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Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd

Project Title GACS Sdn Bhd was incorporated in April 2012 and since then the company has expand rapidly and doubling the sales revenue. Our latest financial audit report stand at RM900,000 and we have already achieve the previous sales as of today. Currently we are pitching to expand GACS Sdn Bhd to be a company to reckon.
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM20,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is a Penang based company that was set up in the year 2012. When Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd was set up, it was purely a service company that only concentrates on boiler servicing and automation services.

The primary focus of the business was concentrated on Edible Oils industry. Working closely with Desmet Ballestra (M) Sdn Bhd and Alfa Laval Sdn Bhd which are strong players in the Edible Oil Industries, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd began to expand his costumer base in the year 2013. Working closely with HTI GESAB from Germany for high pressure boiler, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to import boiler parts from Hti and sell to costumers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

In the year 2014, the founder of Global Automation Combustion Sdn Bhd decided to take a drastic decision to convert Global Automation Combustion Solution to System Integrator and Development Company. Expanding its knowledge in Labview for software and gaining strong momentum in the boiler business, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd influence in the Edible Oils industries began to take shape. Penetrating to Wilmar International was a huge success for Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd as Wilmar International is the largest edible oil producer in the world which is own by the Kuok Group.

Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd expands to another division in conveyor system in the year 2015. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to design tubular drag conveyor for conveying system. A system which is common in the European and America market, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd have successfully set up a system in Surabaya for Sungai Budi Group. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd proudly claimed the first unit in South East Asia and it was design and built locally. The founder of Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begin to recognized the potential of the tubular drag conveyor in other industries and begin to massive promote the system.

In the year 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution had successfully sold 10 units of the conveyor system and begin to penetrate into other market. Beside by the conveyor system, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd also expand its automation department. With a new system to remote monitoring all the process plants around the globe, Sungai Budi Group had agreed to purchase the system to monitor their process plant around Indonesia through VPN. With the agreement, Global Automation Combustion continue to upgrade its automation department and invest in technologies. In March 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution hired a sales representative in Surabaya, Indonesia to support the market expansion in Indonesia.

Business Opportunity During the 4 years in operational, we have exploited the edible oil market with new technologies and also to design our own products. Below is the list of product GACS Sdn Bhd was able to establish during this 4 years of operational

1) Tubular Drag conveyor- A conveyor system that exist in the market for over 50 years and we by so far are the only engineering house that produce it locally in Penang, Malaysia. We have sold 10 units since the introduction of the system in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Design locally and built locally to keep the cost competitive. Since the conveyor is new and full of advantages,we are targeting to enter food indutries, cement industries and other industries.

2) Remote monitoring system for process plant. We had the opportunity to set up remote monitoring system with report generated for a group in Indonesia. The system capture real time process plant around Indonesia and transmit the data back to Jakarta headquarters. Costumise by GACS engineers, we have succeed to run a system from surabaya to Jakarta in real time. With this system proven, we can now begin to expand it to other group such as WIlmar International, PT SInarmas, Musim Mas,whereby to monitor and report generation at headquarters to monitor all their process plant.

Revenue / Business Model For future planning, we are planning to fabricate the conveyor by in house. Currently the conveyor is fabricated by third party, so the cost is high and profit margin is reduced. By moving the fabrication to in house, we will save at least 20 percent of the costing which will increase our profit.

We have plans to hire 2 sales engineer to increase the sales productivity. At the moment, the sales are done by the owner of the company.

We will continue to invest in Research and Development. Our target it to continue to create new products annually to boost our product line and also to diversify the company marketing. Few products are inlined to be tested and introduce for the year 2017

