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Key differences between a strategic plan and a business plan.

You’ll want to create a Business Plan when you are looking to:

  • Start a new company
  • Organize their thoughts
  • Judge the viability of your business idea
  • Identify your general business strategy
  • Understand potential financial results
  • Present to bank or investor for financing

And you’ll want to create a Strategic Plan in order to:

  • Grow an existing business
  • Identify the best opportunities for growth
  • Determine and prioritize your financial and HR needs
  • Effectively communicate your plan to your team
  • Provide a detailed and focused game plan

As you can imagine, strategic plans are reserved for entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their companies.
And strategic plans are the single biggest factor that separates average entrepreneurs from super-successful entrepreneurs.

Strategic Plan

A great strategic plan, the kind that works big time, is one that eliminates all “strategy execution gaps” so that achieving the desired results is straightforward. It usually 13 sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Elevator Pitch
  3. Company Mission Statement
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Goals
  6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  7. Target Customers
  8. Industry Analysis
  9. Competitive Analysis & Advantage
  10. Marketing Plan
  11. Team
  12. Operations Plan
  13. Financial Projections

5 Key Sections

Elevator Pitch.

As you may know, an elevator pitch is a brief description of your company that you could tell to a stranger in the time that it takes for you to ride an elevator from the ground to the top floor of a building. This is an important part of a strategic plan because if both your employees and your customers can’t concisely explain your business to others, then you’ll lose out on tons of new customers. If you think about it, for all great companies, like Fedex, or eBay, or Google, pretty much anyone can quickly and easily explain what they do to someone else.

SWOT Analysis.

As you may know, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a critical exercise in growing your company. Clearly, you want to make sure you identify the best opportunities available to grow your company, and choose to go after the ones that best leverage your company’s strengths. Doing so, dramatically increases your success. Likewise you need to make sure you identify weaknesses you need to improve, and minimize the impact of or remove potential threats.

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.

Setting KPIs and viewing them frequently in what we call a “financial dashboard” is one of the hallmarks of successful companies. So what are KPIs? KPIs are the metrics that judge your business’ performance based on the success you would like to achieve. While setting KPIs allows you to identify and measure the performance metrics that your company needs to achieve, which puts you in a much better position to achieve them.

Operations Plan.

This is another area where most entrepreneurs and companies break down. Because even if you come up with good ideas and opportunities for growth, if you don’t have an action plan for executing on them, they’ll never materialize. Your operations plan should transform your opportunities into reality by mapping out the timeline and game plan for completing all projects. Among other things, the operations plan identifies the smaller projects that comprise the big opportunities, and details how these projects will be completed.

Financial Projections.

Your Financial Projections show the revenues, profits and expenses that will result from executing on your strategic plan. They show what the results of going after different opportunities will be, to make sure you choose the right ones. They show you the financial resources that are required to execute on your strategic plan. And they allow you to judge and improve your performance as you embark on your plan.

So there you have it.those are key tips about some of the strategic plan sections that allow companies like yours to dramatically grow.


First Time Investor : Muhammad Faishal

Preferred Investment Amount RM250,001 to RM500,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity No problem with investment in any field of business. Just need to know whether is it good business, can run long live.
Will NOT Invest In multi-level marketing (MLM)
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile im one of director of DNF MILLENNIUM SDN BHD. we do the remittance service to some country.

One2one mobile car services 

Company Overview

The company is principally engaged in the business of oil and gas and processed materials from 14/12/2012 till now. In July 2015, xxxx (M) Sdn Bhd add new business model One2one mobile car service.

Market Overview and Opportunity

  • Our target markets are non luxury car owners for family and commercial
  • Malaysia has the third highest rate of car ownership in the world
  • More than ½ million vehicles added to the road every year
  • An estimated RM 10 billion spent on vehicle maintenance every year
  • Our innovative mobile car service is the first in Malaysia help car owner to save time and hassle on car service.

Business Model

Our one2one app referrers viral effect model to get members estimated 38,000 members/year. Our revenue resources are

  • Car service with 15% net profit for each car service charge at average price of RM162
  • Agency franchise fee for each franchisee who join us.
  • We estimated both income above will generate 2 million net profit in 2017.

Funding Request

xxxxx (M) Sdn Bhd would like to use 20% of the shares to raise RM 1.5 million for develop mobile car service to save car owner’s hassle, time spend on road and waiting time at workshop

Owner’s own funding to-date is RM 900K and had been achieve 400 members sign up since Nov 2015 without the one2one app and marketing team.

With the one2one app just completed by end Nov 2016 and collaboration with marketing team , we expected the number of members sign up will be increase estimated 38,000/year and increase to 600k of members in year 2018.

Contact us for more details

5 Benefits of Crowdfunding and 5 Keys to Success

Crowdfunding is getting a group of regular individuals to collectively fund your venture. And when I say “regular individuals” I am contrasting them to professional investors and lenders like banks, venture capitalists and angel investors.

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Cambodia Property Development Project

Potential ROI up to 90% in 3 – 3.5 years

Checkout the Link below on Investment Potential in Cambodia

We wants to introduce medium cost apartment to the medium income market in Cambodia.

