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Car wash operator for 500 petrol stations

Current Status Contract awarded
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description We are a car detailing service provider offering full range of car detailing services. Currently operating three outlets across klang valley. The fund to be obtained is to operate more outlets in Malaysia, creating a brand where consumers trust. We want to create a brand when consumer think of anything relate to car, they think about out brand. The fund will not be used on normal shop lots but to develop car detailing outlet in PETROL STATION where it has high traffic daily and fixed customers. With more outlets we will be able to obtain more members,obtaining more market share in the industry, thus a big step closer in becoming a user preferred brand.
Business Opportunity We have been awarded a contract to be the car wash operator by an oil company which owning up to 500 petrol station in Malaysia. Car washes in petrol station are proven to be very profitable due to their high traffic, customer daily routine behaviour. But most of the car wash operators in petrol station only offer car washes where the basket size is extremely small. We are appointed by the oil company because we are proven to be expert in increasing the basket size by adding more services such as polish, waxing, coating and other services. The market of the project is extremely big because most of the petrol stations are located at very strategic location, the traffics are high which is a very good opportunity for us to create branding awareness.
Revenue / Business Model Based on the three outlets that we are currently operating, we are making a revenue of at least RM35,000 per outlet averagely throughout the year. Operating cost placed between RM18,000 to RM23,000 per month. With the new project awarded, we forecast to see a 30% increase in revenue with the same operating cost. This case the profit margin became much higher as compared to operating a normal shoplot car detailing business.
Management Team We are a company with an employee size of 16 people.
The management is divided into three department, business development/sales team, marketing department, and operating department.
Business development is in charge of getting projects and sales into the company. Our marketing team have been coming out with at leat 3 promotions/deals to attract new customer and to retain existing customer. Marketing has also previously successfully make us partner will big brands like telco and banks. The operation team will manage the quality of the service also to manage ground staffs at a day to day basis.
Company Background Business start date: 8/8/2015
Investment made: RM500,000
Av. Revenue/mth: RM35,000 x3 outlets
Av. Profit/mth: RM10,000 x3 outlets
Milestone achieved: Awarded with best automobile winner @ SME & Entrepreneurship award, a partner of 1M4U, existing of 1,700 member nationwide
Funding Milestone At the primary stage, we are looking into RM2,000,000.00 to develop 10-15 outlets at the petrol station in 2017. We are expecting a return of 8% per month on the amount funded.
% Equity Allocation 49
Expected ROI 100% ROI at the end of third year
Risks and Mitigation Oil company to terminate the contract due to bleaching of contract/ end of the service contract. However we will be working at our best to avoid that from happening.
Exit Strategies Company to buy back the shares on the 5th year at a fixed agreed amount.
Contact Person MA HAN PIN

Smart Home & Building Control Technology

Project Cost: RM10 million

Amount Invested : RM2 million

Amount Required : RM8 million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

real estate

Project Stage:


Company History:

Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer & experienced ELV Solution provider company in KL & Selangor

Product / Service Description:

Integrated Smart Home & IP Video Intercom System for condominium and building control for building and factories.

Business Opportunity:

We have developed a full spec smart home system which functionality wise is comparable with international big brand conglomerates. Apply to every condominiums. Targeted profit will be 2 million per condominium which has 300 lots.

Revenue Model:

Supply & install integrated smart home & video intercom system to condominiums.

Management Team:

Lead by MBA engineers, technical support by engineers and site works supported by experienced ELV contractor partners in Klang Valley.

Current Status:

The products, the system is ready. We need partner to market and sell it to real estate developers. So the best investor will be the property developers itself as smart home concept is trending. Example, Google and Microsoft is buying smart home companies. Because this will be the future, basic need of a home someday.

Funding Milestone:

Finalize the hardware packaging, specific app for ios and android, finalize the design of the current software. Marketing expanses.

Business Valuation:

8 millions for 20% stake. Investor can easily get back the investment with 4 condominium projects (300 lots).

Expected Return On Investment:

100% in 6 years.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Delay of project.

Exit Strategies:

Sell the technology to another developer who has condominium projects.


