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NatMobil Online Advertising Programme

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description NatMobil is a digital commerce platform that supports advertisers in their online branding, marketing and sales initiatives. NatMobil was developed to enhance the effectiveness of traditional advertising mediums in pushing out ad messages and integrate it with frontier technology to pull in and engage customers with best-in-class consumer experience, providing a full-fledged branding, marketing and sales platform for advertisers.
Business Opportunity To begin with, we are placing our focus on the automotive industry as our initial trade of vehicle advertising gives us direct and immediate access to a wide market of car users. Problems faced in the industry are advertisers find that there is a lack of engagement between brands of automotive products with consumers therefore consumers are often unsure of whether they are purchasing genuine and cost-saving products from service workshops, which will affect the performance of their vehicle and their own safety.

The total registered passenger cars in Malaysia is over 14 MILLION units, with an estimated car maintenance cost of RM1,800 per annum to purchase automotive products, the forecasted total market size is RM25.2 BILLION per annum. By enabling our omni-channel media (offline & online) and unique marketing strategies, we are able to capture the interest of advertisers to allocate their advertising & promotion (A&P) funds with us and seize the attention of consumers to purchase from us.

Revenue / Business Model Through our advertising programme, we will be able to generate our revenue from multiple streams, offline and online advertising as well as online sales of products and/or services.
Management Team Our team members constitute a strong solid team with over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing
Company Background NatAds was founded in the year 1997. Being the pioneer in the industry, we constantly challenge ourselves to drive new innovations and ideas to help maximize the full potential of vehicle advertising. We have developed a fully functioning app and at the present we are mounting contents on the interface. We are proud to announce that we have secured the commitment of Denso, a global OEM brand to be an anchor tenant in our platform and have also peaked the interest of many other potential clients in the automotive trade to collaborate with us. With the participation of these industry Giants, we are able to leverage on their network and convert this captive market into our loyal customers, projecting a fast growth. We also have access to a database of 45,000 drivers then we can convert into our loyal customers.
Funding Milestone We are looking for RM 500K funding to facilitate and enhance our app for commercialization, in order to help sell more products and services by advertisers. Funds raised will be used mainly for operations, hiring business & IT talents to constantly innovate with the advancement of digital technology and to facilitate the growth of our business expansion
% Equity Allocation 10. Open for discussion.
Expected ROI 3 – 5x more from the invested amount
Exit Strategies When the expected ROI has been achieved. Open for discussion.
Company Name NatAds Outdoor Sdn Bhd
Business Address No 5, USJ5/1C 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia
Contact Person Howard Kiu

Private Investor : Ashwynjit Singh Ludher

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity – F&B
– Technology
– Retail
– Entertainment
– Automotive
– Education
– Hospitality
– Healthcare
– Property
– Oil & Gas
Will NOT Invest In – Mining
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile – Looking for worthwhile investments that are innovative and creative. Open to all ideas as long as it can be backed up by logical reasoning.
Address Subang Jaya

Eldershare, AirBnB for Senior Citizens

Current Status Break-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description AN INNOVATIVE CONCEPT WHOSE TIME HAS COME. Eldershare is a ground-breaking new concept in senior living and care. It allows seniors to live together as small groups sharing spacious, well-appointed condos, apartments, and landed homes. This enables them to receive the care and socialisation they need while maintaining a sense of independence. Eldershare helps families find more attractive housing options for their elderly but also offers elderly singles (often widows) a chance to rent out their own homes and share care and expenses with other seniors, In addition, the company rents selected units, making them available to seniors, offering full care, medical attention, activities, meals and companionship.
Business Opportunity FILLS A SIGNIFICANT NEED. Eldershare comes along at a time when the children of an ageing population–both in Malaysia and Asia more broadly–are desperate to find suitable living situations and care for their parents and other relatives who are living long lives, need some help in their daily lives but are ready for a nursing home. Malaysia has a 10% ageing population and this number will balloon up to 20% by 2030. The market is ever growing and our services is one-of-a-kind and affordable, not being done anywhere else in the world yet.
Revenue / Business Model We rent units from landlords and sublet it to elderly tenants. On top of that, we provide care services, meals services, physiotherapy and doctor visits to our units.

