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Mobile, Web and Games Developer

Project Title Xhai Studios Sdn Bhd (MSC Status), is a mobile, web and games developer based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested 190,000 RM
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Xhai Studios is, Application, Web and Games development team, consisting of developers from various cultural and national backgrounds, each bringing their own unique composition into project idea binding and development. Our team consist of young, passionate and talented personas, who besides being producers, are also addicts of modern mobile application and gaming industry in whole, which gives us a very good edge in bringing personal experience into app and games development.
Business Opportunity Xhai Studios started as a mobile games developer. After Launching it’s first mobile game in both iOS and Android, Xhai Studios expanded it’s services to become a software/web developer.

– Xhai Studios is currently working on:
1- in-house mobile game
2- in-house lifestyle/social, mobile application
3- developing apps for some clients.

Revenue / Business Model We make money with different ways:

for Games:
1- Advertisement
2- In App-Purchases
3- One time Fee

for Clients:
1- Specific Fee depends on the app or the website

Management Team – Team
The Xhayans are a team of creative and skillful young minds, hailing from various parts of the world who are passionately working on the games and apps they want the everyone to experience and enjoy.

– Management:

(3 directors), 2 foreigners and one local.

Company Background We produce high quality products that are highly efficient, solve problems and achieve certain goals and objectives. The main forces in our project development are creativity, passion and innovation; qualities that reflect on and are the driving components of our project development cycle.
Funding Milestone – 8 months salaries
– Utilities- Rent
– Marketing/PR
% Equity Allocation 25
Expected ROI We’re willing to give 25% for RM230,000. Expected ROI will be 300,000 RM annually. a year from the date the investment made.
Risks and Mitigation Investment Risk and Mitigation:

– The beauty about Video Games, is that you never lose. The video games market is three times more than the movies and the music market. We have great projections for our games and we are confident that it’ll be successful with your help.

– to balance the cash-flow, we will be taking clients projects to develop for another cash-flow for the company.

Exit Strategies After a specific period of time that the investor and the owner will agree on, the owners will pay back the investors the amount of money they invested as an exit strategy if things didn’t go as planned.
Company Name Xhai Studios Sdn Bhd
Business Address C-03-07, i-Tech Tower, Jalan Impact, Cyber 6, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Sami

Business Mobile Apps for SME’s

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM100k
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Global Apps offers small and medium size B2C businesses the opportunity to own a custom business mobile app that is designed to increase sales and revenue, customer retention, and build their business branding and social presence.
Our primary strategy is to develop Global Apps as Malaysia’s No. 1 subscription based mobile app provider for SME’s.
Business Opportunity Our solution solves the problem of high capital requirement to develop a mobile app, and allows SME’s of any size to hop on board the mobile revolution.
Each of our clients will now be able to own their own mobile app which solves the following:
1. Retain existing customers, get recurring customers and attract new customers, upsale items -> increase in sales
2. Ease of payment collection -> increase cash flow
3. reduce marketing costs -> direct communication with existing clients at no cost
4. ability to entice customers to make a purchase
5. build relationships and add value to client spending.
6. create a viral effect of the business
7. Stand out from the competition -> be visible to customers at all times.
Revenue / Business Model Will be shown upon signing of NDA.
Management Team xxxxx
Company Background The inspiration for Global Apps was derived from the need to create a faster, easier, and more cost-effective solution to creating mobile applications for small & medium-sized businesses that provides tangible and quantifiable benefits. Leveraging on over 40 years of collective Branding & Business Development experience, as well as our IT Design and Mobilization know-how, our cutting edge mobile app solution is the optimal tool for small & medium-sized businesses to Capture new clients and Keep existing customers coming back for more. Global Apps first mobile app for our client was published in January 2016, and up to June 2016 we have 6 paying clients. We currently have 12 clients in the pipeline who have already ordered their business mobile app.
Funding Milestone Global Apps expects to earn a healthy profit by year two based on projected sales. Our projections are based on the following key assumptions:

Initial growth will be moderate as we establish awareness in the market
Marketing costs will not exceed 14% of sales from Year 2 onwards
Residual profits will be reinvested in expanding the product and service line.

