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Local Coffee House by J&J Brothers Venture

Project Title Local Coffee House
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description – Initial Idea: Our initial idea is to establish a coffee house from scratch under a honest amount of budget (below RM100,000).
– Short Term Goal: Our short term goal is to breakeven by half of the year (6 months running business) and aim to generate a profit of 1.5x of our initial cost by a full year time.
– Our strategy to help us achieve our goal is the idea of a small cosy coffee shop aiming to capitalize on customers who likes to sit and relax while having a nice cup of coffee to go along their work or just simply there to socialize while also grabbing quick bites from our wide array of light foods that we offer
– Marketing: We will utilize grassroots marketing strategy as we believe this is one of the strategy that will enable us to market our products from low to virtually no cost. We will be making full use of the social media platform to promote our brand.
– Target Market: We aim to serve customers who loves coffee from various age groups.
– Structure ,Location & Layout: We chose a strategic location that has high traffic due to surroundings (e.g institution, residential area, corporate building) that can be seen while driving along the main street. Layout wise, we opt for traditional wooden-esque throughout our café with warm white lighting. We have approximately 10 small wooden tables to fit around more or less 40 pax on full house. Structure: 800 sqf, single long bar with a small inventory room located at the back.
– Employment & staffing: Handpicked staff from owners based on stated criteria. Owners are full-time employees. Not more than 4 employees (included owners) at a time to avoid over staffing. Part timers will be employed and training will be provided.
– Policy: We have an open door policy towards our staff and customers alike. Customer’s satisfaction will be our utmost priority. Clean and friendly environment. We emphasize on having a great atmosphere for employees and customers alike.
– Long Term Goal: Able to expand our brand through different states in Malaysia (One in every state). Able to sustain income from main outlet/branch from RM 3~5 thousand of gross profit per month. Able to establish a stronghold in Malaysia while trying to expand our brand internationally.
Business Opportunity Market research

Trends in our market are:

• Coffee industry in our market especially in Malaysia are as evergreen as ever. We try to capture as much of the percentage on our target which includes students, corporate workers, and also residents.

Customer Profile (Target Market)

1. Corporate workers
2. Students
3. Residents
4. Family
5. Coffee enthusiasts
Our customer research has shown what our customers want is:

Here we break down into three different groups according to our research:
1. Clients that are on the go that needs a quick fix of food and beverage
2. Clients that requires personal space to work
3. Clients that are here to socialize and relax

Research findings:

• We know this because we lived around the area and were exposed to similar culture. Our research includes random surveys and also collecting personal feedback from the community as well as friends alike.
Customer projection:

Group #Customers Price/visit

perpepay per unit
Students 100 / month RM 8
Corporate Workers 150 / month RM 15
Residents 150 / month RM 10
Young Adults 100 / month RM 15

Competitor profile:

Competitor name Strengths Weaknesses
• Starbucks • Established brand
• High Budget
• Strong Marketing • Mainstreamed coffee
• Costly
• Cosan Coffee • Strong Followers
• High Budget • Costly
• Sub Par Coffee

How can we improve on our offer and/or price(s) towards our competitors?

• We offer lower priced home brewed coffee.
• Maintain High Quality of service while keeping price reasonable.

Revenue / Business Model Promotion and advertising

• We will utilize the grassroots marketing strategy as our main strategy of marketing (e.g. social media platforms, through word of mouth to create sufficient hype. – post and pre-opening)
• We will also handout fliers to promote our brand prior to opening.
• We will promote our products prior to opening our coffee shop in various malls and also giving out free samples to potential customers around our demography.)
• We will have a reward system to maintain the privilege of returning customers (e.g. membership cards).
• We will also offer promotional discounts during events throughout the year.
• We will be inviting various bloggers to our coffee shop to let them evaluate our coffee house while also spreading their word to their fellow followers.

