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Golden Tree Plantation

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM2,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description For years,the world’s annual output of timber production significantly out performing for globally market demand. In order to meet the sustainable human need in the production of timber, therefore transform and develop in to the modern forestry plantation is a “good forestry practice”.
The Company’s implement the“12/5” Forestry Plantation Plan with a new development and innovation species planting technology from USA which accelerate the growth with amazing fast growing period, height and width growth diameter, high yield of timber volume, high density with a strong emphasis on the environmental of “Golden Tree”.
The company’s business model to provide seedlings, planting technology support, forestry self-development model support and provides technical and seedlings plantation guidance supporting: land preparation, planting and funds and personnel management. The company also provides seedlings and planting techniques which farmers responsible for the planting, management and protection whilst the company maintain the hedging price of recycled wood.
Business Opportunity Market Analysis

Golden Tree Market Positioning

The world native forest was distribute unevenly with the slow growth cycle therefore countries around the world create awareness of environmental protection and running anti harvesting. Hence, the under supply of timber create an impact to the forestry industry.

According to world timber statistic consumption report, the supply of timber is diminishing, whilst the demand is projected to increase and the prices continue to rise.

Market demand with the New Modern Plantation Development
To solve the above aspect, we need a type of species which performs the best on your property. Once it publicized, it would be potential remarkable market.

Technology Possibilities
Geography, Climate, Soil characteristics:
Optimum Subtropical site with sandy loam type soil, freed raining, temperature and altitude tolerance is suitable for develop forestry plantation.
Golden Tree Growth and Planting
The company’s work with UPM to provide and develop varieties of species which offer special characteristic of grow fast, low thermal conductivity, moisture resistant, high density and resistance to pollution compare with other tree.
Golden Tree roots may prevent soil erosion due to its fast growing stems which can improve the soil component and regenerate new roots as it is tolerant of pollution.

Economic Benefit
Golden Tree is a very fast growing and produces good quality timber in a very short period of time which helps stimulate the economic.
It has an extraordinary growth and produce an unbelievable wood values.
Golden Tree wood is strong and light in weight compares with poplar or birch wood. It does not warp, crack or deform easily. The wood is easy to work with and suitable for the manufacture of furniture, plywood, paper, decorative paneling and many other uses.
Varieties of business model to maximize output of timber economic.
Generate forestry chain for economic benefits.
Global warming problem has become a big issue in the world in recent years. New concept of forestry plantation will benefit return of investment.

Social Benefit
Golden Tree plantation is one of the business opportunities Forestry investment has many advantages with low investment value, which the forestry assets are tangible, low risk, consistently outperformed inflation, and historically has provided a perfect long-term stable investment alternatively. Forestry plantation can have many good impact on both environment and our country economic.

Management Team Kenji Phoon Chee Yong is the Founder and Chairman of the Company. He has had an outstanding career in domestic and international Sales & Marketing for over 20 years, during which he developed a firm understanding of complexities of Domestic and International markets. He is thoroughly familiar with the regulatory and business environment for industrial and health care products in China and South East Asia. In the past 20 years, he notices that many development projects have come under criticism for damaging the environment, even when they are presented as helping it. Concerns have increased in line with the rising investment in the developing world. In the late 2014, attention was drawn to Mr. Kenji Phoon to get partnership with his schoolmates and customers in development projects such as forestry and agricultures that supporting the environment, and being generally more responsible and accountable. He hopes that through collaboration with businesses and non-profit organizations which have grown by showcasing their environmental commitment through the company’s tree-planting program.

Kevin Chong Kok Hong has been the Director of Operation of the company since 2014. He has an extensive 20 years of experience in technical, sales and marketing in automotive industrial. He is also a director on the board of Sejati Motor Enterprise and Vivo United Automotive Sdn Bhd.

Ho Kok Weng has been the Director of Finance of the company since 2014. He is a graduate in Business Management and held a Bachelor (Hons) from University of Sunderland, UK. He has an extensive background and experience in store and warehouse management, inventory control management, supply chains and import & export operations.