Investment Required (year 1) – RM 491,870.00
Funds will be used for : Marketing, Advertising, Operations
* Details of Financial Projection plan and milestones will be revealed upon signing of NDA.

% Equity Allocation To be discussed
Expected ROI 716% by Year 3
Risks and Mitigation Will be shown upon signing of NDA.
Exit Strategies To be discussed
Company Name Global Apps PLT
Business Address 12A-2, Jalan Setia Dagang U13/AJ, Setia Alam , 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
Contact Person Anandraj Letchimanan

WANNAH Enterprise construction project

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM35,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description First of all I want to explain, I come to for the purpose of, to request a cash injection for my construction project about “Design and Build A House in Kinabatangan, Sabah”, which worth RM 262,636.84 on the Letter of Offer issued by Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Berhad.

The minimum period required to complete the construction of this house is 200 days, starting on Thursday, 31 March 2016 until Monday, 17 October 2016.

Whereas, the maximum time needed to complete the construction of this house is 294 days, starting on Thursday, 31 March 2016 until Thursday, 19 January 2017.

Based on our experience in the construction field, at least 150 days are needed to complete the whole construction work.

For this project, I, as the owner of the company, has been using the capital of RM35,000.00 to start this project.

I needed another RM 150,000.00 to finish this construction project within 4 month.

Business Opportunity This is not a business that requires a long-term to gain profit.

As this project requires only 5 months to complete, it is risk free to the respective Investors / Funders.

With 35% ROI to the respective Investors / Funders, they can briefly calculate their own profit margins for their investments.

At least 7% of profit for each month and that’s without the huge risk such as business plan is not performing as expected, low sales, high competition and many more possibilities.

Revenue / Business Model Revenue from this business is from the total value of the contract of RM 262,636.84 released by Borneo Housing Mortgage Finance Berhad.

In addition, our company also has a small business in the agriculture and freshwater lobster farming, which gives a return of RM 2000 – RM 3000 per month.

For the future, we also plan to increase the participation of our companies in the field of agriculture and freshwater lobster farming.

Management Team Engr. MD Nursyazwi Bin Haji Mohammad – The founder, owner of the company. Engr. Md Nursyazwi Bin Mohammad, has a Diploma in Manufacturing Technology and a Bachelor in Design Manufacturing. Being foresight and have many ideas in engineering and business. Skilled in civil and mechanical engineering.

Check out my other profile:

Published books:

Company Background Wannah Enterprise is a small medium enterprise (SME) company run by a Bumiputera entrepreneurs.

Wannah Enterprise provides civil engineering services such as building construction, painting and home renovation.

We also provide engineering services such as mechanical and electrical.

Wannah Enterprise is #1 Malaysia Building Construction Contractor in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.

A bit about the history of this company is Wannah Enterprise was established in 1994 and at that time, the company only do business in supplies and services as the foundation of the company.

Once fully operational, the guidance of a local boy, Engr. MD Nursyazwi, has led the company walked away without looking back even further.

Now, after operating for more than 17 years, Wannah Enterprise come up with a more stylish and more business fundamentals and comprehensive.

We have serve and completed many Government’s project, Private sectors and even for the public.

Now, we are focused mainly in construction, renovation, cultivation of oil palms and mini freshwater lobster farming.

Funding Milestone One-Time Fund of RM 150,000.00.
% Equity Allocation 30% Equity
Expected ROI 35%
Risks and Mitigation NO risk involves. Finish the project and payback to the respective Investors / Funders.
Exit Strategies Funded and Acquisition
Business Address Lot 378, Lorong 6, Taman Merpati, Batu 7, Jalan Airport, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
Contact Person Engr. MD Nursyazwi Bin Haji Mohammad

TONE DOWN casual typo tee

Project Title Get trendy with TONE DOWN, new clothing brand in Malaysia !
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description TONE DOWN is a new clothing brand that sells casual typo tee. Every designs are based on the latest trend on casual / streetwear in Malaysia.