Management Team Key personnel
Details of owner(s):
Name: Jourdan Chan Weng Keen
Position/main responsibilities: Managing Director
Experience and knowledge of our industry: 2 years’ experience in F&B Management

Previous employment: Varies Coffee houses and F&B industry outlet
Key skills brought to the business: café management
Business experience and any training undertaken: Standard F&B SOP training
Academic/professional qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Degree in Psychology

Other key personnel (including shareholders):
Name: Henry Chong Jun
Position/main responsibilities: Barista
Experience and knowledge of our industry: 18 months as Barista, Bar training
Previous employment: Varies Coffee house
Key skills brought to the business: Coffee Brewing, Latte Art
Business experience and any training undertaken: Malaysia Barista Association
Academic/professional qualifications: Degree in Psychology

Company Background Company registered on 16/12/2015
Currently in the stage of looking for start-up investor
Funding Milestone Expected funding from investor : RM100,000 – RM150,000 as major start up injection


Rental $1,600.00
Remodeling $18,000.00
Other $0.00
Total $19,600.00

Furniture $5,000.00
Equipment $1,000.00
Fixtures $700.00
Machinery $33,500.00
Other $0.00
Total $40,200.00

Rental $1,600.00
Utility deposits $1,600.00
Legal and accounting fees $400.00
Prepaid insurance $150.00
Pre-opening salaries $3,700.00
Utility $600.00
Total $8,050.00

Coffee Beans & Milk $700.00
Cakes $420.00
Sandwich $200.00
Juice $120.00
Snacks (Bread,Pie,Nachos) $500.00
Total $1,940.00

Advertising FOC
Signage $300.00
Printing $50.00
Total $350.00

Other $1,000.00
Total $1,000.00
Working Capital $2,000.00

SME $100,000.00
Total $100,000.00

Bank loans $100,000.00
Total $100,000.00

Buildings/real estate $19,600.00
Capital equipment $40,200.00
Location/administration expenses $8,050.00
Opening inventory $1,940.00
Advertising/promotional expenses $350.00
Other expenses $1,000.00
Working capital $0.00
Total $71,140.00

% Equity Allocation 40%
Expected ROI 11%
Risks and Mitigation Managing market risks:

Market Risks:
1. Risks that we identified includes: Lack of customers due to unforeseen circumstances

Our solution to combat these risks:
1. Double the effort on marketing strategy by utilizing various marketing techniques.
2. Might employ or seek advice from experienced personnel regarding the issue to help strengthen our position

Strategy to minimize competitor’s impact:

1. Cut cost in any areas that deemed possible while maintaining quality.
2. Reconsider and revise financial plan and make readjustments accordingly.
3. Consider deploying more marketing strategies.
4. Establish strong rapport with revisiting customers.

Exit Strategies Within 2 years of operation, if fail to achieve at least break-even, we shall proceed with company valuation and exits
Business Address no5, jalan pju 3/18h tropicana indah
Contact Person Henry Chong Jun
Contact Number 0109826832

Xhai Studios (Mobile video games)

Project Cost: RM180,000RM

Amount Invested : RM60,000

Amount Required : RM120,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia

Company Current Status: Pre-Revenue


Company History:

Xhai Studios is Games, Application and Web development team, consisting of developers from various cultural and national backgrounds, each bringing their own unique composition into project idea binding and development. Our team consist of young, passionate and talented personas, who besides being producers, are also addicts of modern mobile application and gaming industry in whole, which gives us a very good edge in bringing personal experience into app and games development. Xhai Studios Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based smartphone games and application developer company, consisting of a team of five programmers who finished top of their class from Malaysia’s premiere Information Technology University. The Xhai Studios team is focused on producing high quality smartphone video games using the latest technological advancements. To keep up to the standards of the international high-end global gaming market, the Xhai team uses the latest software, such as the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 to develop their products.

Product / Service Description:

I prefer pitching the ideas face to face, or in email.

Business Opportunity:

We are focusing mainly in producing high-quality mobile video games that have profit projections of at least 10Mil USD a year

Revenue Model:

We make money with different ways:
1- Advertisement
2- In App-Purchases
3- One time Fee

Management Team:

The Xhayans are a team of creative and skillful young minds, hailing from various parts of the world who are passionately working on the games and apps they want the everyone to experience and enjoy.


3 directors, 2 foreigners and one local.

Current Status:

we are a start-up company. our expenses so far was the founders own expenses. we have ready products, some others in-production. we are currently looking for investment to complete our products and to market the ones that are finished.

Funding Milestone:

– few hardware (testing phones-computers)
– 6 months salaries till we make acceptable revenue so we can be self-efficient
– Utilities- Rent

Business Valuation:

we are willing to give 17% for 180,000 RM

Expected Return On Investment:

250,000 RM annually. a year from the date the investment made

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The beauty about Video Games, is that you never lose. The video games market is three times more than the movies and the music market. We have great projections for our games and we are confident that it’ll be successful with your help.

Exit Strategies:

After a specific period of time that the investor and the owner will agree on, the owners will pay back the investors the amount of money they invested as an exit strategy if things didn’t go as planned.


Sami Abuzarifa
Company Name: Xhai Studios
Postal Address : Xhai Studios Sdn Bhd, C-3-7, i-Tech Tower, Jalan Impact, Cyberjaya, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
State : Cyberjaya
Post Code : 63000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-86894494
Website :
Mobile: 0123489296

Asia Plantation Capital (APC) – developing commercial plantations around the world.

Project Title Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is in the business of developing commercial plantations around the world. APC offers clients unparalleled opportunities to benefit from sustainable projects, through ownership of agro-forestry products while at the same time contributing to the well-being of the environment. APC won the “Best Forestry Asset Management Team’ global award for 2014 given by Capital Finance International, a leading journalist recognising global companies with solid credibility for all markets and investors to leverage from.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested nil
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Investment Opportunities on Plantation

With the global economy being in such a period of transition, Agarwood is one of the few stable and logical markets to invest in at the moment. Aside from the obvious excess demand and insufficient supply, forestry/plantation has become a popular focus of investment over a number of years due to the following factors:

* Offers ideal portfolio diversification
* An extremely good inflation hedge
* A tree’s marketable value grows irrespective of macro economic conditions
* Timber is a finite resource and global commodity
* Returns over the long-term are stable and secure

You may also check out the website for more information.
Below are some independent links on Agarwood and the potential value of it. These websites are all neutral and not affiliated with our company:

The following links also reiterate why investing in Agarwood is indeed profitable:

Business Opportunity WHAT IS IT?
-aromatic resin of the Aquilaria tree used as perfume
-used for incense, medicines & ornaments
-also known as Gaharu, Aloeswood, Eagleswood, Chen Xiang & Jinko
-when distilled, this produces an extremely valuable oil called OUD
-perfume industry globally generated USD$33 billion last year
-current global value of Agarwood trade is USD$6 billion to USD$12 billion.
-1 litre of oud oil worth USD$40k to USD$50k
Revenue / Business Model how does investment grow?
-purchase sapling trees from our nurseriesYEAR 5
-trees are drilled & inoculated. Infection takes 3-12 months

-harvest/distillation/sale of oil
-return of investment

Management Team nil
Company Background WHO WE ARE?

Established in 2002
Offices in:
-Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam
-Plantation in 11 countries
-Global plantation & business
-Advisors to private equity funds
-Plantation Assets worth US$400 million

Funding Milestone nil
Expected ROI 200% minimum return in 7 years
Risks and Mitigation LOW RISK
-your investment is protected Capital Assurance
-limited supply & increased demand drive oud oil prices up
-minimum price guarantee
-natural disaster, wild animal damage
-pests & deseases
-daily monitoring
Company Name Asia Plantation Capital Berhad
Business Address 25A Jalan Straits View 6, Johor Bahru 80200 Johore
Contact Number 019-7559553

A group of financial planners with various backgrounds of expertise.

Investor Type Private Investor
Preferred Investment Amount RM4,000,0001 or more
Preferred Investment Opportunity Energy, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Telecommunication, Health Care & Automotive.
Will NOT Invest In internet app .
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile We’re a group of financial planners with various backgrounds of expertise.
We’re here to help all of our clients and their unique needs related to their financial help.
No future is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for our clients businesses.
NAME Aroon Singh Kapoor

Bridal House

Project Cost: RM80,000

Amount Invested : RM30,000

Amount Required : RM50,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
other (Share Investment Dividend)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: others (Wedding Business)

Company Current Status: Growth


Company History:

Verona Bridal was founded on 23 March 2015. We were a group of 1 founder & 2 directors and now we’ve expanded to a team of more than 20 crews including photographers, videographers, makeup artists and part time as well. We’re mainly providing different kind of wedding services in Peninsular Malaysia.

Product / Service Description:

Our business not just focusing on one way of business but we are fully utilise the usage of online to earn most of our income through Facebook page advertisement, monthly updating package in order to provide better package to customers, fast response to customers’ enquiries, etc. Providing best customer services is our first priority, we always improve from time to time to make sure our quality are always improve. Our services include actual day wedding photography, videography, makeup & photo booth. And we’re expanding rapidly as we will be opening our first bridal house in Penang town area. Furthermore, we will be providing pre-wedding services as well as wedding dress rental.

Business Opportunity:

Wedding market in Malaysia is making up to 7 billion MYR. There are many kinds of services provided to fulfil every single weddings from pre-wedding to actual day wedding. However, there are too much of negative & bad side of the wedding business in Malaysia especially when most of the wedding service providers don’t provide high quality product & services, hidden charges & other problems whichever occur. We’re doing the business in the other way that we don’t simply charge customer with hidden charges & we fully make use of the internet to gain our population. Refer to

Revenue Model:

Our revenue from April to December 2015 is 120,000. Most of the revenue are from our Facebook page advertisement. We create new design of the promotions and packages every month to attract all the potential customers in Malaysia. We reply to customers right after they enquire with us & provide the best solution depends on what they need.

Management Team: Me as the Founder : Tan Ti Yang (Kenny)
Director : Kyle Tan & Ai Wen
Manager : Joe Chang
We have 16 photographers, 2 videographers & 5 makeup artists currently.

Current Status:

We’re now in Penang. We have 20,000 investment made to date. Our revenue from April to December 2015 is 120,000 while profit stands 60% of the revenue. We’ve invested the money on getting our first bridal house in Penang including the expenses of renovation, rental, purchasing office furniture, equipments, wedding dresses, etc.

Funding Milestone:

We’re currently at the stage of opening the first bridal house in Penang town area. Our estimated budget for each bridal house to be ready is 60000 to 70000. Whenever we’ve reached enough model, we will expand to another bridal house.

Business Valuation:

An agreement will be created to state the amount of the figure invested and the term & condition. We’re giving dividend every half year to the investors according to the amount of investment. The sales report will be announced during our meeting every half year. Dividend will be given twice a year.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

We’ve study the risk of the business and we try to reduce the loss to the minimum.

Exit Strategies:

Termination of investment : 3 months written notice & dividend will be waived during the half year. Amount will be transferred to the investor monthly by online bank in/cheque.
Withdrawal of dividend : every 6 months (End of June & end of December)
Withdrawal of investment : 3 months written notice


Kenny Tan
Company Name: Verona Bridal
Postal Address : 74-A Jalan Siam
State : Georgetown
Post Code : 10400
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0124145188

CLAIMit – a restaurant and cafe deal sites

Project Title CLAIMit is a restaurant and cafe deal sites offering steep discounts at famous restaurants to consumers who purchase them in the form of an electronic CLAIMit coupon. CLAIMit now requires seed funding to expand operation within Penang and across to other cities in Malaysia.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM150,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description CLAIMit is an online site developed to serve not just as a directory of restaurants and cafes in Malaysia but also as a site for consumers to purchase coupons of those cafes and restaurants at a discount. The mission is to provide restaurants and cafes an online presence that they lack and to help these businesses generate traffic and sales. CLAIMit collaborates with the those businesses to incentivise consumers to visit and spend in store by providing attractive discounts.

Restaurants that agree to get listed on CLAIMit will offer a deal – an attractive discount on their food > Consumers will purchase the deal via CLAIMit in the form of a coupon > Consumers will present the coupon in-store to claim the offer. CLAIMit gets a cut from the sale of the coupon.

To make this vision a reality, CLAIMit requires a large restaurant base to give consumers the reason and incentive to visit CLAIMit. CLAIMit needs to have a restaurant base large enough to serve also as a directory for consumers.

To put this in a familiar perspective, I would suggest using or as an example. These online booking sites not only serve as a directory of hotels but the create an inventive for consumers to make their booking them by offering the best prices.

The vision for CLAIMit is close to those OTAs but it will be in the retail F&B industry and it will also be more localised.

Business Opportunity The main target audience are female majority aged between 18 to 40 who regularly go online, either on a desktop computer, laptop or mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This is the group of consumers who frequent restaurants and cafes, who are relatively proficient with technology and are active online.

Majority of restaurants and cafes in Malaysia are small businesses with relatively low capability to get high online presence given the strong competition. Malaysian consumers are overwhelmed with options which makes it rather difficult for restaurants and cafes to get a bigger piece of the market share.

The main target market for these restaurants and cafes is this group of female aged between 18 to 40 who have the tendency to spend on eating out where there’s disposable income.

CLAIMit’s aim is to help bring these group of people to restaurants and cafes more often.

Revenue / Business Model CLAIMit acts as a middle person between businesses and consumers. Businesses incentivise consumers to spend by offering hefty discounts. CLAIMit provides marketing and advertising services (by presenting the deals to consumers), and distribution services (by distributing the coupons and managing the redemption).

Proceeds from sale of coupons will first be received by CLAIMit, and then reimbursed to businesses after deducting CLAIMit’s cut, which will be an agreed percentage from the gross revenue.

CLAIMit requires a sales team that approaches businesses to negotiate deals and getting businesses onboard and a marketing team that promotes the deals offered by these businesses and CLAIMit itself.

Management Team CLAIMit was founded by Louis Teoh and Alan Ong, both of whom had no coding or programming knowledge. Therefore, they’d engaged the service of a third party programming company to develop the system and the infrastructure of CLAIMit. Louis Teoh came from an accounting background, having graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Alan Ong came from an Engineering background having graduated from University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia.

Both Louis and Alan have a similar vision which is to create an online platform that helps businesses grow and one that consumers love.

CLAIMit’s current sales executive is Coco Lim, who has had 4-year experience as a Sales Manager in a similar industry at, now before joining CLAIMit in November 2015.

Company Background CLAIMit Sdn Bhd was founded in late 2014. It officially began its operation after the first quarter of 2015 when the system development was completed.

CLAIMit initially began as a deal site that provided various types of deals including restaurants, hairdressing, healthcare products and etc. However, due to strong competition from existing deal sites and lack of resources to compete against those sites head to head, we decided to focus only on one industry and excel in it – It was food and beverage.

CLAIMit rebranded itself as a restaurant and cafe deal site, offering hefty discounts for famous restaurants in Penang. We’d now like to turn it into a F&B focused deal site and we aim to create a large restaurant base to create sufficient traction for consumers to deem necessary to always visit CLAIMit before heading to any restaurants and paying full price.

Funding Milestone RM150,000 has been invested in developing the system and infrastructure, hiring salespeople to test out responses from merchants and customers.

Funding of seed money of RM600,000 is required to scale the operation in Penang and expansion to Kuala Lumpur.

Major areas where the funding will be allocated to:

1. Hiring salespeople
2. Polishing the system (website and mobile application)
3. Marketing

We are currently operating at an extremely low budget, with extremely limited resources and one-person salesforce. With funding, we could expand the salesforce to get more merchants onboard offering deals, we could enhance the user experience of the system, and we could engage various marketing activities to promote CLAIMit and increase user base tremendously.

% Equity Allocation 30% Share will be allocated to investors.
Expected ROI The goal is to be able to return 20% of the total investment in 24 months.
Risks and Mitigation The risks are:

1. The reluctance of consumers to embrace yet another deal site given majority of deal clippers have had somewhat brief relationships with companies like Groupon, LivingSocial and other deal sites that have operated in the industry for quite some time.
2. The strong competition from competitors. Companies like Groupon, Ensogo have much more resources to fend off newcomers.

