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Private Investor : Wayez Mahmud

Preferred Investment Amount RM100,001 to RM250,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity Investment in new or running business in restaurant, IT, trading, manufacturing.
Will NOT Invest In Alcohol related business.
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile We are two private investors who have been friends for years. The two of us are in Malaysia under MM2H Resident Programme and are looking to invest in a business we can help grow and oversee while keeping a regular income coming from the business.
NAME Wayez Mahmud
Address Taman Duta, Kuala Lumpur

Private Investor : Ow Woan Ting

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity Agricultural
Will NOT Invest In Metals
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Looking for business in agriculture to invest for returns in the long run.
NAME Ow Woan Ting

Southeast Asia’s First e-breakdown assistant mobile app

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM120,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We “Towbago Services Sdn Bhd” are mobile application based service provider and the first e-breakdown booking service based in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Conclusively, we are “UBER TOW TRUCK”(We sign partnership with tow truck drivers) Apart from towing we also provide other services such as Jump start,out of fuel assist and flat tyre service.
Business Opportunity The problem we are solving here are : Finding Nearby Tow Truck Drivers / Breakdown Assistance,Hassle of waiting long hours by the road side,Manual Process of calling via phone to arrange tow truck / breakdown assistance,Couldn’t furnish exact location of breakdown to towers via tele-conversation,No proper structure on charges (Assumption based fares).According to Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research total accidents not including breakdowns its self reaching around 547K per annum.
Revenue / Business Model We will deduct 20% from each job done by the tow truck drivers or we call them as tow rangers.Our minimum targeted job will cost around RM150.00 and we will make RM30.00 out of it.
Management Team Thiban Eaganathan – CEO & Co-Founder-Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd 3 years as Head of Department(e-remit),Air Asia Berhad 7 years with various departments such as Flight Operation, Customer Support, Regional Reservation Control and completing career as a Call Center Manager.

Kulenthiran Balakrishnan – DCEO & Co-Founder-Served Rayani Air Sdn Bhd as Director of Commercial 1 year, 2 months,Go Quo 1 year as a Head of Airline host
Malindo Air 2 Years, Air Asia Berhad 7 years at various departments, such as RRC (Regional Reservation Control), RCMT (Regional Continues Monitoring Team), Flight Scheduling, Revenue management, and Flight Operations,Holds completed Kaizen Lean Certificate and both Green & Black belt for Six Sigma

Sandreswaran Sandran – COO & Co-Founder-Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd 2 year as Manager of MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) ,Dachser Malaysia Sdn Bhd 1 year as Import and Export In charge Manager,Air Asia Sdn Bhd 10 years in various departments such as Call Center Manager, Flight Operations, Finance, Marketing and Internal Audit under Fraud Investigation

Company Background Towbago Services Sdn Bhd started on 27 April 2017 and had invested RM120,000.00 till date.We have launched our mobile apps in android on 6th November 2017 and have attended 11 job.We have 250 registered tow truck drivers in klang valley and 400 downloads in customer app.
Funding Milestone The amount required will be RM600k-RM1mil, This amount of funding will use for marketing and operation purpose where we will expand our business to entire malaysia and targeted milestone will be to have at least 3000 registered tow truck drivers and to have minimum of 40 jobs done per day
% Equity Allocation up to 15%
Expected ROI 30%
Risks and Mitigation -Product awareness on our product
-Rise of public transportation
-Possible competitor from insurance industry
Exit Strategies Investor can exit upon gained profit more then they have invested or by selling over their shares for a good value
Company Name Towbago Services Sdn Bhd
Business Address C-3A-3A Blok C,Centum Corporate Park,Jalan PJU 1A/2,47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor


Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM1,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Provide a platform for connecting resident and house service merchant. The easier way for resident to get the nearby house service merchant information and they can compare the prices of services. House service provider get their advertising effect on their business and easy to get new customer from our platform.
Business Opportunity There are the limitation for residents to get the information of house service provider around them. Residents lack of bargain of power and sometime they don’t know where to get the information. House service provider less of advertising effect to their business around their service area.
Revenue / Business Model Advertising income and merchant feature popup.
-Feature revenue getting from package K2, K3 & H, K1 is for free.
-We provide banner advertising on our website.
Advertising income start after a year from starting the business. We have to get to the target of a specific amount of users in our website only get the advertising income. The income of merchant feature popup estimate will start after half year.
Management Team Hiew Richard is a fresh graduate from Multimedia University. 3-month of internship working experience with local firm. Simulation business project experience from the study assignment. Have the idea to startup the business and has the strong sense of responsibility for the business. Critical thinking and possess excellent planning skill.
Gan See Yeong completed his Bsc Software Engineering from KBU college it affiliated to Nottingham Trent University. 4 years experience in software development, project involve Employee Gift Award System for Bottega Veneta Hong Kong, Hong Kong Elderly Home System, Singapore Exhibitors Management System. Form his software house company in 2017.
Company Background KKKHouse is a startup company in Malaysia on October 2017.
Funding Milestone RM400,000
(Salaries, rental, marketing, office expenses, operation expenses, website maintenance, software development)
% Equity Allocation 8%
Company Name KKKHOUSE
Business Address 41, Jln Ikhtiari 2, Tmn Ikhtiari
Contact Person Hiew Richard


Fidu, Virtual Assistant for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers.