Kong Tack Cheong is Business Development Director. He has had an outstanding career in manufacturing operation and maintenance activities of plant handling such as Plastics Extrusion and Injection Moulding. Currently, he is also involved in Eco save lighting products business. He was appointed as Independent Director in 2014

John Teoh Kim Chuan has been a Marketing Director of the company since 2014. He has an extensive 17 years of experience in sales and marketing. He is also a Director on the board of Hisatrade (M) Sdn Bhd and Hisametals (M) Sdn Bhd.

Company Background Ecogreen Agriculture Management doesn’t just plant trees for their ecological benefits, but to benefit people in need. Technically speaking, we are an agroforestry management company. Agroforestry intentionally combines agriculture and forestry to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems. Trees and shrubs are planted near crops and/or livestock, to the benefit of all.
By integrating both agriculture and forestry, we achieve improved soil quality, higher crop yields, and improved standards of living. We believe strongly that people must know the value of agroforestry and its benefit to them if they are to withstand pressure from developers or others who wish to strip trees from an area. Our role is to train communities in the latest agroforestry techniques, and to help spread and promote them.
Agroforestry is sometimes referred to as “trees on farms.” It’s actually much more than that. Agroforestry techniques are tailored to the needs of the community. In communal forests, tree-planting programs focus on large-scale reforestation and the development of non-timber forest products. In agricultural fields, fast-growing multipurpose tree species are integrated into the agricultural system to serve as windbreaks, firebreaks, woodlots, or living fences; as part of contour planting for erosion control; and as “alleys” that improve fertility in the adjacent soil. Similar techniques have been practiced around the world for thousands of years, and are especially effective in the developing world.
Funding Milestone Project target : RM 60,000,000.00 ( 马来西亚第一站)
管理费用的计算 :
1. RM 100.00 x 5 trees x 6 years = RM 3,000.00
2. RM 100.00 x 25 trees x 6 years = RM 15,000.00
3. RM 100.00 x 50 trees x 6 years = RM 30,000.00
4. RM 100.00 x 100 trees x 6 years = RM 60,000.00
5. RM 100.00 x 200 treesx 6 years = RM 120,000.00
资金需求和来源计算 :
a) RM 3,000.00 x 20,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
b) RM 15,000.00 x 4,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
c) RM 30,000.00 x 2,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
d) RM 60,000.00 x 1,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
e) RM 120,000.00 x 500 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
计划中的目标 :
Will plant 100,000 trees in Malaysia ….接下来发展的国家 :
After that we will develop
1. Indonesia ( 100,000 trees )
2. Thailand ( 100,000 trees )
3. China…..
Expected ROI 1 Lot: RM 3,000 (5 Trees) – 8% P.A. 5 Lots: RM 15,000 (25 Trees) – 12% P.A. 10 Lots: RM 30,000 (50 Tress) – 16% P.A. 20 Lots: RM 60,000 (100 Trees) – 20% P.A. 40 Lots:RM 120,000 (200 Trees) – 24% P.A.
Exit Strategies 6 Years
Company Name Ecogreen Agriculture Management Sdn Bhd
Business Address Suite 29-5, Level 5, Plaza Cheong Hin, Jalan S/P 2/1, Taman Serdang Perdana, Seksyen 2, Seri Kembangan, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Ho Kok Weng


Project Title Business Plans and projects additional funding requirement from investor to facilitate our growth and business plan on our new outlet
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 200,000.00
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description This paperwork lays out JADORA 2015/2016 Business Plan and projects additional funding requirements form investor to facilitate our growth and business plans our new outlet. Proper budgeting and cost control are projected, and will be monitored closely to ensure efficient operation.

On 30th May 2015, JADORA had a successful grand boutique launching in Bangi Sentral, marking a start of an aggressive marketing campaign to capture the lucrative market share. JADORA sells range of apparels from multiple types of hijabs, blouses, dresses, skirts and pants. This makes us a one-stop modern muslimah store. Where most fashion brands adopt a four-season fashion concept, selling only four collection a year, JADORA adopts the fast fashion concept, introducing one new collection every week.

