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Private Investor : Sri Gananatha

Preferred Investment Amount RM250,001 to RM500,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity I do not have any particular sector that I am interested in. If the fundamentals and financials are sound, I would certainly consider to invest
Will NOT Invest In New start ups
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile I am an accountant by academic qualification. Was employed as an auditor with one of the Big 4 firms for 3 years auditing primarily auditing the financial, telco and development organisations. Have been in business for the past 14 years. Primarily in the finance and sports industry.
NAME Sri Gananatha
Address Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur

Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd

Project Title Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd also known as GACS has currently grown from service company to manufacturing and had heavily invested in technologies in conveyor system. We are the first ASEAN company who design and fabricate tubular conveyor and also we have invested in automation to focus on Edible oil market
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested 100,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Global Automation Combustion Solution has 3 main division in the company which is summarize at the bottom

1) Automation :
Technologies are leading the way in the 21st century. We are currently focusing on data transmission for process plant for monitoring purposes and also to reduce cost production to our end user. Our target market at the moment now is in edible oil industries. We have successfully implement the system on one of an Indonesia Group monitoring the process plant around Indonesia in the central office in Jakarta

2) Combustion
We are highly recognised in this field for our expertise. We are trained in various type of burner, control system and also able to integrate our own automation to the biomass boiler. We have contracts with reputable company such as Alfa Laval,Aalborg, HTI Gesab and also Desmet Ballestra. WE are currently now embarking to design our own boiler control system which is target to release on mid of 2018

3) Conveyor
GACS take pride to be the first local company to design and fabricate this type of conveyor in ASEAN region. Our tubular conveyor is house design and have been tested over since 2015. WE are continuing upgrading the system to benefit our costumer. Since introduction to the market,we have sold 10 units and we are currently targeting to invest in our own assembly line

Business Opportunity Refering to our 3 main core business. We have simplified as indicated

1) Automation. The technologies used in the edbile oil industries is still the 1980s system which uses plc. However we see a growing trend in remote monitoring and also production reduction we have introduce PIS which is also known as Plant Intelligent System. A system that can easily plug and play on existing process plant and transmit it to Headquarters. It also have the capabilities to generate report as per ISO standards. PIS can also integrate with warehouse, Lab, marketing division and also Production department. This will reduce hig percentage on dependency on human which inevitably reduce error. Since it is a new inception and with lower price compare to American product, we have at least 90 percent market in edible oil to penentrate

2) Combustion. We are highly sough after for our expertise in this region that stretch as far to Africa and to Australia. Our expertise is well known among the industries and with a compatible price, we have 20 percent of the market in the edible oil industries. Our costumer profile such as Wilmar International, Alfa Laval, Desmet Ballestra, Sungai Budi Group, Sinarmas Group, Angel Cosmetic and many more. Creating our own boiler combustion controller will be first in this region as mostly all controller are imported from Germany or Italy.

3) Conveyor system. Tubular drag conveyor is widely known in food industries and also in America and Europe. However after market research, it is relatively a new market in this region. Instead of being an agent of a Company for American or European company, GACS decided to go against all odds and to design our very own conveyor. Spend nearly rm300,000 on the Research and Development, we are proud to be the the first tubular conveyor company in this region. Since it is a new system in this region, the market has high potential which is 90 percent market availability.

