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A pool of RM15 millions funds ready to invest into ideas that we might find it feasible

Min Investment Amount : RM100,000

Max Investment Amount : RM500,000

Preferred location : Malaysia

Knowledge and Experience:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Involvement:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry Preference:
informatics / multimedia
others (Mobile Apps)

Investment Stage Preference:
Concept / Business Plan
Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Break-Even / Profitable

Investor Profile:

Our investment concept is a boon to small start up companies that do not have a background to start running on its own. We are interested in looking for ideas and new starts up or apps that are ready to be commercial in Malaysia market. We are a team of experts in Apps Development and with our vast experiences and success stories by our venture capitalist teams, we have secured a pool of RM15 millions funds ready to invest into ideas that we might find it feasible. Please get in touch with us and we look forward to hear from you soon.

Andrew Tan
Kuala Lumpur

Multimedia Design to One Stop Online Solution

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested 100k
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Currently we are a multimedia design company providing web design, graphic design, online advertisement, hosting provider, printing, corporate branding, web development services to our customers over the 5 years. We have about 100 recurring customers, 3 permanent employees, 2 internship and some freelancer as a back up at this moment. This company is owned by 2 directors with knowledge of business management, accounting and web solution. Why we need capital? With only limited resources but with multiple plan and idea to execute is limited us a to growth. We forecast our industry need to growth before we need more effort later. The demand is increasing and naturally supply will also increase. To maintain our position in this market, we need to gain the largest portion of share in this industry by lower our cost to offer better price and quality and of course our brand awareness. By doing so, we need capital to growth all aspects at once and not by aspects.
Business Opportunity To keep our business able to earn a minimum income every month, we need to increase the ability to earn recurring income. As our business are B2B industry, we need to keep our attitude and employees at the highest quality with professional knowledge. Offering better pay, and working environment is one of the main solution to attract potential and skilful employees which is the valued asset to a company. A company with only 2 directors with junior skill of employee limits the expansion of a company. Directors are responsible to a minor task and unable to utilise their time for better opportunity in expansion. Of course, there are more problems and solutions which hardly to be mentioned completely, however we are desperately need to grow before there is a major competitor in this market.
Revenue / Business Model 1. Service provider on one stop online solution to business’ needs (major income)
2. Recurring fee to maintain their hosting, update website (intend to increase the portion of this income)
3. Monthly advertisement fee
Management Team Current
1. Designer (1 Full time, 2 intern and 3 freelancers)
2. Management (2 Directors) – Developer, Designer, Sales and Marketing, Management – our main obstacle: Limited Resources
3. Marketing cum Writer (2 Freelancers)Plan
1. Senior Admin (in progress) – at least 2 (1 Senior + 1 Junior)
2. Marketing department (5 employees) – planning to increase the online marketing services
3. Designers (5 employees exclude Interns or freelancers) – 3 Seniors with 2 Juniors
4. Sales Department (3 employees) – Management + executive level
5. Developer / Programmer (3 employees) – Expert in different field or areas – able to increase the recurring income with the involvement of developer
Company Background We started as a partnership in the year of 2010 and incorporated SDN BHD in the year of 2015. From the 2 directors’ effort and time, we are now working in about 8 peoples (include part time or freelancer). After investing more into our company when we decided to setup a company status, our profit is low compare to previously stage as we understood that is due to limitation of resources. The purpose we transform our status to SDN BHD is to bring in investor to ease and quicken our growth progress. When we are working as sole proprietor, we have earn to the maximum due to lacking of some skill and time. Only solution is to gain more capital to gain effort and skills from others.
Funding Milestone 1. Getting larger and more comfortable working environment
2. Hire those skilled employees and brain wash session (might need foreign worker)
3. Develop own system eg CMS
4. More effort and focus on marketing and sales – increase awareness and sales (current and planned)
5. Launch a plan target to lower budget
6. Rebranding – more to western quality (current is more toward freelancer)
7. Increase side income by having in house developer eg on hand project
% Equity Allocation 50
Expected ROI 30
Risks and Mitigation 1. Employees integrity (especially on the sales department) – Brain wash and segregation of duties needed to be applied
2. Working permit issue
3. Hacking issue to hosting
4. Design trend VS Malaysia trend
5. Head hunting
6. Competitor offer – not the main concern at this moment
7. Time taken on the projects acceptance and completion – unavoidable but able to minimise
Exit Strategies Find other potential investor to buy over the share after 2 years.
Company Name AND Multimedia Design Sdn Bhd
Business Address E-B2-3 Neo Damansara Jln PJU 8/1
Contact Person Angeline / Andrian

