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Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount Investedwe are still in concept and business plan
Funding RequiredRM300,000 or less
DescriptionIn this modern era, women have so much of insecurities in themselves such as low self confident and physical appearance. All these insecurities can lead to a serious depression. Through statistics made by The Triple Bind, Steven Hinshaw, 1 in 4 girls today fall into a clinical diagnosis – depression, eating disorders, cutting, and other mental/emotional disorders.  

Due to of the above issues, we come out an idea to create an apps called Contour Malaysia to help women in this coutnry to feel more confident abput being themselves.

What is Contour ?

Contour is an application where every women in Malaysia can book any professional make up artist that are available in their place on the go for their special event. 
Through Contour, women can have varieties of choice which make up artist that they want and suitable with their taste and budget. 
We want every women all over Malaysia to be presentable and be confident in front of people all the time in every event that they attend and to be the most beautiful bride in their special day.
Business OpportunityThrough contour, we will be helping women by increasing directly their confidence, their appearance and most importantly they will be more presentable in front of the public especially in the special occasion that they attend.

Our market is very big and specialize to every women in all over Malaysia. women will spend their money just for a beauty. Hence, contour is the best platform for them to spend their money.
Revenue / Business ModelEvery successful booking of make up made by user, 10% charges will be taken from total amounts of make up services from make up artist.

For example, the total amounts of make up service is RM 250.00 , it means our side will take RM RM 25.00 from the deposit payment that had been maid by the user.
Management Team1. NAME : NOOR AZIZAH YUSOF
SPECIALITIES : Focusing with website developer team and marketing site. 

SPECIALITIES : Engage with a professional make up artist all over Malaysia and a make up product founder to sign up with Contour. 

SPECIALITIES: Focusing on the editing photos of previous make up sample by make up artist and to do photoshoot of every make up products and editing before upload to the website.

4. Name : FARIQ AZIZ
DESIGNATION : Third party team as motion designer. 
BACKGROUND STUDIES : Motion Graphic & Illustration 
SPECIALITIES : Doing a motion graphic story about contour to upload in social networking. 

5, Name : JEROME LIM 
COMPANY : Bike Bear Sdn Bhd 
Company BackgroundFor Contour Malaysia, it is 100% under concept / business plan stage.
Funding MilestoneRM 100,00.00 

Mobile developer : RM 50,000.00
Marketing : RM 20,000.00
Administrative cost : RM 30,000.00

MONTH 1-3 : To finish and finalize the look of contour apps while looking for 150 make up artist to sign up with us.
MONTH 4 : Apps will be launch . Our target is 300 bookings in the first month.
For example, the successful booking is 300 . hence the 10% charge for each booking.

RM 25.00 ( per booking )
RM 25.00 X 300 bookings : RM 7,500.00

MONTH 5 – MONTH 7 : Apps will be launch . Our target is 600 – 1200 bookings.
For example, the successful booking is 300 . hence the 10% charge for each booking.

RM 25.00 X 600 bookings : RM 15,000.00
RM 25.00 X 1200 bookings : RM 30,000.00

And we will do marketing month by month , to increase daily bookings.
% Equity Allocation40
Expected ROI247
Risks and MitigationThe new apps launch will be taken time if there is less preparation and less adequate information from the very beginning to the selection of make up artist to the deposit payment. In contour, our team have fully prepare and we have full information how the apps will be running. Hence, we are not going to take more time and the apps can be done before the dateline as we schedule. 

Initial costs will be planned accordingly and kept to a minimum. The company recognizes the importance of its image, first-time impressions of the apps which is friendly user and customer service. It will not sacrifice this in order to satisfy the bottom line.

Since Contour are unknown to the general target market yet, marketing activities at the first to 4 months are vitally important. We plan on implementing several marketing strategies as outlines in the marketing section of this business plan. To establish make up services and brand awareness, we will go to every state in Malaysia every weekend to open a booth and play some fun games with them, and indirectly to introduce them about contour and also to find a make up artist to sing up with contour. We will bring a few of popular make up artist during the event. 

