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Invest in healthy Ice Cream as its a trend coming IN to ASIA

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
Description We are an healthy ice cream store located in East Malaysia. As forecasting the healthy treat is expanding, we are seeking serious investor on it. Do let us know if you are interested on it. Our ice cream are high in protein, low fat, low carb, low calories and the most important is NO ADDED SUGAR. It’s suitable for all kind of people including diabetes patient.
Business Opportunity through the pass, we had given out free ice cream to Cancer patient as well. As you know that cancer patient cannot consume ice cream which related to egg. But our ice cream had been approved by doctors and can be consumed by them. As we do not use any egg on it. We use whey powder to replace the traditional egg ice cream.
Revenue / Business Model Healthy ice cream now is expanding in the Europe Countries. Slowly it will came to Asia. As now still do not have people doing it, we are in the blue ocean. People have not tap into this business yet but some are importing it in as far as from the US. Imagine that Malaysia has alone of 3 million diabetes patient, if we can tap into this market by only 75% plus all the kids and adults. The market is there.
Management Team We are in a team of 4 now on board. Plus with the staff and investor there are totally around 10 over staff.
Company Background We started our business on the year of 2016. Now looking to expand to West Malaysia.
Funding Milestone Proposing using the next fund to operate a factory and produce kind of ice cream out to the market. In a big and large form.
% Equity Allocation 20
Risks and Mitigation As mentioned earlier, this market in Asia now is still on the blue ocean. Once we can tap into it, there will be full of opportunities. But there will be risk too. Will try to find something which is suitable for all kinds of person.
Company Name xxxx (M) sdn bhd
Website/Facebook xxx
Business Address Kuching, Malaysia
Contact Person Jong

Encore Med Online Appointment and Smart Queue System in Healthcare

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 450,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We are specializing in online appointment booking and advanced queue solution in healthcare sector. We believe that the current pain point for healthcare is the long waiting hours and poor patient experience. Driven by passion to improve healthcare quality in this region, we wish to make our highly-scalable idea into reality and to expand our penetration not only to the whole Malaysia but also other countries in this region. We offers online booking apps sync with doctors’ roster, centralized appointment and walk-in dashboard for healthcare service provider, live queue checking, smart queue screen and self-check in kiosks for patients.
Business Opportunity We offer complete solution to reduce waiting time of patients. According to our past experience, we are able to reduce waiting time up to 50% in healthcare settings. Besides, in contrast to the conventional booking platform, our booking system is valid by a few clicks on the phone and promises real booking time slots to visit doctors. Patients able to queue from home and check live queue anywhere, instead of waiting in congested clinics. Healthcare efficiency is improved tremendously by dispersing the patients equally and automating appointment booking and self-check in system. With 350 hospitals and 11000 clinics in Malaysia and nearly 7000 hospitals in SEA, we estimate the market size to be 100 million USD per year.
Revenue / Business Model Our revenue is generated based on annual subscription fees from doctors, one-time project based software implementation fees for hospitals and advertising fees. We charge RM 1920 per year for a doctor or service. The fields we cover are vast, which include medical, dental, physiotherapy and aesthetic. For hospitals, depending on the level of system integration and customization, we charge the one-time fees accordingly. Another source of revenue is from the advertising fees from advertisements on our Apps, queue screen and kiosks. The advertising fees are ranging from RM 300 to RM 1000 / month depending on the advertising packages selected.
Management Team Our team is formed by a group of vibrant and passionate professionals. Our CEO/founder is graduated from Nanyang Technology University major in Software Engineering. He started his career in Singapore and accumulate vast experience as a Software Engineer in healthcare related software company. He founded an e-commerce company, Repotech in 2000. Our co-founder,Dr. Tai Tzyy Jiun is Director of Business Development. He graduated as Medical Doctor (M.D) from University Malaysia Sabah 2010. After completing compulsory service in government hospital and primary health clinic, he joined Qualitas Medical Group for 2 years. Nicholas Tai is the Marketing Director whograduated from Nanyang Technology University major in Petrochemical Engineering. He was recruited by Keppel Corporation and he was awarded with top 5% performers in his company. With experience of opening 2 boardgame cafes in Johor Bahru and participation of public speaking seminars, he joined us to deliver an integrated marketing strategy for our company. Dr. Sim Hui Xin is the Director of Business Operation. She graduated from Melaka Manipal Medical Colleage as doctor (M.D) with flying colours and after completed service in government healthcare settings, she worked as an Occupational Health Doctor in Johor Bahru.
Company Background We started our company in November 2015. Investment made to date were RM 450,000. Our clients include a few of the most prestigious medical groups in Malaysia, Sunway Medical Group and KPJ Group. We also serve renowned other hospitals like Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre and Mahkota Medical Centre and a number of centres such as Sunfert Fertility Centre, Tey Maternity Centre, Lee Eye Centre and Taipei TCM Centre. To date, we have 150 doctors subscribed to our software, 35385 active users and nearly 300,000 successful appointments made.
Funding Milestone We require RM 1,000,000 for this Round A investment. We target 10 hospitals and 10 clinics in 2018 and a RM1,000,000 of revenue by the end of this year. Our aim is to achieve 5% of total market shares in this region in 3 years.
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI CAGR: 20-30%
Risks and Mitigation Relative performance
This risk pertains to the extent to which the management organisation fails to achieve the relevant benchmarking with the entities it manages, as a result of which our major hospitals and other clinics may decide to withdraw their assignments from EncoreMed. This risk is mitigated by monitoring our own performance via our relevant benchmarking on a monthy basis such as daily active user rate and customer satisfactory feedback by our maintenance team led by our doctors.

