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Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested Rm1,000,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming is a good business plan for the investor to invest as this business is a growth business and profitable in just 3 years and the profit will increase as the year increase.Plus, this business has a big market especially in China.Furthermore, what my company mission is to become the world no.1 bird nest supplier.What we need is just an investor that could help us to build 100 houses of Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming in which 1 house cost 65,000.00(Ringgit Malaysia).
Business Opportunity By doing this project we could solve the demand of the China country on Swiftlet Bird Nest by become their number 1 supplier.
Revenue / Business Model This project will give profit after 3 year of operation in which the production of each houses has reach 10kg per month ,and 1kg of production can be sold in RM3000.
.So let’s say :
100houses×10kg=1000kg(per mth)
1000kg×Rm3000.00=Rm3,000,000.00(per mth)
In which in a year the profit we could generate will be Rm36,000,000.00.
Management Team Our company management team consist of three . First the Management team ,this team will handle the all the documentation.Second, is the maintenance team ,this team will do the maintenance of the houses such as harvesting the production and checking the houses.Third,is our Sales and marketing team in which this team will look for a sale of our product.
Company Background Our company has been in this industry for 10 years since 2006 and we have seen the opportunity of this industry and it is profitable.Plus our company has been dealing with 3 international company and we act as a consultant and a construction company.Our company has make a profit of Rm5,000,000.00 for act as a consultant and construction company in this Bird Nest Swiftlet Farming industry.
Funding Milestone Our company seeking an investment of Rm6.5mil-Rm7mil .This investment we will use to build the 100 houses as the cost of 1 house is Rm65,000.00 .And we only need 3 years to get the investment money back and a big profit.
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 15℅
Company Name Gerak Borneo
Business Address Wisma Khoo ,Floor 9, Room906 ,Sandakan,Sabah,Malaysia.
Contact Person Datu Mohd Nurilham



Company Name: xxxx SDN BHD

Company registration number: xxxx

Date of Incorporation: December 2014

Nature of business: Property marketing and consulting

Date of commencing business: N/A

Authorised capital: RM 100,000.00
Paid-up capital: RM 100,000.00

Business address: xxxxx KUALA LUMPUR

Company’s directors: xxxx

Contact person: xxxxx


Contact No.: xxxx

Email: xxxxx

Website: xxxx

Tech Start-up Description:




What is the problem statement?

In the real estate sector, the buying and selling of properties are highly dependent on brokers/agents. This is makes every sales/lease very dependent. The inherent problem is there are more properties needed attention than the number of brokers/agents joining the industry. This resulted in brokers/agents providing inaccurate data, outdated information and sometimes misleading marketing strategies. Most brokers/agents are not adding value to the sales/lease but yet charging a commission ranging from 3% to 10% for each successful sale or lease, however all details are fed by owners. In view of this, owners are better off selling or leasing their own properties while passing 3% to 10% savings to their buyers/tenants.

What is the technology solution?

  • Customised Responsive Website
  • Android Mobile App (Native)

What is the methodologies of the proposed solution?

Any property owners can join for free. As members, they can access to our web and mobile application platforms to list their properties for sale/lease. They have full control over their tenants or buyers.

Consumers, buyers and tenants can join for free. As members, they can view a list of comprehensive properties for sale or lease directly from owners. They have full access to up-to-date and genuine information, rather than misleading marketing info.

Real estate professionals and investors can join for free. As members, they can connect with a wide range of real estate professionals, funding agencies, and meet joint venture partners. This platform allows real estate professionals connect with potential investors to raise funding without paying for referral fee/introducer commission.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Tenants/buyers could enjoy saving up to 10% of the property/rental pricing
  • Real estate professional could get connected with other professionals/investors without wasting time building relationship or asking for referral

Is there a “hungry” market need?

As this is the first in Malaysia, and probably the first in this region, it will serve as an avenue for property owners to sell/lease their properties to potential buyers/tenants. According to The Edge 14.3.2016, the latest survey by the Real Estate Housing Developers Association (REHDA) revealed that the numbers of respondents that reported unsold property units averages at 60% in 2015. That means, out of 10 units, 6 remained unsold or remained vacant. Hence, this survey indicates that there are many owners out there wanted to sell or lease their properties.

What is the market size of the targeted market?

The below data indicates the property transacted price and units in Malaysia.