We want a continuous Interaction with our customer through Instagram , Facebook ,You tube and Twitter Platform. 
Make the post more interesting using GIF design, illustrator, beautiful photo shoot to make people interesting with Contour. To do make up tips that will be conduct by make up artist who join contour and make up tutorial with different looks and technique. 
Will be interact with Malaysia celebrities or social networking influencer to promote Contour.
Exit StrategiesThe Exit opportunity for investor is after 12-18 months when contour successfully make the brand awareness in all over Malaysia especially to the target customer as the lowest bookings every day is 40 bookings per day.

Barbarity Entertainment

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM5,000
Funding RequiredRM300,000 or less
DescriptionBarbarity Entertainment – We’re a social media advertising company who providing comprehensive services to solve or satisfy clients’ marketing purposes, objectives or targets by producing creative short film and contents. In addition, we’re building a team of actors, dancers, singers, emcees and models to help our clients brands, products or services gain more awareness and traffics through our social media platforms. In this big data era, we believe that digital and online marketing will lead Malaysia’s market in future and the offline advertisement will be replaced or even eliminated.
Business OpportunityLet’s take Manner Production in Macau for example, they started up their business platform from nothing, but now they have over 3.8 million fans on their social medias. Similarly, they are providing comprehensive services such as customized advertising production and promotion according to clients’ needs and characteristics of their brands, each creative short films are charging around HKD 80,000 to HKD 200,000. In Malaysia, we could see there’s a huge business opportunity as haven’t exist any entertainment and digital marketing company which can compete with Manner yet. “Do the thing that others haven’t did”, we believe in this concept, thus we dare to do, and would like to do something that could bring Malaysian’s culture to global.
Revenue / Business ModelIn starting, we will produce a series of short films with attractive gimmick to get viral and gain more followers and audiences in shortest time yet in the same time build our portfolio to prove the quality of our films. Once our brand famous in social media, we could start to provide our comprehensive advertising and branding services to clients. We target to reach 500,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram within 6 months. With this, each film we can charge around RM 15,000 to RM 30,000. The higher volume of followers we have, the higher price we can quote. In addition, we will provide our popular artists for clients’ events such as brand or outlet soft launch. With the advantage of high popularity, we will start to develop our business to more diversification which we will launch our clothing brand, restaurant, bar and so on.
Management TeamOur core management team consisted by three young members who dare to think and do:

Carlson Wong – Chief Executive Officer, company management; conception of direction of development; sales & marketing; client servicing.
James Lam – Chief Production Officer, overall film production; production team management; films director.
Edison Chak – Chief Creative Officer, creative ideas for brands/products/services; screenwriter; in the same time he is also our main actor.
Company BackgroundWe started our business concept by August 2018, researched and conclude the ideas as well as business plans and form the team by September 2018. Be ashamed to tell, we have not generating any sales profit yet. This is because we’re still building our profile and followers of social media now. But as we mentioned above, we target to reach 500,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram within 6 months, and start to generate surprising profits.
Funding MilestoneWe require a funding of RM 200,000. 15% from fund will be used for production equipment, 35% will be used for marketing and advertising budgets, 10% for office and studio rental and other fees such as electrical and WiFi, the rest will be kept as back up fund. We hoped to get the fund by one shot.
% Equity Allocation15%
Expected ROI14.88% per month
Risks and MitigationThere are few factors that might cause risks of collapse or mitigate.
Firstly, the quality of short films including contents, stories or ideas.
Second, the behaviors of our artists, such as drugs addiction or pornography.
Third, the direction of company’s development.
Exit StrategiesInvestor is required to hold our allocated equity at least 3 years for company stabilization and break even of investment. In term of exit, company will return the amount by the percentages of allocated equity, according to value evaluation of company, including company’s fund, property, average profit generating, development potential and so on.
Company NameBarbarity Entertainment (setting up)
Business AddressAwaiting for fund confirmation
Contact PersonCarlson Wong

We are the future of job-seeking. Don’t get left behind.

Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM60000
Funding RequiredRM600,001 to RM1,000,000
DescriptionWe believe hiring should start as early as the students’ admission into universities, not when they have graduated.

That is why we collaborate with public and private institutions – affording them the opportunity to fine-tune their education in parallel with the current needs of the industries.