The competitive risk is the risk relating to the relative competitiveness of the management organisation in its industry, as a result of which the company can no longer has an edge over the competitors for their clients. This risk is mitigated by putting close emphasis on our development team by closely communicate with our clients to draw up and maintain a business continuity plan to ensure that our apps solution continues to be the number 1 solution in the healthcare industry.

Management fee
This describes the risk that EncoreMed’s fee income is lower than its expenses. This risk is mitigated by identifying fee income developments in a timely fashion and if necessary responding to same with cost-control measures

Exit Strategies As this round of investment is mainly for the scaling up of our company solution, next round of investment will come in a year’s time to focus mainly on market expansion to our neighboring countries such as Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia, and this is also where the investors can choose to join or leave our company.
Company Name Encore Med Sdn Bhd
Business Address SOHO SUITES @ KLCC B1-08-01 NO. 20 JALAN PERAK, 50450 KUALA LUMPUR.
Contact Person Dr.Tai Tzyy Jiun

We want you to have good coffee

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM150,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We are the sole importer of some patented coffee and equipment, which only we have it in Malaysia. We sell via retail distribution and e-commerce, and soon to offer licensing pop up store. We are to expand to overseas via JV with local partner.

Our business as below:
1. As sole importer of premium coffee/ specialty coffee/ patented coffee or equipment.
2. Distribute products to local retail shop, cafe, organic shop, department store, petrol kiosk and etc.
3. Operate own brand ‘The Herding Day’ kiosk as retail and showcase of products.
4. Licensing ‘The Herding Day’ pop up kiosk to potential partner.
5. Setup e-commerce platform as B2C channel.

We are eager to educate consumer on the benefit of good coffee products compare to instant coffee or 3 in 1 coffee. To do so, we are bringing in quality or innovative way of brew coffee. We participate in expo and roadshow to promote our products and share the benefit of our products.

Business Opportunity Research shows only 3% Malaysian are exposed, known, or accepted specialty coffee. if example 50% population drinks coffee, there are still 47% room to growth. Our goal not to permanently or immediately convert these 47% to accept specialty coffee, but to at least known to specialty coffee, or try specialty coffee at least once a month, then to once a week. With population of 50%, equivalent opportunity of 15,000,000 cups of specialty coffee, if each person only drink 1 cups per month.
We eager to penetrate this opportunity and market by now building our brand as specialty coffee company.
Revenue / Business Model Distribution
We have 10 re-sellers, 6 more in pipeline. Few sizeable projects as below:
1. Coffeebrewer and Teabrewer to Village Grocer and Ben’s Independent Grocer (18 outlet)
2. Teabrewer to Purple Cane (20 outlet)
3. Coffeebrewer to Petron mart (more than 100 mart)Retail kiosk / Store
Our 1st retail kiosk initially setup as showcase, After the opening,we received invitation from Avenue K, Pavilion, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Paragon and etc. We will license the kiosk to potential investor.

Online sales via FB message and bank transfer alone, achieve RM12,800 on Nov 2017. We see the potential of putting our products into online and create our own specialty coffee and equipment B2B, B2c, C2C portal.

