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Corporate Investor : Wilson Yeap

Preferred Investment AmountRM 2,000,000.00
Preferred Investment OpportunityPALM KERNEL SHELL
Preferred LocationDoesn’t matter
Organization NameFLOORMAC (M) SDN BHD

Venture Capital / Private Equity : Tan Jiann Lee

Preferred Investment AmountRM2m to RM5m
Preferred Investment OpportunityRetail, F&B, FMCG, Oil & Gas
Will NOT Invest InFinTech
Preferred LocationMalaysia and SEA region.
Public ProfileA Private Equity company formed in early 2019 that targets to invests in the Malaysian SME industry. We focus on capital growth investments and leveraging our advisors and investors experiences, deep market knowledge and operation expertise to create value for our companies.

As a follow-up of the Alliance Bank-Eco World Biz Smart Challenge, our fund was launched and backed by investors such as Tan Sr Dato’ Liew Kee Sin (Ecoworld), Mr. Tan Thiam Hock (Silkygirl) alongside other sophisticated investors. We are currently seeking SME firms that have the potential to grow and are seeking funds to grow at an accelerated rate.
Organization Name5X Capital
Address278 Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Venture Capital / Private Equity : Zachary Tasi

Preferred Investment AmountUS$500K TO US$5million
Preferred Investment OpportunityAviation, – Aquaculture to Energy, – Biomass From Plant to Suppliers of Coal, – Hospitals – High Tech Engineering – Mining, Minerals, Shipping, Transport, Casinos, Consumer Products/Goods, Housing, Offices – Large Resorts & Hotels, Merger and Acquisition
Will NOT Invest InEarly stage startup & Pre-revenue company/business
Preferred LocationDoesn’t matter
Public ProfileWe are always looking for new opportunities with good growth potential and stable returns. We strongly prefer to work with a reliable and proven team. Am a Seasoned leader with multi-industry expertise across branding, strategy and capital planning competencies.
Organization NameAspire Financial Consultants Limited
AddressCherry Cottage, 60 Foxdell Way, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, SL9 0PN,United Kingdom


Project TitleWorld’s Cheapest Canning Set That Can Process Aluminum Retort Pouch At Only RM7,999 (Compared to RM500,000 and above currently!!!) Millions of poor people, SME, farmers, fisherman etc can now start a small food canning business globally.
Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM200,000
Funding RequiredRM200,000-RM2,000,000 (Those who wished to invest from a minimum of RM50,000 can also do so and will be given equivalent amount of shares.Please read further details below).
DescriptionWe, from the company Eazy Canner Sdn bhd ( invented the first technique in the world to can Aluminum Retort Pouch in a small sterilizer.The whole canning set will only sell for only RM7,999 as compared to RM500,000 an above currently. With this invention which will be patented, millions of poor people, SME, fisherman, farmers, single mothers etc can now start a small food canning business affordably for the first time in the world. Millions of new customer and new jobs can be created.

Food processed using our canning sets and technique can last up to 2 years without having to use any preservative and needs no refrigeration.Users can expect to earn income of between RM1800 to RM7200 a month if using only 1 canning set and if they could sell all of their products.

Our small canning set will comprise 1 sterilizer, 1continous band sealer, 1000 pieces of Aluminum Retort Pouch, 1 digital scale etc.
Business OpportunityPreviously one has to buy and use large and complicated and very expensive sterilizer machine in order to can Aluminum Retort Pouch, the cheapest form of packaging in the world for canning purpose.Small sterilizer cannot be used to sterilized Retort Pouch as the pouch will burst during processing due to pressure differential. However we had managed to solved this problem, by inventing a special technique and very cheap ways to solve it.

By successfully solving this problem as tested by UTM ,University Teknologi Malaysia via its Letter of Approval, we can now offer our small and affordable canning set to millions of new customer globally. Millions of poor people, fisherman, farmers, unemployed people, single mothers can now start a small food canning business cheaply and affordably.We plan to open a branch offering 3S, Sales, Service Spare Part Centre, in each of the 150+ developing countries gradually.So the market is huge at hundred of millions of people globally.
Revenue / Business ModelWe plan to make money by selling the canning set at 100% mark up at RM7,999. Our cost is about RM4,000. So for each set we can sell, we can make RM4,000 each.Our target is to sell 200 canning set a month or 2400 canning sets a year in each of the country we operate.

We also forecast our revenue will be supported from the sales of the Retort Pouch and spare parts.

