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Private Investor : Joel Wong

Preferred Investment AmountRM50,000
Preferred Investment OpportunityTechnology; Big Data; Analytics; Consumer; e-Commerce; Finance; FinTech
Will NOT Invest InF&B
Preferred LocationKuala Lumpur; Selangor; Singapore
Public ProfileMergers and Acquisiton {M&A) professional with 5 years of experience looking for potential personal investments in various sectors (preferably, but not limited to Technology sector)
AddressCheras, Selangor

Putra Science Park UPM Innohub Program

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount InvestedRM200k – RM1mil
Funding RequiredMarket Validation Fund
DescriptionIn the effort of UPM to strive forward, the university has accelerated its pace with regard to technology transfer to benefit local industries/companies, thus depending less on importing expensive foreign technologies. As a multidisciplinary higher learning institution, the university is all geared into addressing challenges from the fields of science and technology, economics and management, engineering, environmental studies, nutritional science, medicine, information technology, education, humanities as well as language and communication.
Business OpportunityWith a pool of experts from a diverse array of areas and state of the art facilities, we strive to stay ahead in creating breakthroughs. UPM creating 52 start-up company under Innohub Program that can expand more in their business. More information about the company
Revenue / Business ModelLicensing Technologies
Management TeamPSP-UPM works with researchers to attract corporate partners that can bring inventions and discoveries to the marketplace through technology licensing agreements. Technology licensing agreements promote the development and commercialization of UPM technologies by granting rights to commercialise such technologies to companies in return for agreeable licensing fee, royalties, equity and other fees. PSP will assist throughout the agreement process. In negotiating technology licensing agreements, we strive to ensure that the needs and interests of UPM and Industries are met. Central to this effort is our duty to protect and preserve the independence, values and interests of the university`s research community, including academic freedom, scientific integrity, the pursuit of knowledge and open exchange of ideas and information.
Company BackgroundInnoHub is UPM’s first innovation lab targeted at nurturing TECHNOPRENEURS who work on translating technologies and innovations into market viable products by developing the best go to market plan from market validation exercise.
Funding MilestoneRM13.75 million Capitalization 
>150 jobs
>350 pitching
>350 Market validation
Exit StrategiesGovernment policy
Company NamePutra Science Park UPM
Business AddressPutra Science Park, Pej TNCPI,Universiti Putra Malaysia
Contact PersonAsrizam Esam

Real Estate Investment via STO in Singapore

Current StatusBusiness Plan Ready
Amount Invested0
Funding RequiredRM 500000
DescriptionTo start-up an ICO platform in Singapore to purchase real estate in US.
Business OpportunityCurrently i’m dealing with real estate company and developer in Florida, US. The real estate investment return is contracted for 3 years at 15% p.a. (total 45% margin). Each plot of 10,000 sqft land is priced at 30,000 USD. Freehold title issued by the US Official Land Records. Buy-back policy is stated in the contract (with return) if there’s no new buyer. I’m getting 15% upfront upon purchasing the land plus another 5% of commission.
Revenue / Business ModelThere’s more than 1500 plots of land/bungalow lot to be built into houses within 3 years. My planning is to develop an ICO platform in Singapore backed by real estate to acquire the lands. Cost for the platform setup is 700,000 USD by progession. I need a start-up fund of 200,000 USD. 

My margin is 45% for 3 years, 25% goes to token investors, 10% for platform developer and 10% for my side. 

Monthly targeted raised fund is 1mil USD. For the 15% upfront that i get upon purchase, 10% goes to platform developer and i have 5% on hand. 