Everything regarding this brand is done by ONLY 2 young and ambitious designers who wanted to build a start up business in clothing/fashion industry. Our main purpose on this start up journey is to lead a casual / street wear trend in our own country-Malaysia. The concept of our brand (低調 – which means “low profile”) brings the message “what for telling others that you’re trendy, when you’re already are? “, which relates to our tagline – Trendy tells no trend. At the same time, we will be creating a #tonedowntrend soon, which will be creatively interesting! Stay updated with us if you’re interested 🙂

To be honest, we have no experiences in building a start up, but we have experiences working with entrepreneurs, tasted success and a company’s downfall, and we don’t just ignore it, we learnt from it. What should be done? What shouldn’t? What we learnt the most in start up business is to have an organised and strategic planning and that’s where and how we planned to create a startup business.

We both graduated as graphic designers, but our capabilities are what make us different. We can do much more other than designing, that’s why we both can handle a small startup with only 2 persons on hand. Our best strength is concept/idea planning and creative designs.

So, we really hope that there will be investors who are interested to join us on our new brand, we are fast learners and willing to absorb anything and possibly to have a mentor to guide us as well! We could also share our experiences and knowledge regarding the design industries too 🙂

*Contact us if you’re interested, we’re super friendly!*

Business Opportunity Due to our budget since there’s only two of us who run this small start up, we only focused our sales on Facebook. There are minor issues faced by us because we are still new, just that we have lose many opportunities to grow our brand’s popularity due to our small amount of budget.

Our beginning stage, we will target our market in Malaysia. Then, when we grew our brand popularity, we will target Singapore and Taiwan.

Revenue / Business Model Here’s a brief proposal on how we profit on sales:

We will not just focus on our own products selling, but also providing design services on clothing, events or advertisements as well.

Besides, we’re having further plannings on building our brand through E-commerce by creating an online shopping platform that sells our products. Our website will also be a platform that advertises and provide opportunities for designers to build their clothing brand charging interests/monthly fees.

Management Team TONE DOWN is still very new so there’s only two of us, but what’s interesting is that we both can actually handle the workload because we cooperate very well.
What we do :
– Design
– Marketing
– Budgeting
– Proposal writing (copywriting)
– Concept planning
– LogisticsWhat we need if we have invesment :
– Web coder / App designer (for e-commerce)
– Experienced digital marketer/customer service
Company Background TONE DOWN’s official launch is on 13th JUNE 2016, which is quite recent.

We received a small amount of orders after TONE DOWN’s official launch and our sales are quite average as we haven’t reach out a large group of audiences.

So, we are sorting out our marketing plans by contacting popular individuals in Malaysia to help promote our brand. Some popular pages/companies such as RED PEOPLE provided us the best opportunities to promote our brand but in exchange of sponsorship. Unfortunately, due to our budget we could not afford to provide the sponsorship to them as we have decided to start a business by gaining profit and avoid any loss.

So, we are trying our best to find the best way to market and advertise our brand with a low cost but instead, beneficial.

Besides, we have further planning for TONE DOWN to grow bigger in not just clothing/fashion industry, but also on E-Commerce.

Funding Milestone xxxx
% Equity Allocation 8% equity after RM100k profit on sales
Expected ROI 30%
Risks and Mitigation Since our brand is new and still a small start up business, here are the investment risks :

Market Risk
Market risk, also known as systematic risk, is risk affiliated with market returns. These can include macroeconomic factors such as interest rates, inflation, recessions, currencies, politics, etc.

In the short term stock market prices cannot be predicted. But long term returns can be predicted with some accuracy. In other words, the variation of returns (risk) is less over long periods of time than short periods of time.

Long term market returns are inversely correlated with valuations. This is why investors should use a tactical asset allocation which invests more in assets when they are selling at bargain prices and less aggressively when valuations are high. A long term investment horizon together with an active asset allocation strategy allows an investor to partially mitigate market risk.

Specific Risk
Specific risk, also known as unsystematic risk, is risk that is not correlated with market returns. It is the risk that is specific to a particular company or industry. An individual investment, such as a company, can have problems that are specific to that asset. Maybe a bad management, a large product failure, etc. causes the individual assets price to fall. Specific risk can also be nearly eliminated by diversification.

Exit Strategies Secondary Purchase

The most ideal exit strategy for a business, from the point of view of an investor perhaps is simply to sell off the whole business and a takeover could have a better return on investment. This type of exit may be most suitable for investors and also our brand which is not yet willing or ready for flotation or trade sale.