We also have extra services such as outings, acupuncture, massages, companion for hospital follow ups, which are affordably priced.

We have elderly landlords staying alone that would like companions as well. We collect the rent and utilities on behalf of the landlord and charge the tenants for care and meal services that we provide.

Management Team Dr. Lim Geng Yan (CEO, Medical Director) – medical doctor with special interest in Geriatric care. Owns and operates a chain of nursing homes in Malaysia (

Ms. Anna Kon (Nursing Director) – registered nurse with vast background in Geriatric care. Currently is the Nursing Director of Jasper Lodge.

Mr. Andrew Mastrandonas (Chief Development Officer) – coming from a background of Telehealth in Singapore and operating Retirement Villages in Costa Rica, Andrew has a vast experience in this field to expand the business.

Mr. Cristian Andrei Andriesei (Chief Product Officer) – Telehealth background as well. He is in charge of building the AirBNB platform for seniors to find a suitable share living space.

Mr. Alvin Chong (Sales Executive) – Has been managing the sales team in Jasper Lodge with exceptional performance. Understands and knows how to sell senior care and living services.

Ms. Irean Yong (Administrative Executive) – Has been managing the administrative team in Jasper Lodge with exceptional performance.

Mr. Shahmie Ezham (Lead Physiotherapist) – Has been leading the physiotherapy and senior activities teams in Jasper Lodge.

Company Background 20,000 revenue per month from 2 units, profit margin of 20% after taking out marketing costs and staff salary. We filled up 2 units in 2 months.
Funding Milestone RM300,000.x
Two main purposes: Open 20 more units and fund the marketing to fill up the units.
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI Multiple folds
Risks and Mitigation Eviction from property management or landlord represents the biggest risk. Hence, we need to make sure that the landlord is aware and agreeable with what we are doing in their unit with a signed agreement, and use ‘investment properties’ or ‘commercial-titled properties’ to operate. These properties are usually the ones that allow AirBNB.
Exit Strategies Acquisition by a public listed company. We already have a candidate that is interested once we have scaled it up to a certain extent.
Company Name Eldershare Sdn Bhd
Business Address 37, Jalan SS 2/3, SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person Lim Geng Yan

10 Things you should know about the Singapore startup landscape

With Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH) just around the corner, there is a significant interest directed at Singapore these days.

Of course, there has always been interest in Singapore’s tech and startup scene, especially when the city-state became the only Southeast Asian country to rank in Startup Genome’s Top 20 Startup Ecosystems in World report in 2015.

But if you’re only just discovering Singapore’s tech and startup scene, here’s ten things you should know about it.

1. A steadily growing entrepreneurial activity

Over the last five years, Singapore’s startup landscape has grown tremendously. According to Jonathan Lim, Director of Startup and Global Innovation Alliance of Enterprise Singapore, the number of tech startups has grown from 3,400 in 2012 to 4,000 in 2017.

While Singapore has been a significant hub for startups since the late 90’s, this 17 per cent boost in a span of five years is a significant number that can be attributed to a conducive business environment, ample government support, and a strong entrepreneurial community.

“Singapore has a very positive outlook when it comes to trying new things and finding innovative ways to solve different problems,” said Yuki Shimahara, CEO of LPixel, a startup specialising in developing AI for Life Science research.

2. Highest amount of startup funding in the region

In 2017, startup investments in Singapore reached US$7.3 billion, making up 45 per cent of all deals in the region. This is not a one-off; Singapore has been steadily growing to this number, with venture funding alone growing from US$136 million to US$1.37 billion in just a span of five years (2012 to 2017).

3. Singapore starts them young

The median age of entrepreneurs in Singapore is 28 years old – the youngest globally. By comparison, the world median is 40 years old. As an example, let’s take a look at Structo.

