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Food and groceries delivery mobile application

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM0
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description A mobile application for food and groceries delivery that gives a user the ability to place an order from smartphones at their fingertips.
Business Opportunity Our mission is to provide solutions for our community of working people, students, elderly, disabled people and suburban residents. With our mobile application, we able to influence people with busy lifestyles, heavy traffic issues and job fortuity. Besides that, we give an opportunity for our local merchants to expand their market and values.
Our target market is based on Malaysian population which is 31,381,992 (est July 2017). We target 10% out of Malaysian population beginning from Kuching Sarawak (969,400 est 2017). Our age target is between 15 years old to 65 years old, we believe by doing those target market we are able to improve our mobile application in the future.
Revenue / Business Model 1. We charge our user RM 2.00 per service fee followed by the delivery fee.
(example: 10% population of Kuching Sarawak 96,940 x RM 2.00 = RM 193,880.00)
2. Our merchant monthly sign up fee is RM 50.00, we have more than 2,500 active merchants in Kuching Sarawak
(example: 10% merchant in Kuching equal to 250 merchants x RM 50.00 = RM 12,500.00 per month
= RM 150,000.00 per year
Management Team 1. Andhie Joshua Melling (Founder)
10 years in Business Marketing
8 years in IT
Diploma in Political Science

2. Valerie Sulau (Co-founder)
6 years in Administration
3 years in Business Marketing
Diploma in Business & Information system

Company Background Pre-seed and startup business
Funding Milestone 40% Mobile Application Development
55% Operation Cost
5% Consumable
% Equity Allocation maximum of 20%
Expected ROI minimum of 10%
Risks and Mitigation Risk
1. Pre-seed
2. moderate revenue growth for the 1st year operation.

1. Weak competition.
2. Strong marketing strategies.
3. Growth forecast and research.

Exit Strategies Exit Strategies (5 – 6 years)
1. IPO
2. Merger and acquisition
Company Name Bahtera Megah
Business Address PIBU office, Block 2, 2nd floor, Sultan Tengah Road, 93050 Kuching.
Contact Person Andhie Joshua Melling

Venture Capital / Private Equity : Greg

Preferred Investment Amount RM4,000,0001 or more
Preferred Investment Opportunity Manufacturing, Healthcare, education and retail
Will NOT Invest In Alcohol, gaming and property
Preferred Location Malaysia
Public Profile Renowned Private Equity
Address Menara Maxis, Level 33 Suite A, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur

UYA ASIA entertainment market place

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM2,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description UYA ASIA is an entertainment market place where we are changing the way people shop online.
We launch since 28 Nov 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.

Asia News Today:
Capital TV:

Media Write Up:

Teaser Ads

The Grand Launch:

Company Website and Social Media Sites:

Business Opportunity With integration of new technology, cross border logistics and lifestyle mobile APP, we are expecting good take up rate and high volume of downloads and big database. It’s a common platform between Singapore, Malaysia and China in times to come. We are expecting full swing marketing by end of 2018.
Target to reach out to 10 countires expected with minimum 4 rounds of funding.
Revenue / Business Model 1) Quality Focus
2) The Only Entertainment Market Place integrated with Lifestyle APP (Need to meet up for detailed explaination)
3) One platform shared between Singapore, Malaysia and China (Transaction in Ringgit only thru various payment gateways)
4) Same Day Delivery with 4 Hours (Selected Locations only)
5) Licensed Alcohol Plattform & Distributor in Muslim Country
6) Unqiue tie up with KOTRA (Korea Trade)
7) Exclusive Phone & Laptop Pickup & Repair Services (In Malaysia only)
Management Team We are working on a lean team now with KL and Johor Bahru office in placed.
Need to explain more in details when meet up.
Company Background UYA ASIA is a Singapore company where we already setup the followings:
1) UYA ASIA SDN BHD (Online Entertainment Market Place) – Malaysia
2) UYA ASIA HOLDINGS SDN BHD (Trading Businesses) – Malaysia
3) UYA ASIA ENTERTAINMENT SDN BHD (Events Management) – Malaysia
4) UYA ASIA PTE LTD (Online Entertainment Market Place) – Singapore
5) UYA ASIA HOLDINGS PTE LTD (Trading Businesses) – Singapore
Funding Milestone 2017 – Stage 1: Seed And Development
2018 – Stage 2: Start-up
2019 – Stage 3: Growth And Establishment
2020 – Stage 4: Expansion
2021 – Stage 4: Expansion
2022 – Stage 5: Maturity And Possible Exit
% Equity Allocation 10%
Expected ROI Expected company to be valued over USD 1billion by 2022
Risks and Mitigation Possible risks of new platforms and evolution of current players like Lazada, Fave, 11 Street, Qoo10 in ASIA market.
However im very confident in the new lifestyle APP that we are introducing which we will change the way people shop online in a very short period with decent exposures and creative marketing strategies.
Exit Strategies We are open to merger or even sell the entire business when reach matured stage in 2022.
Business Address VO3-13-17 Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity,55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
Contact Person Philip Chow E-Commerce for Automotive Accessories Services