This exit strategy will take place when our business starts losing money or the future does not appear as healthy and bright as predicted.

Company Name TONE DOWN
Business Address
Contact Person Lun “The Future of Education”

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description is a cloud based School management system start-up looking to revolutionized the way Asian students, teacher and parents interact and study in schools by creating a user friendly, no technical knowledge required single learning platform. provides:

Student: Easy access to school textbook, homework and notes both offline and online. students can create notes which can be simple formatted text, pictures, voice memo or a hand written note. Notes can be shared, tagged annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported by teacher, classmates and parents via wifi synchronization.

Teacher: Easy access to teaching schedule, textbook, teaching references, students homework and examination question bank. Teachers can created study notes and homework to be shared by students. Examination can be prepared and be taken via the platform with auto marking solution. Examination score will be stored in students profile and shared with parents.

Parents: Easy access to student homework, progress report and examination score. Parents can also interact with teacher via the platform chat system.

Business Opportunity The popularity of e-book led to the need to re-evaluate of education system that is traditionally based on the printed textbooks. While the use of printed books have a lot of constraints in terms of cost, many studies highlight the advantages of digital textbooks. As a learning medium of the 21st century, digital textbooks are said to be able to solve various problems of teaching and learning.

Malaysia launched its digital textbook program on February 1, 2014. Covering a total 10,094 primary and secondary school students and excess to over 300 digital versions of textbooks via the 1Bestari Net system. It can be accessed online by students, parents and teachers. 1Bestari Net project is implemented by the Ministry of Education through Malaysian Education Development Plan (MECC) to enhance teaching and learning process and to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban students.

The implementation of the system enables mobile learning or m-learning and learning in any place or u-learning are two trends to enhance e-learning initiatives. In the first wave (2013–2015) program, the ministry upload 313 titles accessed free of textbooks via the portal 1Bestari Net. For the second wave (2016–2020), the ministry plans to produce the interactive textbooks for the selected subjects, which contains elements of text, graphics, audio, video and animation to help students in teaching and learning.

The third wave (2021–2025) will see the publication of digital textbooks for all subjects including for students with special needs.

Revenue / Business Model competitive advantage will the the “Per User, Per Month” payment methods. This will not only allowed school to immediately use but its also provides opportunity for school to gradually increased the users. will only charge a flat rate of MYR 5.00 per user for every School month.
Management Team is founded by Mikhael RishiI, having work in the Aviation Industry as a Business Development Manager, Tourism Industry as a Chief Operations Officer and Education Industry as a program Director. I have a total of 12 years working experience in growing businesses and have interacted with various levels and functions of government and business.
Company Background plans to provide a digital learning cloud base solution to students, teacher and parents to meet the Malaysia Education 2013 – 2025 blueprint requirements. plans to provide its solution to over 400,000 students in both the primary and secondary schools in Malaysia over a period 8 years which is about 10% of the overall students population in Malaysia.
Funding Milestone The start-up costs of consists of office rental, purchasing of equipment, go-to- market expenses and hiring of key personnel. The founders are currently seeking for a USD 500,000 seed funding from potential investor which will be use for a the day to day operations needs for the next 2 years.
% Equity Allocation 25%
Company Name
Business Address Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person Mikhael Rishi

Forex Brokerage Business

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A forex brokerage is an entity that connects retail forex traders (i.e. individuals that trade on the foreign exchange market) with the forex market. The forex market is traded on the “interbank” which is a fancy way of saying banks trade electronically with each other at various prices that vary from bank to bank.

The growth of forex brokerages can be attributed to the fact that, now more than ever; people wish to make money from home rather than going to work and putting money into someone else’s pocket. Among these people are Forex traders – people that predict the price movements of various currencies from around the world in order to make a profit. To do this, they need Forex brokers; so, the more “home traders” there are, the more Forex brokers will increase.

Business Opportunity The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies.
The rapidly growing number of new and experienced traders flocking to the $5.4 trillion a day currency market need a good broker to begin with.
This has created a huge potential for enterprising individuals to meet their requirement for a safe place to do their trading.
Revenue / Business Model 1. Don’t over-make your market.
Forex brokers get their spread cost between two currencies (i.e. EUR/USD) from the Interbank market. The Interbank market is simply a collection of major banks, hedge funds and financial institutions that are legally obliged to serve commercial turnover of currency investments as well as a large amount of speculative, short-term currency trading.