Structo is a startup that develops high-speed, industrial-grade additive manufacturing 3D printing systems using its proprietary Liquid Crystal Mask Stereolithography, with a niche in dental applications. It was founded in 2014 by four National University of Singapore graduates, and have managed to draw in investments about US$720 thousand investment from SEEDS Capital and Wavemaker in 2016 and an over-subscribed round of US$2.9 million investments from various investors.

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4. It’s the home of unicorns

Singapore has seen the birth of five unicorns – Grab, Lazada, Razer, Sea, and Trax currently valued at a collective US$12 billion. Being headquartered in Singapore gave them access to the talent, funding, and connections that they needed as startups.

Singapore’s startup landscape has provided these companies with the support they needed to grow big – something that young companies like LPixel are banking on. “Overall, I think Singapore is an excellent place for new startups like us, to offer new values and solutions,” said Shimahara.

5. A launchpad to ASEAN

Market-wise, Singapore is small. This is not a hindrance, however, as it only pushes startups to create strong relations with neighbouring countries.

“Our aim is to develop Singapore as a reference test market for startups that want to access the region and we have made concerted efforts to strengthen our connections to those key markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand,” said Lim.

This is a claim that has a lot of history backing it; going back to the previously mentioned five unicorns, all of which operated regionally while headquartered in Singapore.

6. Tangible government support

Enterprise Singapore, part of the Singapore Government, has been actively working with different partners to develop Singapore’s startup landscape.

It works with partners such as private VCs and accelerators, Institutes of Higher Learning and public agencies to put in place a wide range of programmes that meet the needs of startups under Startup SG.

Startup SG represents the shared interests of the startup community and showcases Singapore as a leading startup hub. It is the brand for all local support initiatives and provides stakeholders with a platform to connect globally.

This support could mean mentorship, funding and investments, and incubations, which are all critical to the growth of startups.

SLINGSHOT@SWITCH powered by Startup SG, for example, was launched in 2017 to showcase the best global startups in deep tech. This year, the startup competition returns as one of the key events at SWITCH 2018.

“Winners of SLINGSHOT will have a chance to tap on Singapore’s network of startups, VCs, accelerators and corporate partners to expand not only in Singapore, but within Asia, given our strategic location in this region,” said Lim.

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7. Ample opportunities for partnerships

While Singapore is geographically small, it packs a punch when it comes to conduciveness of starting a business – something that entrepreneurs all over the world are aware of. In the 2017 Startup Genome report, they estimated about 463 entrepreneurs moved into the country for the purpose of starting a business. The global average is 300.

This means more entrepreneurs, more businesses, and more opportunities for partnerships locally and internationally.

Government support also plays a significant role in these partnerships, such as with the experience of LPixel. “We got in touch with some medical institutions through the government’s network. We are actually in the middle of exploring joint research opportunities with some of them,” Shimahara said. “This process would not have gone smoothly without the support from the government.”

8. It’s a gateway to the going global

Singapore is ranked 3rd globally on the ability of startup leaders to connect and form relationships with entrepreneurs in other countries. The strong startup community in Singapore allows founders to build relationships and partnerships not only locally but also internationally.

Singapore is home to many international tech and startup conferences, after all. And while there is a strong local support for these conferences, there is also an equally strong international interest in them, resulting in potential million-dollar partnerships in the works.

“We want Singapore to be a vibrant and self-sustaining global startup hub that is deeply connected with other startup ecosystems, especially those in ASEAN,” said Lim.

9. Deep tech thrives here

There is an increasing number of deals and VC investment amounts in deep tech. As showcased in SLINGSHOT, the Singapore government focusses on attracting and building more startups in deep tech sectors like medtech, cleantech, fintech, and future mobility, among others.

These are also in line with the global trends – increased focus on Industry 4.0, increasing emphasis on healthcare due to an ageing population, as well as rapid urbanisation and digitalisation, particularly in Asia.

One such example is MiRXES, a spin off from A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute. The startup has developed an alternative non-invasive solution to accurately diagnose cancer through blood tests, at an earlier stage and with a higher degree of accuracy. MiRXES has raised about US$2.9 million in Series A.