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description allow car enthusiasts, to purchase car body kits, soundproof, and tints via e-commerce platform set up in and drive straight to the nearest workshop based on their preferred installation location with PROVEN professional services with warranty at least 1 year of the products.
Business Opportunity There are a lot of e-commerce platforms selling auto accessories parts such as Maxaudio, Lazada, Shopee, Mudah, etc but none of them offering services. is here to integrate the specialist car workshops in every urban area based on their specialty with the local car enthusiasts. Local car enthusiasts no longer required to hunt around the services around the town, and straight drive their cars to the specialist workshops in their area for the installation/services.

Revenue / Business Model We take 20% commission on each transaction on site
Management Team Founder – Kelvin Ang
1) car enthusiasts who know well how the buyers suffering when looking for the profresional workshops that run the workshop with good business ethic too.
2) car blogger for past 5 years ( started out as blog in 2012)
3) Past experience as engineer in MNC and startup in SG, with great exposure for what its take to grow and run a company
4) Event organizer in Meetup platform SG – more than 900 pax members
5) Account Manager in 3M in 2015 – know what it takes to close deal and partnership with other company
6) Self learned Digital Marketing Skills – improved the’s Google page rank from 0/10 to 6/10.
Company Background Started in Apr 2018
Investment made to date – RM2000
1) Marketing and market validation – RM1K
2) Operation and platform set up – RM1K

Secured 3 partnership in just Butterworth, Penang. Yet to expand to the island and other area northern area.

Funding Milestone Amount of Funding required – RM100,000
Marketing and Branding – RM40,000
Web development – RM20,000
Operation and Hiring – RM40,000
% Equity Allocation 50
Expected ROI 200%
Risks and Mitigation Market researches and validation will be done before each new category is formed. We will start with the car bodykits, soundproof basic package for the hottest ride first such as Perodua Myvi, Honda City, Civic, Toyota Vios before creating another new category.

If the new category is not working, then we will close down the category and stop working on the digital marketing for the selective category.

Exit Strategies Liquidation and close, when the revenue is no longer upraising or declining.
Company Name
Business Address 34, Tingkat Bagan Baru 10
Contact Person Kelvin Ang