For example, if the Interbank market charges 1 pip on EUR/USD, a large volume of Forex brokers mark this up to around 3 pips. This means that they make a profit of 2 pips on every trade for this currency. In essence, they are making their own market by over-charging their customers. This is a certain recipe for disaster as this makes Forex trading expensive.

2. Offer low or no commission.
A commission is simply a fee that customers are charged when placing a trade (a buy or a sell). This commission can vary depending on the currency pair traded. The aim is to make Forex trading as cheap as possible for the customer. Low spreads and no commission are exactly the type of trading they like and it is up to you to provide it.

3. Ensure world class support.
Alarm bells start ringing if customers have trouble undertaking standard activities such as withdrawing funds or simply being avoided when asking support questions about a forex brokerage trading platform.

To stay competitive, and in-tune with customers, support must be high quality and responsive. For instance, if a customer asks a question about your platform’s usage, support must provide specific instructions on how to resolve the issue. Also, withdrawing funds should be a seamless process that does not take more than 2 days to process. It is small factors such as this that will eliminate any doubts in the customers’ mind about your services.

Management Team Our Management Team is a dedicated group of finance, technology, legal, marketing and sales professionals committed to making Our forex brokerage Business a leading financial institution.
Company Background We are looking for funding to start up the forex brokerage business.
Funding Milestone 1 Millions MYR Funding Required
% Equity Allocation 70% For Investors
Expected ROI 35% – 55% Of Returns to Investors/ Funders
Risks and Mitigation The foreign exchange market, also known as the forex market, facilitates the buying and selling of currencies around the world. Like stocks, the end goal of forex trading is to yield a net profit by buying low and selling high. Forex traders have the advantage of choosing a handful of currencies over stock traders who must parse thousands of companies and sectors. In terms of trading volume, forex markets are the largest in the world.
1. Leverage Risks
2. Interest Rate Risks
3. Transaction Risks
4. Counterparty Risk
5. Country Risk
6. Operational Risk
Brokers face operational risk as they transact their daily business activities. Some of these risks arise as internal procedures, human resources, organizational structure, technology, etc. Although they do not impose a risk to the market system as a whole, they could prevent you from monitoring positions or placing orders. Forex traders should always maintain backup procedures in case the Internet or power fails.
Company Name XeC Finance Limited
Business Address Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Mr. Lee

CK Coffee & Tea

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description The interest by customers in the coffee house industry is sweeping the country. The CK Coffee is determined to become a daily necessity for local coffee addicts, a place to relax especially for people who try to escape the daily stresses of life and want just a comfortable place to meet their friends or to read a book, all in one. With the growing demand for high quality gourmet coffee as well as great environment and service, CK Coffee will capitalize on its proximity to highly density commercial area in Kota Damansara to build a core group of repeat customers. The site comprises of 1377 square foot intermediate lot inside the newly constructed commercial building namely Sunway Nexis.

The CK Coffee will offer its customers varieties of coffee and smoothies, sandwiches, Laksa Sarawak, pasta and cakes including local Borneo cake namely “Kek Lapis Sarawak”. In addition, the CK Coffee will provide free wi-fi and books so that the patrons can read and surfing while enjoying their visit.

The interior design of the leasehold will focus on projecting a relaxed atmosphere. CK Coffee will be divided into different areas. The ground floor will have typical woody tables and chairs while the loft will be occupied with couches, coffee tables and book shelves filled with books and magazines. A PA system will be installed so that the music and entertainment can fill the café throughout.

There will be nightly entertainment featuring local bands playing soft music and instrumentation from Borneo which will be held once in two weeks. On selected nights, there will be some games to be hosted that will involve mostly from the customers. The wall will be used as a featured wall for the music entertainment which will highlight the beauty of Borneo culture and consequently promotes CK Coffee to others.

The cafe will be operated as partnership between Raja Shahrom and Clare. The CK Coffee intends to raise a funding for the amount of RM 300,000 from the Investor. Profit shares will be divided by 34% to the Investor (in 10 years period) and 66% to the company. The investor will be a silent investor with a payoff of 66% from total investment within three years. The investor will be paid monthly in equal installments including interest.

