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iMember – Your Very Own Loyalty Program

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM 100,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description iMember is a mobile application that functions more than just a card wallet, users are allowed to store all e-membership cards, view membership status, track points collected and redeem rewards with our app.
We help retailers to digitize loyalty program for their business with Cloud-Based Benefit Rewards System. This allows retailers to understand their customers purchase behavior to improvise marketing mix. We use AI Technologies (Machine learning) to collect data and analyze customers purchase behavior by transforming complicate data into eye-catching insight.
Business Opportunity Traditional in-house loyalty program such as SMS and email required high maintenance cost that brings ineffective communication and engagement. It also lacks of automation and it has a limitation on collecting customer data. Besides, bulky wallet with physical membership cards & irrelevant rewards program often are the problems that failed loyalty programs. With iMember, retailers can deliver marketing purpose message to the right audience (loyal customers) to reinforce their digital loyalty program.
For retailers, the iMember app becomes a new communication channel that allowing them to offer the latest personalized offers or prompt a notification to inform the latest promotion deals. Besides, we also analyze the customer’s purchase behavior to enhance business strategy for retailers. As part of the planning, we will develop a payment feature or integrate with 3rd party e-wallets, so that customers are able to purchase directly through our iMember APP.
Revenue / Business Model We target on Retails, Franchise, and SME by providing customizable plans that suit every type of businesses. Price discrimination used to charge for our product, the price is depending on package’s volume and the company’s size. Monthly Subscription Fee charged from Merchants is part of our revenue source. We also earn Resource Fee through In-App advertisement. Big data analysis for retails will be one of the revenue sources in the future. Lastly, we will also earn from our payment features (in progress) as part of our important resources for our business operation.
Management Team Primary Co-Founders Experience: Nestor Ng Zhang Cong
Ng was a Digital Marketer for Funa Family Locator and helps the app to gain 500,000 downloads within a year. He also managed all the Digital Marketing activities for Kaodim and proudly to become one the team who helps the company to raise the Series B funding on October 2017.
Secondary Co-Founders Experience: Kong Kok Weng
Kong started working on freelance projects upon entering college, joining a startup software house after graduation as a technical lead. He involved in startup tech projects such as community ride-sharing, Cloud Advertising Solutions, and currently managing iMember Loyalty App. He has been involving in strategic planning and project management as well.
Company Background Date of Incorporation of iMember is 24-08-2017. The investment made to date is RM 100,000.00. We currently have 10 participate Merchants such as Toy World Malaysia, Union Fashion Bar, Nibong Tebal Automation and etc. Our profit up to date is below RM 1000.00. A milestone that we achieved is we managed to convince Big Brands like Toy World and UFB to join us. We also successfully expand our team to 6 employees within a year. We might lack financial support, but our team believe in our ideas and make it through until today.
Funding Milestone Date of Incorporation of iMember is 24-08-2017. The investment made to date is RM 100,000.00. We currently have 10 participate Merchants such as Toy World Malaysia, Union Fashion Bar, Nibong Tebal Automation and etc. Our profit up to date is below RM 1000.00. A milestone that we achieved is we managed to convince Big Brands like Toy World and UFB to join us. We also successfully expand our team to 6 employees within a year. We might lack financial support, but our team believe in our ideas and make it through until today.
% Equity Allocation 20
Expected ROI There will not be any ROI for the first 3 years as we will continue expanding and seeking more investors to fund us in order for us to become the number 1 shopping app in the SEA.
Risks and Mitigation Acceptance level toward the technologies in the industries is one of the risks that iMember will be facing in our startup journey. Malaysia just enters into Digital Era, therefore, times and efforts are needed in order to allow the retailers to adapt the technologies. We need to conduct marketing activities to promote our services as to popularize our concept, in order to mitigate the risks in the future.
Technologies can be one of the risks that affect our operation. Since the technologies are getting advance day by day, it is time-consuming for our team to conduct research and development to improve our services. To reduce the risk, our operation team is required to attend courses to catch up the trend and upgrade the products by using the latest technologies.
Exit Strategies Investors are allowed to sell their shares to another company but it is depending on the type of company investors are trading to. Besides, the company or management team also can repurchase the shares of investors. Other than that, the private equity of investors or shareholders can also be purchased by another investment institution.
Company Name Imember Solutions Sdn Bhd
Business Address B-2-39, Dataran Cascades, No 13A, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, PJU5, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47810.
Contact Person Ng Zhang Cong (Nestor)