This would create well-equipped graduates, with the right skills to match the requirement of the recruiters. 

At the same time, the matching done on our platform will allow us to monopolize the supply of fresh graduates to the industry. We match job seekers to recruiters based on skill relevancy, driven by Big Data from participating institutions.
Business OpportunityThe online job portal market we are planning to penetrate is worth RM240 million in Malaysia alone. While Jobstreet currently owns 70% of the total market share, they have yet to address a key issue that is still making the hiring process unnecessarily tedious and difficult for recruiters – the skill mismatch between applying candidates and the recruiter’s expectations.

To be fair, we can’t blame it all on job portals. Their main function is to simply be the intermediary between recruiters and job seekers. In this fairly simple relationship, there is plenty of oversight, as far as information is concerned.

In a bloated market of resume-peddling, there is no system in place to verify any of the information available – job seekers would ‘pad’ their resumes in order to look more attractive to potential employers. At times, they would even seek out jobs outside of their interests, skill set or job scope out of convenience.
Revenue / Business ModelWe utilize a 3-prong approach for our platform, providing specific solutions to each of the stakeholders involved.

For the job seekers, the platform will serve as both a self-updating resume (via data gathered from the information sharing arrangement with institutions), as well as a gateway for them to link directly to recruiters. Among the services offered on the platform include matching jobseekers to available postings based on their skill relevancy rate percentage.

For the institutions, our information sharing collaboration affords them an alternate source of income, as well as a means to market their alumni via the platform. They will also be able to gain valuable insight from key industry players onboard to better fine tune their syllabuses to meet the current demands of the industry. This would help them better prepare their students and produce higher quality graduates, always ready to enter the ever-changing job market.

For the recruiters, the platform affords them a more streamlined hiring process, significantly reducing time and effort on their part with regards to the screening of candidates. As the matching rate is based on the relevancy of skills required, they are able to find the most qualified candidates with the most suitable skill sets for the job offered. On the platform itself, we will also offer participating recruiters more than 1000 customizable job description templates, as well as profile pages, to allow better representation of the recruiters to potential candidates. The platform also affords the recruiters an opportunity to improve the quality of local talent available, by way of information sharing exercises with us and the participating institutions. As mentioned, recruiters will be able to give more insight to the current needs and demands of the industry to participating institutions, allowing them to finetune their course structures to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. In return, the platform charges a resume retrieval fee to the recruiters.

As a result, job seekers are able to land jobs that are suitable for their aptitude and skill; institutions are able to gauge and improve the effectiveness of their courses, which would, in turn lead to grooming better graduates; while the recruiters will be able to significantly minimize the cost and efforts in their hiring process, with a pool of quality talents at the ready.
Management TeamChief Executive Officer: Siti Hajar Ramli

A former Head of Operations at Nubex Sdn Bhd who oversaw and managed the entire Nubex ecosystem. Graduated with a Masters in Quality Management, she fast-tracked her way from the Nubex’s Quality department to her last position in just 2 years.

Chief Product Officer: Farah Damia

A former Head of Human Resources at Nubex Sdn Bhd. An MBA graduate, that specializes in Human Resources Management, she conceptualized and initiated the Nubex Training System – standardized, department-specific training modules designed to efficiently train all incoming Nubex staff.
Company BackgroundPikoje, derived from the phrases “pick je” and “pergi kerja” was developed to address the issue of skill mismatch between job seekers and recruiters. By collaborating with key industry players and education institutions through our platform, we are able to utilize the collected Big Data to provide a higher relevancy rate, and thus better match the right candidates to recruiters in need of their services.
Funding MilestoneFor the initial round of funding, we require a total of RM 650,000 in investment, with a 10% equity dilution. Out of the amount raised, 80% will be channeled to our operating expenses, while 20% will be used for marketing. During this round, we expect to bring in 30,000 jobseekers and at least 500 recruiters to the platform. Reaching those goals will place our company’s valuation at RM 6.5 million. 

With each milestone, we are expecting to increase the number of jobseekers and recruiters on board the platform, which in turn will increase our valuation. 