We will also give free equivalent share that has been subscribed in 4 other companies as below to all investors once our research is completed and we are ready for commercialisation:So our investor will get another free revenue from the 4 companies below fro free if we really can complete all the research below.
1) We already know up to 99% on how to produce electricity cheaply and abundantly from solar, without having to use any solar panel and needs no battery, but can run 24/7/365 days. We can make billions of we can sell this electricity globally.
2) We already know up to 70% on how to produce petroleum from air and seawater or any water.We can makes billions form this also
3) We already knew a little bit in how to produce pure gold without having to do any mining at all.But this one is the most difficult to complete and may takes years to complete.
4) we already knew on how to convert used plastic into diesel.
Management TeamCurrent Management Team,
1) Abdul Rahman BIn Muhammad -Myself as Founder and Inventor and Director, Have worked as auditor and accountant in a public listed firm, as compliance officer,as corporate executive involved in corporate exercise locally and abroad in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.Once I ran a Petrol Station for 2 years.Now I am doing full time research and invention on 21 other high impact invention that will impact billions of lives globally, like in RE Renewable energy etc.
2) Md Mokhsen Bin Kasebullah – Director, a Medical Doctor under the KPJ Group. My classmate since form 2 in secondary school.He is an inventor too and has many ideas on how to invent many other high impact invention that will impact millions of lives globally.
3) My wife is one of the cheque signatory and advisor.She has helped me with cash capital to help complete the project.She is a Math teacher and an accountancy graduate, just like me.
Company BackgroundWe started the company on 29.3.2017.
The stated capital on the company accounts is only around RM30,000 but we had poured about RM200,000 of our own money into this not to mentoed about RM300,000 in lost opportunity income as I am doing thsi reserch full time for the past 10 years, and RM116,000 of grant we had won from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd.
So far we had not made any sales yet. As we do not have any capital to kick start the business.We are trying to raise RM200,000 to RM2million.Investor can invest from RM50,000 per investment.Hopefully we can pool a few people to make up RM200,000 or even RM2million soon.
Our above invention had won the highest marks in a local Competition that gives out RM500k as prize money, however sadly we did not get the money as we had refused to give 60% of our company share as bribe to one of the judges.This proves my integrity and honesty.And yes we can proves this claim as we have all the proof.That guy has already been terminated after a a report was made to the CEO and a Domestic Inquiry held.
Funding MilestoneWe are hoping to raise between RM200,000 to RM2million.
Our company is eligible to apply for a Commercialisation Grant from MTDC (Malaysia Technology Development Corporation) worth RM500,000 and RM4million. However they wanted to see us having at least 30% of the applied amount before they could consider our application. If we can get funding of RM200,000, we can then apply for the RM500,000 grant and then use the money as capital to buy stocks for re-sale and also as operation cost for salary, shop rental etc.And if we can raise RM1 or RM2 million, we can then apply for the RM4million grant. In both cases, if we managed to get the grant, we can then pay back the invented amount very fast, probably within 6months to 1 year back to the investor.
% Equity AllocationIf invest RM200,000 we will give 4% equity and if invest RM2million will will allocate 40% shares.
Expected ROIExpected ROI to investor : 1st year=(0.9 times), 2nd year=(10 times), 3rd year=(18times). This is because we plan to open 10 new overseas branch each year.We can email to u the cashflow forecast for you to see if this is achievable and logical based on assumption if we can sell 200 canning sets a month in all countries we operate.
Risks and MitigationRisk of Investment.
1) Risk of new and cheaper competitor.
1a) Mitigating factor -Our sterilzer is the only one in the world that is gasket less on the cover, this saves lots of money for buyer as it needs no constant replacement. Our sterilizer is the quietest/silent in the world, our sterilizer really proven with a high temperature data logger able to reach temperature of 121 degree celcius. Most cannot reach that temperature.Our sterilizer has been tested for 10 years already and has passed UTM test on 5 critical areas.
2) Risk of investor not able to monitor or control their investment.
Some investors will be offered board member and some even as cheque signatory if one were to invest the maximum of RM2 million.
We will give audited accounts to all investor as required under the law.Management account can also be given or requested.
Exit StrategiesWe plan to list our share in Bursa Malaysia under appropriate listing once we are qualified in 3-5 years times.
Business Address16 Lorong 5, Jalan Sentosa,Kampong Dato Onn,80350 Johor Bahru, Johor
Contact PersonAbdul Rahman Bin Muhammad

Getting Rich by Investing in an Excellent Business?

One of the most pleasing outcomes of being a long-term investor is that history has demonstrated that the rewards of owning an excellent business in a tax-efficient manner can be life-changing. This sentiment was summed up by legendary investors Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger at the 1996 Berkshire Hathaway meeting when they commented, “If you find three wonderful businesses in your life, you’ll get very rich.” One year later, in 1997, Warren remarked, “The single biggest recurring mistake I’ve made has been my reluctance to pay up for outstanding businesses.”

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Tropical Entertainment Enterprise

