility in Kuala Lumpur where 6 full-time and 2 part-time employee to run the day-to-day operation. Due to the extensive technology used in the supply chain, employee headcount has always been kept to minimum to lower the operation cost but with high efficiency. The premises are sufficient to support the business growth and development for the next 2 years as the facility productivity is only running at 30% of its capacity. Location are ideally situated for direct access to the highway and routes to other parts of the city.


• Gross Revenue: RM1.26 million
Net Profit: RM631K

Selling Price: Negotiable

Please email your interest to

Provider of Cruise Course in Penang

Amount Required : RM300,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: tourism / hospitality, others (Education)

Company Current Status: Growth


Company History:

VS EDU ENTERPRISE is a service centre that serves services to multiple level customers on Education and Job Placement. Education that been provided as a
Northern Branch of Edufly Academy aka Edufly Academy Penang. Edufly Academy has been established since 2012 with a specific purpose to meet the increasing
demand for trained professionals for a career in their chosen industry. The increasing trend in travel worldwide the demand for trained Cruise & Airline Crew and for other allied industry related personnel is on the increase. VS EDU ENTERPRISE will quickly become the premier service centre servings for the benefit of citizens around northern region for education services. VS EDU ENTERPRISE is also being as a Job Placement company to the students which fulfilling the course to be in Hotels or Cruises. VS Edu Enterprise is now opening an investment plan to be a partner in Edufly Academy Penang.

Product / Service Description:

As how as stated above the main goals of VS Edu Enterprise is to bring in few more courses which can be given 100% job security and marketing the course whole wide northern region to make sure all the people are aware of the courses being provided by Edufly Academy. Only by the course of Cruise Operation Management the required personnel to work is 15,000 peoples. VS Edu Enterprise is looking forward to bring this course to everybody who willing to travel and earn high. Finally, to bring some benefit and generate income to VS Edu Enterprise and the investor which could bring benefits to all people.

Business Opportunity:

Our main strengths are our syllabus which could make our students to be specialised in hospitality field, the course structure is the students will be having 1st semester of academic lesson and 2nd semester of internship where they will be working with 4 star and 5 star hotels. For those which are 18-20 will have to continue 3rd semester and 4th semester as an intern. This is because, the candidate will be having higher experience and cruise requirement is 21 and above so the candidate will be in internship till reaching 21 years old.

Revenue Model:

Making loans for the parents using their payslip,in case having problem in that we can still make loan on the particular student name when they are in the internship because the salary amount is from 1400 to 1800

Management Team: n/a

Current Status: n/a

Funding Milestone: n/a

Business Valuation:

Course fee
o RM 13,000/student
o Out of 13,000, 35% belong to VS Edu Enterprise where 65% belong to Edufly Academy.

Investment Percentage
o Maximum Percentage of 30% out of profit of VS Edu Enterprise is belong to Investor, where 35% out of RM13,000 is RM4,550 is the share of VS Edu Enterprise from Edufly Academy. 30% of RM4,550 is belong to Investor which is RM1,365.
o Maximum Investment needed is RM300,000 which equals to 30%.
o The calculation of percentage is as below: Rm 300,000 is = 30%

Expected Return On Investment:

o ROI is within one year because of the unique course and job field
o Per student the profit to the Investor is RM1,365 where a month a number of 30 students can be taken which is RM40,950/ month income. The maximum of students can be taken for each month is 60 students. So the maximum profit can be obtained is RM81,900/month.
o The investment amount is returnable to the Investor- so the amount of investment plus profit is taken able. When the Investment is paid back to the Investor the Investor will remain as low percentage holder of 5% of VS Edu Enterprise share for 2 years or above as agreed by both parties.


From: Varat
Company Name: vs edu enterprise
Postal Address : 1-2-47,Elite Avenue,
11950, Bayan Baru,
Telephone : 011-11305830

First Mixed Martial Arts Promotion in Sarawak

Project Cost: 160,000.00

Amount Invested : 10,000.00

Amount Required : 150,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:
other (Sports Marketing and Event Management)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
others (Partner)

Industry: others (Sports)

Company Current Status: Concept / Business Plan; others (Start-up)


Company History:

– Being in the MMA sports event management for about 2 years while setting up other MMA Promotion across Malaysia continents.
– Bachelor Degree holder (CompSc Majoring in Digital Systems Security)
– A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner
– MMA practitioner
– An IT Specialist

Product / Service Description:

