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To increase passive income for the poor, jobless, and etc by supplying poultries

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Previously, I had managed a start up company with several of the mates, and we had turn around the company to RM2.5million per annum .
As of today, I plan to seek investment or smalll fundings to increase income of other jobless, uneducated people by a new concept of supplying poultries.
This concept, has almost zero cost marketing at start, as we will train new recruits on solutions and benefits to sell poultries to F&B, mini markets and etc. We have the solutions to control loss and good logistic distributions.
We will gain financial position from the strategy mention above and expanding by getting contracts from government agencies and corporations.
By this method, we will have our own market share by supplying cities to cities slowly .
Business Opportunity Living in todays uncertain economic condition, food is a necessity for the public and mostly any food product will have to trade in CASH.
The opportunity comes when the recruitments of our poultry agents have vast networks in F&B and mini market . The relationship between a poultry consultant makes our system easier, higher rate of closure and most importantly is most SME will have topay their suppliers in CASH.
Projected supplying of poultries to 50 companies per day will give our revenues of at least more than RM200,000 per month depending on the kilos and tonnes per day.

Cash will make our company gain financial strength to invest into a diversified portfolios which will be discussed by the board.

Revenue / Business Model The margins in the poultry business is relatively as low as 15%. However the solutions is to have a less administration cost, higher efficiency of distribution and a good system.

Based on our theoretical study, an excellent poultry consultant can earn at least 5 figures by the end of the year and the higher they earn, the higher the company will make revenues (assuming each kilos RM0.05-0.10) . When the company has earn a gross of RM1/kg , consultant will receive at least 5-10% of the gross margin of its own client every month. We have taken into account that the average of food & beverage will at least makes an order of 20kg per day which makes a total of 600kg per month. Therefore the consultant will receive a payment of RM60 per month consecutively for 5 years provided that the f&b has prompt their payment successfully. Assuming the consultant can acquire 10 shops per month, by the 11th month, the consultant can have an income at least RM6,000.00 . Hence this is only for 1 consultant which could make us good profits in a very short time which is RM45,000 in revenue and RM5400 gross profit for the company. Given that we have 10 poultry consultant achieving 3 different shops in a month, our revenues will reach the boards targeted income in such a short time.

Management Team Shariff Khairi Bin Munir

I had a Degree in Marketing and have an entrepreneurial spirit to success !
I have previously managed a start up and have reach a total revenues of RM2.5 million per year. As to date, I had resigned giving
the companies in good hands and would like to find a better team, and investors to make more profits and acquire some market share in the poultry industry.

Company Background NO. 2 USJ 21/4
Funding Milestone We proposed to use the fund for the company’s travelling expenses, training program, system , lorries , rentals , and etc.
% Equity Allocation 30
Expected ROI 8
Risks and Mitigation 1. F&B company could not pay our bills (bad debts that can control)
2. Rotten poultries which likely to happen as we only deal with stable and reliable suppliers
3. Paying high commissions to Consultants(controllable)
Exit Strategies There are many ideas and opportunities for the investors to exit this program as profits and revenues rises,
it is workable to sell their shares to the operations department , or even sell it to corporations or government bodies.
Government agencies are interested in a performing company which has a record of at least 3 years where it can benefit them.
Company Name Naura Consultant Services
Business Address No.2 Jalan SS15/2b
Contact Person Mr. Khairi

The Best Water You Can Drink – Structured Water!

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM20,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Our mission is to take water consumption to a new level with a Dynamic Vortexing Device called a Structured Water Unit. This unit allows water to flow through it in a repeated geometric form that revitalises water (from any source) into structured water ie. water in perfect balance. Structured water is water that is energetically neutralized of all toxin that is attached to water molecules. By this we do no mean physical toxin. That can be filtered using water filtration systems currently sold in the market. Structured water is also energitically enhanced with life giving properties (bio-photon energy), super hydration, increased oxygen, increased nutrient absorption and more.
This is a new technology for our Malaysian market and many part of the world.
Business Opportunity Our Problem:
Water (which has been taken for granted for far too long) is not good enough for our body.
Water has been scientifically proven to have memory. Therefore the water we consume today (even purified bottled water) is riddled with pharmaceutical energies, trauma, toxic energies, and even all the negative energy from where ever it came from and of those who it has passed through!