For the second round of fund raising, we plan to raise RM 3 million with a 10% equity dilution, which will take place around September of 2019. By then, we are aiming to have 100,000 jobseekers and 1,500 recruiters on board, with the company’s valuation increased to RM 30 million. 

For the third round, scheduled for January 2021, we plan to raise RM 12 million with 10% equity dilution, and us having 500,000 jobseekers and 6,000 recruiters on board. 

For the fourth round, scheduled for June 2022, we are expecting the amount of jobseekers to rise to 1,300,000 and have 12,000 recruiters on our platform, with the company tentatively valued at RM 250 million at a 10% share dilution. 

By December 2023, we would reach our IPO, with the company valued at RM 500 million at a 10% share dilution, with jobseekers and recruiters on the platform amounting to 2.5mil and 25,000 respectively.
% Equity Allocation10
Company NamePikoje Sdn Bhd
Business AddressC-516 Metropolitan Commerce Square, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact PersonSiti Hajar Ramli

善用政府補助金, 小企業做成大企業




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Medical healthcare

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount InvestedRM200,000
Funding RequiredRM250,000
DescriptionThis is the medical distribution company. We are selling disposable products to clients. And wish to expand to become manufacturer
Business OpportunityWe have very good relationship with hospitals and all the products we provided to them is with MDA approved and MOF as well. The market is big due to a lot of medical healthcare they no apply GDPMD and MDA, they also sont have MOF. My company has these three . So no need setup from 0
Revenue / Business ModelI am authorized distributors from others brands. Now wish to convert to manufacturer and make the profit margin increase. The good relationship with hospitals make my company stable. Now need to expand to make it more better
Management TeamOur managment team we have QAQC, marketing, and transport. We all from medical logistic, warehouse and distribution background. We have proffesional HR, admin and marketing team as well.
Company BackgroundWe started from april 2018.
Funding MilestoneThe fund we request is from expand the business
% Equity Allocation35
Expected ROI5
Company NameIWS Healthcare Services
Business AddressUnit 11-19, Avenue Crest, No.2A, Jalan Jubli Perak 22/1, Seksyen 22
Contact PersonIvy Wee

Custom Made/ Ready Made Shirts, Uniform | Clothing & Apparel | Souvenirs | T-Shirt Printing

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount InvestedRM50000
Funding RequiredRM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
DescriptionGiven the experience of serving several major PETRONAS contractor companies as well as the results of previous business experience, this business has been established. However, we need an estimated cost of RM780,000 to expand our business premises.

The cost includes the purchase of premises equipment, stock purchases, operating expenses and turnaround capital. From that amount, I intend to seek financial assistance of RM1,000,000.

Our business premise is located in one of the strategic locations for a sales-oriented business and a supply of special ordering apparel, printouts and so on as it is easily viewed and accessible from the main road. The environment is also very suitable as it is located at the premises of Dungun Town business center surrounded by a residential park and there are several educational institutes such as Dungun Polytechnic and UiTM Dungun branch, Paka and Dungun industrial estate as well as government offices.

With the modest competition level of the three existing Clothing Printing Stores, I am confident of being able to compete with them by controlling about 20% of the market size with the strength of service quality and reasonable prices.
Business OpportunityFor a business like this it will sure bloom because of the location is at the heart of the city for every entertainment business.
Revenue / Business ModelThe entity’s main focus is to supply and distribute various items to such as Flame Retardant Coverall, Industrial Jacket, T-Shirts,
Corporate Uniform, Computer Embroidery, and T-Shirt Printing Services. 

Besides, we also provide corporate souvenirs, gifts and become one stop center for any event or celebration. 

To realize our vision and objectives, we will continue to develop and provide the best services and maintain the quality of goods to customers. We will ensure that all orders can be completed within the promised period.
Management Team1. Azlinawati Binti M Alwi:
Responsible for administrative, purchasing, costing and liaising with suppliers.

2. Saiful Anuar Bin Saipu Rahman:
Responsible sales and marketing of the product, as well as liaising with the customers.