JADORA Business Formula :

The muslimah apparel industry is large, mature, and highly fragmented.
As with most mature industries, the apparel industries are experiencing intense competition and pricing pressures, while facing the need for constant product innovation. The apparels sold at JADORA are targetted at the low to high income group ethnic Malays, particularly Muslims.

Customers have diverse backgrounds. Nowadays, consumers are also very value conscious-they want attractive merchandise at the lowest possible price! This trend is evident in the successful growth of off-price retail stores in various industries. Low pricing but nice looking apparels businesses thrives better than branded and expensive clothing stores worldwide. The key is in design of clothes and prices!

This is where JADORA will be heading : To sell cheap mid quality but nice looking apparels, catering to the mass market. The new approach and formula is a tradeoff between low cost clothing and fabric quality/quantity while maintaining the aesthetic aspect of the product.

Business Opportunity The Apparel Industry&Market Segmentation:

Fast-fashion muslimah clothing has a huge demand and there is a lack of players in this field. Most of our competitors chose to focus on much easier production and trading of just hijabs that has intense competition due to the low barrier of entry. Others would establish the conventional apparel-trading concept, sourced from third party with limited designs and choices annually.

As Internet is a global, borderless business, JADORA expects to tab the global Muslimah fashion market not only from Malaysia but globally.


Our marketing strategy is diverse and extensive. We will be focus at getting new customers, retaining the existing customers, getting customers to spend more and come back more often.

Establishing a loyal customer base is of a paramount importance since such customer core will not only generate most of the sales but also will provide favorable referrals.

The major reason for the customers to return to a Fashion Boutique is fair priced products, excellent customer service, fast delivery, amazing designs and high quality products. We strongly believe that selling apparels with a great service in a nice setting will help us build a strong base of loyal clientele.

Revenue / Business Model JADORA is a boutique that is 100% based in vendors concept. Vendors concept is defined by the production of Muslimah’s Fashion clothing by various brand and making profit towards the production from the clothes. Our boutique concept is by finding,gathering and combining each vendors based on their experienced in vendors concept, expertise is making genuine and attractive design according to the latest trend for its own brand. These vendors will pay rental fee on railing and racks in out boutique by which precisely saying each vendors will rent a rack or railing. These rental are included with the basement stock area for the vendor to put their stocks. However, different vendors will have different rental prices based on their product category. Thus, we are making the profit based on the vendor’s rental. For the accessories, we will deduct 10% from the sales as their rental price.

JADORA offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to trade JADORA products. There are three options to distribute JADORA products.

This is a relatively a new distribution method in Malaysia but already very popular in the North America. It allows dealers to earn even while they are sleeping. No capital required and they are risks free! Upon successfully chosen to be our affiliates or dropship agents, dealers will be given a coded encrypted banner.

This program is a conventional way of trading. Dealers could buy stocks from JADORA HQ through walk in or online ordering. Minimum purchase amount is RM1000 where dealers will enjoy 10% profits/discounts, RM2000 for 20% profits and 30% profits/discounts for purchase of Rm3000 and above

Management Team Owner/Director – Seek and obtain vendors, make the contract with the vendors, finance settlement with the vendors. Also provide solution to the challenges regarding marketing and sales and employment screening.

Coordinator/Manager – Deal with the vendors regarding stocks, sales and promotions. Update the vendors with routine weekly and monthly report of the sales. Monitoring the product that is slow down on sales. Handle most of the office and boutique systems and the payment of the employees.

Graphic designer – Handle social media marketing such as facebook and instagram. Create and design advertisement of the vendors’ products also having an up-to-date promotions of each products for marketing purpose.

Administrative assistant – Perform administrative and office support activities. Duties may include helping the coordinator regarding vendors, word processing, creating spreadshit and presentations, and filing.

Boutique supervisor – Monitor and oversee the condition and the environment of the boutique, take feedback from the customers, taking advice from the coordinator, buying office/boutique supplies. Also maintaining the boutique and make the close cash at the end of the day.