Doctor n me

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested rm40000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description -currently doing doctor booking appointment project
-In year 2016, millions or American consumers will have their first video consults; be prescribed their first health apps and use their smartphones as diagnostic tools for the first time. 2016 also will be the year that many Americans, faced with higher deductibles, manage medical expenses with new tools and services rolled out by their insurance companies, healthcare providers, banks and other new entrants.​

This will be the year that, shift by shift, visit by visit, nurses doctors and other clinicians learn to work in new ways, incorporation insights gleaned from data analysis into their treatment plan.​In year 2014, the demand for Malaysian healthcare services increased in line with the population growth, better life expectancy, medical tourism, rapid aging and rising middle income group. It is anticipated that this rising trend will continue in 2015. Malaysia now has 13 Joint Commission International (JCI) and 78 Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) accredited hospitals, aiming to play a part in the growing health tourism business. ​

Malaysia is fast becoming the destination of choice for medical tourists behind Thailand and Singapore, driven by affordable costs, specialised hospitals, high-quality medical care and short waiting times. ​

According to the Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), the number of foreign patients seeking medical treatment in Malaysia would expand from 770,000 in 2013 to 2 million by 2020. Most medical tourists to Malaysia are from Indonesia, followed by India, Japan and China. Future growth is expected from the wealthy Middle East.​

rapid population growth and rising per capita incomes, research predicted Malaysia’s private healthcare revenue to grow at a CAGR of 17% from 2012-2018.​

Despite low spending on healthcare at 4.4% of its GDP, Malaysia had the second-highest health expenditure per capita in the ASEAN region in 2013 at USD 423.​

According to the MHTC, around 800,000 foreign patients seek medical treatment in Malaysia, generating revenue of MYR 680mn in 2013 and MYR 820 in 2014. Indonesian patients remain as one of its major source, representing almost 50% of the revenue and 60% of the arrivals

Business Opportunity There are 10 to 15 million doctors in the world but according to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a shortage of 4.3 million physicians, nurses and other health workers worldwide.

one more thing
total 70 billion population in the world
when we are selling ebook/health care
we just target 1000 people to subscribe
1000 ppl x rm100=rm100,000

Revenue / Business Model when we are selling ebook/health care
we just target 1000 people to subscribe
1000 ppl x rm100=rm100,000doctor all around the world
first 100 doctor xrm100=rm10,000

live chat with doctor(future project)
1000 people x rm100=rm100,000

Management Team ceo-mr chong
cto-mr alwin
Company Background 15 january 2016
contact me for further details
Funding Milestone rm100,000

internet marketing
human resource capital

% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 30%
Company Name doctornme
Business Address penang
Contact Person chong

Event Management company seeking RM500K for expansion

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 500,000.00
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Event Management)
Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant
Industry: Event Management , Productions and Artist Record
Project Stage: second stage expansion
Business Opportunity The event management markets are very big. Not only contracts by the government, but also by private companies, mostly GLCs (Government Linked Companies). We have solved many problems of event costing reducement because we have our own artists to support our businesses.
Revenue / Business Model Additional money making is by creating new events when we can not only charge our clients for the services, we can also have an income stream through sponsors and contributors.
Management Team Management team consist of 3 Department heads, 2 marketing and 2 technical executives. The organisation is a simple but yet holds an active management roles.
Company Background THE FOUNDERS ARE:

1) Ariel Shah have been in Event Management since 1999 under Stiletto Events S/B as the Business Development Director. Since then, he has involved in many events projects including Farewell to Tun Mahathir, MAS Merdeka Float, Corporate launches and so forth. Later in 2010, he joined B Artistic Events & Advertising S/B and was appointed as one of the Director to handle and manage events including Bukit Putus Charity Challenge, Royal Charity Gala Dinner, UPM Fishing competition, Asia Tobacco Forum and many more.

2) Mohd Haffizan Alimudin is united to assist the development of STYLO in the respect of physical event coordinating. He is well experienced in events management for over 15 years respectively.He has gained multiple experiences during his event years with many organisations, especially in the Management level. Having a Diploma in Information Technology. Worked in JONEBond Events & Entertainment S/B as main coordinator and also few other event and production companies such as Megapictures Production Sdn Bhd, My Star Events, Produksi Seni 2020 S/B, Global Walk Sdn Bhd, Jutakira World Animation Sdn Bhd and Fitzans Group of Entertainment Sdn Bhd.