Revenue / Business Model We have currently move to a light industry area in Penang to able to set up assembly line and production line. Our plans are to used the invested money to built up a unit in the office. We will installed video cameras around the sample unit of the conveyor and share it to our website. With this idea, potential costumer can easily log in to our system and view the conveyor running in 24 hours with various type of material to convey. With such implementation, we are targeting to expand the market to Australia, New Zealand, Africa and even to penentrate South America. Using our own automation team to set up the system, we can keep the cost low and also we can utilise the Internet as a tool of marketing.
Management Team Global Automation Combustion currently has
1 Administrative personnel
4 technical personnel
1 Country Manager in charge of Indonesia Market
Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd planned to hire 3 more technical personnel, 1 Administrative personnel and 1 sales personnel for Malaysia market
Global Automation Combustion Solution plans to hire 2 technical personnel for Research and Development in the 3rd Quarter of the financial year
Company Background Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is a Penang based company that was set up in the year 2012. When Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd was set up, it was purely a service company that only concentrates on boiler servicing and automation services.
The primary focus of the business was concentrated on Edible Oils industry. Working closely with Desmet Ballestra (M) Sdn Bhd and Alfa Laval Sdn Bhd which are strong players in the Edible Oil Industries, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd began to expand his costumer base in the year 2013. Working closely with HTI GESAB from Germany for high pressure boiler, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to import boiler parts from Hti and sell to costumers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
In the year 2014, the founder of Global Automation Combustion Sdn Bhd decided to take a drastic decision to convert Global Automation Combustion Solution to System Integrator and Development Company. Expanding its knowledge in Labview for software and gaining strong momentum in the boiler business, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd influence in the Edible Oils industries began to take shape. Penetrating to Wilmar International was a huge success for Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd as Wilmar International is the largest edible oil producer in the world which is own by the Kuok Group.
Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd expands to another division in conveyor system in the year 2015. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begins to design tubular drag conveyor for conveying system. A system which is common in the European and America market, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd have successfully set up a system in Surabaya for Sungai Budi Group. Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd proudly claimed the first unit in South East Asia and it was design and built locally. The founder of Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd begin to recognized the potential of the tubular drag conveyor in other industries and begin to massive promote the system.
In the year 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution had successfully sold 6 units of the conveyor system and begin to penetrate into other market. Beside by the conveyor system, Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd also expand its automation department. With a new system to remote monitoring all the process plants around the globe, Sungai Budi Group had agreed to purchase the system to monitor their process plant around Indonesia through VPN. With the agreement, Global Automation Combustion continue to upgrade its automation department and invest in technologies. In March 2016, Global Automation Combustion Solution hired a sales representative in Surabaya, Indonesia to support the market expansion in Indonesia.
Funding Milestone Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd is seeking to:
1) Establish an investment from passive investor of USD300,000 to prepare for company future expansion plans as stated below :
a) Expand the current workforce from 6 people to 14 people to cater the increase of project undertaking by the company. Planning to increase additional 2 automation engineer, 1 mechanical engineer, 2 technician/fitter to operate the machine, 1 sales personnel and 1administrative staff.
b) Expand the office premise to fabricate and machining parts for conveyor system designed by in house engineering team and also to undertake mechanical projects.
c) To purchase 1 unit stamping machine, 1 unit bending machine, 2 unit welding machine and hydraulic press machine
d) To set up a small Research Development in software and hardware for automation and programming for the 3rd quarter financial year
e) To open a service centre in Sandakan, Sabah and Nonthaburi Thailand for 2018 plan
f) To purchase 2 four wheel pick up truck for material transporting in Penang office and Surabaya
% Equity Allocation to be discussed with investors
Expected ROI 3 years by projection
Company Name Global Automation Combustion Solution Sdn Bhd
Business Address 60, Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong 1, 11600 Penang, Malaysia
Contact Person Jeremy Tan Shyh Hou

Private Investor : Yong Hao Jie

Investor Type Private Investor
Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity Logistic / fnb
Will consider other opportunities
Will NOT Invest In Will consider opportunity
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Newbie in this field. I always wanted to be business field regardless which sector. As long as potential to growth.
NAME Yong Hao Jie
Address Muar johor

Crowdfunding Businesses for Everyone

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We, Vmake Biz, aim to provide an online platform for potential businesses or existing business owners to seek small to medium amount of investments from the general public to either build on new businesses or expand upon existing ones. What we aim to achieve is to provide a fair opportunity and a space for local businesses that caters from simple to niche ideas. Business ideas can range from a local grocer in a rural area to local brands looking to make a mark in their own industry. At the same time, allow the general public to support an idea that they believe in and support their establishment.
Business Opportunity Our platform caters to small and medium businesses including home businesses. A section of the industry where they can only rely on Financial Institutions or family and friends to fund their business. Most crowdfunding platforms are currently directed to once off projects, such as Kickstarter or Mystartr, or are equity crowdfunding targeted at major/breakthrough businesses in larger sums, such as PitchIn or Crowdonomic. All these platforms vary from our targeted market, and currently do not overlap with our target market.

