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Saving Grandparent’s Shop In Malaysia

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount InvestedRM400,000
Funding RequiredRM700,000
DescriptionWe are young malaysians trying to revive all the ‘Grandparent’s Shop’ in Malaysia. These shops are traditional bricks and mortar businesses include Hardware Shops, Boutiques, Furniture Shop and etc. We are able to transform and modernize their business to battle with growing e commerce websites and shopping malls.
Business Opportunity400,000 local shops across Malaysia (According to Valuation Department Malaysia)

First 24 months: 100,000 shops across Klang Valley
Revenue / Business Modelxxxx
Management TeamRenowned IT Developer (Who developed Apps for Petronas, Samsung and etc) is our shareholder/IT Partners
Founder: Graduated from Top 1 Real Estate Uni in UK (BSc in Real Estate). Worked in Multinational Real Estate firm (JLL Malaysia) and Public Bank Berhad
Co Founder: Finance and Marketing Guy. Graduate from BSc Finance and Business Management, managed various huge marketing events like JOM Heboh.
Salesperson: 2 In house Experience Photographer/Sales Ambassador
Company BackgroundIncorp: 22/02/2018
App Launched: December 2018

Featured more than 200 Local Shops
Paid Subscriber on App: 80 (Include big brands like Kamdar, One Living, Malaya Optical and etc)
Revenue Generated: RM75,000 ++
Funding MilestoneRM700,000

25% will be utilised to expand ‘After Sales Team’ and ‘Sales Team’ (expecting to recruit 6 experience sales person to penetrate new areas)
25% will be utilised to form ‘Shop Hubby Local Shop Association’ (Referral sales will be next phase on our business plan)
25% will be utilised to Upgrade Our Mobile Application and Website (Adding new feature like FB Live Video Links)
25% will be OPEX for the next 6 months (HR System Implementation, Marketing Events, Branding Strategy)
% Equity Allocation10
Expected ROI10x in 3 years
Risks and MitigationRisk:
Sales going slow
Inexperience Founder

Mitigating Factors:
Capability to pivot strategy to achieve set KPI
Recruitment of talents (HR to manage sales person, Investors as our business consultant)
Exit StrategiesExpected to be listed on LEAP within 5 years
Company NameShop Hubby Sdn Bhd
Business AddressSandbox Co Space, 22-1, Jln Radin Bagus 3, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Contact PersonKJ Chow