Boutique assistant – serve and assist customers, impress the customers with the products, selling on point of the product that is slow down on sales. Also, maintain the boutique to be clean.

Company Background JADORA, one of retail concept store in Malaysia located in the high end fashion district in Bangi Sentral and Sungai petani. JADORA Bangi has open its door locals on 1st May 2015 while JADORA Sungai Petani, has open ties door to locals on 15th December 2015. With a range of more than 60 local online and young designer carrying ready-to-wear collections on mostly modest looks for men and women.
JADORA is Modern Muslimah boutique operated bu JADORA CONCEPT, SSM registered on 17th February 2015. A vertically integrated business. JADORA comes quality apparels, impeccable packaging and unrivalled customer care. Customer would associated JADORA as reasonable priced clothes, wide market, trusted Muslimah Fashion boutique.

JADORA OUTLETS: JADORA Bangi Sentral & JADORA Sungai Petani.

JADORA has opened two outlets in just 6 months which in BANGI SENTRAL and SUNGAI PETANI with a great feedback from locals! With more openings of JADORA outlets, we hope to achieve high sales due to incoming RAYA FESTIVAL. In 2016 and 2017, JADORA intend to open outlets at strategic areas populated with our target market such as Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan, Ipoh, Penang, Alor Setar, and Senawang in Negeri Sembilan. This would instills confidence in buyers who doubts the reliability of online shopping while serves clients who still prefers to shop at brick and mortar places. The store is ergonomically designed with state of art electronic system equipped. Traditional Window Display is augmented with 50 inches TV screens. We call them DIGITAL MANNEQUIN. By using this, we will be different. We will be able to display hundreds of our beautiful designs instead of just 4 to 5 designs with traditional mannequin. Videos, Picture, clips and information are dynamic.
These stores would be opened and operate by JADORA CONCEPT.

Funding Milestone Funding required – RM 120,000.00
Optional Items – RM 34,000.00 (Roller shutter security grill, ADT alarm system, Insurance, Spot light system, Additional display Tv, operational Reserve)

Milestone Expected:
Month 4 – 27,000.00
Month 6 – 40,501.00
Month 8 – 54,001.00
Month 10 – 67,502.00
Month 12 – 81,002.40

% Equity Allocation 70% from total one JADORA outlet income which he/she gave investment fund
Expected ROI ROI is about 18 month
Risks and Mitigation Our biggest risk is the vendor’s performances and the outcome of it. Vendor’s performances can be varies but the main risk we tend to focus on is their sales performance. Each vendors has different sales outcome at the end of the month which either they reached the sales target or could even be less than the sales target. For the vendors who has less sales target, their profit of that month might probably enough for the rental payment only. Therefore, the aftermath of the vendors towards JADORA depend on the outcome of their sales performance.

Thus, the main mitigating factor is to keep the sales performance of each vendors by reaching the sales target. This can be done by marketing advertisement of the vendor’s products through the social network such as facebook and instagram as it can gain more interest of the online customers towards the product. Also, by advising the vendors to do sales promotion towards the products and take the feedback from the customers regarding the products. Other than that, JADORA also will make sure that all vendors can achieve their sales target and before mid of each month, vendor least able to pay the rent from their sales. As all of the vendors have reach their sales target, the outcome from the vendors towards JADORA can make them feel satisfied with our services and might not end the contract with JADORA.

The other risk that we might have is when the vendor want to end the contract with JADORA. when the end of contract between JADORA and the vendor and also when there is upcoming of the new vendor taking longer time. Referring to the first causes, when the vendor want to back out from JADORA which might be due to some of the services we served towards them didn’t reach of what they target for. Secondly, when it is the end of contract between JADORA and the vendor. The vendor can either choose to renew or let the contract expired. The continuation of the contract is depends on how the vendor accepts the services we treat them along the period of contract. Third, when the new vendor is taking too much of time to get into the available slots, JADORA has to cover the balance rental using own money.