– To educate and groom all the local talents from the MMA scene by giving the exponents a chance to explore and exploit their potentials as well as to help them build their self-confident and discipline in life and in cage.
– MMA event could attract more major sponsorships from other industries for sponsoring the fighters and the Promotion itself in order to be advertised/showcase by the Promotion in media globally from online MMA sources which could easily be viewed with the average of more than 10 million viewer around the world.
– Building a media hub for MMA in East Malaysia then expanding to other Southeast Asia regions.
– Building an marketing opportunity for other sponsors and partners who wish to be advertised or showcase in that event (Ads will changed constantly per event based on sponsorship received).
– MMA practitioner is growing and be part of the growth
– MMA is not a trend and it’s a Public media’s eye candy
– Advertisements and merchandise sales
– Event could also help to build up crowds and web traffics (Good for marketing and tourism)

Business Opportunity:

– Many MMA enthusiasts will be signing up for the competition and as well as giving them opportunity to be featured locally and internationally from the media source.
– Promoting our promotion will help other MMA gyms in their business as well
– Being the first MMA promotion in Sarawak is definitely a big break through for all local talents to exploit and move up to a bigger game and bigger name helping the state economically as well by attracting more and more fighters from around the continents to fight in our promotion.

Revenue Model:

– Registration fees
– Merchandise sales
– Advertisements
– Sponsorship
– Ticket sales

Management Team: N/A

Current Status: Currently still on concept stage. (To be discussed in detailed with potential Investors/Partners/Sponsors)

Funding Milestone: (To be discussed in detailed with potential Investors/Partners/Sponsors)

Business Valuation: (To be discussed in detailed with potential Investors/Partners/Sponsors)

Expected Return On Investment:

Expected 100% Return of Equity is within the next 3 years based on numbers of events held. Projected average nett income on the 3rd year of operation is RM 5,000 – RM 6,000 per event held.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1) The possibility of a new MMA Promotion/Circuit setup in the same state.
2) Lack of fighters due to benefits given by the Promotion
3) Challenges such as fighters being signed to another MMA promotion regardless locally or internationally

Exit Strategies:

1. Sold of Company’s share
2. Sold of assets (MMA Equipments inclusive of the MMA Cage)


Alpha Fighting Championship Sdn Bhd
Kuching, Sarawak

C’AMOUR innovative skin care

Project Cost: RM 100K

Amount Invested : RM 10K

Amount Required : RM 90K

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor, as consultant

Industry: consumer goods

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

Jeannie Chung is a passionate member of the beauty community who believes in innovating the skin care market. She has built C’AMOUR from scratch-developing the product formulation, packaging, concept and operations-and now, she is seeking funding to share her expertise and products with the rest of the world. Jeannie has a BA in Chemistry from Northwestern University, USA.

Product / Service Description:

Have you been trying various beauty products and not finding the right solution for your skin’s needs? C’AMOUR redefines the problem of beauty and offers an alternative solution for you.

1) Skin problems are more specific than simply anti-aging, whitening or hydrating. Each woman has a unique skin profile that requires a unique solution. Therefore, C’AMOUR offers more choices, like skin lightening, dark-spot corrector, skin-discoloration prevention, skin-renewal, and sunblock cream for skin whitening purposes. C’AMOUR brings more specific solutions to your specific needs.

2) The customer can combine 2 or more functions into a single product. More value for less money.

3) C’AMOUR has various cream textures-thick and creamy, light and smooth and much more- to personalize the cream to fit your skin type. Furthermore,
you could customize the type of fragrance that you want to add to your product according to which one you like best.

C’AMOUR infuses practicality with simplicity to make your beauty regime more pleasurable. Beauty is personal.

Business Opportunity:

According to BusinessWire, the global beauty industry generated revenues of USD 379 billion in 2013. The global beauty market has been growing at a steady CAGR of 4.5% and is anticipated to reach USD461 billion by 2018.

C’AMOUR exploits untapped opportunities in this market by introducing more personalization of skin care and increasing efficiencies in operations and selling to add value to our products without increasing our selling price.

Revenue Model:

COGS = 12.5%

Management Team: Foreign partnership to introduce brand overseas in US and Singapore.

Current Status: Pre-revenue stage. Need capital for launch.

Funding Milestone:

TOTAL = USD 21 400 / RM 90 K


Expected Return On Investment: 40%

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1) Initial low investment in capital
2) Small quantities to allow pivoting
3) Heavy investment in marketing and researching customer behaviour and buying pattern
4) Proper management decision



Company Name: C’AMOUR
Postal Address : 0000
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 50480
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60142298652