Our Opportunity:
Malaysian Statistics 2014 states that 45.4% of 7.4 million households in Malaysia owns some form of water filter. These are consumers that are concern about the quality of water that they consume. This statistics are equivalent to 3.36 million households.
Our market is everyone who consumes water, industries that uses water in production, agriculture and livestock industry.
We currently have NO COMPETITORS.
A healthy population contributes to a more productive & wealthier nation!

Revenue / Business Model We will adopt a Unilevel Profit Sharing Plan using distributors to help market our product.
We strongly know that this is the most efficient method for our product to reach as many Malaysian in as short a time as possible.

If we target only 1% of the 3.36 million households per annum ie.3,360 households, we are projecting a net revenue of RM27.5 million.

Management Team Our management team consist of individuals that have a combined business experience of 50 years in the water industry, floriculture, nutrition, networking and multilevel marketing.
We also have a consultant who has 20 years of experience and is still in the water industry.
Company Background We just started our business in early September 2016. Invested about Rm20,000. Distributing only to friends, family and referrals on a small scale.

We need the funding to execute our marketing plan.

Funding Milestone We are asking for a funding of RM500,000.
Purpose of funding for 1st year of operations.
1) Operational Expenditure
2) Promotional Eependiture to educate on the benefits of this new technology
3) Distribution Expenditure to reach as many consumers as possible
4) Initial Purchase Of Stock to support distribution
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI At least 10% per annum
Exit Strategies We plan to open new markets with partnerships in Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand.
Company Name IFC Resources
Business Address Lake Edge, Bandar Metro Puchong,

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) processing factory for export quality

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Palm kernel shell (PKS) is a by-product of palm oil mill. It can be use as solid fuel for industrial boiler (Biomass boiler) to reduce carbon content and it is renewable. Malaysia is recognize as the second largest palm oil producer in the world after Indonesia so there a huge potential for the long term supply here.
Business Opportunity The reason why it is widely use and in high demand nowadays is because it is cheaper than fossil fuel like coal and recognize as green energy resource. The main problem is, fresh PKS from palm oil mill consist fiber and in high moisture that can damage the boiler. So PKS need to be clean from its fiber and maintain low moisture. As for today, I recognize there are 5 companies that process the PKS. The importer of PKS is mainly from Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

There are possibility that the buyer will buy the fresh PKS without processing it due to acquiring cost. But often, they are lack of time to clean and dry this PKS because they are already busy managing their own production factory. Hence they need the solid fuel to be ready for use.

Revenue / Business Model We will buy the fresh PKS direct from palm oil mill as our raw material. We process it and deliver to the buyer. I already have a buyer that ready to commit long term contract for PKS supply. The source of raw material has been identified.
Management Team Executive Director
Admin Executive
General worker
Company Background The company will enter to the contract once getting the investors/ funders.
Funding Milestone We need a fund of RM700,000.00 minimum to start off the business. RM400,000.00 will be spend to purchase raw materials and the balance of RM300,000.00 will be use for the factory setup.
% Equity Allocation 70%
Expected ROI 60%
Risks and Mitigation The business will need less than 12 months to breakeven hence it is consider as medium risk investment
Exit Strategies The investor can pull out their investment after one year by selling their share.
Company Name PKS Resources Sdn Bhd
Business Address 33 Jalan Timah 5 Taman Sri Putri Skudai Johor
Contact Person Muhamad Izat

CaliphHeroes Malaysia – Educational & Social Program for Teens

Tijarah Ummah Sdn Bhd, we are a young and modern Social Enterprise (ISE), a community interest company (cic) focusing on its core business as a content provider.

We collaborating with reputable local university, The National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)) to develop the first and the only educational and social program in Malaysia targeting teens aged 10 -17 years for all races and background with certification issued by university.

We offer a holistic program with All Century Education Skills Modules developed by 19 experts from UKM (Professors & Senior Lecturers). The objective of the program is to nurture young generation to be quality individuals to excel in every aspect of life.

The program inspires to unleash the potential of youths in today’s challenging environments by guiding them in the aspects of writing, critical thinking, self-initiatives, group collaboration, and technological literacy which are essential for today’s generation.

The program consists of a range of activities and is speciality designed for three age groups:

  • Primary 10 – 12 years,
  • Lower Secondary: 13 – 15 years, and
  • Upper Secondary: 16 – 17 years.

This program based on the Collaborative Academic, Social and Emotional Learning Approach (CASEL) in a supervised setting. The Uniqueness of E21 Program:

1. Continuous, guided, evaluated and follow through process of academic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social development based on global content design.