Therefore, to keep these vendors in JADORA, JADORA needs to improve the services in various area such as marketing, sales and promotion, advertise of their items, have an update report within vendors (weekly and monthly report), taking feedbacks from the customer about the products and also the customer care. Other than that, as for the vendor that wants to back out from JADORA, JADORA needs to make sure the availableness of the other vendors in the waiting list which are interested to be part of the JADORA. The waiting list is formed due to the request of the vendors to be part of JADORA, anyhow the slots int the boutique are full.

Exit Strategies The contract with the investor is within 5 years. During the 5 years of contract, the investor will get the profit continuously.

If the investor still interested to invest after 5 years, the investor can only invest to the new JADORA outlet.

Company Name JADORA CONCEPT (002410464-U)
Business Address 3-33-01, Bangi Sentral, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 8A, Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Bangi, Selangor.
Contact Person Mohd ‘Izzat Firdaus Bin Md Isa

Bio Compressed Technology

Project Title Bio Compressed Technology the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested More than RM1 mil.
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description Bio Compressed Technology is believed to be the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology especially in Oil Palm industry right now comparatively over the conventional method which is no longer relevant due to the up to 70% losses of nutrient without our realization during the natural environmental process takes place which gives a big losses to the country and does not give any benefit to the small holders and farmers in the rural areas.

With Bio Compressed Technology it will help the owner of the estates to save up to 50% of their production cost per annum, to increase miminum of 30% of yield after 6 months application, optimum up take of a complete nutrients (macro & micro) with zero losses over the natural environmental process (details explaination in due course).

Business Opportunity Very big business opportunity is widely open zero market has been tapped and would cater all the small holders via our National Subsidy Programme and Cooperatives market which are not known to this method yet.
Revenue / Business Model Based on my simple arithmetic calculation over the ready made market by the government and 1,320 cooperatives involved in the oil palm plantation in the country would easily gives a RM20 million revolving turn over per month.
(Details to be explained in due course)
Management Team Will be tabled out during the meeting or presentation talk.
Company Background Personally I am the founder for this method which has involved more than 10 years in the R&D and in the trade..To
Funding Milestone Long term basis as this is a never sunset business..
% Equity Allocation To be discussed during the meeting or presentation.
Expected ROI To be presented during the meeting..
Risks and Mitigation Minimum risk with high return.. Details to be explained in due course.
Exit Strategies To be discussed.


Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description PARTY UP is a mobile application to ease the search for places to purchase alcoholic beverages and also the places to hangout in order to enjoy the alcoholic beverages. PARTY UP expects to catch the interest of people in Malaysia who enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages at different places in Malaysia. The business plan is to build a strong online platform where the people in Malaysia can get the information about the places they can go to get the desired alcoholic beverages and also the places they can hangout in order to enjoy their alcoholic beverages.

PARTY UP aims to offer the infomercial services through the mobile application in order to ease up the search for the desired alcoholic beverages and also the places to enjoy the desired alcoholic beverages.

Our product in PARTY UP are the information about the places selling the alcoholic beverages and also the places to enjoy the alcoholic beverages. The information will be given to the user through our user friendly PARTY UP mobile application.

The PARTY UP will serve by providing the price and location to purchase the desired alcoholic beverages. PARTY UP also will provide the location of places such as clubs, bars and pubs in order for the PARTY UP users to enjoy their desired alcoholic beverages.

Business Opportunity This platform mainly focused on non-Bumiputeras as our service will be involving non-halal products. Approximately 49.9% of Malaysian are non-Bumiputeras and the total figure of non-Bumiputeras are approximately 15.55 million in Malaysia. In May 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) named Malaysia as the world’s 10th largest consumer of alcohol despite its small population and size and large number of Muslims. According to WHO statistics, Malaysians spent over$5000 million on alcohol with a per capita consumption of seven litres.

Since PARTY UP will be focused at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor first, the number of non-Bumiputeras in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are approximately 3.41 million. So we will have a huge amount of potential users. The huge amount of potential users will provide us the strength to make the liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs to use our platform to advertise their shops. The higher the number of users, the higher the chances to attract customers to advertise their liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs.