The company is expected to grow sales revenue from RM 385,000 in first year 2016 to RM 1,374,000 in year 2018. The CK Coffee will strive to maintain a 73% gross profit margin and reasonable operating expenses and target to see net profits grow from RM 106,000 to RM 697,000 during the same period.

Business Opportunity Market Analysis:
Kota Damansara is the perfect area for a coffee house such as CK Coffee. Kota Damansara has been experiencing sustainable growth due to its adjoining location to Petaling Jaya and the upcoming new MRT line. One of the major attractions in Kota Damansara is the Sunway Giza Mall which was completed in 2009. This 6.17 acre development comprises 48 units of retail spaces and a 3-storey mall with a 800-bay basement car park with a gross built up area of more than 162,000 sq.ft. Besides the mall, there are institutional centres such as Sri KDU International School, SEGi University and International University College of Nursing. The Giant Hypermarket and AEON BIG, the new Encorp Strand Mall and the Cascades also do contribute to the exponential growth of population of Kota Damansara.CK Coffee will be the perfect complement for Kota Damansara in curricular activities. Live music performance offered by CK Coffee will provide ample reason for customers to fall in love with our coffee house. Another key component to the CK Coffee’s success in Kota Damansara is the fact the younger generations living in this area, namely students and professional ages 18 to 30, which are looking to discover a place to release their daily stresses from school or work apart from gourmet side of food and drink. CK Coffee will be a unique, yet well-round coffee house experience and enjoyable for everyone from the young college to professional.

Industry Analysis:
The food service, and eating and drinking establishment industry in Kota Damansara has been growing consistently over the last 5 years. This makes for the perfect time to start a business that selling one of the most traded commodities in the world. Despite few unique coffee house have been established within this area, it will be more competitive if we can provide the same unique coffee house but with different concept compared to others.

Market Segmentation and Key Customers”
Although each segment of the market is distinctively different, they all hold many of the same attributes regarding coffee consumption, overall consciousness of sustainability issues and personal lifestyle. CK Coffee is targeting four segments of the population within the Kota Damansara area.

a) Student/ Youngster Population (50%)
– The students of Kota Damansara particularly from SEGi University and International University College of Nursing will be the primary customer. This segment, mainly between the ages of 18-30, is comprised of undergraduate from intellectual, engineering, art and culinary. Many of these students are aware of the potential benefits of coffee and live an active lifestyle. Customers from this segment will likely attend the musical performances held at CK Coffee. While the entire segment is looking for a place with comfortable, open environment to relax, and get some work done.

b) Progressive Young Professional (25%)
– This segment which encompasses of Kota Damansara and Damansara Perdana work forces, ages 24-40. These customers are education and health professionals, as well as business and finance professional. Whether they are looking for a quick morning drinks or looking for somewhere to enjoy their conversation after work in a relax environment, this segment will enjoy what the CK Coffee has to offer.

c) Coffee Coinsures (15%)
– This segment knows good coffee, has developed an experienced taste for the drink and knows where to find it. This segment will not usually be found in Coffee Beans or Starbucks.

d) Other (10%)
– This segment includes all other students, youngsters and professionals looking for something new.

Market Needs:
Coffee shop customers, by nature, are looking for something special – that is why they are willing to pay so much for a cup of coffee. Many customers of the big national chains, while satisfied with their daily coffee would be intrigued to find a local coffee shop that is different in terms of products and environment. CK Coffee will be the most unique coffee house in the area.

Market Trends:
The demand for specialty coffee in general has been growing in Malaysia and all over the country. Current research indicates that the coffee consumption in Malaysia has been increase progressively (i.e., 0.8kg/capita in 2012 to 1.3kg/capita in 2013). The grow of coffee shop is booming since then. Other trends which are currently being followed by customers are as follows:

• Unique products (i.e., specialized roasts, local ingredients, local themed or named drinks, custom drinks etc).
• Games, puzzles, and other activities that encourage customers to linger over their coffee.
• Hosting local events (i.e., entertainment, artists, etc).
• Using technology to compete and marketing the places such as Foursquare, Yelp, which can increase visibility in the local market.