Management Team 1) Global Automation Combustion currently has
1 Administrative personnel
4 technical personnel
1 Country Manager in charge of Indonesia Market
2) Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd planned to hire 3 more technical personnel, 2 Administrative personnel and 1 sales personnel.
3) Global Automation Combustion Solution plans to hire 2 technical personnel for Research and Development in the 3rd Quarter of the financial year.
Company Date of Establish : 16nd April 2012
Directors : Jeremy Tan Shyh Hou and Chong Poh Choo
Number of workforce : 5 person in Penang, Malaysia and 1 person in Surabaya, Indonesia
Funding Milestone Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is seeking to:
1) Establish an investment from passive investor of RM500,000 to prepare for company future expansion plans as stated below :
a) Expand the current workforce from 6 people to 14 people to cater the increase of project undertaking by the company. Planning to increase additional 1 automation engineer, 2 mechanical engineer, 2 technician/fitter to operate the machine, 1 sales personnel and 2 administrative staff.
b) Expand the office premise to fabricate and machining parts for conveyor system designed by in house engineering team and also to undertake mechanical projects for the 4 quarter financial year.
c) To purchase 1 unit stamping machine, 1 unit bending machine, 2 unit welding machine and hydraulic press machine
d) To set up a small Research Development in software and hardware for automation and programming for the 4th quarter financial year
e) To open a service centre in Sandakan, Sabah and Nonthaburi Thailand for 2017 plan
f) To purchase 2 four wheel pick up truck for material transporting in Penang office and Surabaya
% Equity Allocation 20 percent
Expected ROI 4 years
Company Name Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd
Business Address 57,Siam Road, 10400 penang, Malaysia
Contact Person Jeremy Tan Shyh Hou

Room Trading Online

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested none
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description is a new concept of trading or investment and we will be the pioneer of this new thing. My name is Irwan bin Hisham the founder of this new trading concept that can be implemented worldwide. Room trading will have a new unique trading platform which allows the Room Traders ( its a name for those who signed up with this plan ) to purchase a room offered daily with our affliate or participating hotel all around the globe at a very attractive or lower price because the Room Traders will purchase the room in advance up to one year date from the date of purchase. The longer dates the lower the prices they can get. Example Room Traders purchased 20 deluxe rooms now but the date is for example is on 1st April 2017 at rm100 each. Later on 1st April 2017the hotel will resell back all rooms purchased by Room Traders and let say they managed to.sell.each room at Rm150 each so the difference or the profit will be divided according to the Room Trading Online policy. Every steps , rules, glossary, do’s and don’t has been set up by the founder of this program that will ensure all parties will get a benefit from this type of trading.
Business Opportunity Since we are the pioneer in the world and offering a secured short term of investment with a return of investment up to 50% from invested amount for an investment only takes one to 12 month period it will be a new trend of investing money and it can go worldwide easily because we are investing in hotel rooms which already existed and they are thousands of hotel in each country who can be our affliate or partner of Room Trading Online. For the hotel, the good thing about participating in this program is that they can collect the future room rental now and that money can be used for many reasons. The nearest example is air asia airline always come out with good prices for a future tickets but have be purchased now. Futhermore in the future after hotel this system can also be implemented on airline tickets, cruise ship tickets, football or sport matches tickets and manymore. Another best thing about this new concept, for each hotel participate they will a contract that saying that they will can only do this type of trading only with Room Trading Online up to certain years agreed upon both parties.
Revenue / Business Model The company entitle to get transaction fees that includes handling fee and the charges suggested is Rm 10 or 0.7% which ever is higher per contract. The company also entitle to get the clearing fees for each room sold by the hotel to the new hotel guests and the amount suggested is RM 5 to 15 for the room.price below RM 500 and many more. So from this i would say the more people enroll with this type of trading the more money company will make. Example : let say in one country they are only 500 trades per day so the minimum charges company colllected is RM5000 so if 50 countries also doing 500 trades per day the minimum amount is RM 250,000.00 ( this calculation based on RM) so if 30 days for 50 countries with this least amount of trading is RM7,500,000.00 million. if 365 days, the possible amount is RM91,250,000.00 million a year and this is just based on 500 trading per day for 50 countries with the lowest handling fee which is RM 10 per contract. Imagine if its for 100 countries and each country has thousands of transaction and we have not yet touch on the clearing fees which also included in each contract as service fee.
Management Team The marketing department is a back bone of this new project. Since its new, it will be a bit of challenge but when it becomes a trend than it will be easier. Professional advertisement required for this project to be succesful worldwide.
Company Background At the moment I have just submitted my idea to be protected by Myipo. I have checked with bsnk negara and Suruhanjaya sekuriti Malaysia and they said they dont have a problem with this new concept of trading. It is not started yet.
Funding Milestone cost of web and applications design so far the cheapest that i hv found is around RM 120,000.00.
office small will do
i need an accountant, marketing team and a few hundred thousands for advertisement.
The amount i am looking at around 500k to 1 mil at the moment. The amount will expand from time to time depending on our achievement and growth.
% Equity Allocation investor entitle 40%
Expected ROI ROI is so huge as i explained above
Risks and Mitigation To minimize the risks, each single hotel who participate will be studied. it includes the hotel performance and accupancy rate . This is to safe guard traders and company. Not all room can be released by hotel. Room Trading Online will decide or limit the amount based on studies made by our experts. Example hotel abc only can release 50% available to be purchased by Room Traders. The reason it needs to be controlled is to makesure all rooms purchased will be sold later on.
Company Name Irwan bin Hisham
Business Address cheras kuala lumpur
Contact Person irwan