The crowdfunding market shows a considerable growth of 10-20% annually projected up to 2021 (source: Statista, 2017). And with the Government’s SME Masterplan (2012-2020) aim of contributing 41% of our GDP by 2020, it is a vastly untapped area with great opportunities.

The general public are also now more educated in terms of investment, however a lot of their investment options are limited, as Mutual Funds and Shares has a high entry level price while fixed deposits do not give exciting returns. With our platform, the general public can invest starting from as low as RM10, making it accessible to a wide reach of users. This gives investors an opportunity to be investors to an idea that appeals to them, and at the same time be a customer of their supported business.

Revenue / Business Model Business owners will firstly get their funds through our platform, and from the total funds our business will take 8% (including GST) as commission and the remaining 92% goes to the business.

Business owners will then be bound for 6 years, to return 30% of their nett profits after tax yearly to their investors through our platform, where each investor will get a percentage of returns based on their percentage of contribution to the funding. Our business will also take a 8% Commission from the nett earnings, leaving the business 62% of their nett earnings to reinvest or redistribute.

There are various terms and conditions for the above basic principle as well, all vetted through legal advice and are ready for reference which we can provide upon request, as they are too lengthy to be included here.

Management Team The current Management Team consist of the two founders, Su Fay May and Tong Ngee Chong.

Su Fay May is the current CEO and acting CMO for the company, while Tong Ngee Chong is the co-CEO and acting COO for the company. We are currently in search of a CFO to cover the financial aspects of the company.

Ms. Su is currently in charge for the general direction for the company. She has also planned out various marketing strategies which requires funding to be executed, and is the think tank of the company. Mr Tong is in charge of the operations, SOP and technical aspects of the company, ensuring that all the processes and details are all in place.

We currently have a legal adviser that assists us with the legal aspects of our business. We also currently have a third-party web design team to maintain and upkeep our website functions.

Company Background We begin setting up the company in 2013, which we then then took 2 years to design the website, payment system and terms. We had a soft launch in 2016, but currently do not have any projects under our platform.

A total of RM 50,000 has been spent to set up the company, including the build-up of our platform, legal advises, audits and various expenses.

We currently lack the funds to perform marketing strategies and to gain awareness in the market.

Funding Milestone We are looking for a total of RM 100,000 funding for our marketing and various expansion efforts.

RM 40,000 will be used for advertising and promotion of the platform through social influencers and existing businesses. Social platform advertising is also included in this amount, but as a secondary medium.

RM 20,000 will be used for upgrade of website function, to improve user friendliness and smoother payment.

RM 10,000 will be used for maintenance and running of the platform.

RM 30,000 is planned to used to do a test expansion to the nearby countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

% Equity Allocation 10% for RM 100,000
Risks and Mitigation If in event of slow uptake after executing marketing strategies, the platform is to be put up for sale for acquisition after 2 years.
Exit Strategies 1) Buy back of 10% equity in 5-10 years for RM200k or 10% nett profit during year of exit, whichever is higher.

2) 10% of total sum from deal struck with acquirer.

Contact Person Su Fay May

Recycling of Oil & Gas Platforms and Ships

Project Title Fully certified green recycling of Oil and gas platforms and ships in SE Asia
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM2,500,000
Funding Required RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
Description In 2019 the IMO Hong Kong convention for Ship Breaking will come in force, which has been ratified by countries holding 80% of the world shipping tonnage. Malaysia is one of the ratifying countries. There are no Certified breaking yards in SE Asia. The MaxZee Ocean Clean yard will be the first in SE Asia to be accredited according IMO “Hong Kong convention” The company will work certified to the standards ISO 9001 (2010) Environmental protection is based on ISO 14001. After 2019 Ships and Oil platforms can only be broken by Certified Green Recycling yards. MaxZee will be the first full service certified green recycling yard in SE Asia and one of the few in the world.
Business Opportunity The enormous amount of vessels to be recycled laid-up in Singapore / Battam area in combination with the removal and recycling of old offshore oil and gas platforms creates opportunity to grow fast and a business not present in S Asia yet. With our European back ground and experience will give a head start of our recycling yard. To be acceptable in as renowned partner for recycling it is important that the country where the recycling yard is situated has developed enough financial and juridical certainty to be certifiable. As this is labour extensive business acces to high quality management and low cost labour is Important. Malaysia is at this moment the only country which complies with all demands.
Revenue / Business Model Our 30 year experience in Shipping, salvage and Ship breaking will form the base for development and use of smart technology this in combination with efficient labour and deep water yard in Labuan will be the ingredients for success.

Our development is based in 3 stages:

1. Acquisition suitable recycling yard in Malaysia by end of 2017
2. Wreck removal of cruise vessel Sun Vista Creating RM 20 million start up capital in 2017
3. Additional funding for recycling yard
4. Start-up recycling yard 1st half 2018 (most likely Labuan or Johor)
5. IPO 2022

Our services will create revenue from:

1. Sales of recyclable metal, Machinery and equipment direct via web-shop and via traders, metal smelters and major scrap recycling companies
2. Decommissioning and recycling of oil and gas offshore platforms
3. Wreck removal payable by insurance companies and/or ship owners

Client base:

Acquisition Ships and platforms:
Ship owners, Governmental; Navy & repossessed / arrested ships, Ship wrecks afloat and sunken form Owners and Insurance companies or Government,

Oil platforms from all major Oil & Gas companies, Jack-up rigs from offshore drilling and work over operators and FPSO vessels from oil field operators

Management Team CEO Capt. Max Duursma (54 years)(Netherlands) living 10 years in Malaysia

CFO K C Goik Marketing and Finance Manager , Incorporated , Cupertino California, Director of Finance and Business Development , Musambi Corporation, Sunnyvale, California , Senior Director of Finance , Semi Equity Partners , LLC , San Jose , California

COO Robbert Duursma (26 years) (Netherlands) Offshore and shipbuilding engineer experienced in Salvage and wreck removal

Company Background World wide of over 30 years of experience in Marine Salvage , recycling and wreck removal 3 years operational in SE Asia

We have successfully completed projects in Mexico, Indonesia, Europe and Malaysia (including 2 projects for Royal Malaysian Navy)

Funding Milestone 5 year projection

2017 Funding 3 million Year 1, Sun Vista completion Nov 2017, Revenue 32 million / net profit 17 million. For purchase and lease of assets such as machines, excavator’s, cranes, etc a start up capital of MYR 20 million is required, from profits of Sun Vista we can contribute MYR 10-12 million therefore an additional finance of MYR 10-7 million is required. Return of investment is expected in 18 month

2018 Year 2: funding 6-10 million , completion Sun Vista Project and Start operations ship recycling yard, Revenue MYR 48 million / net profit 10 million
2019 Year : 2nd year recycling yard, Revenue MYR 84 million / net profit 46 million
2020 Year 4: recycling yard, Revenue MYR 102 million / net profit MYR 52 million
2021 Year 5: recycling yard , Revenue MYR 120 million / net profit MYR 58 million
The Johor/ Singapore sea area is one of worlds largest layup area’s in the world with an abundance of ships available for ship breaking, Labuan is a major lay-up area where several oil platforms will have to be recycled in the near future. Our market is on our doorstep.

% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI Investment spread over 3 years max RM 20 million for 25% , at IPO in 2022 estimated value company RM 1,5 billion ROI = 17.75
Risks and Mitigation As investment is spread of 3 years in trances of Max RM 6 million there are mile stones which will also create possibilities for investor to invest or not. or work on a profitable early exit strategy.

Execution value of asset owned by the company will be more than invested amount

Investor can appoint a non executive director to oversee the business operations and finances

Exit Strategies 1 IPO in 2022-2023
2 Sale to large European or Chinese / indian company using recycled materials like steel and aluminium
3 Management buy-out
Company Name MaxZee Sdn Bhd
Business Address 43300 Seri kembangan
Contact Person Max Duursma