3. Account & Administrative Staff

4. Printing & Production Team

5. Tailor Team
Description of exiting / planned management team competency
Company BackgroundWe started business since 2013 by engaging a small operation at home.
Funding MilestoneThe ideal funding required RM1,000,000
Usage of the fund:
10% to replenish existing products for bigger capacity
10% to bring in new products
5% setup e-commerce portal
10% setup licensing pop up kiosk
10% marketing, participate exhibition, roadshow and etc
Company NameShahnana Unggul Resources
Business AddressLot 12783 Tingkat Bawah, Batu 6 Jalan Paka, 23000 Dungun, Terengganu.
Contact PersonAzlinawati Binti M Alwi

Dreamztech Expansion

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount InvestedRM1.5 mil
Funding RequiredRM400,000
DescriptionDreamztech (M) Berhad is a Johor Bahru based professional web design company since year 2009, specialized in developing creative website design, online shopping cart, customized web applications, and web-based solutions. 

We are experienced web developer and full with ready made solutions to make complicated customized web design or web application system delivered in a very short time frame. We are confident that we have the fastest web design time in Johor Bahru. 

The fastest time did not fail us on providing best quality and best pricing of web design services in Johor Bahru. And also received positive feedback from existing customers.

Our product & services:
– Responsive Web profile design
– E-commerce website
– Tailor made web design
– Common/ Customize System Website
– Integration
– Lifetime warranty & support
Business OpportunityWe specialized in web design and developing creative website design, online catalog, online shopping cart, customized web applications, and web-based solutions.

We are open source solution experts and we are confident to make a promise that web development project will be completed within 9 days upon project confirmation. 

As at 30 Sept 2018, a total 1,286,430 companies in Malaysia registered with SSM. They are all our potential customers.

We are currently accumulated 300+ customer in Johor Bahru which is only 0.03% of the potential market. We help them to transform their business from traditional to online.
Revenue / Business ModelOur target is to establish 8 branches in 12 months within Malaysia. 

To train and grow talents in web design, web development, online marketing. 

At the same time to complete business ecosystem and able to provide our customers full and best solutions.

Our income source:
1. Web package
2. Maintenance and support fee
3. Profit Sharing with partners (Ecosystem)
4. Training fee
5. Renewal Fee
6. Franchise/ Agent fee
Management TeamChiew Lerk Chern
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
+ Over 9 years experience and involved in web programming and development.
+ Working as a web developer system administrator in Malaysia and Singapore.
+ Hands on management of Dreamztech business. Great networker and is active in BNI association Malaysia.

Jena Lim
Chief Operating Officer
+ Managing the details of business operations and ensuring products and services meet standards of quality and cost effectiveness.
+ Graduate of Multimedia Design, over 8 years experience in creative industry. 

Chinny Tua
Chief Marketing Officer
+ Experience in handling structural reform and customers relationship.
+ Managing business relationships with partners.

Effa – Web Programmer

Sunny Teo – Web Programmer

Wen Jun – Web Programmer

Amanda Lim – Senior Designer

Tan Ping Yew – Designer

Chong Jun Hong – Designer

Ann Kee – Administration Executive
Company BackgroundDreamztech (M) Berhad is a Johor Bahru based professional web design company since year 2009, specialized in developing creative website design, online shopping cart, customized web applications, and web-based solutions. 

Our vision is to connect business to internet. 

Our mission is to train and grow talents in web design, web development, online marketing.

Our web design services cover all Johor Bahru, Malaysia and Singapore customer.
Funding MilestoneFunding Required : RM400,000
Usage :

1. Operation (57%)

2. Marketing (27%)

3. Development (22%)
% Equity Allocation10%
Expected ROI16.8% (Based on revenue of RM4,800,000)
Company NameDreamztech (M) Berhad
Business Address35A, Jalan Molek 2/4, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact PersonChiew Lerk Chern

Private Investor : Anthony

Preferred Investment AmountRM250,001 to RM500,000
Preferred Investment OpportunityInterested in long term and profitable business models in consumer and technology industry.
Will NOT Invest InMLM, Crypto Currency
Preferred LocationDoesn’t Matter
Public ProfileI am a business partner in an IT consultancy and training firm. I also have more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry dealing with corporate clients in the SEA region.
AddressMenara Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Riong, Bangsar 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia