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First Time Investor : Chee Wee Tuck

Preferred Investment Amount RM500,001 to RM1,000,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity existing running business.
Will NOT Invest In IT,app.
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Currently I running own food business at northern state.I am looking for potential business or potential partner to expand my investment. And i will involve into business if having my invest. My investment experience have agriculture, restaurant, and so on, all of that still existing and running.

Custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software

The only company that offers clients a custom made purchasing and procurement cloud based software along with manpower at no cost.


Problems worth solving

  • Inequality with vendor selection
  • Certain Vendors monopolize the market
  • Corruption in procurement departments
  • Ineffective procurement systems
  • No right software fit for organizations
  • Outsourced procurement services and software are expensive

Our solutions

  • We build custom made cloud based purchasing
  • Portals have open vendor listing and transparent price competition.
  • Since it is open, corruption or monopoly becomes limited.
  • Odd purchasing decisions can be detected and reported.
  • We have tools such e-bid to create real savings.
  • We offer manpower to handle clients purchasing
  • We do all of the above at no cost so we create administrative and software savings as soon as we start.


  • We do not charge buyers
  • They see value in our no charge service and sign on with us
  • We build their custom platform
  • We register their pre-existing vendors and we source for new vendors
  • They start purchasing through our portals
  • We charge the vendors 3% out of every transaction
  • All payments are upfront

Funding needed: RM2 million

Will primarily be used for customized website building, manpower, marketing and branding efforts.


We currently have the following in the pipeline :

  • RM 490 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a large local GLC. Final stages of negotiation on the LOI. (Operations start in May 2017)
  • RM 30 million annual procurement via our platform deal with an oil and gas firm. Negotiating LOI terms now. ( Operations start in February 2017)
  • RM 230 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a Malaysian based MNC. Have a meeting scheduled to finalize terms and operational concerns. (Operations expected to start in April 2017)
  • RM 60 million annual procurement via our platform deal with a Malaysian based Public listed company. Negotiating operational terms now. (Expected to start in February 2017)
  • RM 70 million annual procurement via our platform deal with an Oil & Gas firm. Have agreed to start using us and negotiating LOI now. ( Expected to start in March 2017)

Although some of the above are already in the final stages of negotiations, projected revenues are based on the transition needed for these companies to completely start purchasing everything via our platforms.

We are not just a media company , but an ecosystem

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM260,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Goody Technologies was founded in June, 2015, with a single mission which is to improves the profit making process of the new generation. We are a platform that covers many areas such as providing and integrating information, providing ads services, interlinking platforms, etc. It focuses on creating an ecosystem where the new generation can improves their earnings and life quality while the SMEs developed by them could better be sold.

Goody Technologies started off with just two very close friends, and a year later, it grows into a groupof 12, with 6 core personnel. Although it is hard to start up a company focusing on networking technologies in Asia, but together, we believe that it is definitely possible if we are doing it as a team. Inspired by Google, we managed and operates in a more relaxing style in order to give space for employee’s growth. After a year of sweat and tears, we are proud to say that we have over millions of users. While enjoying the pride, we do not planned to stay put with our current fame,but determined to further our footsteps in building a healthy and complete ecosystem and to improves the society.

Business Opportunity The Market
1.Problem – We don’t have a good Lifestyle Content (Chinese) in SouthEast Asia
Solution -We created with QUALITY CONTENT , 10 Million Pageviews within a month2.Problem- We don’t have enough in-house editors to create content
Solution- We provide Partner. to let all youngsters to have a chance to be our editor and earn money at the same time .3.Problem-Businesses don’t have a platform to connect with social media talents to talk about Advertisement
Solution- We created GOBIZ , to allow business deal with social media talents to talk about Advertisement , at the same time we will provide the data , ads performance for the business.
Revenue / Business Model Our Revenue Model:

Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd:
i)Advertorial Ads and sponsorship fees
ii)Website AdsBlock & Banner advertising fees
iii)Social Media Marketing fees
iv)Platform Fees (from editor & social media Partner)

Management Team AARON LIM HOO CHEN – Managing Director
ALEX OOI KEAN LIM – Executive Director
ELAINE NEOH EE LEAN – Head of Administrative
ZEFF TANG KHENG HOOI – Senior IT ExecutiveMalaysia
YEOH YEE HUA – Supervisor of IT Team
Company Background Jun 2015 –
Founded Goody25.comDec 2015 – reach 4 Mil Pageviews
50 Freelance online EditorsFeb 2016
Transform Editor platform into Partner.
100+ online active Editors
First Company Funded by Angel investor

Apr 2016
Founded reach 10 Mil P.views (Highest)

Sept 2016
Prepare to be Sdn.Bhd
Launch Social Media Partner(SMP) APP pre-launch

Oct 2016
“Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd” Formed
Ready for second round investment (angel)

Nov 2016
Officially Launch for VIP
(Social Media Talents)
to accept & negotiating Ads at Gobiz

Funding Milestone Jun 2015 – 65,000 ( Paid Up Capital )
April 2016 – 200,000 ( Invested by 4 Angel Investors )
Nov 2016 – 100,000 ( Another round of Investment )
Company Name Goody Technologies Sdn.Bhd
Contact Person Aaron Lim

Seafood import business from Kalimantan,Indonesia to Johore,Malaysia

Funding required: RM1mil to RM2mil

We have our group of clients and consumers ready to purchase. Our monthly revenue from profit is estimated to be at RM 1.8 million.