Web Development company in Kuala Lumpur seeking growth capital

Project Title Prosyscom Sdn Bhd is a company for Web Development. We will grab any opportunity in Technology site and provide what people need in IT side. We already finish all our projects and ready for marketing. just need a little bit investment to fullfill this task and will give company share depend on how much they invest
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested almost RM400,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We already setup one website and that website have a high number of traffic we will do more marketing for the traffic and can put any ads, then we can demand the price for ads. we have a e-commerce website and own products. we will sell our and partnership products there and if have a good marketing strategy, this website can sustain. we also build a platform to connect all Programmer and Developer in Technology site that will help our company growth more. company also provide basic service such as web designer, crm, security, online marketing and anything that relay to our expertise. we have 1 project that can help a lot of people and soon will be launch. the key is once if a customer buy 1 product from our company, they will continue to buy other product also repeatly
Business Opportunity no limitation in Technology. eventhough right now we have non-virtual office in USA. our programmer also from many country. the key point is Future is Technology and who follow it, then they will control all. our customer not from local or asia. our target is woldwide even though mostly our traffic website come from europe region.
Revenue / Business Model -we will make money from own project, like we build up an app that can help people more easy to solve their task. then we do the marketing and people will continuesly pay every month. we also will receive personal data to keep for future project.
-make money from ads we put in our website
-from selling ours and partnership products in our e-commerce website
-provide hosting service
-provide service in IT, such as web development, online marketing, security and others thing that relay to IT
Management Team this company lead with CEO and marketing director
we have a good team for online marketing and programming
now we just need local team for offline.
Company Background We start in 2016 but but in 2017 august is when all the project start. in 2017 we finish all the money to start the project and finish it recently. from the last audit our sale 300k-350k but we use that money to finish our project.
Funding Milestone RM150,000. this is what we need to cover 1 year expenses such as salary, office rental, internet, server and basic thing. we will keep update with investor about what will we do with the money and investor also will get a company share. right now paid up capital our company is 1,000,000 and we get an ICT status from mdec and partner with google. after we start the marketing, we also will apply MSC status which is just have around 1200 only company that get this status. we cant promise anything but if our company success, investor have two benefit. first the share from company he get will increase and he can sell it and secondly he will get anual profit depend on company profit.
% Equity Allocation 15%
Expected ROI
Risks and Mitigation we already study the risk, actually the IT company that have his own product, project and do the service can sustain easily if have enough fund. we are very confident because one of our project is on rapid growth. worst case if anything that we didnt expected happen, we will sold company property. we have around 600k officially property such as script, and others product.
Exit Strategies we hopefully investor can stay with our company but if they need to leave, after one year at least. because the money we take for 1 year expenses and we will push very hard on marketing. if investor leave. after one year, he will get anual profit and he can sell his share in company.
Company Name Prosyscom Sdn Bhd
Business Address C-11-15, Zeta Park, Setapak Central Mall, 53000 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Amirul Najhmie

Quran Accelerated Learning Centre (QHAL)

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description We Khalifah Education Foundation & Positive Islamic Psychology Centre / Entrepreneurs Development Institute Sdn Bhd will be starting our Quran Accelerated Learning Project (Q-HAL) together with Khalifah Model Pre-School Franchise system throughout Malaysia.

Q-HAL method can revolutionize and transform the teaching and understanding of the Quran and the deen of Islam. Through Q-HAL method, we can train any normal child to reach Diploma Level in Quranic studies and Hafazan. This is on a part time study basis of 8 hours a week at our Q-HAL centres throughout Malaysia. Within the Q-HAL Centre, we also can operate our Khalifah Model Pre-School franchise centres throughout Malaysia.

Business Opportunity The current Sekolah Agama / Tahfiz systems either full time or part time is not effective. More than 100,000 Muslim children are studying in Tahfiz Schools. So far, the track record in terms of mastery of the Quran and Arabic language in Tahfiz Schools is not good.

More than 2 million Muslim children are studying part time at Sekolah Agama Rakyat. Even after 10 years of studies every day for 3 hours daily, they have very little knowledge of Arabic language of the Quran or the understanding of Islamic Fiqh, Tasawuf and Islamic ideology as a way of life. Insha’Allah if we can reach out through Q-HAL, we can transform the teaching and learning of the Quran in Malaysia and throughout the world.

We are proposing to create The Quran Institute of Malaysia (QIM) to revolutionize the learning, teaching and mastery of the Quran, Arabic language / English language and Malay language all in one Integrated Holistic Accelerated Learning Techniques.

Revenue / Business Model Example of income 1: Income of Q-HAL in Malaysia (1st year operation)

i. Small group of student max 15 pax per class x 12 class room x RM350 fee per pax = RM63, 000 per month.
ii. Will conduct 3 weekday session of morning / afternoon / night, 2 hours each for 4 days (Monday to Thursday). Income from the 3 session will be RM63,000 x 3 session = RM189,000 per month
iii. Income from weekend session 4 hours each on Saturday and Sunday (Morning and afternoon)
2 session x RM63, 000 = RM126, 000 per month

Total gross profit RM 189,000 + RM126, 000 = RM315, 000 per month

Less cost of operation at 50% = RM189, 000 (inclusive of depreciation, utilities, salaries, promotion, advertisement, etc.)