Banana Asia Services

Project Title An Southeast Asia outsourced marketing agency focusing in Singapore and Malaysia market
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM30,000
Funding Required RM100,001 to RM300,000
Description This is a Southeast Asia outsourced marketing agency focusing in Malaysia and Singapore market. Targeting small-Medium size companies from technology, healthcare, education, finance, Automobile vertical with 500 employees and above. The company was established in Nov 2016 envisioned to expand the services to Philippines, Indonesia, and probably Vietnam and Australia in 2018. The business is replicable to other continents like Europe and US. Although the market there is more established for such services, it’s believed that with the staggered growth of the business through developing new entrants barrier by continuously strengthening the business offerings, the company can be outperformed these established rival in 2020. This company is expected to bring ROI in a two years. In fact, this business is profitable and it’s projected to be self-sustainable after obtaining 6 customers. Presently the company is ready to go to market with fundamental GTM tool in place like website, social media page, detail offerings and pricing. The company encompasses experienced marketing professional and creative designer and journalist that believed will bring great values to orgarnization that needed all rounded marketing expertise however has limited budget to hire.
Business Opportunity During a slow market sentiment, marketing has always been the first impacted division. In their company downsizing exercise, marketing will be considered to downsize to zero as it’s costly to maintain a full marketing team to support the business growth. However most organizations needed marketing to improve sales pipelines, hence an outsourced marketing agency would be a good option to maintain their business objectives at a cost-sharing model:). Today, outsourced marketing agency isn’t popular in Southeast Asia. It’s a good time to enter to the market at this point of time. Whilst this business can be easily duplicated, it’s essential to continuously growth the business with irresistible value to customers i.e. SEO team, CRM solution.

Weakening currency exchange in Malaysia versus Singapore has strong appeal to Singaporean companies especially and Australia eventually.

Revenue / Business Model Phase 1: The company offers two business model, retainer basis and ad-hoc basis where retainer would be the main focus of business. This company is expected to bring ROI in a span of two years. In fact, this business is profitable and it’s projected to be self-sustainable after obtaining 6 customers. Phase 2: SEO Services will be an added offering. Phase 3: Cloud CRM model will come next
Management Team There is a founder today which is me and a part-time creative designer. In the process of looking for a Singaporean business partner and copywriter. Depends on the available funding.
Company Background The company was established in Nov 2016 envisioned to expand the services to Philippines, Indonesia, and probably Vietnam and Australia in 2018. The business is replicable to other continents like Europe and US.

This company is expected to bring ROI in a span of 1 year. In fact, this business is profitable and it’s projected to be self-sustainable after obtaining 6 customers. Presently the company is ready to go to market with fundamental GTM tools in place like website, social media page, detail offerings and pricing. The company encompasses experienced marketing professional and creative designer and journalist that believed will bring great values to companies that needed all rounded marketing expertise however has limited budget to hire.