Private Investor : Jashveerdeep Singh Bedi

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity Food and Beverage
Will NOT Invest In Oil and gas
Preferred Location Malaysia
Public Profile Owner of a food and beverage franchise.
Organization Name xxx
Address Kajang, Selangor

Private Investor : Wong King Lai

Preferred Investment Amount RM100,001 to RM250,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity open to all kind of profitable business
Will NOT Invest In gambling
Preferred Location Kuala Lumpur and Selangor
Public Profile property investors, have knowledge in international trading, commodities, agricultural,
Organization Name family trust fund
Address Shah Alam, Selangor , Malaysia

MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation)

Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) was set up by the Government of Malaysia in 1992 to spearhead the development of technology businesses in Malaysia. Its initial role was to concentrate on the promotion and commercialisation of local research and invests in new ventures that can bring in new technologies from abroad.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered SME lending blockchain platform


The Company is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered SME lending block chain platform.

Unlike many startups we don’t lay claim to lofty goals, we don’t plan to save the world, nor do we have angelic aims of benevolence but we do have a plan to help small businesses get the financial help that they can’t get from banks and other traditional lenders and we’re going to use a combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to make it happen.

We are a Malaysian company and a duly licensed lender under the Moneylenders Act with over 4 years’ experience in financial services in Malaysia. We know our market, we know our industry and we’re aiming to modernize, dare we say disrupt, the world we know.

As well as creating a lending platform we are also creating a network of SMEs enabling us to offer business matching services, network search and other business aids for our clients, in turn helping their business to be more profitable.


xxxx Sdn Bhd was incorporated in year 2015. It is 100% owned by two Malaysian directors with a paid up capital of RM 2M (USD 500k). We began as traditional money lenders, and are now evolving to become the preferred financier for local SMEs.


We have two simple business models:

(i) We charge a 18% per annum for each unsecured loan, with a maximum tenure of 12 months at a hard cap of USD 6,250 per loan. Secured loans (i.e crypto-backed loans) will be charged 12% interest per annum. This rate is as per the approved interest rate as stipulated in the Malaysian MoneyLenders Act 1951.

(ii) We also charge a platform fee of 3% of total approved loan for each successful borrower onboarded onto our block chain platform.

Based on our forecast, the profit margin for the first year alone derived from the lending activities will be 10%, followed by 13% and 14% respectively and we expect the profit margin to remain at 14% after year 3.

Besides the earnings from the lending business, there will be an additional income of USD 600,000 per annum from the platform fees.

The financials are attractive due to:

(i) High gross profit margin of 10% to 14% in the first 3 years from lending activities (see projections below). This is based on interest income which is charged at the statutory 18% rate per annum, and does not include fee income from platform usage yet.

(ii) Manageable credit loss of 4% to 5% as our target segment is SMEs (rather than individuals) with optimal tenures of 12 months. We are also able to use more creative actions for dunning and recovery which traditional lenders are generally restricted from doing.

(iii) Low cost-income ratio of around 25% to 30%, which is much lower than the typical industry rate of 50% or so for lending operations by commercial banks. By automating the loan origination and credit evaluation process with AI and blockchain, we expect this model to be even more cost efficient.


We are requesting for USD 25M (RM 100M). This is in line with our hard-cap target for our planned ICO.

We have already invested about USD 600k (RM 2.4M) to-date and the funds were primarily used to establish a strong business foundation with the necessary licenses, infrastructure, technology and regulatory compliances required to lend money to SMEs in Malaysia and prepare for the ICO. We have developed a detailed financial plan below for the use of the funding proceeds. This plan will be put in motion immediately and enable us to finance about 3,500 loans in the first year.