Cold storage facilities, food processing plant, import/export of fisheries and seafood from indonesia project proposal

xxx Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia in 1992 have proposed to implement a project which involves the import of fisheries and seafood from Indonesia to Malaysia as well as the construction of a Cold Storage Facility and a Food Processing Plant in Endau Fishery Port , Johor Bahru.

To materialise this project, this proposal will summarise the total financial expenses involved in the construction, installation and acquisition of machineries and equipments for the Cold Storage Facility and the cost of overheading the export and import of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia at Endau Fishery Port, Johor Bahru.

The said Project will be constructed by a local multinational company, xxx SDN BHD who specialises in manufacturing complete range of products for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. On the operational aspects of the projects as well as the import and export of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia will be solely handles by xxx who has an established team manpower and management to oversee the business processes.

The potential clients xxx hopes to capture once the Project is fully implemented are the local companies, importers exporters as well as the international market. xxx has also worked out an understanding with various Government agencies as well as multinational companies ( in the form of memorandum of understanding) that these agencies and companies will be utilising the Cold Storage Facilities once they are implemented.

The total project cost, inclusive of pre-operating expenses and working capital requirements is USD$10 million which includes the cost of installation, land acquisition, machineries and equipment.

** Full project paper ready. Contact us for details

Echeq (M) Sdn. Bhd. ePayment

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM300,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000


One the greatest challenges for the Nation in achieving full fledged e-Payment agenda is the strong resistances from SME’s which are customary tend to continue using manual cheque mainly due to internal documentation and multiple signatory requirement.

The introduction of Echeq will be a game changer which will able to blend and fulfill the requirements of SME’s of customary practices and the need to forge ahead with nation’s e-Payment agenda. Echeq will by far the leading FinTech solution providing fully electronic cheque issuance and depository system as compared to even the best practices already in place at advanced nations such as U.S. and U.K. which only removes the usage of Cheque Depositing Machine (CDM) in this regard. The other components that we will be addressing the problem statement are as follows;

a) Echeq allows SME’s to print their own cheque just like how large corporation print their own cheque, the additional features in Echeq is, it will print on blank paper at their premises by login to current SME Internet Banking portal, once required signatory sign the cheque it will be deposited via smart phone and the cheque will be processed in “real time”. This will be the most efficient and lowest in cost of cheque processing.

b) Echeq will cater for Inter Bank Cheque, House Cheque, Inter-Branch Cheque and Cash Cheque. Once cheque is deposited, it will process and stored digitally. This will completely eliminate storage and logistic cost that normally accrued for manual cheque processing.

c) Echeq will be deployed and processed by using current Infrastructure such as; SME Internet Banking platform, dedicated secure network between Central Cheque Clearing House and Banks and smart phone with downloadable “Echeq” Apps will be used for depositing cheque.

d) By using the current Infrastructure, Echeq implementation cost will be at minimal, deployment risk will be keep to the lowest and Return of Investment (ROI) potentially can be achieved in less than 3 years.

e) In terms of security, Echeq is the most secured form of cheque transaction with extremely low Risk, because the solution is hosted behind the current SME Internet Banking eco-system.

f) As for the forgery and fraud, the cheque information will be captured in the banking system at source when the cheque is being issued and its details verified when the cheque is presented for payment by the cheque beneficiary making it extremely safe and secure.

Business Opportunity Central Cheque Clearing House – is the one of target customer which mainly processes Inter Bank Cheque. The salient Echeq features is, it will also process House Cheque, Inter-Branch Cheque and Cash Cheque which in turn will generate higher revenue. Cheque processing will be completely automated, streamline the day to day operation and operate in high efficiency.

Banks – able to save a minimum of $2 on every cheque processed via Echeq and cost saving in manual cheque storage, transportation, Man-Hour cost in Manual Cheque Handling and efficiency has not been factor in.

SME’s – According to NCR white paper, SME’s able to save USD 10 for every cheque deposit via mobile phone alone. Their savings are driven from a trip to & from Bank to deposit cheque, labour, improved cash flow, increased productivity and efficiency. Whereas Echeq provides end-to-end cheque processing solution and cost benefit analysts to process a cheque in “Real Time” is unquantifiable.

Revenue / Business Model xxxxx
Management Team xxxxx
Company Background xxxxx
Funding Milestone 500,000.00
Company Operational use and application development.
% Equity Allocation RM500,000.00 for 10% of Echeq (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Expected ROI 1-2 Years period
Risks and Mitigation Currently we are exploring partnership with International solution provider to minimize risk.
Exit Strategies We intent to raise 2nd round funding in 1-2 year period and this could be 1st level exit strategy and we intent to list the company in 5year time and that could be 2 level exit startegy.
Company Name Echeq (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address Suite 109A, Block A4 Leisure Commerce Square, N0.9 PJS 8/9 Petaling Jaya
Contact Person Rajasuriya

What You Should Know Before Applying For Bank Loan

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