Funding Milestone 1 Year – RM300k. This business is projected to be self-sustainable after obtaining 6 customers. Other investment of establishing SEO team and CRM solution to be discussed afterward.
Expected ROI It’s expected to bring ROI within 1 1/2 year. An projected ROI will be approximately 200k a year.
Risks and Mitigation Today, outsourced marketing agency isn’t popular in Southeast Asia. It’s the good opportunity to enter to the market at this point of time. Whilst this business can be easily duplicated, it’s essential to continuously growth the business with irresistible value to customers i.e. SEO team, CRM solution.
Exit Strategies You can exit anytime when the business meet your investment objective. From profit perspective, 2-3 years would bring handsome profit:)
Company Name Banana Asia Services
Business Address B-G-27, Merchant Square, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1, PJU 3, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (temporarily)
Contact Person Stella Lee

Reinventing Malaysian Fitness Industry

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested Nil
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description I am a national karate athlete and a Malaysian MMA champion. I’ve literally grew up around sportsmen and sports as a whole. Today at 26, I’ve loked high and low for a performance-based gym space for me to workout but I can never find one. All we have in KL are the likes of Fitness First and such, with extremely high end prices and simply basic space (hundreds of machines), or the really low cost RM 5 gyms that serve the same purpose, bodybuilding.

In the National Sports Council where I train, we have a gym built for athletes, complete with everything that a performance minded athlete requires. Its not open to the public though.
That’s what i want to create, a fusion between a bodybuilding gym, performance gym and even a martial arts space, because that’s where my expertise lie. Performance gym in the sense of a space where functional workouts are done to cater for the more athletic person. Jumping, climbing, and everything in between. Using my expertise in the field to teach classes even to patrons, and simply show how else one can workout, other than just bench presses all day!

Business Opportunity Like I said above, the problem is that when I have gone out looking for a place to train, I have to make do with the measly equipment around me.

You might say that people in Malaysia are simply not like that, that most of us are oblivious when it comes to things like this. But I’ve been in this scene for the better part of my life, and there are so many people who would profit from something like this.

Especially in the market today! Everyone is concerned about healthy living and such. Working out has become such a fad, compared to say even 10 years ago. Being a personal trainer, I’ve had all kinds of clients, from kids to old men to stay-at-home moms who want to get fit simply because that what people talk about nowadays.

Revenue / Business Model My biggest thing is that ill be different from the others. Take a business like Flycycle, the offered something different to the public and they succeeded in making returns. Just like that, offering a different kind of gym space and classes purely training with the resistance band would be sure to turn some heads.

Also locating somewhere near Bukit Jalil would mean we would attract a whole lot of athletes as well, but this is still in planning. Im still looking at other places like Damansara and Solaris Dutamas. But venue will be a solid way that we could make money from.

The appearance! Sometimes gyms just serve their purpose, some equipment and that’s it. Although I’m all for it, from a business point of view, its gonna be how it looks to the outside world. With all my contacts in the sporting industry, I can be sure to make the gym look really good and appealing, like the front of a Nike Concept store I might add. Aren’t we all really tempted to at least take a peek.

Management Team There is no management team to speak of. I do however have a few names in mind that would be able to help with the management of the gym. Being with the national karate team, Im constantly surrounded by athletes and management staff and have already bounced countless ideas off of them.
Company Background This a brand new venture. Coming from personal training, I think this is the next logical step.
Funding Milestone Rm600,000 to RM 1,000,000.

The funds will be used to, first and foremost rent a space. After which will be renovation and buying the equipment to fill it up. For a small gym, equipment cant reach the RM100,000 mark. So for the plan that I have in mind I’m looking to even triple that figure.

I expect to be up and running by mid to the third quarter of next year, should everything go according to plan.
Advertising will also burn a huge hole in the finances. I want to get it out there that a gym such as this exists.

Websites and social media planning as well.

% Equity Allocation 10%-15%
Expected ROI ROI about 40%-50% in 5 to 7 years.
Risks and Mitigation Risks are that there are many gyms in the Klang Valley. Advertising will have to be strong to get it through to the public.
Exit Strategies Selling. That, is in my mind the safest and easiest way to exit.
Company Name FitAF
Business Address None
Contact Person Theebaan Govindasamy

Waste to energy in Melaka

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested Not Disclosed
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Details:
(a) Involves Mining the landfill to recover combustible portion to be used to produce power,
thru a Biomass Solid Waste Power Plant of 15 MW, which will be sold to TNB under REPPA
for 16 years, and also to recover recyclables which will be sold to recyclers.
(b) Also building a Solar PV Power Plant of 20 MW, which will be sold to TNB, under REPPA for
21 years.
(c) Finally, after the land is cleared, it will be used for Property Development.
Business Opportunity Turning Landfill into energy which would be sold to TNB and also land will be cleared so that it can be used for development.
Revenue / Business Model We have been awarded with a Contract by the State to manage the landfill.
Management Team You can visit
Company Background You can visit our website
Funding Milestone Not Disclosed
% Equity Allocation 1% for MYR 75K. Open to negotiation and percentage of equity is for nego.
Exit Strategies Public listing by 2020.
Company Name Mogh Bioenergy Sdn Bhd
Business Address Cheras and Melaka
Contact Person Gobikrishnan