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM 1000
Funding RequiredRM 500000
DescriptionI already registered my business and i want to expand it further to penetrate the U.S Markets. My business is focus mainly on music and entertainment industry. I’m 20 years old and just graduated from college. The idea of my business it to produce a high quality music that are based on every marketing segmentation including geopolitical and demographic. A studio will be need to produce a high quality.
Business OpportunityI saw a big opportunity in the music industry. The data that i collected from digital music streaming service shows that the streamers are increasing every month. The entertainment market is big because the demand in the market are increasing every year. People need music in their life so i will produce a musics that suits them best. I will also produce
Revenue / Business ModelThe revenue that will be collected is through streaming royalties. Every songs that are plays by streamers, i will get a royalties. Second is through ‘ Multiple Rights Deal’ or 360 Deals’ which give the company 25% cut from the artist for every revenue that they made including digital sales, endorsement sales, tours,concerts and live performance revenue and appearance in movies or television shows. Everything will be cut 25% for the company. Major labels can make joint ventures with my company which million dollars could happened in short-term.
Management TeamMy planned management is the Chief Executive Officer position will be held by the founder which is me. Below the CEO there will be 2 more executive officers positions which is CFO and COO positions. CFO portfolio will be held by the founder to handle all the company financial. COO positions will be held by professional management where the COO will overlook all the management including marketing, Public Relations, and artists career. Under the executives positions, there will be 4 departments which is Financial Department, Human Resource Department, Entertainment Department and Marketing Department which will work for the company.
Company BackgroundThe date i founded my company is May 6th 2019. I planned the company back in 2017 where i took everything in detail including how the management will be, how we going to operate the company for long-term business. All sales and profit for the company will gain from artists 25% revenue cut by using the ‘360 deals’. Tropical Entertainment will make a merchandise for the artists fans.
Funding MilestoneThe amount of funding that i requires is RM 500,000.00. RM 150,000.00 will be used to purchase furnitures and equipmenst that will be use to produce music. RM 70,000.00 will be use for studio renovation and RM 80,000.00 will be use to purchase equipments and furnitures for the studio such as a high-end computers, Microphone, Studio Monitor, audio interface, furnitures and musical instruments. RM 200,000.00 will be use to purchase company vehicles to be declare under fixed assets including equipments. The balance of RM of 150,000.00 will be use for current assets and working capital. I will reduce every costs including variable costs and fixed costs and maximize profits.
% Equity Allocation10
Expected ROI15%
Risks and MitigationTropical Entertainment will use organizational flexibility where it will mitigate risks which defer some decisions until more data are obtained in order to make better decisions. I will restructure every projects that will impact early decisions. Staging the such that it is reviewed for go or no-go decisions at identifiable, discrete points. These decision points should be built into the front-end plan. Based on updated information available at these future times, the project may be modified, continued, or terminated.
Exit StrategiesThe best way for the investor to make and exit in the investment is by Strategic Acquisition and Management Buyouts(MBO).
Company NameTropical Entertainment Enterprise
Business AddressNo.24 Jalan Akuatik 13/67C D’Kayangan 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact PersonMuazzam Aqmal bin Yusopp

Online Advertising Video Production Agency

Current StatusGrowth
Amount InvestedRM 100, 000
Funding Required1, 000, 000
DescriptionTB Creatives is an online advertising video production agency that caters to small and large businesses. We plan, shoot, edit, animate, design and deliver videos for our Clientele that advertise to and educate their respective audiences.
Business OpportunityDue to our rapid growth in 2019, cashflow is increasingly difficult to manage. So far, we’ve made slightly over RM 500, 000 in sales this year, and are bidding for a further RM 300, 000. We expected roughly 1.2m – 1.5m in sales this year, but may revise that upward as Q3 and Q4 are usually our strongest quarters.
Revenue / Business ModelRevenue since inception in July 2017: 1.5m 
Revenue 2018: RM 850, 000 

Sale, Proposal, Pre-production planning, talent provision, Food Styling, location sourcing, overall facilitation of project, Videography, Directing, audio recording, Music composition, Video editing, 2D animation, 3D animation. etc.
Management TeamDaniel Jin Ming Ibanez Lau – Advertising / Journalism background from Malaysiakini 
Justin Wong Zhe Xuan – Videography / Editing / Directing REVAsia 
Amanda Ooi Wan Yie – Client Servicing, Sales Publicis One
Company BackgroundBackground and Business Model 
We commenced our business activities in July 2017 and have grown rapidly, raking 1.5m in revenue to date, and expecting to make that same amount in Revenue this year. Our business model is similar to that of a law firm or an accountancy firm in which we charge by Client and project and our charges vary based off the wide array of services we offer. 

Problems we face: 
Our Revenue in 2019 thus far is RM 500, 000, averaging RM 125, 000 per month, and require investment to firm up our Cashflow as we’ve had to actually reject some clients due to overcapacity. 
Our Clientele includes MNCs and GLCs such as Air Selangor, Telekom Malaysia, Volkswagen, Disney, Air Asia, Unilever, Sunsweet, and over 70 other Clients
Funding MilestoneWe have never received funding, all of our team is sub 30 years old and started this company with close to nothing, we did have initial investment of RM100, 000 in the form of a combination of cash and equipment that we already had from personal hobbies and have since invested Capex one off expeditiure of RM 140, 000
% Equity Allocation20 – 30%
Expected ROISo far, I’ve personally invested RM 100, 000 into the company and in the span of a year We raked a profit of RM 350, 000 with assets of RM 140, 000 by the end of 2019 and we’re still rapidly expanding
Risks and MitigationN/A
Exit StrategiesDepends on the investors model
Company NameTB Creatives Sdn Bhd
Business AddressTower 3 Level 20 Unit 16 Icon City Petaling Jaya
Contact PersonDaniel Jin Ming Ibanez Lau