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM60,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Fidu is a B2B procurement system for HORECA that automates the end to end sales process between buyers and suppliers. Fidu acts like a virtual assistant that handles procurement, logistic, payment and sales without any manual intervention. Fidu comes with an automated ecommerce marketplace, an automated inventory management system and integrated logistic and B2b payment solution. Fidu is a plug and play system that is able to be integrated with other POS (Point of Sale) Systems, inventory management systems and accounting systems.
Business Opportunity Buyers constantly look for good products at a competitive pricing and the process to source for reliable suppliers is a tedious and manual one. Fidu covers 3 components : sales of suppliers, procurement and inventory of buyers. Buyers come onto Fidu platform to search for suppliers and procure from them. They will procure in 3 clicks and enjoy payment, same-day delivery and analytics solution that comes with the platform. With the analytics, Fidu is able to forecast and recommend its users accordingly. Buyers are also able to understand their consumption and buying pattern and hence able to make decisions to improve their operations and revenue. We remove middle men between buyers and suppliers to keep the pricing competitive. There is a total of 190000 HORECA (hotels, restaurants, cafes and caterers)players in Malaysia in 2015 and the total revenue of HORECA in ASEAN is RM500billion. Fidu targets cafes, restaurants, caterers and 3-star, boutique hotels. By 2020, Fidu will have 14,000 users across ASEAN. In Malaysia, Supply Bunny and Dropee are the B2B ecommerce marketplace that services restaurants and retail. In the international market, there is Zeemart (a procurement system) and Marketman ( Inventory Management System). Fidu covers the whole supply chain from inventory to marketplace to procurement with integrated logistics. Our big data analytics is the key to help our users in this traditional industry to improve their operations and revenue.
Revenue / Business Model There are 4 main revenue streams for Fidu. Buyers pay a monthly subscription fee of RM50 whereas it is free for suppliers. Buyers and suppliers are able to pay for additional features that they might need, ranging from RM1 – RM50. These features include additional user accounts, detailed analytics report, additional product listings and etc. There is a a convience fee charged on every transaction that takes place on the platform, bore by the buyer, ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%. Lastly, suppliers are able to pay for advertisement on our platform to boost their posts, increase visibility and showcase their promotions.
Management Team Sarguna as the CEO has 10 years of experience in manufacturing and 5 years of experience in hospitality. He is also the founding partner of Simply Cookies Sdn Bhd, a cookie manufacturing company and My Spices and Condiments Enterprise, a B2B sales agency in spices and condiments. Sue as the COO of the company has 10 years of experience in product development across IT and engineering industry and 5 years of experience in food and beverages industry. She is also the co-founder of Simply Cookies Sdn Bhd, a cookie manufacturing company and JM Nutrition Consultancy, a nutrition school for children. Chhua the CTO of the company has 15 years of experience in leading an IT department and 17 years of experience in technical software development from IT R&D to banking software and machine translation. Han the CRO of the company has 7 years of experience in Human Resources Consulting. He is also the founding partner of My Spices and Condiments Enterprise. We have 3 advisors who are playing active roles in the company and they are Haresh, Jofri and Dr. Vinay. Haresh has 22 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Jofri has 22 years of experience in Sales and Telco IT industry and Dr. Vinay has 27 years of experience in hospitality industry.
Company Background The company is incorporated as Fidu Technologies Bhd on 7th July 2017. So far we have raised RM60,000. Currently, we have a demo account. We have validated our solution with users who have signed up with us even without the platform ready. Currently, we have got 150 restaurants and hotels, 70 suppliers on board with us. The suppliers are filling up our product template listing form for us to create the marketplace with their products. Our buyers include mamak chains all the way to big groups of restaurants like TGI Fridays, Rakuzen, Sushi Zanmai, Oriental. Our suppliers include CP, Safe Egg, Piau Kee, Long Seng with goods ranging from fresh produce to dried goods. We have Deans of hospitality school of universities like Taylor’s as our co-founders and active directors. We have struck up partnership with Zepto, Ipay88 and ARMS ( a top 10 local POS system).
Funding Milestone We are currently doing our pre-seed round to raise RM600k. RM200k will be used to develop web version 1, app prototype and integration with other softwares. RM50k will be used for office and IT equipment, RM120k will be used for grand launch in April and other branding and marketing exercise. RM250k will be used OPEX for 6 months. With this funding round, we will have 3950 users and a total of 12 features on the platform, targeting to bring in RM2 million of revenue by May 2019. Next round we will be doing Angel round to help us penetrate ASEAN and we will be raising Rm4.75million. The target will be to rake in RM9.5mil of revenue through 10550 users and 20 features on our platform by May 2020.
% Equity Allocation We are diluting 10% of equity for pre-seed round and 5% of equity for Angel round.
Expected ROI For investors who come in at pre-seed round, they are looking at 150 folds of return by year 2021.
Risks and Mitigation One of the risks faced by the business is the refusal of traditional business to adopt the solution. To mitigate this risk, we will be collaborating with associations and government bodies like Halal Hub, Matrade to run campaigns to educate them. Another risk is the heavy groundwork involved in verifying our users as we only accept verified users on our platform to ensure trust. This can be mitigated by creating SOP for verification. Once we have gone through a few rounds of verification, the SOP can be up and we will be able to streamline the verification process. The other risk is the various SOPs and processes among our users. As Fidu is a solution for our users, we have to learn and understand our users through data collection on our platform. With sufficient data, we will be able to cover all aspects of our users. Lastly, since we are a plug and play solution, it is time consuming to integrate with other software. This encourages us to create a nimble, flexible platform that can be integrated with any other software and by making a name for ourselves, other software will come knocking on our door to request for integration too.
Exit Strategies We are going to list on LEAP market in Malaysia by year 2020 and we are assisted by Arris Venture, a VC firm to shape the company towards that from today itself. Arris Venture is also looking to set up a VC fund to govern the investment that comes into Fidu. After LEAP market, we will be able to catapult to other boards in other regions.
Company Name Fidu Technologies Bhd
Business Address 7, Jalan Bayan 4, Puchong 47100 Selangor.
Contact Person Su Seau Yeen