10. Singapore is one of the best countries for women entrepreneurs
In a study conducted by Mastercard, Singapore ranked 5th best market globally for having strong supporting conditions and opportunities for women to thrive as entrepreneurs. Women made up 27.5 per cent of total business owners in Singapore; one of the higher proportions in the total markets studied.

And while the numbers may seem paltry, the conditions on the ground are not. There is a growing, vibrant community of women entrepreneurs in Singapore that aims to inspire women to create the next big thing.

Whether you’re a homegrown Singapore local, or an international entrepreneur searching for a friendly place to plant your startup roots, Singapore is one of the best places to consider.

“Startups play a key role in contributing to Singapore’s economy, especially in creating innovative solutions to support the growth of our companies,” said Lim. “We have managed to build a vibrant startup ecosystem over the years through our good business environment, investment in R&D and strong MNC presence.”

Sabah sandstone mining and low cost house development.

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description The Business
• This is a cooperation for sandstone mining and low cost house development.
• 1st phase will be mining sandstones from the site and 2nd phase will be having the land for low cost housing.
• Our aim is to provide affordable houses within the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu city centre in line with the government policy in providing first home for lower income group.
• With government support, potential first time home owners will be able to afford houses starting as low as RM230,000 (~56,000 usd).
Business Opportunity The Market
• Sandstone mined can be supplied to the state government for the on-going PAN-BORNEO highway construction.
• Housing development will be the following phase.
• PR1MA (1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme) is a housing development programme under the Malaysian Ministry of Housing and Local Government.
• PR1MA subsidises developers to develop affordable housing for Malaysians household income of between RM2,500 – RM15,000 (~3669usd).
• Currently the nearest PR1MA projects within Kota Kinabalu are sold out at RM243,600 (~59584usd) in a months time.
Revenue / Business Model Business revenue

1 Mining phase,

Market price for sandstone is around 15-30 ringgit per ton.
The mid is around
(15+30)/2= 45/2= RM 22.5 Per ton
Estimated 20,427,311 matic tonnes.

20,427,311 multiply by RM 22.5 = RM 459,614,497.5

That is if the project wants to sell all the material first.

2 housing development

This phase is still estimated as the market price by that time will surely increase.

At this stage we will use the middle of price for all 8 PR1MA current project. The mid price of all the prima low cost housing will be around 224,625.

224,625 multiply by 8,000 units = RM 1,797,000,000 (One billion seven hundred ninety-seven million Ringgit)

• Overrall profit

To maximize the profit for the whole project, will take about 10 to 12 years to complete.

Estimate total profit for this project will be:


RM 1,797,000,000 + RM 459,614,497.5= RM 2,256,614,497.5

(estimated whole construction cost)
RM 85,000,000 + RM 848,255,000 = RM 933,255,000

= 2,256,614,497.5 – 933,255,000 = RM 1,323,359,497.5

Management Team The Team
“All our team members possess experience in various aspects which are relavant and beneficial to the setting up and operation of the business.”

Ooi Chin U
Thank you for interested on our project.

A little inside about me.
Graduated from Bachelor of Property Valuation at Bond university, Gold Coast, Australia.
Work with few company before i decided I should work on my own. ( Sime Darby Property , Stockland Ltd, And Sabajuta Sdn Bhd)
handle more than 200 property cases in my 5 years working experiences.
willingness to push to success, and won’t give up until a project is done.

Albin Cha
Co Funder
“I hold a B.S degree in Civil Engineering from University of Glasgow and subsequently pursued my dream in Aircraft Maintenance. I am a registered aircraft maintenance engineer with EASA and CAAM with the skill in problem solving and a goal to strive for success in all my dream and ambition.”

Bernard Liew
Panel Lawyer
Graduated with a LLB (Hon) degree, an barrister-at-law and a member of Gray’s Inn, London and currently an advocate and solicitor of High Court of Malaya practising law in Malaysia with over 10 years of experience in general litigation, commercial contractual dispute resolution, corporate advisory, debt recovery, shareholder dispute, restructuring of company, company winding-up, bankruptcy etc.