Private Investor : Alvin Tan Sean

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity F&B, services.
Will NOT Invest In Nil
Preferred Location Kuala Lumpur/ Selangor.
Public Profile Business person with experience in F&B and professional services seeking investment opportunities.
NAME Alvin Tan Sean
Address Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

Professional Investor / Institutional : Gilbert Johnson

Preferred Investment Amount RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity We will consider start-ups as well as established companies seeking expansion capital. If you already have a company and need expansion or you have a well thought out idea of making good profit in any business sector in your country, write us for possible business collaboration.
Will NOT Invest In Stock/share business, Boutique hotels.
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile When people tell me they’re shocked that I returned to university at 45, I laugh because I can’t believe it either. Over the past 12 years, I finished my Bachelor of Commerce, CMA, MBA and I bought out my business from the co-owner and became the CEO of a broker firm in London & Dubai-United Arab Emirates. At this time, most other brokerages were run in a very typical manner; they shared a broadly similar culture—fairly aggressive, with quite a ruthless hire-and-fire mentality, little emphasis on career progression or training and listening to staff and not much interest in employing a diverse range of employees.
NAME Gilbert Johnson
Address 18, stafford court, Allen Edwards drive, London

Acquisition Opportunity : The most experience​d mobile app company in Malaysia

Looking for buyer for the most experience​d mobile app company in Malaysia

Company Profile

  • The most experienced mobile app company in Malaysia – 9 years in the business, from producing SMS contents to mobile apps and now even Smart TV apps
  • Profitable with 22% net margin
  • Has developed over 60 mobile apps/contents
  • Won 7 local and international awards – UK, France, India, Malaysia
  • Growing number of sales inquiries from Malaysian companies and abroad
  • 20 multi-talented staffs that are capable of developing iOS and Android apps, Facebook apps, web apps and Smart TV apps
  • Has developed 4 promising in-house apps targeted for specific industries that could be replicated globally

Clients’ Testimonials

“I was recommended to work with this company for key launch content for Nokia N9 and was very impressed with the team’s professionalism and execution excellence! This team did not just deliver but ensure their work is at the highest quality and deliver their promise based on the agreed schedule and timeline.” – Eda Lim, Developer Manager, Nokia Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei

“Our management is most happy with your efficient fast development turnaround time. We are now thinking of contracting you for all our future apps” – Elizabeth Lay, Business Development Manager, The Edge Malaysia

“It was a pleasure having to work with them during the intense period of the (Asian Cup) tournament and it as proven to us that he is able to work well under pressure. We were happy to have experience his determination and promptness in making sure the success of the project – Edwin Ng, Marketing Manager, Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

“They could be the best supplier we ever worked with”– Nicholas Sagau, Head of IT, Media Prima
Reason for selling

We are getting ever-increasing requests from companies to develop their mobile apps and we could not cope with this demand with our current resources. We are willing to offer majority shares to interested buyers that can inject more resources (working capital to hire more mobile app developers, project managers, testers, account managers) and scale the business regionally.

Why you should acquire us?

Our company wants to reap our true potential. Now, we are just scratching the surface. With your resources and market access, we can be 10 times bigger and better!

Preferred acquirer

Businesses that wish to venture into the ultra-fast growing mobile sector

Biomass pellets manufacturing plant in Johor seeking RM22 mil to expand production capacity.

Executive Summary:

1) This project is a design and built for 2 production lines of Biomass Pellet Mills.
2) Total production capacity is 20 TPH or 10,000 TPM or 120,000 TPY.
3) Raw materials are wood and palm oil waste.
4) Total investment is RM 22 million including factory.
5) Total annual revenue is estimated RM 40 Millions to 60 million.
6) The ROI is estimated 2.2 years (including 9 months factory set up).