Contamination control products distributor seeking RM2mil growth fund

How much money are you looking to raise? RM2,000,001 – RM3,000,000
What type of funding are you seeking? Equity
Briefly describe your business: xxxx Technology specializes in contamination control products in controlled environments.

We help customers achieve cleanliness that is demanded of ultra-clean environments.At Siquest Technology, we strive to provide our customers with the best and cost effective solutions to their problems in the controlled environments. We serve customers from across the industries ranging from Semiconductor foundries to Pharmaceutical Aseptic environments, Hard Disk Drive operations to Medical Device manufacturers, from healthcare providers to F&B manufacturers,

What are your expected revenues for this year (2017), without funding? RM300,000 – RM1 million
What are your expected revenues for next year (2018), without funding? RM1 million – RM5 million
What are your expected revenues for next year (2018), WITH funding? RM5 million – RM10 million
When did your business formally launch/incorporate? 2016
Have you raised money for the business to date? No
What’s the status of your current capital raise? We are speaking to investors
Your Company Name xxxx
Website/URL xxxx
Contact Person xxxx
Phone xxxx
Email xxxx

Wifi-based advertisement solution

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM39,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description CYFY MARKETING is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are a Wi-fi solution specialist company specializing in Marketing, Branding and Advertising.

With the ever growing needs for internet and wireless connection, we tap on the growing scale and opportunity by bringing our product and service to both users and businesses alike. Our target market are business owners with one or more premise and companies whom requires advance Wi-fi solutions.

The purpose of this proposal is to secure an investment for our expansion plans and further R&D for our various business models. Our Wi-fi solution itself has been field tested in 2 premises in the Klang Valley and so far our customer were satisfied with the results. Overall, both the software and hardware system is
extremely stable.

Our first priority is to quickly expand our zone of coverage by saturating the market with our AP (Access Point) of choice linking to our system. We projected an
estimated annual revenue return of more than RM5 million in the next following 2 years after saturation.

Business Opportunity 1. UNTAPPED WI-FI POTENTIAL
Free Wi-fi are offered almost everywhere by their own premise owners, however they are not utilized fully into adding value to their businesses. Most would just open up a free Wi-fi password protected channel and that’s about it. This is truly a waste of opportunity to further market or brand their own products or
services whenever someone uses their free Wi-fi.

Most premise owners or businesses do not bother installing a Wi-fi infrastructure or simply has poor coverage or faced with myriad of technical problems even if
they have one. For those who does not have one, some consider it as being an extra cost or hassle should they look for someone to do the installation. As for
those who has one, having to maintain someone to look after their network and infrastructure seems like a challenge hence the quality of it degrades as time
passes, even to the point of abandonment.

There are plenty of companies out there offering Wi-fi solutions however their prices are sometimes too prohibitive for any small to medium sized companies
to even consider about. Even if some has the budget to go for it, they do not see how can a Wi-fi solution be value-adding to their business.

So far in the market within Malaysia, TM Net has offered public Wi-fi infrastructures at a cost charged per hourly usage. There are also some other companies that has similar solution as ours however the services offered are only a subset of what are and will be doing.


Paid advertisement is where we seek out potential and interested advertisers to place their ads within our Wi-fi network. The advertisement will be transmitted to
all of our partnered vendors (clients who is choosing Package 3 & 4).

2. PAID WI-FI SOLUTION (1st phase – Completed)
In this package, customers are given the complete control over their own Wi-fi whereby they will be given an admin panel to customize the landing page, free of
any external advertisement.

Customers are also given the option to completely customize the page/pages apart from our templates. There will be additional cost but the end result would
be an unique page served to their surfers.

This package allows partial autonomy for our clients to customize their own page however the page will also be served external advertisements. In this package,
the client will be restricted to customize existing templates.

4. FREE WI-FI SOLUTION (2nd phase)
In this package, premise owners will receive a complementary AP (Access Point). The AP will serve as our node to advertise for our advertisers in Package 1.

In this package, anyone publicly can post up their advertisement. These advertisement will have a PPC (Pay-per-click) & Impression cost associated with it. Based on the budget given, they will be transmitted to all our Package 4 clients.

** Currently, our system is only offering Package number 2. Further development is needed before we can offer the other plans.

Management Team 1. William Ong
Bsc (Hons) Software Engineering & Bsc (Hons) in Mechatronics

2. Sandy Kuan
Master of Business Administration

Company Background Start of company date : around August 2017
Investment to date : ~RM 40,000.00
sales : RM 20,000.00
profit : RM 5,000.00
Funding Milestone Amount required : RM 600,000.00 to RM 1,000,000.00

50% for further tech development
30% for maketing
20% for operations

The 50% tech funding will be divided into 4 phases of development
the rest of the 50% for marketing and operations will be done in parallel as development takes place

% Equity Allocation 20 to 25%
Expected ROI 50 to 100%
Risks and Mitigation Currently there are no immediate risk however small competitors are coming up with subsets (parts) of my solution.

Mitigation action being taken;
1. Further development of my software/solution will make our competitors obsolete
2. Custom hardware research to bring down the overall cost

Exit Strategies Certainly no one would like to fail in their business or ideas; But should things go sour, liquidation of our asset and potential intellectual property will be the main priority.
Company Name TY GLOBAL SDN. BHD.
Business Address No. 8, Jalan Damai Puspa 11, Alam Damai
Contact Person William Ong

Private Investor : Aril

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity e-commerce, retail (depends on category), f&b, commodity, cyber cafe,
Will NOT Invest In anything that involves selling or distributing alcohol, operating non-halal matters.
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile I am a private investor, based in Selangor, willing to spend less than RM 50k for investment purposes.

I have experiences over banking, entrepreneurship and trading. I prefer to contribute my advises with 10% equity or royalty (whichever offered at best state).

I am 25 years of age, well-versed of the current demands and target markets involved.

Address Selangor, Malaysia

Fashion Jewelry Investment

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM150,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We retail n wholesale indian fashion jewelry at most carnivals on monthly basis or to be precise abt 10-11 carnivals per annum. All are based in shopoing malls n exhibiton centres.
Business Opportunity We have given our customers a opportunity to be traditional yet stylish. Providing a unique n fabulous design for womens of the age of 16 to 45 yrs old. There is a trend for fadhion jewelry as its a alternativ to gold and its safe. Its for aure more than 12m of a market than can be capitalised.
Revenue / Business Model We have been making revenue through aggresive retail during carnival and a little wholesale. Our advantage is price as wr have secured good relatiobship with wholesalers and manufacturers which puts us ipfront in terms of margin n competition. Our cuatomer database tht we collect are used to market bew products to them.
Management Team Adrian John Patrick (Operations & Strategies) & kaythri Krishnan(Designs & Purchasing) & 5 part timers.
Company Background Started jewelry business in 2013 and investmed about 50,000
Funding Milestone Require an amount of rm150,000 for expanding extra one or 2 booths with the same and different product line to the same customers at carnivals. Also setting up a wholesale shop. Plan to come up with our own products(branding).
% Equity Allocation 2% every month .
Expected ROI 1.5 yrs
Risks and Mitigation There are carnivals that make low returns but we would eventually cover those returns during peak seasons.
Company Name Mayaa Gallery