Patrick Au (
Company Name: VYROX International Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : No. 13, Jalan BPP 8/3
Bandar Putra Permai
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor, Malaysia
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43300
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 03-82136222
Website :

Sphere Golf and Recreation

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description ‘Sphere Golf and Recreation’ is a recreation complex primarily focused on golf.
Malaysia’s first driving range with an automated electronic scoring system (GESS).
The electronic scoring system (similar to bowling/ electronic dartboards) is a proven concept to attract non-golfers (approx. >70% of customers) and also to cultivate an interest in golf.
The automated electronic scoring system is ready to be deployed and will operate including a website and app, with social media platforms integrated to suit the technologically savvy market.
Business Opportunity Be the first driving range in Asia which provides the GESS (Golf Electronic Scoring System) technology.
The sports complex will be the first sports and entertainment centre.
Our target audience is based on people from age 4 – 60 years old but primarily focus on young adults.
Connections with royal members and government of Malaysia.
Creating major events at the sports complex with our wide range of contacts from the sports and celebrity world globally.
We are initially focusing on establishing it in Asia first before we expand the brand globally.
Revenue / Business Model Financial planning indicates 5-year equity IRR of circa 25%.
We have simplified the cost by only focussing on providing the technology and services to fit in the technology at the driving range.
RoI timeframe is within 12 – 18 months (Our calculation for 120 bays)
Management Team xxxx
Company Background We are relatively new in the golfing world and we are seeking for investors globally.
Funding Milestone xxxx
% Equity Allocation xxxx
Expected ROI Using the Discount Cash Flow (DCF) method over a 5 year period, the Project is likely to deliver a pre-tax IRR more than 25% to equity holders
Risks and Mitigation xxxx
Exit Strategies xxxx
Company Name Sphere Golf and Recreation Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address 71, Jalan 5/4J, Lorong Tanjong, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person YTM Dato’ Indera Tunku Harunnarasheed Putra

Medical Tourism Portal

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM40,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We are launching an online Travel Portal specific to Healthcare & Wellness Tourism. In our Medical Tourism Portal , we will have
Listing of Healthcare & Wellness Packages offered by Leading Medical & Wellness Centers in Asia.
E-Commerce of Healthcare Packages
onlineFlight Booking – From anywhere to everywhere
Hotel Booking
Local Cab/ Car Booking
24/7 Customer Support
Business Opportunity Medical Tourism Industry Valued at $100B; Poised for 25% Year-Over-Year Growth by 2025.

In a just released report issued by VISA and Oxford Economics, the Medical Tourism industry was projected to growth up to 25% year-over-year for the next 10 years as an estimated three to four percent of the world’s population will travel internationally for healthcare and health-related treatment

In its just-released 2016 report, industry-leading journal, Medical Tourism Index™ (MTI), listed the top destinations which features India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Dubai from Asia as leading Destinations

Revenue / Business Model Referral Commissions from Medical & Wellness Centers ( Service Providers ) : Avg 20 %
From Online Flight Booking : Avg 10%
From Online Hotel Booking : Avg 25%
Banner Advertisement in the portal
Management Team Dhruba Bordoloi – Chief Executive
Resource Plan :
Content Developers
Web Developers
Graphic Artist
Web Administrator
Account Managers
Customer Support Executives
Company Background The project is promoted by AVANZENS TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD which is a start up Software Consultancy company founded by Dhruba Bordoloi. Dhruba has over 20 years of experience in ICT Industry in Enterprise Software, E-Commerce and CRM domain
Funding Milestone Funding Required RM500,000 which will be used mainly for
Portal Development
Buying API for online Flight & Hotel Booking from Distributors
Digital Marketing to promote the Portal in Middle East, Africa, Europe and US
% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI More than 100% in the 2nd Year
Risks and Mitigation Getting new Customer – Mitigation plan – Collect Database of Tourist from Agencies and run E-Email Campaign
Customer Retention – Mitigation – We will Loyalty Program where the traveler will be getting special offer in the next trip
Exit Strategies Investor can sell his equity.
Website/Facebook xxxx
Business Address xxxx Bandar Sri Permaisuri Cheras Kuala Lumpur,56000 Malaysia
Contact Person Dhruba Bordoloi