Bilangan dan Nilai Pindah Milik Harta Tanah dan Perubahan Tahunan 2000 – 2015
Volume and Value of Property Transaction and Annual Changes 2000 – 2015
Tahun / Year Jumlah Pindah Milik / Volume of Transaction (‘000) Perubahan Jumlah Pindah Milik /
Change in Volume of Transaction ( % ) yr-on-yr
Nilai / Value (RM Billion) Perubahan Nilai / Change in Value
( % ) yr-on-yr
2000 240.06 6.3 41.31 20.0
2001 242.63 1.1 38.63 -6.5
2002 231.39 -4.6 38.64 0.0
2003 243.38 5.2 43.43 12.4
2004 293.21 20.5 59.96 38.1
2005 276.51 -5.7 56.78 -5.3
2006 283.90 2.7 61.60 8.5
2007 309.46 9.0 77.14 25.2
2008 340.24 9.9 88.34 14.5
2009 337.86 -0.6 81.00 -8.3
2010 376.59 11.4 107.44 32.6
2011 430.40 14.3 137.83 28.3
2012 427.52 -0.7 142.84 3.6
2013 381.12 -10.9 147.87 3.5
2014 384.06 0.8 162.97 10.2
2015 362.11 -5.7 149.90 -8.0

According to Bank Negara data on property transacted in Malaysia, it indicates an average 11.6% per annum growth over the last 15 years. Last year alone, close to RM150 billion property transacted. And if middlemen were charging a commission of 3% per transaction, RM4.5 billion can be saved by consumers. This is a huge saving!

What is the addressable market size?

This tech start-up offers as an alternative to buying, selling, or leasing with a broker/agent. This scenario is like the transport industry, some customers prefer riding taxi and some prefer “uber”. Uber is cheaper because the tech connects drivers and consumers directly.

This tech start-up would be a pioneer in Malaysia property market and being a pioneer in the highly competitive tech industry is crucial, which can be seen in the case of iProperty (retains lion market share because it is the pioneer)

Assuming we captured 10% of the market share, which translate to a market size of RM15 billion in 2017 onwards. In conclusion, 10% market share would offer our seller and buyers a whopping RM450 million in savings.

What about industry competitor and price competitiveness?

As of August 2016, there is no direct competitors in Malaysia. Price competitiveness will be low as this web we are launching will be its very first in the nation. Competition could arise (maybe) in a few years’ time.

What is our exit strategy plans?

There are two options we are seriously considering as exit plan on the 3rd or 5th year. First would be private offerings and secondly, it would be IPO. Based on our estimated gross profit, the entire company is worth;

3rd year: RM714,000 (gross profit) x 5 = RM3,570,000

4th year: RM1,434,000 (gross profit) x 5 = RM7,170,000

 5th year: RM2,034,000 (gross profit) x 5 = RM10,170,000

All-in-One deal and lifestyle mobile application for women

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested Currently, there is no capital invested in this PLT and we see that potentially the directors investing RM 10,000 by the last quarter of 2016.
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description EVE is a discount voucher app designed specifically to cater for women & their needs. The app will feature discount vouchers from a wide variety of categories targeting women’s lifestyle.

The EVE app essentially is a central All-in-one deal and lifestyle mobile application for women with features such as :

A) On Voucher and Deals –
1. All-in-one deal and lifestyle mobile application
2. 3 steps redemption process
3. Deal redemption history
4. Personalized deals
5. Special deals on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, 1st kid etc.

B) On Women’s Lifestyle & Community –
1. Lifestyle tools such as menstrual cycle tracker, health screening checks
2. Community groups & Activity planners

Business Opportunity Why Are We Recommending a Discount Voucher App For Women?

No mobile apps out there caters deals specifically for women. Apps that cater for women are only addressing tracking menstrual cycle, organizing a business or productivity, stocking up on rewards and the likes.

These apps do not usually involve a woman’s lifestyle rather they push un-targeted promotions and discounts.

The apps that do cater for deals are for all walks of life and are quite convoluted. Women are the main contributors to buying or making a deal viral so if there is an app that caters to their interests as in shopping, while bringing value, then that will be the killer app.

Why Specifically Women?

Women account for almost 50% of the Malaysian population. They are the ones who usually make an educated decision for household spending. They are also the ones with a strong inclination to shop while looking for deals and who are mostly on smartphones when doing so.

Addressable Market

Based on Malaysia’s population of 30,751,602 and the ratio of males at 50.7% to females at 49.3%, that gives us 15,160,539 of women folk.

Breaking down further, we take a 54% who are in the labour force which gives us a total addressable market of 8,200,000 women.

Target Market

The potential target market will be as such:
Powers Users: 1.1M
Social Stars: 0.8M

Total of 1.9M are predominantly women user who will most likely be the early adopters of the app we are proposing however we are not discounting other age ranges. The app will cater for all age ranges however for a realistic forecast of take ups, we have used these figures which accounts for 23% of the addressable market.

Revenue / Business Model The Eve App will deliver feature and function which is designed to hook the ladies to continuous the app. To encourage the redemptions of the free coupons, the apps will ensure that that certain features are enabled after a certain number of confirmed redemption. We also will have functions and events for ladies who either are the top confirmed redemptions or new users who make their first redemption.

The aim is ensure that the ladies always keep our app and continuous use them.
By providing free e-coupons to users entices them to seek better deals and take the initiative redeem the coupon at site, thus bringing more views of merchants’ products other than that they have advertised. It also enables the merchants to leverage the opportunity to further cross-sell or upsell their products combined with the coupon.

For the Merchants we have a two prong approach :
(i) Normal Coupon Advertisement : Merchants pay to advertise their coupons on the app.
(ii) Premium Coupon Advertisement : Merchant pays for their coupons to be featured as top tier merchants.

All coupons will be able to be filtered by location and category, putting the featured coupon on the top.

Launch Promo

a) Partnership with NGO and Partner Merchants
(i) To do a launch gambit with merchants and NGOs to support women’s cause.
(ii) Merchants will donate RMx upon redemption of their coupons to the participating NGO.

b) Working with hospitals
(i) New Sign-ups will get a Free medical services such as mammogram check up with participating hospitals.
(ii) Existing users will get a FREE health screening which is sponsored by the partner merchant and hospital.

Management Team (i) Ranjinath Muniandy

Chief Executive Officer

Over 25 years of work experience ranging from small, medium enterprise outfit to large local corporations and MNCs across Information Technology and Telecoms industry.

Experienced in Project management, product development, operations, people development & management, developing business and end-user requirements, translating and communicating business needs to IT and Network team, management and integration of IT application (Value-Added Services and Telecom industry)

(ii) Joshua Muniandy

Chief Operating Officer

Joshua has more than 20 years working experience primarily in the IT sector as well as in Training & Development. He has been involved in Internet Commerce Consultancy, Project Management, Business Development and Project Consultancy. Joshua has worked for companies such as MIMOS, JARING, VADS, EDI Malaysia and E-Commerce Sdn Bhd.

(iii) Sanjeev Muniandy

Chief Marketing Officer

Sanjeev has more than 17 years working experience with specialization in Product Development and Management. He also has experience with Customer Service, MVNO start-up, e-commerce, Peer-To-Peer Lending, Big Data Analytics and mobile app design. Sanjeev has worked for telecommunications providers and a public listed service enabler company.

Company Background THE MOON & ANDY GROUP PLT started on the 28/11/2013 to enable the directors to start a trading business. However, due to certain circumstance, the business did not start as plan and the PLT was put on hold. Currently, there is no capital invested in this PLT and we see that potentially the directors investing RM 10,000 by the last quarter of 2016.
Funding Milestone RM1,600,000 of funding is required. Our Plan is to have one drop funding to enable the company to move without the worry of funds being depleted. The company would want to run marketing events and promos as early as the month before launch and hire people early.
% Equity Allocation 45%
Expected ROI We expect the minimum ROI if the VC deposes of the share at Listing is at 12.5%
Risks and Mitigation 1. Threat of New Entry
A profitable industry will attract more competitors looking to achieve profits. It is easy for these new entrants to enter the market as the entry barriers are low – this poses a threat to us.

To mitigate this, we believe that our app should be more than just a Discount App. Our focus is build a large loyal women customer base by having key lifestyle features essential to woman and to build a strong women community base.

Our brand would be synonymous with Empowering Women. This puts us far in the lead when others are merely focus on just selling and it also gives us opportunity to continuously innovate to produce better app for the market.

2. Market Risk
We have done our research and found that the potential for an app for women is huge. No such app exists as yet and we have done the math to figure this out. Based in Malaysia alone, conservatively there are 1.9M women who will be early adopters of this service while a potential of another 6M waiting to hear from friends and families.

3. Operational and Management Risk
The Moon & Andy Group can already attest with its strong Founders’ experience and industry know-how plus we have found an opportunity by developing an app for the women folk, the main retail industry contributors in terms in terms of revenue.

4. Financial Risk
The Moon & Andy Group has gone through the financial numbers with a fine comb. However, we will need to prepare for any new and unexpected challenges which will need the company to improve and be more efficient in both cost and revenue streams.

Exit Strategies In 3 years :
– Buyout of investor shares by owners or key business principles
– Acquisition by or merger with another business
– An initial public offering (IPO), which raises funds by selling shares of stock in your business
– Recapitalising and paying off early-round investors with funds from venture capitalists or other later-round investors
Company Name xxxx  PLT
Business Address NO 15, Jalan Camar 4/21, Villa Damansara, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Contact Person Sanjeev Muniandy

Media Outdoor advertising outreach

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description This is an outdoor media service platform, we we look to bring and help business to gain spot and awareness to the public ,
Business Opportunity The way i see it if we gain business owner trust and feeddback and impact is good to them, the market is very vast, concerning small medium even big cooperation .

because we are sort of introduction their business or services to the masses. this will help they gain recognition, awareness at the public to boost their revenues.

Revenue / Business Model its basically pretty straight forward method. For example we gather all small and medium scale business , create them a service platform whereby we scheduled theirs flyers distribution. areas of the location we have it, because we are the distributor of nstp . newspaper company . here is a brief sample how we make money :

(lowest target probability) flyers distribution program. weekly execution friday saturday sunday
we charge per flyers 0.05 cent.
we have 10 client distributing 10 000 flyers
total amounting 10 client x 10 000 flyers x rm 0.05 per flyers = RM 5000 sales weekly

execution cost

manpower 3 person . Daily Salary Rm 60 .
3 days manpower : Rm 60 x 3 days x 3 manpower : RM 540
Petrol and machinery cost during the period : 200
total cost to execute the task : RM740

revenue RM 5000 – 740 = RM 4260 Weekly.

Management Team The company is manage by me. i have one assitant doing the secetarial work . filling , invoice to client. marketing (basically perform internet marketing to capture client.)

i have a team of part timers who help doing the ground work aswell. base on projects.

we have client already , running and past completed projects , jobs and task.

Company Background This is a service business created by me the founder and the owner of the company in January 2015. We do outdoor distribution and installation advertising material such as flyers , bunting , pamphlets and also we distribute free copies of nation own newspaper berita harian , new strait times and harian metro.

we reach out clients businesses owner to reach to the public. we have the specific list of area in klang valley, that we could advise our client depending on their market and demand of the business.

Funding Milestone we would like to have capital to exactly for us do again access performing the task competently . Right form marketing arm to the ground work process.

we would to have at least a buffer of investment enabling ask to buy assests . and expand to a bigger bigger task team.

we would like to have amount of funding of RM 1000 00. this will enable us look professional enable client trust, getting more job big scale or small scale.

on the third quarter of the business , we could gain back the investment made.

% Equity Allocation 40
Risks and Mitigation risk is not having job. but we are trully dedicated that we got get more jobs by having investors
Exit Strategies all investment made will be return or i forfeit all my share.
Company Name xxxx Enterprise
Business Address lot 1 – 16 Tkt 1 Anggerik Mall. Sekyen 14 , 4000 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact Person Nabawi Yassin

Fast growing ecommerce retailing business

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM15,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Be-trusted, Efficient and Empower (and therefore BEE). These are the motto of our business. We are the be-trusted one-stop e-commerce solution. We are highly efficient in dealing every transaction, and the aim of our business is eventually empower every user.

We are a online retailer, selling fashion accessories such as men belt, women belt, sunglasses, watches and leather-related products, at several online marketplaces such as 11street,,

Our business is 1 year old. We have a warehouse at Johor bahru, Johor.
Our monthly sales revenue of June 2015 was RM958, it grows to RM70k per month in July 2016. And we are expecting RM100k monthly sales revenue by Dec 2016

Business Opportunity Our monthly sales revenue grow from June 2015- RM958.49 to July 2016-RM69,468.67

We have been making profit for every months.
We are expecting a RM100,000 monthly revenue by Dec 2016, RM150,000 by June 2017, and RM200,000 by Dec 2017

Revenue / Business Model We import leather related stuff, sunglasses, watches, accessories from overseas.
And we sell in retail manner via online marketplaces.
Our net profit margin is about 15-33%
Management Team I am the Founder, and also the managing person.
I have a full time consultant
Besides that, there are part time staff, handling operation tasks e.g packaging, etc

In near future, we are planning to hire a full time operation manager

Company Background We started in June 2015

Our monthly sales revenue:

June 2015- RM958.49
Oct 2015- RM18,644.58
Feb 2016-RM47,505.09
June 2016-RM53,461.83
July 2016-RM69,468.67

We have been making profit for every months.
We are expecting a RM100,000 monthly revenue by Dec 2016, RM150,000 by June 2017, and RM200,000 by Dec 2017

Funding Milestone Amount: RM50,000-RM100,000

Why do we need to the fund?
Our business is growing rapidly(Monthly sales revenuve from RM958 to RM70,000 in 1 year). Thus, we are in need of fund as working capital and for a healthier growth of business, so that our plan can be carried out and achieved as planned

How will the fund be used?
1) Increase product range
2) Working capital

Return to investors
1) Equity shares
2) Interest of loan
*Note: Open for discussion

% Equity Allocation Open for discussion
Expected ROI 15-36
Exit Strategies Investor can sell back shares to us/withdraw fund, if necessary.
Optional and flexible.
Company Name Bee Express Trading
Business Address 10, Jalan Bentara 4, Taman Iskandar
Contact Person Hong Sin Wei

Asia’s 1st E-Learning Marketplace

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM70k
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description The online learning business is like the classroom training in 1900. We’re on the cusp of a major transformation. If you believe online learning is going to have a significant share of the training business in 10 years, we are going to be on the right side of the fault zone. The heart of these courses will be an efficient hosting platform and an interactive environment. We’ve designed, built and installed them. Every online course will have to have a product like ours.

Our business focuses on integration of technology and education to make learning more interactive, accessible and affordable. We are filling the gaps of training for working professionals in the field of engineering, information technology, project management and other technology industries. In our current working industries, trainings are mostly inaccessible , expensive, and inapt. Depending on company policies, only a group of individuals are usually sent for trainings. Those wanting to improve their skills by their own will have to fork out a large sum of money for professional trainings.
Skill Bear was born to create a solution to all these. For professionals to upskill themselves in their areas of expertise without burning a hole in their wallet.

Business Opportunity The PROBLEM with pursuing education/learning skills :
Price is an important concern for those wanting to learn
Classroom training’s are not very convenient in terms of time and place
The internet does not always have niche courses
No easy way exist if you want to share your skills with others and earn a living out of it

Our SOLUTION is to have a marketplace where instructors can share their knowledge and skills for users at an affordable price.

There are 200M users in Asia using E-Learning. Approximately 60M of them are using Paid Services. Skill Bear is aiming at 15% of that market which is approx 9M users.
Our target customers to start with are those in need of soft skill courses. We will be looking specifically now at working professionals between the age of 25-44 in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia.
Industries we will be focusing on are Banking and Finance, IT and Technology, Human Resource, and Customer Service.

Our competitors are Udemy and Lynda, Our competitive advantage over them are :
We have the first mover advantage by targeting the Asian market. Our courses will have subtitles in languages of our targeted countries.

Revenue / Business Model Our business model is a 70%-30% revenue sharing with our instructors. We are currently the only marketplace in the world giving out 70% of the revenue. This is to attract more instructors and get a variety of courses.
Our target market will be specifically targeted by each course and not the platform.
As you will see in our pitch deck, we will be reaching a profit of 54M by 2019 using this technique.
In phase 2, we will be implementing the corporate section which will be used to reach out to corporates to use Skill Bear as their learning system.
Management Team Our management team consist of 2 people which is the founder and co-founder.
Suja Krishnan : Founder
Graduated in telecommunication engineering and worked with multinational companies such as Ericsson, NSN and Vodafone in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia. Moved back to Malaysia in 2009 and joined a Swedish consultancy firm for engineering. Started as a consultant and trainer to big telco companies in Malaysia such as Digi, Maxis and Axiata. Moved on to become the global services director managing the operations and financials of the company. Owned and manage company’s PNL and Cashflow. Manage a staff of 25 people and had a company turnover of RM 5 Million a year.

PremKumar – Co-Founder
Graduated in mechanical engineering and moved into the food and beverage industry in Malaysia. Worked with big brands such as Chilli’s, Bubba Gump and Gyu-Kaku. Started with Naza Group after Chilli’s and became one of their rising stars and youngest outlet manager. Turn around Bubba Gump’s revenue from a mere RM100k a month to a RM400k turnover every month. Extensive experience in building brand awareness and driving top sales.

Company Background Skill Bear is wholly owned by Techrev which was registered on the 24th of January 2015 in Australia. Techrev Asia was registered in Malaysia in August 2015.
Up to date, we have had investments of RM70k from friends and family. Skill Bear was officially launched in March 2016. As of date, we have 500 subscribers and growing,300 courses from 12 different categories and 30 instructors. Our monthly average traffic is 1000 users per month.
Funding Milestone We are looking for funding of RM100,000. This will be used to move to a better hosting improving user experience, build an app to make it easier for users to use, start of phase 2 which is Skill Bear for business and for digital marketing purposes.

Hosting for a year – RM 3600
App Building for Android and IOS – RM 30,000
Skill Bear for Business Section – RM 15,000
Digital Marketing – 50,000

% Equity Allocation 1% = USD 2040
Expected ROI Year 2 = 1000%
Risks and Mitigation Risk Strategy
1) No internet connectivity Marketing should be done to target more metro areas
2) Laws that do not permit certain type of contents in
certain areas All courses are strictly professional and will be quality assured before releasing to the public.
3) Competition Always staying on top and finding innovations to further improvise our platform
4) Funding Loans and grants and investment. Sell company equity to bring in funding
Exit Strategies Investor exit strategies involve payoff through one of the following approaches: (2-5 years)

– Buyout of investor shares by owners or key business principles

– Acquisition by or merger with another business

– Recapitalizing and paying off early-round investors with funds from venture capitalists or other later-round investors

Company Name Techrev Asia Solutions
Business Address 29 Jalan Melawis, 41000 Klang
Contact Person Suja Krishnan

All stars fitness at USJ Selangor

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 250k
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Existing operational and profitable business with a readily available client base. The fitness centre is located in a residential and corporate offices.
Business Opportunity The current business owners are diverting into other industries hence this is a great opportunity to take over the operating facility.
Revenue / Business Model This business makes profits through membership packages and personal training packages.
Management Team Existing team
Company Background Current fitness centre have been operating for three years.
Funding Milestone RM400,000 required to fund the leasing deposits and tenancy agreement deposits.
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 2years
Risks and Mitigation The risk is not being able to achieve the sales as inferred in to forecasted PnL. However, this can be mitigated wig good management and sales team. Continuous monitoring of monthly sales and the staff base is also important.
Exit Strategies 2 years upon signing the agreement.
Company Name xxxxx
Business Address USJ
Contact Person Waran

Private-labelled products to trade on Amazon

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We have been trading full time on eBay Australia since 2007, and have been trading eyewear products in the e-commerce platform focusing solely in the international market. The current account we are trading on has been registered since 2009, and we consistently have achieved sales of A$75,000 per annum in the branded eyewear industry. Our expertise include branding which compromises of high quality photography skills, always in trend of each season’s demand; which we believe are the main factors that year by year have been giving us a sustainable competitive edge over competitors despite them undercutting prices. However, like most businesses of being a reseller of other companies brands, the branded eyewear industry has been gradually falling since year 2014 hence we have recently started to venture into trading our own brand on the biggest marketplace,

Since early 2016, we have started producing our own labels on premium quality OEM products. The opportunity for growth is larger as we are not bounded by retail price recommendations (RRP) compared to our other current business on eBay. As such, our profit margin is 100%-150% for each product with a success selling rate of 80%, and a turnaround time for 1 month.

Business Opportunity The business model is highly attractive, due to its high profitability and growth.

This is because Amazon has 6 active marketplaces that are detrimental to our future success; Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon France and Amazon Spain. Acquiring financing will definitely leverage opportunities to serve all the markets mentioned above.

Revenue / Business Model The main market we are currently actively trading on is on Amazon UK. For each product that we private label, we make a margin of 150% from the cost price with a successful selling rate of 80% for the whole inventory in just a month’s time.

Due to financial constraint, our current target is only to launch 1 product per month.

In terms of profitability, for each product that we launch, we achieve a return of investment of 100%, within just 1 month of launching the product. Our strategy is by running Amazon Sponsored Ads which drives sales of 30-50 pieces per day and therefore we require 1500 units per product for a month’s supply of inventory. This equates to an investment of RM20,000 every month to launch a product, with a turnaround of only 1 month and a return of investment of 100%.

Management Team Our management team compromises of us and our excellent suppliers overseas.
Company Background I am an entrepreneur. I believe work has to be done efficiently through technology. At the moment, we are just a two person show, me and my wife. My wife handles most of the operation in terms of customer service and administration while I like most entrepreneurs are always looking into doing things more efficiently and also planning exciting new ventures.

We have been trading full time on eBay Australia since 2007, and have been trading eyewear products in the e-commerce platform focusing solely in the international market. The current account we are trading on has been registered since 2009, and we consistently have achieved sales of A$75,000 per annum in the branded eyewear industry. Our expertise include branding which compromises of high quality photography skills, always in trend of each season’s demand; which we believe are the main factors that year by year have been giving us a sustainable competitive edge over competitors despite them undercutting prices. However, like most businesses of being a reseller of other companies brands, the branded eyewear industry has been gradually falling since year 2014 hence we have recently started to venture into trading our own brand on the biggest marketplace,

Funding Milestone We require a capital of RM200,000 to launch 10 products just to kickstart the business. Funds will be used to launch 10 products. We can pay all investment in a short period of time.
% Equity Allocation 0% as no shares are offered.
Expected ROI 30% profit + initial investment after 1 year.
Risks and Mitigation No risks as investment returns are high and therefore payouts are definite.
Exit Strategies Not planning to.
Company Name Styloptics Sdn Bhd
Business Address Jalan Sri Tasik Barat, SummerGlades, Cyberjaya (Home business)
Contact Person Shazwan Shatar

Proprietary modular service platform

Transaction Value :  US$1.0 to 3.5 million

The company specializes in the rapid development and deployment of mobile enterprise solutions and field force automation platforms.

Currently seeking strategic equity investors.

Company overview

Since its inception in 2010, continuous investments on field force automation platforms facilitated the Company to cement its position in the domestic mobility solutions market.

The Company’s technology solution leverages enterprise grade Microsoft (MS) software platform at the backend and Operating System (“OS”) agnostic mobile platform at the device end.

The Company provides solutions to large local conglomerates operating in various industries including pharmaceutical, banking and finance, retail, FMCG and telecommunication.

The Company opened its first international office in Malaysia in August 2015, as part of its international growth and expansion plans. Towards the later part of the year, the Company opened a second office in Singapore, to function as a representative office aimed at managing regional partners.

A reward based crowdfunding platform

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 30,000.00
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description is a platform to fund projects, dreams and business ideas that are creative, innovative, and passion-driven. is targeted for full of projects, which from agricultural product, art, design, shop and writing, technology and charity. Project initiated the project and getting people to support and help, and then get the require funding, in the return backers will receive products, services and other different form of return.
We emphasize on unique, interesting experiences as project rewards and want to make our platform an interactive and interesting reward based crowdfunding platform.
Business Opportunity Growing of young entrepreneurs numbers to startup either full timely or part timely becoming a new trend in malaysia. Young generation largely interested and have the ideas of starting his own business and turning their creative ideas in reality.
The main obstacles will be the startup capital and marketing out reach, is perfectly matching their needs. Besides, Malaysia market yet has a platform is providing the special experience product and services, thus we will be pioneer in this niche market.

We will start from retails like cafe, back packer hotel, restaurant as our first stage merchant(project creator) to approach. There are some owners/entrepreneurs show the excitement and interested to launch their project at our platform.

Revenue / Business Model We are charging 5% for every project.
Management Team 1. KJ Yap

2. Bryan Fang
co-founder@Technical Director

3. WS Toh
Co-founder@Sales Director

Company Background We were prepare for more than 1 year. And the company was registered in July 2016 and the platform already at 90% completion stage. We have a ready team of 20 sales person which ready to engage project creator in end of Aug 2016.

The soft launch of platform will be end of Aug 2016.

Funding Milestone So far we dont secure any seed fund yet except our self money which RM 30,000.00 in total.
% Equity Allocation 20
Expected ROI 5 years
Risks and Mitigation The marketing strategies and features development may be go in different path and different cost depends on the users experiences and feedback. This may impact on the cost.
Exit Strategies We target to profitable on 4th year and once platform is achieved 1 million users, we will pay 30% of the profits to investor every year untill ROI is returned. Once ROI returned, investor will get of yearly profits by according to its equity hold.
Company Name xxxx
Website/Facebook xxxx
Business Address Macallum street, 10300 Pulau Pinang
Contact Person KJ Yap