Management Team The management team of the Company consist of two directors, who are Timothy and Yng Xing, who hold the responsibility of taking care the daily business activities. As the Company is still small, we do not hire people for managerial level, as both of the directors are able to take charge of each management sector from marketing, accounting, finance to business management. Timothy is from Banking, marketing and business management background, while Yng Xing is from Finance, Accounting and Audit background. Other than that, we have another 2 active shareholders now. Holden, is from property background, where he has large overseas network within Asia, hence it would be benefit to us for overseas expansion in future. Dennis, has strong interial design and e-commerce background, where he can assist on the e-commerce.
Company Background This business started since November 2016 as sole proprietorship owned Yng Xing and supported by Timothy. With new partners investing into the business, they decided to form a new limited company known as ‘Verve Stuff Sdn Bhd’. Verve Stuff Sdn Bhd was established by four shareholders Timothy Chee, Yng Xing, Holden Tan, and Dennis Toh on 4th July 2017. Paid up capital at RM150,000. The company is currently managed by Timothy Chee and Yng Xing.

The business nature of the company is to source and import quality and unique specialty coffee products as well as other coffee related products into Malaysia. The company has created its own retail brand name for the retail outlet, known as The Herding Day. The Herding Day displays and sells all their imported products. Our first retail outlet is located at level 3 of Sunway Velocity Shopping Mall.

Both in the team aware that there is no specialty coffee retail shop in Malaysia. Some of the café do offer specialty coffee, but the proposition and education is not in place. Hence consumers are not aware the difference between conventional coffee and specialty coffee. For café owner point of view, they have the best specialty coffee in the world. but consumers are not appreciating the specialty coffee. For consumer point of view, why is your coffee is more expansive than others while I can have cheaper coffee at other shop, or other alternative like instant coffee or 3in1. Both parties stand at each side and no strategy and education to upskill the consumers’ knowledge about specialty coffee. There is no better way of educating than by consumer to do it by themselves. We encourage the consumer to brew our specialty coffee by themselves, and allow them to learn the fundamental of brewing, and tasting of specialty coffee at very convenience and cost-effective way. With these simple approach, consumers are more attracted to understand and learn about specialty coffee, and slowly step towards specialty coffee.

The mission of the company is to educate Malaysian towards quality specialty coffee. Based on our research, there are only 3% of Malaysian know about specialty coffee. To achieve this mission, the company intended to bring interesting and quality coffee to Malaysian from all over the world. The best way to educate Malaysia market is to let the consumer to taste it by themselves.

The vision of the company is to expand our business from Malaysia to other countries in the region, to provide one stop quality coffee supply to consumer as well as to influence and educate the consumer towards quality coffee. The brand is positioned as an exchange hub of coffee knowledge, coffee culture, and coffee products among all the said countries.

Existing products:
1. Coffeebrewer (Denmark)
2. Teabrewer (Denmark)
3. GOAT Mug (Slovenia)
4. GINA (Slovenia)

Up until today, we have achieve more than 10 resellers in prime area like bangsar, KL city, damansara, etc. Our business is currently yet to breakeven, but we do have steady sales to sustain revenue. The monthly sales at our existing coffee kiosk is average at RM5,000-7,000, monthly online sales average at RM4,000 to 6,000. However, during the month of December 2017 we managed to achieve RM12,800 sales in conjunction with the Christmas season and we did spend some funding on marketing. From these both channel, we do have some recurring customer who buy the products again from us and we heard satisfaction feedback from them. Aside from that, we also participated in some roadshow and exhibition in year 2017, where total sales for roadshow and exhibition in 2017 is approximately RM40,000.

The Company planned to widen the product range in coming quarter and already contact the principal from Japan and Taiwan on the products.

Funding Milestone The ideal funding required RM1,000,000
Usage of the fund:
10% to replenish existing products for bigger capacity
10% to bring in new products
5% setup e-commerce portal
10% setup licensing pop up kiosk
10% marketing, participate exhibition, roadshow and etc
% Equity Allocation 15%-20%
Company Name xxxxx Sdn Bhd
Website/Facebook xxxxx
Business Address Sunway Velocity Mall
Contact Person Timothy Chee