Company Background This is a new company so we have nothing to go though here. but all of 3 of us have the experiences to deal with land matter or property in Malaysia, Specially Sabah.
Funding Milestone Business starting cost.
The Deal

Looking for 700,000US$ – Min per Investor 100,000US$

The Deal

Seeking for a total of RM 3,000,000 (~731,175 USD), to complete the full geotechnical report.

after the geotechnical report, then only can start first phase of the whole project. first phase will be 85 million and the second phase need to do more calculation as that won’t be the first prirority

• Quarry operation cost

To get to the point of getting ready to start mining will require at least 1 or 2 year in preparation for all the machine and lincese.

As mentioned, 85million is the estimated price to get 1.1 running

65 million for the property ownership, 122.35 acres.

The other 20 million is cost for setting up the company, acquirement of the mining licenses, equipment and machine to operate.

Note: operation cost is not included at this stage.

• New Township.

This part will slightly cost more than 800 million to 1 billion ringgit Malaysia to complete, however this is just a rough estimation, the real figure should be calculated by a Quantity surveyor and a project estimator.

% Equity Allocation depend on how much the investor willing to put in, but minimum funding amount will be at 3 million. which we will provide 5-7% equity of the company that holds the land.
Expected ROI if investing 3 million ringgit first year. expected to return at least 6-9 millions ringgit in 3-4 years time.
Risks and Mitigation there are no risk that involved if investor just looking for investing the 3 million for the report. we will allocate at least 5% of the company as security.

when we sell the land we will give back the investor 3 million plus 5% of the sale of the land to the investor.

Exit Strategies after the geotechicnal report is done, we will start planing our strategy as which is the best way to go.

Either we can sell the land , which we can pay investor and the interest straight away or we can continue work together with the investor to proceed with the first phase of the project.

if we decide to sell the land with the geotechnical report. we expected to sell the land within a year time.

Company Name ooi & cha property consultant SB
Business Address 487 Jalan sangkancil kota kinabalu
Contact Person lewis ooi

Private Investor : Idzuari Azli

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity Restaurant business
Will NOT Invest In Non Halal restaurant
Preferred Location Kuala Lumpur
Public Profile I’m private investor and currently looking for restaurant with good prospect and has been operating min for 5 years which lack capital to grow.
Address Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur

Energy Efficiency for Building

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested  –
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are energy saving company certified(ESCO) by the energy commission Malaysia. We provide energy audit services and energy efficiency project to facility in Malaysia. With few patented energy saving product, we guarantee minimum 10% saving on the electricity bills. Currently we are exploring opportunity to Indonesia.
Business Opportunity With few customer in Malaysia like Hotel and petrol station, we provide energy audit and energy saving solution to our customer. Electricity consume are high with the current pull back of government subsidy. Average monthly consumption on current base customer are about 300k per month.
We are planning to expand our team to generate more income.
Revenue / Business Model We profit sharing with customer on the monthly saving.
300,000 with 10% saving will be 30,000 a month. With 50%/50% sharing with customer.
Company will get monthly RM15,000 per month.
Management Team Wong Kang Woon (Managing Director) marketing & operational
Wong Kang Jen (operation manager)
Carry out energy saving solution
Jaya(energy Manager)
To carry out audit
Jezamine Lim(CFO)
Company Background Started year year 2016. Exploring market in Malaysia but unfortunately the energy saving awareness in Malaysia was low, we had spend alot time in promoting and explaining to our customer. Beside that we are giving free trial to proof the energy saving. That time consuming. Per project need about 6 month to finish a circle. Investment made till July 2018 are about RM1.5 million.
Funding Milestone We need funding about RM 300,000 to purchase more equipment in conducting energy saving audit. Beside that we are negotiating on additional energy saving product for better energy saving
% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI 18month
Risks and Mitigation 1)Time consuming as energy audit take time with limited audit equipment.
2)awareness of energy saving in Malaysia are not so high that requires more time to proof to customer.
Exit Strategies When investor return of investment achieved in 18 month.
Company Name xxx SDN BHD
Business Address Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Wong Kang Woon