Petrol Station with F&B Drive-Thru

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM400,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A Sdn Bhd company has been setup for the sole purpose to undertake a new business opportunity to develop and run a petrol station business along a coastal highway in Melaka. The offer was made by Petron Malaysia in 2015 and currently is due for the land conversion by land office. However, there is also some dues to the landowner for the 1.4 acres before the conversion can be done. In dire need to expedite the project progression by offering equity to the funder. I can be contacted at 0133947723. Thank you.
Business Opportunity Relinquish equity for a sum to ensure the project progression. A sum of RM800,000 is needed to pay for the land purchase, land conversion premium and consultancy fees. In return, part of the sum will be converted to equity takeover for 40% of the company.
Revenue / Business Model The anticipated revenue to the company is about RM300,000 per annum with a turnover of about RM10,000,000 per annum. This is a long-term stable growth bussiness. The asset to the company will be the land, building and business.
Management Team I am leading the business myself.
Company Background New start-up with RM400,000 invested yo partially purchase the said land.
Funding Milestone 1-2 years payback period.
% Equity Allocation 40
Expected ROI 2 years
Risks and Mitigation Asset. Shares.
Exit Strategies First Right of Refusal (FRR) shall be given to me for the re-purchase of the equity.
Company Name xxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Address KL
Contact Person Adly Bin Yacob

Intelligent Power Generator (Fuel free power generator)

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 875,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Link Tech Manufacture has a 10 year history of inventing the world’s truly first fuel free generator. The engineer who invented this technology was formerly employed by Japanese Robotics company and has a vast experience in power electronics. This generator is powered by Lithium Ion batteries and NO it is not one of the power banks! It is a generator that has charges in it that will last an entire year without recharging if not used. The product is well accepted as can be seen by the many enquiries. In 2014 this engineer had other investors investing the capital to help it grow to the current size. In 2016, in its first real year of operation, it had sales of more the RM 700K. There are so many queries as to becoming distributors globally that the company needs to set up the structure to support the growth of the company. Recently the company hired a CEO whose charter is to raise funds and set up a professional organization while expanding the markets and sales.
Business Opportunity With extremely limited funds , as all funds were used to develop the technology and for certifications etc, the company advertised via websites and via trade sites. With this alone there are now 6 countries in discussions to distribute the products, namely, India, Slovakia, Yemen, Bahrain(Iraq and Iran), Romania, Australia and Indonesia. The products are already available in Malaysia but in very small quantities sold to initial customers.
The real opportunity for the business is very huge provided there is reasonably good marketing and sales efforts. Currently there are only 2 senior employees, namely the CEO who has just joined the company effective Feb 1st 2017, and the original creator/inventor. Patent has been applied for and is pending. SIRIM certification is pending. IEC certification is pending.
Potential value of company can be in 100’s of Million Ringgit in next few years if aggressive marketing tools are applied.
Revenue / Business Model In 2016 the revenue was just above RM 700K. About 420 units have been sold. The gross margins on the product have been consciously kept at about 40% as the company has an introductory price to distributors. The company does not sell directly to end customers but via distribution.
Raw materials are mostly brought in from China. The Intellectual Property is built into the motherboard and controller with proprietary software and this is built by the company in Malaysia. It is possible to set up a manufacturing where there are volume sales in excess of 100k per year. (India, Indonesia, Europe are potentials)
Management Team The new CEO hired recently has vast >37 years in technology operations, marketing and sales. He has worked for US MNCs as senior VP level. He has lived in the USA, Germany, Brazil, Caribbean , India and China during his tenure as SR VP of his previous Electronics technology, US based company. He is himself an electronics engineer. His success has been impeccable.
The Engineering Director is a Singapore trained Power Electronics engineer and has a track record in power electronics and power engineering.
The investors in the company are 3 angels, with 2 of them being Electronics Companies professionals as GM and VP. Both being MNCs. While the 3rd is a businessman with history of experience in Uninterrupted Power Supply business.
Company Background The engineer had resigned from the Japanese company as power engineer to invent this technology. It started in 2006 and in 2011 had units in the field for testing. 6 units in burger stalls/ pasar malam stalls to prove the concept. It was in 2011 that newer and nicer units and the technology was finalized. It took him 3 more years to find friendly investors to take it to next level. In 2015 , a Matrade exhibition at PWTC helped attract distributors from Africa and the first sale was executed. For 300 units. Yemen, however went through civil wars and this customer has put next orders o hold.
Funding Milestone xxxxx
% Equity Allocation 8% negotiable
Expected ROI 12%
Risks and Mitigation This is a Malaysian technology. Malaysian technology is somehow not well known globally. The company has an uphill task of convincing customers of its goodness.
The technology itself is world class however. After sales service is practically zero as the product requires zero maintenance. But setting up this structure is required to convince customers.
Copying of the functions is possible but due to the strong motherboard and software techniques used, copying to similar quality can be tough. The engineering is continuously developing next generation technology such as to be ahead of the game.
Exit Strategies Many options possible:
1. Grow its as a greenfield and go public in 5 years
2. M&A with reputable tech company in US or Europe
3. White label the product by partnering with established International MNC
4. Simply hold as a private company and enjoy the money!!
Company Name Link Tech Manufacture Sdn Bhd
Business Address 91, Jalan S2/C3 Green Technology Park, 70300 Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person Mohana Krishnan