Forecast Net profit per month = RM189, 000 per month

Forecast net profit per year = RM2.3 million per year

Example 2: Opening of 250 franchise centers of Q-HAL / Khalifah Model Pre-School throughout Malaysia (2nd year operation)

Net profit per month per center = RM1500 per month / RM18.0K per year for both Q-HAL Training and Khalifah Model School franchisee centers

Forecast net profit to 250 centers per year = RM1500 x 12 x 250 = RM4.5 million

Total possible profit Insha’Allah Example Project 1 & 2 (2nd year onwards)
= RM2.3 M + RM4.5M
= RM6.8 M in Malaysia alone.

Highly profitable! Insha’Allah we can develop more than 1000 Q-HAL / Khalifah Model Pre-School (KMPS) in Malaysia within the next 5 years. Insha’Allah potential profit can be more than RM10.0 Million per annum.

Example 3: Opening franchise centers internationally especially Indonesia, America, Europe & the Middle East.

Existing joint venture partner in Malaysia will be invited to invest in our overseas operations. We will appoint Master Franchisors in each country where will operate internationally.

Potential income stream RM30 million to RM50 million per year from our international operations

Management Team Develop by Dr. Abdul Aziz Azimullah an expert in Human Resource Development and Accelerated Learning Technique. He spends more than 25 years in training and consultancy. Holistic Accelerated Learning (HAL) techniques were developing to train unemployed graduate in English language on accelerated basis under SLG scheme (Skim Latihan Graduan menganggur). Q-HAL method has been proven in training hundreds of unemployed graduate in mastering English language within 3 months. After the 3 months HAL courses, they have Mastery of the English Language and received good jobs offers.
Company Background Organization Name : YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN KHALIFAH
Registration No. : 433502-X
Date of Establishment : 10 October 2012
Type of Organization : Company Limited by Guarantee
Registration Objective : Fund management for education and welfare purposes.
Tax Exemption Ref No. : LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.8000
Funding Milestone 1. Our scheme for joint venture is as follows:

We request each joint venture partner to inject RM100K to have the right to setup and run Quranic Institute of Malaysia / Q-Hal Training Centre and Khalifah Model Pre-School (KMPS). This group of 34 partners will raise RM3.4 Million for the project. (Each RM100K x 34 = RM3.4 M). This RM3.4 M from our JV partner is 49% share of Q-HAL Sdn Bhd. (Not including our Ujana Harmonis Training Centre asset)

2. They will be the partners in the Q-HAL center and Khalifah Model Pre School project in Malaysia i.e., they will be joint venture master franchisor in Malaysia.

3. They will also have the right to trade mark Q-HAL Training Centre and Khalifah Model Pre-School (KMPS) franchise centers in Malaysia though their shares in Q-HAL Sdn Bhd.

4. Insha’Allah, if all goes to plan, we can generate RM6.8 Million per annum in Malaysia within the next 3 to 5 years.

5. From this RM6.8 Million profits, RM3.4 Million will be paid back to the shareholder as profit who injected the capital (49% share of project). Insha’Allah, within 3 to 5 years, Insha’Allah the ROI is more than 100% of investment i.e. life time profit as long as the company is in operation.

6. Money back guarantee: The joint venture partner Insha’Allah will have a guarantee. If this project does not generate profit by December 2021, EDI will reimburse the full RM3.4 Million back to the joint venture partners, by taking over their shares. As guarantee:

a. We will develop our Ujana Harmonis Training Centre as condo / apartment. Potential profit RM15.0 Million in future if needed.
b. Or we will sell our prime land bank 6.5 acres at MRR2, Batu 6, Gombak. The land value is RM12.0 million. Lot No.: 4584 & Lot 3783, Mukim Setapak, Gombak.

7. Joint venture partners in Malaysia operation will also be invited to invest in our overseas operations. Potential for global expansion especially in Indonesia can generate RM30 Million to RM50 Million profits per year. Insha’Allah

Expected ROI ROI is more than 100% of investment i.e. life time profit as long as the company is in operation.
Exit Strategies Money back guarantee: The joint venture partner Insha’Allah will have a guarantee. If this project does not generate profit by December 2021, EDI will reimburse the full RM3.4 Million back to the joint venture partners, by taking over their shares. As guarantee:

a. We will develop our Ujana Harmonis Training Centre as condo / apartment. Potential profit RM15.0 Million in future if needed.
b. Or we will sell our prime land bank 6.5 acres at MRR2, Batu 6, Gombak. The land value is RM12.0 million. Lot No.: 4584 & Lot 3783, Mukim Setapak, Gombak.