However, CLAIMit will market itself as a restaurant deal sites. CLAIMit will get as many deals from as many restaurants as possible for consumer to deem necessary to always check CLAIMit for deals before eating out. Different to Groupon and Ensogo, CLAIMit focuses only on Food and Beverage giving consumers a good reason to use CLAIMit over other deal sites when it comes to food.

Exit Strategies 1. If the vision for CLAIMit becomes a reality, this could be a cash cow for investors.
2. The business will be sold to an acquirer for investors to cash out.
Company Name CLAIMit Sdn Bhd
Business Address No.32, Lorong Sungai Tukang 1/3, Kawasan Perusahaan Sungai Tukang, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
Contact Person Louis Teoh
Contact Number +61402765084

Employee Transportation Services

Project Cost: RM1,975,290

Amount Invested : RM475,290

Amount Required : RM1,500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Funding)

others (Employee Transport Services)

Company Current Status:


Company History:

The company was established with its primary aim to provide quality services for the daily worker transportation services for a MNC companies (NYSE: JKS) located in the Perai Industrial Zone, Penang. The directors have many years of experience in the field and within the region; has built a solid reputation for providing quality transportation services and working closely with clients to ensure requirements are not only met, but expectations exceeded. Operating with a group of knowledgeable and dedicated drivers, the company is constantly striving for service and quality improvements to provide clients with exceptional service and attention to detail.

Product / Service Description:

The company was established with its primary aim to provide quality services for the daily worker transportation services for a MNC Companies (NYSE: JKS) located in the Perai Industrial Zone, Penang. Initiate deployment is 1200 and this number will be increased to 1600 in the next 3 months.

Business Opportunity:

The “Employee Transport Services” agreement was signed and stamped with 2 years extendable contract. In meeting the business demands, Preyash is supplying 10 employees bus and 20 vans to perform the daily deployment with its capability in supporting 1400 employees under 3 crews 2 shifts work patterns.
Employee Transport Services is highly demanded by all the MNC companies. With our drivers cum recruiters’ strength, Preyash is highly confident to expand our services to other MNC manufacturers. In addition, supplying local & foreign contract labor will be our next expansion agenda.

Revenue Model:

The revenue will be generated through the nos of workers as well as routes performed.

Management Team:

XXXXXX is an associate member of Institute of Banker Malaysia, graduated from Charted of B. Adm UK, with a PhD in Business Law, and AAIA from College of Arm. Comes with many years of experience from the recruitment industry, having served as a Manager for 16 years. Has extensive network, just love the challenges to meet the deadlines, or beat it. Currently heads the Northern Branch, managing a staff of 120 as well as overseeing all the company businesses, operations and recruitment needs in the Northern region.

Current Status:

At this point of time, we’re outsourcing the transportation to 3rd party with monthly sales revenue of $340,000.00 in a month. Our profit margin is below than 15%.This margin will be increased to 60% to 70% upon we initiate our own business model.

Funding Milestone:

We guaranteed 2% monthly return to the “funder”as a director’s fee of which equivalent to 24% in a year from the amount invested. A year end bonus of 26% will be distributed to our “funder” upon the closing book.

Business Valuation:

The return of investment will be based on the amount invested by the “funder” i.e. $1,000,000.00 x 2% = $20,000.00 as monthly director fee and another 26% of $260,000.00 as year end return bonus.

Expected Return On Investment:

Total ROI will be $500,000.00 per year. (for each $1.0 million investment)

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The risk is very minimum as the appointed drivers have been with us for more than 6 years. In addition, the vehicle ownership is transferred to the respective driver through the monthly deduction scheme. All the monthly service & maintenance will be absorbed by the company to ensure each vehicle in good and safe condition.

Exit Strategies:

The exit opportunity to the “funder” will be our guaranteed return started from the 1st month of investment. In addition, this transportation services has widen opportunity for us to serve MNC companies for their staffing needs i.e. Contingent Labor Supply or Permanent placement.