This project is to help the middle income group in Phnom Penh because most developer are building too costly flat houses and high end condominium

Purchase available Land size 60m x 232m below $100/sqm ( we have found land Below Market Price )

We require US$4.5mil. to start of with 2 Blocks of the Apartments and than roll over the fund to build the next 2 more Apartment Blocks + 2 Lots of Link Houses to complete the project

Total 264 units of Apartments + 21 Terrace Garden Link Houses

Facilities Available :
Security Gated Community
Children Playground
Management Office
Adult Exercise Area
Public Area Maintenance & Cleaner
BBQ / Steamboat Area
Café for Asian & Western Food
Car & Motor Parking Space
Mini Mart & Laundry Services

Foreigner Purchase Price US$55’500 – US$59’500
Cambodian Buyer : 5% – 10% discount

Note :

This project have the capacity to grow into few more similar projects in Cambodia

We are a small company in Cambodia looking for Investor who want to own the entire project above which we will be constructing, consulting and managing it for the investor

Thank you

xxxx Co., Ltd.
Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh,
Kingdom of Cambodia.

Halba & Co. Restaurant & Lounge

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 32,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description A fine dining restaurant with Seaview on the shore of Malacca Straits with the FIRST Lounge that celebrates the Cigar & Tobacco (Gentleman’s Lounge) located in The Jetty Bandar Hilir area. With Malaysia Innovative Cuisine (a newly structured of typical along with traditional Malaysian cuisine) as it’s core of the business, the restaurant will also become an exclusive place to consume high grade and luxury wine and champagnes which can be an attraction to the tourist which seek and exclusive place to leisure in Malacca. .
Business Opportunity There are plenty of fine dining restaurant focusing onwards international without effort to elevate our own local cuisine to a fine dining standards.The Lounge will also become the First & Only lounge in Malacca which celebrates the fans of Cigar and Tobacco product which have a suprisingly demand in the city as the lounges available there are focusing in attracting young crowds while our target for the company iare the well-established adults.

Located just 300 meter from the city centre and tourist attractions (A’Famosa & other cultural sites) and also in the exclusive area of Mahkota Resort and Holiday Inn. The location is also the spot for the passengers of luxury cruise (Royal Caribbean Cruise, Star Cruise etc.) which the port are located just 1 km from the building.

With current economic growth of Malacca supported mainly by the flow of Singaporeans who spend their time every weekend (estimated 15 millions visitors annum) and backed by a strong and active tourism activities.

Revenue / Business Model The revenue will be generated mainly from the foods and beverages where the cost of preparing a plate of dish is lower than the other cuisine but still can be sell at a high price as the way of serving, and construction of the dish will be in international standards. Cigar & Tobacco product will be the secondary income along with the venue are suitable for a medium capacity function. (3 shop lot combined).Targeting middle and high class local community as well.
Management Team The company will be divided into two management which the operation management and administration management. The restaurant will be lead by the Chef de Cuisine who will monitor all the operation section with the assistance of one Restaurant Manager to lead the service team. The administration management will consist of Administration Manager and an assistance to cover all the documentation, human resources affairs and all related matters. The staffing will consist of 4 kitchen crews, 5 server/waiter, and 2 stewards.
Company Background The company was founded by a young Chef who have been endorsed by well known Chef Zubir, Malaysian Culinary Team Chairman and award winning Malaysian Chef, Chef Federico Michieletto a world known Culinary judge, international Food Critics, Bocuse D’or award winning chef from Italy who based in Malaysia.

The company established in 23rd November 2016 by a partnership with a young businessman from Kuala Lumpur which have made a decision to screw everything up as the fund supposed to be his part which he never deliver due to his own personal problems. The restaurant is ready to operate just two weeks after the supposed fund to be received.

The total investment made to date was RM 32,493.00 which covers the rental deposit along with deposit of installment to the previous owner of the restaurant and topping up also service and kitchen basic equipments and utensils.

Funding Milestone The total fund required for me to start the operation of the restaurant is RM 250, 000.00 to be able to complete and run smoothly for the first year of business. The fund will also be used to upgrade the kitchen equipment, (adding another stove, oven working station etc.) along with some renovation for the Lounge Area (bar counter, interior, furniture and etc). A total RM 49, 000.00 and RM 3,500.00 will be allocated to pay the remaining balance from the deal with the previous restaurant owner and also the Holiday Inn The Jetty Management.
% Equity Allocation 55%
Expected ROI 200
Risks and Mitigation The risks of investing to the company are not so wide as the nature of business are totally different than what the current business that the City can offer but it still will consist of a few normal investment risks. With equipments and utensils valued nearly RM 200,000.00 along with renovation of the restaurant which easily evaluated at RM 100,000.00 in value will be the mitigating factors for the business investors.
Exit Strategies The opportunity for the investors to exit the investment will be available after 24 months of operation and the total investment will be returned safely without hesitation from the company.
Company Name Halba & Co. Restaurant and Lounge
Business Address Lot F105-F107 The Jetty Holiday Inn, Jeti Parameswara No 12A,Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz Bandar Hilir. 75000 Melaka Malaysia
Contact Person Dzul Fiqri Zunizam