Revenue / Business Model The CK Coffee will provide a unique and relaxing environment to enjoy gourmet roasted coffee and smoothies including the signature dish. The café will also provide an opportunity to visit with friends, catching up sessions, or read a chapter of a book. The café barista will be provided an appropriate training for self-skills improvement to ensure they can offer assistance in any coffee purchase while simultaneously providing customers with outstanding service. The CK Coffee will penetrate the market through a variety of marketing including viral, coffee tasting event promotion, music events and customer loyalty discount programs. Through the use of these advertising mediums and marketing strategies, we believe that we will be able to reach the target market from every angle.

Maintaining the quality and consistency of the products shall be the main key in order for CK Coffee to sustain successfully in the market. Another important factor in the success of CK Coffee will be the continuity of branding the image and the principle behind the brand, by using the logo on everything involved with the coffee house such as on the coffee cups, paper bag and serviette.

In short term, a number of promotions and activities are planned around the launch of the business to create awareness. CK Coffee will provide discount up to 30% during first 2 months of its operations and traditional performance from Borneo will be hosted during its grand opening. The company will publicize the launch of the café via mouth to mouth, flyers distribution, banners and media socials such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The CK Coffee will use the following methods to increase sales revenue:
• The menu will focus on the most profitable and common coffee flavors. The café also will introduce healthy based smoothies which will allow others to enjoy their drink in a relax environment.
• Monitoring flavoring inventory – excess flavoring will utilize more space in the storage room. The café will utilize eight flavors for the smoothies which can be used from both tea and yogurt bases.
• Control waste – monthly sales and inventory reports will be reviewed to evaluate ingredients waste due to inefficient preparation, incorrect order and other unnecessary loss. This will enable accurate control of the monthly ordering supplies.
• Monitoring and evaluate hours of operation – depending on the demand from customers, the current hours of operation from 8.30am to 12.30am daily may be revised.
• Run employee sales contests – the baristas are the salespeople and have a great deal of influence over the customers ordering process. Sales contests will emphasize high margin items.

Management Team CK Coffee will be owned 100% by CK Coffee & Tea (002530833-V) registered under partnership between Clare bin Kimduit and Raja Shahrom Nizam Shah bin Raja Shoib.

a) Raja Shahrom Nizam Shah bin Raja Shoib, Founder and Director
– Originate from Kuching, Sarawak, Raja Shahrom is a graduate from University of Teknologi Malaysia with master degree in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical). During his college period, he was working as a part-time server in Delifrance Café which allowed him to learn about the business operations, customer services, involved in marketing plans and eventually rising to the position of part-time crew leader throughout his working period. Following graduation of his degree from University of Malaya, he assisted his friend in setting up a small business which provides photography services and involved from registering the company until marketing strategies and customer services.

b) Clare bin Kimduit, Co-Founder and Director
– Clare was born in Beaufort, Sabah and a graduate from University of Teknologi Mara with degree in Civil Engineering (Hons). During student period, he participated in part time job in banquet as well as charity programme that involve preparation and distribution of food to homeless. Following graduation, he assisted his friend in apparels business and involved in finding the materials as well as marketing plans. In addition, he had been assisting his friends in the food selling (i.e., Laksa Sarawak) during the continuous monthly Church events.

Management responsibilities regarding finances, growth, employee and overall operations and both will oversee and contribute equally in the administration and decision making process. Each member will also be responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations including the following:

a) Providing direction for the business
b) Creating, communicating and implementing the company’s mission and overall direction
c) Fixing prices and signing business deals with vendors
d) Responsible for recruitment and payment of salaries
e) Responsible for signing cheques and documents on behalf of the company
f) Evaluate the success of the business

Company Background Company registered on 8/4/2016.
The location has been identified and booked. Currently in the stage of looking for start-up investor before end of June 2016. The target opening of the cafe is on 16 July 2016.
Funding Milestone The CK Coffee & Tea intends to raise about RM 300,000 from an investor. The investment capital will be used for the following startup expenses:

a) Securing the retail store
– The site consists of 1377 square feet of spaced with additional 394 square feet of parcel spaced. The rent is RM 10,000 a month, with minimum of 2 years tenure and 1 year option of lease renewal. RM 40,000 is required for the deposit of 2+1+1 with 6% of GST. Additional of RM 5,200 is estimated for insurance, permit and licenses.