3)Better known as Emelia or Emy for short. Started in the entertainment business since she was 15. Singing was her passion. After finishing school, she moved into modeling and acting. Acted in few malay dramas and involved in various modeling shows, photoshoots and fashion shows. She took up Personal Beauty classes just to fulfill her desire in opening her own beauty spa one day. At the same time, she have started the business of supplying talents to various events whilst enjoying to manage her own event and singing jobs.

Product / Service Description:

Stylo Entertainment Sdn Bhd is an entertainment company based in Malaysia. Our main core businesses are Event Management, Productions and Event Concept Builder. STYLO manages variety of events such as; Gala Dinners . Public Relations . Product Launchings . Carnivals . Road Shows . Promotional Events . Fundraising . Sport Events . International Events . Hospitality Consultants . Award Ceremonies . Fashion Shows . Reunions . Private Parties . Festive Celebrations . International Forums . Talent Management . Seminar, Conferences and Exhibitions . Entertainment Events and Concerts

Funding Milestone Status now : 2nd stage expansion where we are planning to venture further into music production business (diversify). For the milestone, we prefer to meet up and discuss the matters accordingly as it is private and confidential.
Expected ROI The ROI will be determined upon agreeing on the size of the amount funded.
Risks and Mitigation Risks are moderate and sometimes low as clients do pay upfront as down payment once the contract is confirmed.
Exit Strategies Exit opportunity is a payback from the company with interest.
Company Name Paluan Seni Entertainment
Business Address Address : 15-2, Jalan Dwitasik, Dataran Dwitasik, Bandar Sri Permaisuri , 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Ariel Shah

Project Title is an online marketplace that connects job seekers (Runners) and job providers (JobGivers) to interact and share their needs for their own benefit. is a Malaysian based platform that was established as a mean to leverage this fact for the benefit of the people in Malaysia.
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested 50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description is an online marketplace that connects job seekers (Runners) and job providers (JobGivers) to interact and share their needs for their own benefit. is a Malaysian based platform that was established as a mean to leverage this fact for the benefit of the people in Malaysia. The main aim is to be the go-to solution for JobGivers and Runners to easily find jobs and services in a reliable and transparent platform. is also a platform for businesses and freelancers to get noticed by using our ‘advertising solutions’ platform to reach a wider target audience. Hence, users of will be
provided with the maximum exposure and opportunity as the feeder traffic jives with the demographic that promotes.
Business Opportunity The main aim is to be the go-to solution for JobGivers and Runners to easily find jobs and services in a reliable and transparent platform. is also a platform for businesses and freelancers to get noticed by using our ‘advertising solutions’ platform to reach a wider target audience. Hence, users of will be provided with the maximum exposure and opportunity as the feeder traffic jives with the demographic that promotes.

Continental Car Service Workshop

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested none
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We are a team of 4 people who are well versed in continental workshop business management and technical expertise. We have been running authorized service centers and we carry experiences more than 10 years each. Now, we are seeking for an investor to make our dreams come true in running our own business. We have great ideas to put into implementation in our business to generate great income besides providing outstanding service level for our group of customers. Looking at the continental car market out there, including the grey market cars, the opportunities are very open to be explored even further. With the expertise we have, it’s just the matter on how it’s being done to grab the market share.
Business Opportunity Our business opportunities are based on our customer contacts and database which we have from the dealerships we worked before. Besides that, we are also in car forums and car groups. We have contacts in BMW Club Malaysia, Alfa Romeo Club Malaysia, Porsche Club Malaysia, Volkswagen Club Malaysia and Audi Club Malaysia.
Revenue / Business Model Our revenue / business model are based on our charges to customers which are approximately with 30%-50% mark up on our cost price of parts we sell. Besides that, our labor sales are competitive enough in the market. Services are inclusive of normal maintenance services, major and minor repairs. We also provide air con repairs and performance tuning / upgrade.
Management Team The Management Team is consist of 1 person in overall management, which includes in purchasing of stocks and billing to customers. Another person will be also focusing in purchasing, promotions and customer management. The other 2 will be in workshop management which will be focusing on the services, repairs, tuning, test drives and QC. Employees will be added on a based on the business growth and there will be a dedicated person to manage the accounting section.
Company Background Date SSM registered : 29/12/2015
Basically, we have done all preparations to start the workshop, including the premise, diagnostic tools, special tools, hoists and oil company.
Pending for investor only.
Funding Milestone Amount of fund required : RM700,000.00
Proposed use of fund:
1. Building renovation : RM250,000.00
2. Rental : RM13,000.00 (Not inclusive of 2+1, initial deposit)
3. Hoist, Tools and Equipment : RM200,000.00
4. Initial fast moving stocks : RM100,000.00
% Equity Allocation 7% per annum on the invested amount
Expected ROI 7% per annum
Risks and Mitigation The calculated risks and mitigating factors are very minimal, as we are dealing with service products which are always salable. This is based on the customer database we have which are approximately about 12,000.
Exit Strategies The investor has the right to buy back 40% of the share and company after 36 months.
Which means the investor have full control of the company if the invested amount and interest are not payed within 36 months as the value of the company will be amounting to RM1M or more by the said time frame.
Company Name Weissach Motorsport Sdn Bhd