Business Address Taman Ampang Utama, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
Contact Person Dr Abdul Aziz Azimullah

Kacang Puteh Manufacturing to become a brand leader and dictate the industry

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM3,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description We are snack food (kacang puteh) manufacturing company located in Ipoh. We produce about 20 different types and trade about another 40 (specific & seasonal) products. We are only snack food manufacturer who grinds their own flour and supply to other competitors. We do a complete range of the manufacturing process.
Business Opportunity Being a manufacturing company, started small and grew with bank loans and SME’s graduate fund. But the funds we get have always able to grow only 1 out of 4 legs of our business. Finance, Operation, Human Resource, and Marketing. We save up to buy a factory and get a loan. Then save up to purchase a machine to place in the factory, next we will need the manpower to work the machines. Marketing or getting orders is the easy part. Delivering and sustaining the payment terms is the hard part. Then when we want to grow again, that’s the issue. We have done this cycle 3 times with 3 factories. So we need an investment and an investor who understands this. A factory which can support 10 times our current rate and we can add on the machines as the business grows. An investor who can support us with the cash flow as the orders is coming in.
Revenue / Business Model We are doing RM4million yearly for the past 3 years. We stopped all marketing work 3 years ago and we manage to sustain the sale from people finding us. We have a net margin around 10% but that can be improved via economies of scale and economies of scope. We can pledge our properties as well to get the investors know that we are all in. We can have an agreement that, we focus on paying back and buying back capital from for the investor as we make more profit.
Management Team The whole team consists of 28 people. General staff at 20 (local 8, foreign 12) and management/supervisor at 8.
1)CEO, 2)Factory manager, 3)Marketing&Sales, 4)Account, 5)Human Resource&Office, 6)Purchase&Stock 7)Production Supervisor 8)Packing Supervisor

Currently, we have downsized and just maintain about half of the staff. But if investment comes in, we can build back a fully operational team for that scale.

Company Background We started as a grinding mill 30 years ago by my father. I have been working in the family business since I was 5 years old. Turned around the company when I took over and went from a small shop lot to 3 factories and from 500k sales to RM4million in sales. From one product to support kacang puteh industry to more than 20 in-house products and nearly 40 trading items.
Funding Milestone We have invested our own money and bank loans into the business. We would need a bigger factory (RM 3 to 5 million), machines (RM 2 million)(can support up to 15 million in revenue), cash flow to support us with growing orders (RM 2 to 5 million)

The new factory would be an asset, the cash flow will be payable by big companies, thus these two have no risk to low risk.
The only risk are the machines, even if we deprecate the machines for 5 to 10 years, They become half the value the moment we buy them.

% Equity Allocation Majority to Minority (We are open to suggestions)
Expected ROI 10% – 15%
Risks and Mitigation The only risk is that we might not grow as much as we planned or we grow too fast that we would need more funding. Kacang Puteh as an industry is about 80 years old, we have been in business for 30 years and we are the supplier and market leader for the industry so these are only two risks we are getting into.
Exit Strategies We will buy back the share from the investor with profit we make.
We will go for M&A with a larger corporation.

*We are interested in the public list the company ourself currently. It’s not our core competency so we do not focus there. But if the investor wants to do it, we welcome them but they have to give us time to learn and prepare ourself. We can answer the audit questions but if possible I would want t focus on manufacturing which is what we are best at. We will grow the company.

Company Name Snack Boss Sdn Bhd / Menglembu Foods Industrys
Business Address 14 16, Laluan Perusahaan Kledang 3, Taman Perindustrian Chandan Raya, Mengelmbu, 31450, Ipoh, Perak.
Contact Person Surentran Somasundram