Revenue / Business Model The PARTY UP will be operating based on advertising and informediary model. The PARTY UP will be covering areas at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor first before venturing to other states in Malaysia. The liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor will be listed in the our PARTY UP mobile application in order for people in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to search for the desired alcoholic beverages and places to hangout to enjoy their alcoholic beverages.
Management Team Human resources needed to establish a stable online platform. Website and mobile application designer is needed in order to create the core PARTY UP online platform. Marketing Adviser will be needed in order to make our platform to be known by the public in effective ways. Sales Representatives are needed in order to get the customers to advertise their liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs in our PARTY UP online platform.
Company Background The company is not yet been established due to lack of funding. I have just came up with the proposal and working towards on getting potential investors to start up the business.
Funding Milestone Website and mobile application designing : RM50,000
Website and mobile application maintenance fees : RM2,000
Cost in registering the business : RM500
Cost for registering the website and mobile application : RM3,000
Sales Representative (3) Salary for 5 months : RM22500 (RM1500/person)
Advertising and Marketing of the online platform : RM5,000
Project Manager Salary for 5 months : RM15,000
Other Expenses : RM2,000
TOTAL COST : RM100,000
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 20%
Risks and Mitigation 1.To get the Liquor Shops, Clubs, Bars and Pubs to use PARTY UP platform to advertise their products and shops.

2.To get the number of people to use PARTY UP platform.

Time period of 4 to 5 months are needed in order to get the platform to be filled with information needed by the users maximally and to increase the number of people using PARTY UP platform. The first two months will be utilized in getting the information about the liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs to be advertised in PARTY UP platform. The following 2 to 3 months will be utilized to increase the number of people to use PARTY UP platform maximally. So there will not be any profit for the first 4 to 5 months as the task to establish the PARTY UP for the customers and users will be focused.

Free slots will be provided for 1 to 3 months to the liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs in order to increase the information in PARTY UP online platform. Once the information which is our product is loaded maximally in PARTY UP platform, we shall proceed in increasing the number of people to use PARTY UP platform. So another 2 to 3 months will be needed to increase the number of users. It can be done with proper advertising plans. The whole process will require 4 to 5 months to establish a stable online platform and users. Once it is established, we can proceed by charging for the slots used by our customers in order to advertise their shops. The liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs will be interested to advertise their shops through PARTY UP if we can secure a large number of users. Since the renting of slots are cheap, we will able to make profit out of it.

Exit Strategies * To give the slots for cheaper price.
* To focus more on newly established liquor shops, clubs, bars and pubs in advertising their shops through PARTY UP.
* To sell the mobile application

Imports, exports & trading of agriculture products

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested MYR 30,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description A trading business specialises in the importing and exporting of raw agriculture goods. Eg: Spices, Beans , Pulses, Nuts and others.
To be supplied to manufactures,wholesalers,air line catering companies and many others.
Also in to re-packing of raw materials to be supplied to smaller markets but with high volume, such as retail stores , convience outlets and others.
Business Opportunity With over 13 years of experience in the food industry, including of setting up a full running scale production line, i have tremendously gained full knowledge in this business.
Being aware of the large conpetitors who has been in the industry for generations, aware of their selling price,market penetration and customers but still being able to penetrate the market with a very healthy profit. This is able to be done so, as i am aware of where,when,how and who to purchase the raw materials from and also implementing cost cutting measures. Country of origins in purchasing the raw materials are India,Vietnam,Indonesia,Sri Lanka,China,Sarawak.

The markets to be supplied with the products are not limited to certain ages,group or culture, as all these raw materials are being used by everyone in the preprations of meals. Customers are Multi National companies, food manufactures, whole salers, Airline caterers , hotels, restaurants and many others.
I do have contact’s of customers in various countries who are in need of these products and we are able to compete in the market with a very competitive pricings.
Profit gains are around 10%-50% depends on products supplied.

I currently do have waiting customers that are ready to purchase all these products.
My difficulty is in the start up cost for purchasing of raw materials up-front before supplying them to the customers.