Investment Risk for this project can be divided into two levels. The first level would be risks that would potentially impact the underlying lending business, and the second level of risks are associated to the ICO.

As for the first level of risk, it is mostly related to the business being adversely impacted by non-performing loans (NPL) and loans that are subject to be written off because the borrower is not physically capable to repay the loan due to death or permanent disabilities. Delays in loan repayments will also impact our operations.

Steps taken to mitigate these risks are:

(1) First level of borrower filtration is to be based on a psychometric assessment via our Virtual Assessment Centre. We have already engaged with one of the world’s leading psychometric solution provider. The intention is to use these scores in tandem with the credit bureau scores for loan approvals.

(2) Our partner has developed a universal digital credit scoring technology that leverages psychometrics and behavioral science to effectively score anyone, anywhere, at any time. With 10 years of experience enabling over $1.6 billion in loans globally, they have served leading financial institutions across Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

(3) All loans originated by the Company will be strictly in accordance to the Malaysian Money Lending Act 1951, enabling us to enforce recovery using legal actions in the event of borrowers defaulting on their repayments.

(4) The Company will be linked to local credit bureaus and Central Bank of Malaysia to obtain available credit history on borrowers. We have already partnered with two local credit bureaus to-date. Our partnership with the mentioned credit bureaus will also enable us to blacklist defaulters.

(5) Collection of repayments will be done via auto-debit facility from the customer’s bank account to our corporate account.

(6) All funds will be disbursed via online transfer from our corporate account to customer’s bank account.

(7) Each loan will also be underwritten with an insurance which can be crystallized in the event the borrower is unable to service the loan due to a permanent death or permanent disability caused by an accident.

We will only acccept collateralized loans in the form of loans backed by cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, XRP) for borrowers who are above our risky tolerance levels. Loans will be subject to 50% LTV and these crypto currencies will be held in the platform until the loan is serviced fully services.

As for the second level of risk which is related to the ICO – we have engaged with one of Malaysia’s top ICO lawyer firms to ensure that the planned ICO activity and tokens created are in accordance to the best practice and regulation imposed by Security Commissions Malaysia.

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From Florist in Malaysia to International Flower Delivery Company

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM1,500,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We have in florist industry more than 13 years. Since we have florist network internationally, we seek for investment to expand the business to worldwide market aim for international flowers & gifts delivery which caters for all customers worldwide globally (not only for Malaysia).
Business Opportunity For the past decade, the florist industry expanded rapidly globally due to high demand of flowers delivery service. We aim for customers globally especially South East Asia customers.
Revenue / Business Model For global expansion, similar to market place (eg: Lazada)
we make profit from the difference of the price between end user and supplier globally.
Management Team Jerome Chan – Founder
Company Background Started at Year 2003
Our sales approximately 1M (solely in Malaysia market)
We have numbers corporate customers. eg: AIA Malaysia
Funding Milestone Amount of funding approx: RM800k – 1M
Use the fund to expand our global appearance on our website(s) and enhance our website in search engine ranking (SEO)
Hire more staff to in charge of the global expand
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 12-15%
Exit Strategies in 3-5 years. We expect the investment can fully recovered.
Company Name World Petals
Website/Facebook || |
Business Address No. 18, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/10, Pandan Indah 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Jerome Chan

Private Investor : Lynn Ong

Preferred Investment Amount RM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment Opportunity Wedding studio, famous food outlet (affordable menus not hurting the pocket), bakery shop, retail outlet (eg Mynews), small manufacturing concerns. I would like to get involved in the business as one of their active partners. Business set-up will be in JB. I have been in the investment line for more than 30 years. We are a family of 5, all graduates in various fields (investment, chemical, accounting, property , quantity surveying). So the business idea will be family based if possible.
Will NOT Invest In recycling projects, education, gold / jewellery, direct selling, insurance
Preferred Location Johor Bahru