F&B Investment Proposal SkyAvenue Genting

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 200,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description The Majapahit Empire was a vast kingdom based on the island of Java from 1293 to around 1500.
The empire reached its peak of glory during the rule of Hayam Wuruk and his Prime Minister, Gajah
Mada, whose reign from 1350 to 1389 was marked by conquest which extended throughout a large
part of Southeast Asia. During its glory days, the Majapahit Empire stretched over the entire
present-day Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Sulu Archipelago, Philippines and East
Timor. It was one of the last major empires of the region and is considered to be the greatest and
most powerful empire in the history of Southeast Asia.
THE MAJAPAHIT Restaurant & Bar takes its inspiration from this mighty empire; its menu conquers
the vivid and distinct cuisines of Southeast Asia. Backed up by a full bar that serves the best
selection of beers, wines, whiskies and spirits, The Majapahit Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place
to wine, dine and savour it all.
Business Opportunity Since it’s debut in February 2018, The Majapahit @ Arcoris Mont Kiara has been the talk of the
town with its beautiful interior, great food and top-notch service. The Majapahit @ Arcoris has
successfully created its own league of restaurants & bar with its full house dinner service almost
every night. It has also been featured on many online and printed platforms.
One of the partners who will be in-charge of the food segment of the business is also the person
behind Ginger, arguably one of the longest lasting Thai restaurants in Malaysia. Ginger, which has
been around for more than 25 years is an award winning restaurant located at Central Market,
Kuala Lumpur.
The partners had also been the master franchisee and were responsible for bringing one of the
largest Indonesian restaurant chains into Malaysia. Bumbu Desa serves authentic Indonesian
Cuisine including Padang, Sunda and Malay oerings. The partners had successfully introduced
and operated Bumbu Desa in several locations including Suria KLCC and KLIA2.
With the experiences and expertise, The Majapahit will have the great combination of both Thai
and Indonesian cuisine, with a full bar oering wide variety of beverages and a good selection of
Revenue / Business Model Asian food operators in Genting Highlands, specifically at SkyAvenue, have been doing
exceptionally well, in fact, it is widely known that the outlets at SkyAvenue are usually their best
performing (within their respective groups) for most of the established brands that are operating
there. The positioning specifically for this location is crucial. Because of the importance of Chinese
tourist market in Genting, we propose to feature a Chinese name for The Majapahit, called ‘东南皇朝’
(translated to mean ‘Southeast Asian Dysnasty’). This is to further attract big number of Chinese
tourists in Genting Highlands to try the food of this region since they are traveling here in this
region. It is also important to note that there is no Indonesian restaurant and limited Thai
restaurants in the entire vicinity of Genting Highlands. Because of the strong brand recognition
created by The Majapahit in KL, the Genting location will also be able to attract the business from
domestic tourists.

Not only is SkyAvenue located in the heart of Genting Highlands with its own cable car station
located on the 4th floor, it has became the latest hype of Genting Highlands with the size of
390,000 sq ft housing over 165 retail lots, restaurants and cinema. The visibility of The Majapahit
lot, facing the eventual main entrance of the upcoming 20th Fox World theme park, is also
undoubtedly prime and will be able to capture a lot of impulse dining.

The partners and the management team of GreatFUN have been in the F&B industry for decades. Mr.
Ray Nadaraja, one of the three main partners is the person behind one of the oldest and most
successful Thai restaurant and several other successful F&B concepts; Mr. Siswanto, the other partner
who has been responsible for many pioneering concepts which had became household names such
as Quattro, The Sanctuary, The Opera and The Library just to name a few; and Mr. Danny Lee, an F&B
professional turned entrepreneur, has a proven track record of almost 30 years working with
American franchises (Popeye’s, Papa Johns, California Pizza Kitchen, etc.) and has managed more
than 250 outlets from Americas to Asia.
Two of the partners were also the founders of AUM Hospitality (AUMH), which was one of the largest
F&B group in Malaysia with brands such as Johnny Rockets, Quiznos, Franco, The Library Coee Bar,
Providence, Vertigo, The Geoventure, Rootz and many more under its wing. Due to the success of the
group, Parkson Holdings Berhad took a majority stake of AUMH in 2014 and when their service
contracts expired, the team divested the balance of the shares in the group to Parkson.
The partners then started The Great Fundamentals Sdn Bhd (GreatFUN) in 2017. In about a year, it has
quickly become a serious player in the industry with the wildly successful Fuze in operation; and it has
also since secured Wingstop’s master franchise rights for Malaysia and opened 2 outlets within 6
months period. With the latest success of The Majapahit @ Arcoris, GreatFUN has proven to be on the
right track to success.
Company Background Will only share with keen investors.
Funding Milestone 30% Upon Letter of Offer
50% Upon starting of renovation Works
20% Upon Completion of project
% Equity Allocation Will present to keen Investors
Expected ROI Will present to keen Investors
Risks and Mitigation LONG TERM BUSINESS
As aforementioned, the primary goal of The Majapahit is to make it a long term and sustainable
business for, literally, decades. The fact that original Souled Out in Hartamas and The Social in
Bangsar Baru, have been in business for more than 20 years and 17 years respectively, is enviable.
By having the most senior people in the management team to run this brand, it will further
increase the likelihood of success.
Exit Strategies EXIT PLAN
It is important not to have emotional attachment to any business. There is always a price for
anything. So if the right opportunity comes along, The Majapahit brand should always be available
for a trade sale or to be packaged together for a corporate exercise. As part of the GreatFUN
group, it could also be possible that The Majapahit will tag along if any major corporate exercise
(whether IPO or otherwise) were to happen. Again, it is good to note that both The Library and
The Geoventure were both packaged with the AUM Hospitality (AUMH) sale to the Parkson Group
and then later on, both brands were sold by AUMH to Connexion Group (The Beer Factory).
Company Name GreatFun Lifestyle
Business Address Lot No. G8, G9 & G10, Ground Level, Arcoris Mont’ Kiara, No. 10, Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara (6.57 km) 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Adrian Loh