Revenue / Business Model A very straight forward busines process that does not require large machineries , complex manfacturing process or a large number of head-count. As all goods would be imported in and supplied to customers in Malaysia.
A simple packing machine would be required , to re-pack of products to be sold in consumer packings.
Management Team Currently i am the sole team for the business, but would need to employ sales personal, admin and accounts staff for the business.
Company Background Started in year 2015 . All extra informations would be shared personally with interested investor
Funding Milestone MYR 350,000.00
To purchase raw material goods, salaries , sales lorry.
Packaging Machine: To-repack products into smaller packaging for consumer size ( 150GM- 1KG )
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 1 Year
Risks and Mitigation Mild risk is from the products that are received are not of fresh stock, thus resulting in lower quality.
holding too much of stock up-front.

These are the usual risk, but with the knowledge and experience that i hold, risk factor would be reduced tremendously.

Exit Strategies To be personally discussed with Investor
Company Name Infinite Agro
Business Address No 17, Tingkat 1 Jalan Besar Taman Tangling Jaya 14100 Simpang Ampat Pulau Pinang
Contact Person Ramen Raj

Private investor from Melaka with manufacturing experience

Investor Type Private Investor
Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity Education
Financial Planning
Small manufacturing businesses
Will NOT Invest In none so far
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile 1) 25 years experience in manufacturing.
2) Well versed in common investments like stocks, futures, unit trust, property and education advisories.
3) Possess tertiary education.
4) Always seeking for investment opportunities in good businesses.
NAME James Goh

Project Sutra Resort, Tioman

Amount Invested 1 mil
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description The development project is to convert the property at Lot1000 and Lot1001 into a boutique resort of 50 – 80 luxury suites and villas (approximately 200sqf – 500sqf per unit) with a capacity of 100 – 200 pax at one time. Depending on the final financial and operational estimate, the resort may be built with as few as 3 block units, with phase by phase plan prepared for the expansion of the complex over time.
Business Opportunity Sutra represents an opportunity to acquire a residential Villa and Resort project situated in Tioman’s premier coastal resort. Juara is one of the most attractive areas within Tioman Island with an enviable climate, beautiful coastal scenery and quiet night life, attracting 380,000 visitors a year. Juara is in a different league from the rest of Tioman’s busy beaches. Tourism infrastructure and transportation around the site is well developed, with Airport located within 25 minute transfer time of the site, providing direct access for Tioman and the mainland.
Revenue / Business Model Revenue estimate. The project is financially viable with Net Current Value (NCV) of RM146,432.80. Sutra Resort should be able to generate RM468,000 net in total revenue in the following year as the initial resort operations coast has been exhausted during the first phase of operations. The total initial investment requirement is estimated at RM1.0 million, of which is for infra construction purposes.
Management Team Major Azharudin (Rtd)’s broad base of experience in managing different types of companies. He has extensive development experience and a track record of hiring the right people and training them. He understands the service sector business, has travelled extensively frequenting numerous lodging establishments, and has gained invaluable experience in organizational management.
Company Background Extensive experience in creating and managing organizations for environmental and economic development-oriented companies involved in nationwide projects. He consults with area businesses in development-related issues, including finance, with a specialty in commercial finance. Major has an extensive business background, including over 14 years of experience developing a variety of businesses. Has expertise in customer retention programs, sales, project planning, benchmark analysis, and forecasting and budgeting.
Funding Milestone the be discuss further
% Equity Allocation negotiable
Expected ROI 36 month
Risks and Mitigation Tioman’s tourism industry has shown significant growth in the past 5 years. However, it has a comparatively less number of international visitors in the global and regional context. The incomes generated from inbound tourism equalled to RM482 million for 2014 (RM121 per person/ per trip). Implementation of policies in tourism industry requires sustainable growth of tourism. Sustainable growth requires active and effective cooperation among all stakeholders.
Exit Strategies to attract local tourist to improve the annual of 400,000 (2015)
Company Name amazon concepts
Business Address Lot 1000 & 1002 sutra resort, kg juara, tioman & Kota damansara
Contact Person bai
Contact Number 01115204434