EROOM – Organized Property Rental Website

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM20,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Looking for a property for rent in current available websites are difficult, multiple messy entries, inaccurate and lack of information, not able to filter room preferences based on important factors. Room rental websites should be as easy as hotel rental websites. We designed a table system that fits in important variables such as type of property, gender and races preferences, price range, and also accurate availability date for the users to search for their preferred properties. We have also integrated a map view, whereby users can see directly where is the property and it’s surrounding, also with the relevant filters.
Our next step is to develop an app for this website to make it more accessible to users.
Business Opportunity We have currently 100 registered users, with around 20 of them are property agents. Hostelhunting and Ibilik dominating the market, Ibilik sold for RM13.5million in year 2013 and are still growing currently, we see the opportunity for a better systematic way for both the tenant and landlord.
Revenue / Business Model 1) Advertisement from property developers and also traffic flows
2) Big Data for property developers, restaurants, food deliveries companies, and also marketing companies.
Management Team Founder, Alfred Tew is the regional manager responsible for Southeast Asia region of a German medical equipment manufacturing company. He has a wide exposure on marketing activities in different customer segments, and also high exposure to the latest trend around the world as he is a frequently travelling. His main responsibility in this team is leading the marketing and identify business opportunities.

Managing Director, Chio Chin Kiat, has vast experienced in managing projects. He overseen daily operations of a manufacturing team, and is responsible also for the finance, budget planning, quality assurance. His main responsibility will be managing the daily operation of our company including the legal processing and taxation.

ICT Director, Ler Wei Lik, he is currently a back end system developer for one of the most complicated industry, the casino and resorts company. He is very familiar with the ICT systems, programming language, and server maintenance. He will be responsible for the development and stability of the website and mobile app.

Company Background We are an app and website development company. To date we have a few projects on-going. We are relative new player in the market, and are looking for an investor to grow with us and scale it to a bigger market. To date, the EROOM website, which is one of our project, we had secured 100 registered users. 20 property agents, and the numbers are growing constantly.
Funding Milestone 1) Social Media marketing (RM100,000)
2) EROOM App Development (RM60,000)
3) Legal Professional Fee (RM20,000)
4) Operation Fee (RM120,000)
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 30%
Risks and Mitigation The running cost of the website and app is relatively low. They are just some server maintenance cost.
Exit Strategies We are aiming to sell the whole system in 3 to 5 years, and valuation to be 10% higher than iBilik, around RM15Million with all the database.
Company Name LCTT Applications
Business Address 29-17, First Floor, Jalan pesta1/2, Kg. Kenangan Tun Dr. Ismail, 84000 Muar, Johor
Contact Person Alfred Tew

Private Investor : Yap Chee Yong

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity Tech Start Up
Automotive Products
Will NOT Invest In Agricultural
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Currently a Director in an automotive spare parts distribution business, I also run an e-Commerce website selling automotive spare parts. Have experience running a company and an e-Commerce site.
Organization Name Nature Fine Marketing Sdn Bhd
Address Penang, Malaysia

Exporting palm oil downstream products

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Im looking for fund for my export biz. My primary is palm oil related downstream products. We had already received initial export order and LC has been established. Now Im looking for funder to proceed with the biz. We had supplier and customers, we looking for funder to proceed. Totally risk less biz.
Our initial export would be crude glycerin (a by product of palm oil ). It has s niche market where the demand is higher and less supply.
Business Opportunity The supply is very limited and the demand very high. The crude glycerin is derived from palm oil, where the refined glycerin is being used in various industries ie: cosmetic, pharmaceutical and many more. The refined glycerin uses crude glycerin as feed stock and demand for refined glycerin is keep growing. Our current supplier has the capacity to supply 1000-3000 metric tons per month which is very huge quantity for this product. We had already secured an initial order for 1000 metric tons and Letter of Credit has been established. Upon execution of this initial order we will sign MOU with supplier and buyer for long term sales and purchase, both had agreed .
Revenue / Business Model Initial export has been secured with LC in hand
Total LC value for 1000 MT – USD470000
Required fund – 50% of the above value (partial shipments accepted , 2-3 shipments to complete the 1000MT)
Margin – USD60-70 per MT
Profit sharing – can be discussed
Duration – can be discussed
Management Team At the moment : 2 ( me and a part timer)
Upon initial order execution : 3-4 staff
Company Background This company was started December 2017 however Im experienced more than 15 years in this trade. Export is my major trade and particularly downstream palm oil products for industries.
Funding Milestone Amount required – USD230,000
The fund solely to be used for purchase the crude glycerin and develop the sales qty to reach the maximum qty of the supply
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI USD72,000 (six months) negotiate for longer term
Risks and Mitigation The payment for every order is secured by Letter of Credit and payment to supplier with 3rd party test report. Therefore no payment for the purchase if the 13d party inspection report does not tally with specification. The risk factor is highly reduced to negligible level.
Exit Strategies The investor can exit after 6 months if he/she is prefer.
Company Name Green Energy Products
Business Address d-5-2, greentown square, Ipoh
Contact Person Thiagu

Total Ifm Sdn Bhd – Project Funding

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 707,500.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description In line with global direction and approach, Malaysia is embarking on the implementation of green energy efficient activities nationwide to save energy and conserve the environment. Since 2016, TOTAL IFM S/B has actively involve in Energy Management Projects such as Supply & Install Energy Monitoring System, Detailed Energy Audit, Energy Performance Contracting, Chiller Optimization, Proof of Concept for energy efficiency programs and Retrofitting Projects.