Monthly margin = USD 1,000,000 x 5% = USD 50,000

Proposed return to angel investor/funder = 100% ROI in 3 years (Half-yearly or yearly payout)
Management TeamEngaged with Novum Capital in Singapore and in the process of getting license from MAS (Central Bank of Singapore).
Company BackgroundN/A
Funding MilestoneAmount of fund = 200,000 USD
% Equity Allocation5%
Expected ROI33.33% p.a.
Risks and MitigationThe risk is minimal. We have full control of the land as the land title will be under our company. We can trade the lands or build houses for more margin.
Exit StrategiesWe might go into US contruction or raise fund for contruction in 2-3 years time.
Company NameN/A
Business AddressN/A
Contact PersonJoe Yip

Cloud-based & modular insurance software solution (SaaS)

Project TitleCloud-based & modular insurance software solution (SaaS). enabling latest InsurTech trends like IoT, Telematics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence.
Current StatusGrowth
Amount Invested€1.200.000
Funding Required€1.000.000
DescriptionOur highly scalable cloud-based software helps insurance companies in the current process of the digital transformation. We simplify the launch of new innovative insurance products (e.g. Telematics), opening new digital sales channels & increase the overall profitability with greater operational efficiency.
Business OpportunityAs nowadays insurance companies are in a tremendous change to digitalize their whole enterprise software, they are confronted with new customer demands and changing market requirement. With our modular and API-driven approach we can offer insurers a complete solution, wether they just want to manage their whole business, do Sales Analytics or want to launch new products quickly.
While many companies are also offering insurance software solutions, no existing solution has the same speed and cost efficiency like tigerlab.
TAM for General (Non-Life) Insurances worldwide => €2tn
Current Markets (DACH/ASEAN/AU/NZ/UK) => €218bn
SAM (North America/South America/Europe) => €1.4bn

Opportunites are tremendous due to the digital transformation in the Insurance industry. 73% of CEOs in Insurance want to invest and restructure their software and product offerings. 74% of Customers would like to interact with modern technology.

Changing to a flexible software like tigerlab is offering, will not only reduce cost saving in the operations, also it will increase sales, due to new sales channels/journeys and innovative products.
Revenue / Business Modelxxx
Management Teamxxx
Company Background– 20+ Clients including international big (Re-) Insurer like Hannover Re, UK General or Ubi Car
– Revenue 2018 €750K
– TAM: worldwide €2tn / current SAM: €218bn
– self-invested with €1.2m
– Strategic ownership stakes in Insurance Companies, valued €500K
– Profit Margin 30%
– Based in Kuala Lumpur (HQ) and London
Funding Milestonexxx
% Equity Allocation10%
Expected ROI3x
Risks and Mitigation– Insurance is quite recession proof
– retention rate is high (Avg. Duration of insurance customer to change Enterprise Software is 17 years)
– Risk can be legislative issues, regarding Data Privacy
Exit StrategiesEarliest exit is in 5 years time, buyout
Company Namexxx
Business AddressPetaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact PersonTobias Bergmann

Er Lou Cafe, small entry big potential

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRm 800,000
Funding RequiredRm560,000
DescriptionWe are a family based restaurant business that operating since 6 years ago,serving home made noodles and home cooked food. In our new project,we are going to expand the business and transform the traditional business into a modern concept cafe that still serving our signature home made noodles and traditional home cooked food,on top of that we are adding some modern twist to the traditional food in order to attract wider range of customers.
Business OpportunityIn the 6 years of operation,we found out the consumer habit has been changed.Hence,we adding more items into our menu with new and interesting flavours to cope with the vast changing market. In F&B,we are different from others as we produce our own noodles and most of the food,including some of the food that people don’t make anymore due to the complicated procedure.Hence,we don’t compete with other F&B, we are unique in our own way.
Revenue / Business ModelOur income come from food profit,including delivery such as grab food,food panda,etc. Other than that,we provide comfortable environment,food and facilities to customers to organise their events such as baby full moon party,birthdays and meetings. Las but not least,we will expand into production line on chilliest and other items.
Management TeamWe have our own production team,training team and marketing team to run the business.
Company BackgroundOur mother company has been running the business for 6 years,we have gained enough experience to run new outlets.
Funding MilestoneWe require Rm560,000 of funding with rm28,000 per lot. Currently,8 lots have been taken up.
% Equity Allocation60%
Expected ROIReturn within 1.5 to 2 years
Risks and MitigationIt’s a low risk investment due to its low entry level and operating by an experienced team.
Exit Strategies3% of shares per lot can be transferred or amend anytime.
Company Namexxx Noodle House Sdn Bhd
Business Addressxxx Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact PersonJasmine Sian