Bioland Environmental Protection Technology Group LTD

Max Investment Amount : $20,000,000

Preferred location: doesn’t matter

Knowledge and Experience: general management, production

Proposed Involvement: full time

Industry Preference: energy / natural resources, trade

Investor Profile:

Bioland Environmental Protection Technology Group LTD. (known as Bioland) was founded in December 2004, with a registered capital of 118 million RMB, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in waste comprehensive treatment and equipment manufacturing. After a decade of development, Bioland has become the leading enterprise in waste comprehensive treatment, leachate treatment and waste treatment equipment manufacturer field. Subsidiaries of Bioland include Bioland Water&Gas Beijing , Bioland Beijig Branch, Bioland South China Branch, Bioland Water&Gas Tianjin, Bioland Kunshan, Beijjing Xingye Bioland, Guangxi Bioland, Guiyang Bei’er Bioland, Beijing Jing Shan Jie Shen, Bioland Water & Gas Langfang, Bioland Taicang, Bioland Dezhou, Kunshan Bei’er Bioland, and though private placement, private equity funds like :Boxin Capital has became Bioland’s shareholder.

Bioland mainly provide customers professional services, they include: comprehensive waste treatment and leachate treatment project; equipment research and development,production and supply; installation, commissioning and operation management., etc. These provide integrated solution for the urban and rural solid waste pollution control to provide the overall solution for urban and rural solid waste contamination control.

Bioland has more than 500 outstanding technical professionals and management team, persist in performing an importation, analyzing and re-innovation development pattern. Bioland has established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with DODA and OWS, and combining practice, Bioland has developed a series of core technologies and equipment of solid waste contamination control that adapt China’s actual situations. Further, Bioland has more than 80 patents it has world’s leading technology such as leachate treatment, auto selection of restaurant and kitchen waste, anaerobic fermentation and sludge treatment.

Beijing, China

Veg Halal & Kosher Reduced Fat Cheese

Project Cost: RM5 Million

Amount Invested : RM1.6 Million

Amount Required : RM3.4 Million

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Funding)

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

Industry: manufacturing

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

I am the researcher & inventor of microbial renent, enzyme & culture from plant and palm oil. I has so far successfully invented 9 types of highest demand cheese and ready for commercialization. My team consist of 7 super skilled manpower including cheese mongers, experienced marketing & operation team members.

Product / Service Description:

Our completd R&D and on sale products are mozzarella, cream cheese, prime spread, edam, cammembert, brie, blue cheese our very own green cheese, nachos spread, blue dip etc all are veg based & reduced fat using our own microbial rennet,enzyme & culture.

Our Technology :

Our technology had successfully cuts down the tenure of cheese maturing process, aging & briening. For instance a conventional blue cheese processing requires 9 – 12 months aging period to generate the oenicilium into blue mould but with our technology the total aging process takes only 6 months. For mild cheddar normal aging is 3 months – D’Qisra cheddar is ready in 3 weeks. We intend to commercialize the project in Enfield, North East London since the source of material such as milk, milk protein are from France.

Business Opportunity:

Halal certification in Europe esp. in UK and Russia has opened a tremendous growth of halal market and niche untapped market for halal cheese worth multi million of Euros. Russia, UK, Saudi & Emirates cheese market alone worth at least Euro 1Billion annually. being Muslim manufacturer, we strongly confident that we could highly compete in the market where there is only 1 or 2 companies in UK who are offering halal cheese to the global market. Hence we plan to grasp 5% only of the halal global market in these regions for the 1st year for an annual sale of Euro50 Million only. Full market analysis is available and will be tabled during full presentation or pitching.

Revenue Model:

With a capital of RM3 Million or approx. UK Pound 500K will enable us to rent a small factory in Enfiled (UKP 60K), purchase of 1 packaging line (UKP 125K), printing of new packaging (UKP 12K) and purchase of material (UKP30K) and overhead for 5 months (UKP 73K). I have purchased 1 300Kg cheese processing machine from Italy, 1 50kg soft cheese processing machine from Scotland and 2 units 6L material processing machine from France. These 3 machines capacity is approx. 51 – 54 tons of cheese monthly @ 3 containers. Cost per container is UKP 45,300 (RM272K) and our minimum net profit is approx UKP 17,000 (RM 102K) thus our total minimum net profit is UKP 51K (RM306K) @ UKP 612K (RM3.67 Million) annually.

Management Team:

Our team members consist of 2 skilled cheese mongers, 1 engineer, 2 skilled production assistants, 2 international marketing execs, 1 certified accountant and 1 sales exec.

Current Status:

I am packing and moving back my machines to London by January 2016 and plan to commence the operation in London on the 3rd week of January. The machines are currently in Shah Alam, Section 7. Though we have start operation and test market in Malaysia since November 2014, but the transportaion cost of the material by air + custom charge, airport tax + GST has made of material cost unbearly expensive. Hence our margin is only a mere RM0.20 – RM0.50 per kg which is far below the actual profit of RM5.0 – RM30/kg (average UKP 2.0/kg @ UKP2000/ton if the material is brought to UK from France.

Funding Milestone: Packaging machines, factory premium, overhead & material to achieve monthly sales of UKP 135K per month @ 3 container @ 51tons

Business Valuation: RM3.0 million for 49%

Expected Return On Investment:

ROI Ration 1.2 or approximately RM1.4Mill for 1st year.
1st year 49% RoI : RM686,000.00
2nd year RoI : RM 2.45Million
3rd Year RoI : RM 4.4 Mill
Total 3 years project RoI : RM7.53 Million

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Mitigating factors :

1. We shall label few of our newly invented cheese as Nottinghill Cheese and Natwich cheese ie theorigin of the milk. This is also to caprture the attention of tourists in UK. Some cheeses will be packed in Red Double DeckBus Tin Can and Red Phone Booth Tin Can to refelct the images of London. The Factory will also be named London cheese House the 1st of its kind in London.

2. I have patented the IP of the formula & the brands & logo

Investment Risk :

1. Copy cat

Exit Strategies: We will :

A. start commercializing and selling our microbial renent & enzyme to open market or
B. license off our technology Or
C. sell our brand.

This are quite common practice in the cheese industry globally. For instance Irish Dairy Board had purchased 70% equity of AlWazeer Trading (Saudi manufacturer of cheese spread) for Euro 27Million in 2013

Group of Investors with experienced management background

Investor Type Private Investor
Preferred Investment Amount RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity Biomass , Manufacturing, Growth Co, Animation, Advertisement, etc
Will NOT Invest In Financial Services, F n B
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Group of Investors with experienced management background can assist to grow the company, turnaround, restructure and nurture into dynamic organization. We offer our experiences in Management, Finance, Ideas, Marketing, Controls and Networking. We dislike “sleeping” partners/investors and love to hands on full time.
NAME Nelson Yeo
Organization Private
Address Kuala Lumpur

Alcohol Manufacturing and distribution in SouthEast Asia

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested USD 8 million
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description We alcohol manufacturer inclusive all kind of spirits ,wine etc.We have local and export market.Our plan required funding to complete the project.
Business Opportunity Business opportunity for local market of population of 70 million people with only less then 10 manufacturer the whole country.There is no new licenses issued since year 1997 till todate.We also have export market and would like to expand to brewery soon. (please note that this project is not in Malaysia)
Revenue / Business Model huge market of local and export.
Management Team We have experts who work with us for pass 10 years from NZ and other country.The business owner himself has years of experience managing 2 distillery from two different country.
Company Background The company has clean record and in this business for more then 10 years.
Funding Milestone Funding required USD 3 million for 2 years and roi can be acheived in 2 to 3 years
% Equity Allocation can be discuss
Expected ROI 2 to 3 years
Risks and Mitigation Increase of raw material and global recessions may effect slightly.
Exit Strategies buying back shares by the company at desired value by the investors in 2 years.