Besides that, we are also doing facility management at KL Tower, Klinik Kesihatan and other facility engineering maintenance services to other customers like Indah Water Konsortium (IWK), Appraisal Property Management S/B, DRB Hicom Environmental service, Proton Edar S/B and One Medicare S/B.

Business Opportunity The accredited ISO 9001:2008 certification, Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM), Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Training Program collaboration with Malaysian Green Technology Corporation and registered with Energy Commission (ST) as Energy Service Company (ESCo), Technical Partner with British Energy Saving Technology (BEST, UK), TOFM has strengthen its technical exposure to support customers in Malaysia to implement Sustainable Energy Management Program.

TOFM is an extraordinary company in providing services to its customers because we have Mobile Maintenance Support Unit (MMU) which provides 24/7 attending to emergency response, breakdowns and site technical support.

Besides this, we at TOFM strongly believe in innovation and challenges by enhancing our products and services by incorporating latest methodology and technology to meet the highest standards in the business world. Our commitment is to work continuously and be result orientated to our business partners and associates. We are also fully committed in achieving Quality Assurance of highest standards with implementation to world class engineering practices. TOFM consistently supports and treats our customers, employees, shareholders and business partners and associates with honesty, integrity, dignity, fairness and respect. We also practice and conduct our business with the highest level of ethical standards. At TOFM we give our assurance that we are totally committed towards satisfaction to our business partners, associates and customers.

2015 – RM 13.1M RM 344,058.00
2016 – RM 14.0M RM 431,336.00
2017 – RM 15.0M
Management Team Mr.M.Yuthaya Surian – Director cum IFM Specialist & Certified Energy Manager, REEM
Pn. Norli Bt Halim – Senior Manager – Corp. Admin / Business Performance Management
Mr. Gallen Ling Sing Yii – Regional Manager- Buss. Dev / Operation (East Malaysia), REEM
Mr. Anthuan Salvaraja – Chief Technical Officer – Specialist Electronics, FPS & PABX
Ir. Bernad Sagaraj – Energy Management Specialist
Mr.Ir. Chandra Segar – Professional Eng. (Elect./Mech.) & First Gred Electrical & Steam Eng.
MR. Muqzit Khairin – BO Chargeman cum facility coordinator
Company Background TOTAL IFM Sdn. Bhd (TOFM) established in 1999, actively involved in Facility Management and Energy Management in West and East Malaysia. TOFM has 15 years of experience and exposure in building maintenance environment especially critical building like Hospitals. We have branches located in Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan, Sabah, Sarawak (East Malaysia), with its Northern Region branch and Head Office based in Ipoh, Perak.
Funding Milestone -Funding Required – 5mil
– to invest in the projects, which ready to take off.
– Project in Hand:

CentriSoh 18-months journey

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description This year our company is moving into its 3rd year of operations. To continue on an upward trajectory and to capture an even bigger market share, we are planning on upgrading our company to “Sdn Bhd” status this year. In line with our expansion plan, we are looking for a short-term investor for a period of between 12 to 18 months. The investment fund can be used for implementing and developing digital equipment and apps which respond to current trends during a 12-month timeline.
Business Opportunity Digital marketing
Revenue / Business Model Branding digital
Management Team 8
Company Background This year our company is moving into its 3rd year of operations. To continue on an upward trajectory and to capture an even bigger market share, we are planning on upgrading our company to “Sdn Bhd” status this year.
Funding Milestone In line with our expansion plan, we are looking for a short-term investor for a period of between 12 to 18 months. The investment fund can be used for implementing and developing digital equipment and apps which respond to current trends during a 12-month timeline.
Expected ROI 20
Risks and Mitigation Digital and Apps development , phase by phase
Exit Strategies 12-18 months
Company Name CentriSoh Sales & Marketing
Business Address Sunway GEO Avenue
Contact Person Miss Soh