Company Name: XXXX
Postal Address : B303-3-16,Krystal Point, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Bayan Lepas
State : Penang
Post Code : 11900
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 604-6439400
Website : n/a
Mobile: 6013-5000252

Young Entrepreneur seeks fund to grow online business #Branded fashion products

Project Cost: RM50,000

Amount Invested : Rm15,000

Amount Required : Rm35,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
consumer goods

Company Current Status: Growth


Company History:

Sin Wei is a 21 years old undergraduate student, who undertakes Finance bachelor with University of London, at Johor.

Product / Service Description:

My business is 6 months old. Selling fashion products such as branded watches, branded sunglasses at various online selling platform. Those platforms include, 11street, etc.

Business Opportunity:

I started my business with RM280. Sales were low at initial stage.
Insufficient Capital which lead to limit products to offers, higher cost and lower profit. Managed to boost sales every months.

Revenue Model:

We mark-up profit, on average, 80% on all products. Some product marked-up up to more than 200%.
By trying to keep our cost as low as possible, we keep more profits.

Management Team:

1x General manager, who manages almost everything.
1x Part time packaging worker.

My business is still small at the moment. I am planning to expand it steps by steps. Not to expand it aggressively.

Current Status: 6 Months Sales History

June’15- RM935.88
July’15- RM1077.30
Aug’15- RM2437.73
Sept’15- Rm9173.29
Oct’15- RM18644.52
Nov’15- RM23717.12
Up to 28/12/15- RM 30,112.76

Sales have been booming over the past 6 months. In need of working capital to increase quantity of current stock, product range and hiring of workers. Also, planning to create a excel spreadsheet stock management system as product range increases.

Funding Milestone:

1st Stage: Office and warehouse
2nd Stage: Employee-Part time basis
3rd Stage: First batch of stock purchasing.

Business Valuation:

I am willing to give up up to 40% of shares of my business to investor who believe in my proposal. Negotiation is possible. Further details can be discussed in meeting.

Expected Return On Investment:

I expect a 30-50% ROI in 1 year.
This is just a careful underestimate assumption.
The actual results could be higher.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Exit Strategies:

1. For shareholder, can sell the share ownership to the company back in 2 years according to current share value. In case the business not doing well, we can sell off the stocks + goodwill and the money will be distributed according to share.

2. Profit sharing can be bind with 2 years contract.


Hong Sin Wei

Company Name:n/a
Postal Address : 10, Jalan Bentara 4, Taman Iskandar
State : Johor Bahru, Johor
Post Code : 80050
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 0197509624

Start up Vegetarian Cafe at Kelana Jaya

Project Cost: RM150K

Amount Invested : RM6K

Amount Required : RM144K

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: restaurants / f&b

Company Current Status:
Concept / Business Plan


Company History:

I passionate and very interest to own a vegetarian cafe and run it by myself, I have 3 months experience work in a cafe.

Product / Service Description:

Create cozy and comfortable environment for customer, provide affordable price food included western and Asian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serve good quality coffee and other drinks. Provide catering as well. Having live band at weekend.

Business Opportunity:

I planning to buy an existing business and modify it to a vegetarian cafe, do marketing and raise public awareness regarding cafe opening.

Revenue Model:

Provide affordable price food included western and Asian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Serve good quality coffee and other drinks. Provide catering as well.

Management Team:

I will run it myself as manager with 1 chef, 1 barista and 1 floor staff.

Current Status:

Found an existing cafe for sale, now I doing fund raising, the previous cafe revenue is 15-20K.

Funding Milestone:

100K for buying existing business and rental deposit, 15k to touch up the cafe, 10K buy coffee equipment, 15K cash flow

Business Valuation:

85% of nett profit, 144k is 96% of the total funding, 6K is 4% of total funding, I allocate additional 11% to myself as I fully running it.

Expected Return On Investment:

18 months

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

There is possible to have slow sale, not enough man power to run during peak hour

Exit Strategies:

Do a grand opening as a marketing, provide good food and coffee, post in vegetarian community website to reach to more people.


Ann Goh

Company Name: Ann Gloria Enterprise
Postal Address : B3-17-05, 1120 Park Avenue,
Jln PJS 1/52, Tmn Petaling Utama,
State : Petaling Jaya
Post Code : 46150
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 0166569883