2. Problem-based, inquiry and contextual teaching and learning approaches are applied

3. Value added contents, which cover all areas of life and soft skills such as English Speaking practices, patriotism, social interactions, entrepreneurship, thinking skills, etc .

4. Conducted in a conducive teaching and learning environment, which allows natural interaction with nature and humans

Production of High Density Saw Dust Briquettes & Briquette Charcoal for Export

Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM 1,500,000
Funding RequiredRM300,000 or less
DescriptionMalaysia is a country where you can find Waste Biomass (Waste Agricultural By Products) in abundance.
Saw Dust in huge volumes are found in almost everywhere in the country.
Our project is to add value to this waste materials by converting them to a “Solid Bio-Fuel” called High Density Saw Dust Briquettes or Fire Logs.
Fire Logs are used especially in the European continent for the Fire Places, during the Winter Season. Approximately 1,000,000 Tons of this fuel is needed each year for the fire places during this season. It is also been used as a Fuel for the Steam Boilers, worldwide.
Our Target is to Export this Commodity, Worldwide in a consistent manner.
We have plans to develop a system to produce the same Fire Logs with EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) from the Oil Palm Factories & Wax Mixed Fire Logs when we become financially sound in the near future.
Business OpportunityThe Foreign Partner involved in this business, M/s. Demeco Enterprises, Sri Lanka is a pioneer in manufacturing of Bio Mass Briquetting Equipment, since year 2000. The Machinery & Equipment needed for this project is provided by DEMECO, as a part of their investment. Therefore, we have sound Technological Background as far as the Know How & Equipment Maintenance are concerned. We have great chances over others to succeed in achieving our targets within a shorter period of time due to the above reasons.
The market for our products is unlimited, worldwide as explained earlier.
Opportunities for exploitation for new markets are unlimited as well.
Revenue / Business ModelInitially, during the first 06 months of operation our targeted volume is around 500 Tons per Month.
This will bring in a minimum revenue of around RM 350,000 each month. After the first 06 months we shall increase the production volume to 1000 Tons per month & then our revenue would be doubled to RM 700,000 per month. At the same time our overhead recovery would improve tremendously.
This business would earn over 60% gross margin, provided it is managed in a professional manner.
Therefore we are very confident in achieving high profits within a short period of time.
We shall continue to expand & increase the volume of production & exploit in to possibilities of producing & marketing additional products as well, as explained earlier.
Management TeamThe Malaysian Partner is well experienced in the Field of Marketing & would very much capable of marketing our products to high end buyers.
The Foreign Partner is well conversant with the Production Process & Manufacturing / Maintaining any kind of equipment needed for the industry.
This is the Best Combination, any manufacturing business should have.
We will also have an expatriate Production Manager engaged full time in time to come.
Company BackgroundThe Company; Demeco Bioenergy (M) Sdn. Bhd. (1186911-M) was established on 10th May 2016 & have leased out a factory premises in Klang area on the 19th of October.
The 1st 40ft. Container loaded with machinery & equipment has already reached Port Kelang & awaiting clearing. Another 40ft. Container, also loaded with Machinery & Equipment is due to leave Colombo, Sri Lanka by Mid November. The 3rd Consignment too would be arriving from China, during the same period of time.
Investment to date would be exceeding RM 1,500,000 by first week of November.
Funding MilestoneBy end of the current year our total investment would exceed RM 2,000,000. However, there is an immediate requirement to raise around RM 300,000 to facilitate expenses incurred locally (within Malaysia) in order to expedite the process of urgently setting up of this facility.
These funds would be used mainly as working capital & expenses for utilities etc.
If the required funds are received immediately, we could expedite the entire process of commencing the production even at an earlier date.
This would lead us to achieve our targets in a more realistic manner.
% Equity Allocation15%
Expected ROILess than 18 months
Risks and MitigationFrankly, there are no unforeseen Risks, worldwide affecting this industry or in Malaysia as a country.
As Mitigation is an essential factor in business, we have plans to diversify our activities by producing a wide range of products in the future as explained in details, earlier.
Exit StrategiesAny prospective investor would be free to exit after 15 months from effective date of the investment or after 12 months by giving 03 months prior notice in writing.
Company NameDemeco Bioenergy (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Business AddressPT 71185, Jalan Keretapi Lama / Ku 15, Taman Pererat Makmur, Mukim Kapar, 42200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact PersonMr. Kesavan Periasamy