Project Title Australian sister college in malaysia
Current Status Beginning stage
Amount Invested 400k
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We have a 10 years exclusive licensing from an australian institution for running a sister institition in Malaysia. The courses offered are business and hospitality. The HQ is going have in house Degree by this year. The price for the course is affordable. We provide a study pathway to australia for those third level country students.
Business Opportunity Study tour to Australia and China.

We can organise not only study tour to Australia but also to China. We can arrange study tour to visit China.

Revenue / Business Model My partner decided to quit. I can’t run by myself.
Management Team I have more than 10 years in business operation . I owned an aircond engineering company since year 2001.
Company Background Date start 01.07.16
Funding Milestone Funding require for operating. We also consider to sell off the business to those who capable to run it.
% Equity Allocation 80 to 100%
Business Address 6-G, Jalan TPP 1/1, Taman Perindustrian Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Contact Person Angelyn

Plus Positivity mobile games development

Project Title Hey, My partner(Switzerland guy) and I are currently running a Mobile games development company that develop games and monetise it. Even better, we would sell mobile games to companies or maybe buyers that wants to monetise himself/herself.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested $10050
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Positivity+ is a company that create numerous mobile games and monetise it with ads. Not only that , we tend to sell some apps to buyers or companies that wish to monetise themselves.
Business Opportunity There are more than 300 mobile games launch on App Store and google play store everyday. This shows that societies tend to play games during their free time or maybe even before bed. Not only that, i think graphics quality for a game is very important as this can be a way that attracts users to continuously playing and bring them some happiness.
Revenue / Business Model Mainly by video ads and banner ads on each game. But its not just normal video ads and banner ads. How do you think when your trying to play a game and there will be ads popping up? frustrated right? Therefore, we are placing ads where benefits users to keep on tapping on it .
Management Team Currently there are only my partner and i operating it . Operation as in marketing, developing, designing and etc. Therefore we are planning into hiring more junior developers with passion of creating more ideas into reality games
Company Background All investment are currently under bootstrapping.
Funding Milestone We are happy to pronounced that we have developed two games on app stores and more to come. Our monthly goal is to create at least 4 mobile games a month.
% Equity Allocation 20% of equity of 1million for 5 years
Expected ROI annual dividend from profit. A sum of money will be given for government bond in order to secure investors money after 5 years even business doesn’t succeed.
Exit Strategies Three ways of exit plan for investors. One of it would be selling off your shares at current market after 5 years or you could continue investing for the next 5 years or maybe lower. Second decision would be company buys back your shares at market price. And lastly, even the business doesn’t succeed after 5 years, there will be a return on the amount of investment from investors. So there won’t be any loss to investors even it fail.
Company Name Plus Positivity
Business Address 33A, Jalan SS2/30

First Time Investor : CHONG KAI FENG

Investor Type First Time Investor
Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Investment Preference
Preferred Investment Opportunity Cyber defensive software development
Sourcing platform
innovative products
household products
tourism related
Will NOT Invest In F&B
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Im a Mechanical Engineer by profession with MBA degree, undergoing PMP certification, as well as Chartered Engineer (Ir.) certification. Currently doing project management for steel structural construction. Almost 10 years Fundamental based stock investor in low beta counters typically in Growth potential smallcap counters.
Contact Information