b) Modification of the retail store
– Due to high ceiling of the site, a loft will be introduced to allocate seating capacity of 60 patrons. The site will consists of dining room, a coffee bar, two restrooms (already constructed), and a store room. To be used as a café, this store needs to be plumbed and wired appropriately. Painting, new floors, countertops, furniture, and a custom coffee bar need to be built. The cost to renovate is estimated about RM 120,000.

c) Supply for equipment
– The café equipment will consist of one commercial espresso machine, a commercial bean grinder, a commercial blender, a commercial refrigerator, two commercial chillers, a microwave, plates, glass wares and kitchen utensils. The cost for equipment is estimated about RM 104,405.

d) Supply for raw materials
– Raw materials for beverages include coffee beans, barista syrups, tea bags, chocolate powders, yogurt and bottle juices while for foods include ingredients for Laksa Sarawak, pasta, sandwiches and pastries. The cost for both beverages and foods is estimated about RM 7,183 and RM 6,300 respectively.

e) Advertisement and other startup expenses
– The advertisement is required for introduction of the café to targeted customers as well as for opening ceremony. Other startup expenses include POS system, janitorial and uniforms. The total cost for advertisement and other startup expenses is estimated about RM 15,200.

% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI 18%
Risks and Mitigation Market Risks:
Unable to achieve volumes of customers due to unforeseen circumstances.Mitigation:
1. Double the effort on marketing strategy by utilizing various marketing techniques.
2. Might employ or seek advice from experienced personnel regarding the issue to help strengthen our position
3. Reconsider and revise financial plan and make readjustments accordingly.
3. Consider deploying more marketing strategies.
4. Establish strong rapport with revisiting customers.
Exit Strategies Within 2 years of operation, if fail to achieve at least break-even, we shall proceed with company valuation and exits
Company Name CK Coffee & Tea

Fresh Beer Bar & Restaurant Chain

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM600,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Our EXCLUSIVELY-OWNED Fresh Beer is an authentic German-style fresh brew, revives an old-world style of beer drinking in the modern vibrancy of life that many have yet experienced. Our unique identity features the authentic German-style fresh brew experiences for all occasions. Keeping to the German tradition of beer drinking, our beers are stored in barrels for consumption and a wooden mallet is used to drive a metal tap into the barrel to dispense the beer.

Oktoberfest in Germany traditionally commences when the Mayor in Munich taps the beer barrel on national television, declaring “O’zapft is”, meaning “it’s tapped”. The tapping of the barrel represents the good harvest for that year.

We strive to deliver and guarantee freshness from the first gulp right to the last.

Oktoberfest starts with the first tap in our outlets. Every day of the year.

Business Opportunity Our brewery’s philosophy of continually striving to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and successful Fresh Beer concepts has embedded a strong and passionate commitment to producing high quality products for the enjoyment of all beer lovers.

We are looking for like-minded beer lovers, entrepreneurs and investors who want to share this great passion of ours to grow this EXCLUSIVE Fresh Beer Bar & Restaurant chain in Malaysia.

Revenue / Business Model A Fresh Beer Bar & Restaurant Chain with:
-German Signature Roasts
-Country Style BBQ
-Casual European Dine
-Live Entertainment
Management Team We are a team of passionate people who create and operate innovative hospitality concepts in unique locations.

We have re-introduced the old-world style of beer drinking, with signature roasts to further accentuate the beer drinking experience.

Company Background We have breweries in both Singapore and Malaysia. Even though the breweries are fitted with gleaming steel of machineries constructed in the modern age of technology, our breweries adopt traditional German-brewing techniques, from milling to fermentation.

All fresh brews offered are brewed in an unadulterated form using the finest ingredients of hops, malt and yeast from Europe. Whether light or dark; all brews are kegged fresh, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Funding Milestone To join us growing this EXCLUSIVE Fresh Beer Bar & Restaurant in Malaysia.
% Equity Allocation 80
Expected ROI < 24 months
Company Name The Brewery Bar (M) S/B
Business Address Lot B-1-6, Ativo Plaza, Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 KL.
Contact Person Jerry