Project Status:

1) This project has been obtained GTFS certificate from Malaysia Green Technology Corporation by KETTHA.
2) This project is categorised pioneer status by MIDA.
3) Factory location has been identified.
4) Machinery Suppliers have been identified
5) Raw Material Suppliers have been identified

Company Background

xxx Sdn Bhd is founded in 2011. Company is located in the biggest palm and wood industry state, Johor. xxx initially has set up its pilot plant in Pontian, Johor. After 2 years of research and development on pelletisation technology, xxx has successfully completed and predominated the entire process, started from the collection of wood and palm waste, screening, drying, grinding, and packaging. Finally, xxx is capable to produce wood pellets and palm pellets.

Next, xxx is currently planning to expand its production capacity to 20 tons per hour or ten thousand tons per month. The project has been recognised by Energy, Green Technology and Water Department (KETTHA) Malaysia and obtained Green Project Certificate under Green Technology Finance Scheme (GTFS) issued by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation. With this project commenced, xxx will be able to reduce significantly the agricutural waste, to provide long-term supply of biofuel energy fulfilling the industrial needs,
creating value for its customers as energy-saving solutions provider, while creating a clean, low-carbon environment. Subsequently, xxx will become the leading biomass pellet fuel provider in Malaysia .

International Demand :

1) Asia – China
• September 12, 2013 the State Council has issued the “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” and clearly stated to accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, improve the proportion of clean energy and control the total coal consumption.
• Target : Reduce the proportion of coal consumption to total energy to 65% or less.
• The industrial heating is the main energy market, there are currently more than 50 million units of small coal-fired boilers (>20 tons) and the annual coal consumption is 270 million tons. The 30% of consumption is accounted for an estimated 80 million ton solid fuel.

2) Asia – Korea

• South Korea has adopt Renewable Portfolio Standard, RPS. 14 public and private electric utilities company MUST, at the time in 2015, using a 4% share of renewable energy sources, and then gradually increase to 10% in 2022
• In addition, South Korea will allow to import palm oil biomass due to limited wood pellet sources in September.
• The total consumption in 2022 is estimated 19 million tons as below.

3) Asia – Japan

• Since the nuclear accident occurred at Fukuda, Japan has been actively developing renewable energy projects.
• In July 2012, Japan has began the energy buyback program – Feed in Tariff (FIT), to subsidise and develop various renewable energy.
• For electricity generated by biomass, the FIT price is set from 13.65 to 40.95 yen / kWh for a 20-year contract,
• The main market is industrial heating.
• Japan’s current demand of biomass is one million tons and its demand is estimated will reach three million ton in 2015.

4) Europe

The European Union member agreed to a 20% binding target for renewable energy (including 10% from biomass) by 2020 as well as a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in March 2007. The potential pellet quantities required from 10 million p.a. (2010) to 90 million p.a. (2020)


• Malaysia adopted the “Five-Fuel-Policy” with Renewable Energy as the 5th Fuel for Power generation in 2000.
• Small Renewable Energy Power (SREP) Programme was started in 2001 covered Biomass, Biogas, Landfill Waste, Mini-Hydro.
• National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan (2009)
• Renewable Energy Act (2011) & Sustainable Energy Development Authority Act SEDA (2011)
• Feed in Tariff (FiT) Programme – To encourage building of power plant including Biomass Power Plant Malaysia Energy Policy – 5th fuel Policy

Local Demand:

• The total power generation by Biomass 2015
= Commissioned plant + Plant in progress
= 43.4 + 91.0
= 134.4 MW
Hence, all plants require >500,000 ton wood Pellet annually > 40,000 ton wood Pellet per month.
Assume RM300/ton, Potential Business Value >RM 150,000,000 OR 150 mill annually >RM 12,500,000 OR 12.5 mill per month Not Including factories which needs heating for steam and hot water! E.g. Glove Manufacturer, Chemical Plants, and etc !

Advantage of proposed location:

1) Very close to raw materials sources。
2) Located center of southern johor.
3) Raw material supplies are within 50 km.
4) Palm oil waste is estimated 20,000 ton per month
5) Wood waste is estimated 3,000 ton per month
6) Located center of 2 sea ports.