XUsed: The next unicorn in waste industry

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description XUsed is a technology platform for trading recycle waste. Also known as ‘Uber for recycle waste’. XUsed is a recycle waste collector without any garbage truck and warehouse for storage. XUsed is aiming to be the ‘SEA Waste Bank’ with Big Data in the next 5 years.
Business Opportunity The government is spending RM2.2billion a year in managing waste. The recycle waste industry is a huge business opportunity. However, many people look at it as ‘less sexy’ business. Therefore, it becomes an exclusive industry for certain players. XUsed is taking this advantage due to lack of competitors and experienced in the market since 2015. XUsed started in B2C segment with schools as our main customers (There are 10,000 schools). Starting this year, XUsed has ventured into B2B segment. In 2019, Environmental Syllabus will be introduce in schools and this will increase the amount of recycle wastes from students. Recycle waste will produce as long as human race exist. Hence, the business opportunity is endless and XUsed is looking to expand to other SEA countries.
Revenue / Business Model XUsed makes money from taking percentage from recycle waste collected. The average profit is 100%. Example, XUsed buys Aluminium from sellers at RM1.70/kg and sell back to our partners at RM4.60/kg. It is a profit of 270%.
Management Team Saiful Adli bin Mokhtar – CEO and Founder. 15 years working in MNCs. Experienced working in banking and O&G industries. MBA with operation background.
Ahmad Faiz bin Ramli – COO and co-founder. IT background. Handling the operation side of XUsed.
Current full time employees is 4 staffs.
Company Background XUsed started as a used cooking oil collector in 2015. Received grant worth RM30,000 from MAGIC in 2016 and launched XUsed website ( XUsed received an offer of investment worth RM250,000 in exchange of 30% equity. XUsed did not proceed with the offer because the current business model is sustainable. In 2017, XUsed started with 2 schools as a pilot project. Due to overwhelming response, in 2018 XUsed has received numerous requests from other schools. Already operating at 53 schools and approval from 57schools. (1% of market share). XUsed is also expanding to B2B segment and Hap Seng is the 1st customer.
Funding Milestone RM500,000
70% – Expansion and marketing
15% – Admin and operation
15% – Product development
Milestone: Every RM100,000 = 200 schools = 200,000 students
% Equity Allocation 15% – 25%
Expected ROI ROI is 10% per annum.
Risks and Mitigation Risks: All competitors such as I-Cycle and HelloGold are exchanging recycle waste to vouchers. They may change their business model and adopt cash.
Mitigation: Need to expand and be the 1st Waste Bank in SEA.
Exit Strategies Exit Strategy: Sell the company to another organisation in 3 years time with 5 times higher valuation. GreenTech are interested with our Big Data and expressed their interest to buy XUsed.
However, XUsed is planning to raise funds through Equity Crowd Funding (ECF) in the near future. Hence, any Angels invest in XUsed will increase their value in a short period of time.
Company Name XUsed Global Solutions
Business Address Unit A3-3A-36, Level 3A, Leisure Commerce Square, Jalan PJS 8/9 Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person Saiful Adli Mokhtar (SAM)