Fast Growing IT Tech Startup

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested10000
Funding Required200000
DescriptionLucid Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd (Lucid Technologies) is a wholly local owned company providing ICT Managed Services, Software and Web Development to optimize customer business.
Lucid Technologies specialized in providing IT solutions and services to a diverse client base and focused on delivering IT initiatives more efficiently, cost effectively and with less risk, thus allowing our clients to improve profitability and drive business growth. Lucid Technologies offers managed IT support in term of Network, Desktop, CCTV, IPPBX, Server Support & Backup Solutions covering end to end IT infrastructure.
While Primary focus on Software & Web Development, Lucid Technologies provide Total ICT Solutions for organisations to efficiently manage IT Operations. Services covered are IT Outsourcing, Structured Cabling, WAN/LAN Deployment, CCTV, IP Phone, Door Access, Offsite Storage Backup, Desktop & Server Support, Network Security, End Point Protection and Active Directory Services. These enable customer to focus on driving the core business growth while we are taking care on the platforms. Software team of Lucid Technologies cover Corporate Web Development and E-Commerce which assist customer on personalised branding and digital marketing to nurture the business development with various market study and campaigns to increase sales effectively.
Lucid Technologies presence are strengthen via our nationwide Support Engineers which covers Peninsular, East and West Malaysia with 24/7 operations. Our corporate office is located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and similarly we provide services across the Malaysia on a nationwide basis via our support locations strategically located at all major and small cities to provide our clients with the technology to enhance their competitive edge in their business goals.
Business OpportunityWe are seeing various Industry inter related to Information Technology in the era of digitalization and big data. As an IT Service Integrator, we could get any synchronization made possible via IT Platform. Those traditional business group solely trained on certain field, but here in Lucid we could optimize any business requirement with best solutions either Enterprise Surveillance, Cloud Hosting, IoT, Theft Detection System, Managed IT Services. We are currently a registered vendor to Aeon , Merchantrade and various big organisations.
Revenue / Business ModelUpcoming Projects especially Aeon & Merchantrade , we are in mid of finalizing 3 years contract for new branches and malls. We have one time revenue by Project and recurring via the monthly maintenance.
Management TeamDevendran, aged 34 is the Shareholder-Cum Managing Director responsible for the planning, managing and operation of Lucid Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd. Career started in Flextronics, producing electronics parts for telecommunication industry as a Quality Assurance engineer in 2008. Continues in DHL as a Wintel Engineer Level 3 managing Global Server support on worldwide Production servers. 2009 joined Masterskill (M) Sdn Bhd, leading health care private university as an IT Executive. 2010 promoted as IT Assistant Manager and 2012 promoted as IT Head who entrusted to manage 7 university branches inclusive of 20,00 over students and 1000 employees on ICT Operations nationwide. 5 years’ experience as an IT Manager drive the way to engage and deep dive on the IT Operations & Project Management.
N’osairis, IoT Firm based in Bangsar offered role to manage Service Delivery Tower with 24/7/365 support for Asia Pasific clients in 2014. Headed Service Delivery of N’osairis Technology Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) service provider in the Asia Pacific region managing almost 5000 nodes in Malaysia & Indonesia. His primary task amongst others is to ensure maximum service availability to clients and manage operations with best practice and procedures. Over 12 year experience in various IT Sectors inclusive Quality Assurance, Wintel, Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, Web Development, E-Commerce and IT Operations.
Dynamic, resourceful, and extremely driven individual with a deep passion for creating processes that empower a team, company, and customer to meet and exceed desired expectations. Responsible for the management, planning and delivery of Lucid Corporate Team. Devendran believes he can point to a discipline and mind-set that transforms average people into high achievers by 10x rule-and outlines how both individuals and organizations should manage the formation and realization of all their goals by establishes why success is important, why realistic goals are useless, and why massive levels of action are imperative. Successful in reorganizing, streamlining and strengthening existing operations, identifying inefficient processes and implementing reliable and cost-effective solutions to improve quality and ensure on-time deliverables as well as enhance department efficiencies amidst fast-paced working environments
Certified Microsoft Engineer and holding MCITP 2008 (Microsoft Certified IT Professional). Certified ITIL Practitioner since 2014 on growing dependency on IT and embodies best practices for IT Service Management. Founded Lucid Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd on 2018 to serve nationwide customers with excellent IT Support & Services with cost effective solutions.
Lucid Technologies is an organization that provides full-fledged Total IT Solutions, servicing clients across Malaysia which focusing on business optimization services via IoT ecosystem & Digital Marketing.
Devendran graduated with Bachelor Degree of Information Technology from University of Technology Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) in 2008
Company BackgroundFounded – 8th February 2018
Investment – RM 10,000
March 2018 – March 2019 Sales – RM 400,000
Revenue – RM 85,000
Customers Portfolio – Private Companies
Milestone – Profitable in 1st Year & Expanding on 2019 which the main reason require working capital.
Funding MilestoneSept 2019 (Initial Stage) – RM 100,000 – Fund to be used for Aeon Project Expected Value 100K. 20% Profit
Oct 2019 (Progressive) – RM 100,000 – Fund to be used for Aeon Project Expected Value 100K. 20% Profit
Nov 2019 (Final ) – RM 100,000 – Fund to be used for Aeon Project Expected Value 100K. 20% Profit

45 Days Payment Term by Customer
% Equity Allocation20
Expected ROI2 Years
Risks and MitigationLucid Tech have diversified customer range. This working capital will be invested for various project to mitigate risk.
Exit Strategies2 Years and open for discussion and advise
Company NameLucid Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd
Business AddressB-2-15 Megan Phoenix,, KM10 Off Jalan Cheras
Contact PersonDevendran

IT Solutions to the Industrial Sector

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount InvestedRM 350,000
Funding RequiredRM 350,000 – 500,000
DescriptionWe provide customised, cloud based Industrial solutions to the Manufacturing sector. From boardroom to factory floor, we provide solutions to automate workflow, reduce manual processes and harness the power of data for analytics and business intelligence purposes.
Business OpportunityIR 4.0 is the buzzword going around now but the reality is that the Asian Industrial sector is still at the IR 2.0 level, largely due to cheap labour and subsidised energy costs. As we are developing and subsidies are being removed, the costs of production is rising and there is now a concentrated effort to automate operations. As far as automation goes, we are still looking largely at mechanical automation and not Intelligent Automation. Further, only key areas of production are being automated and not adminstrative processes. We are supporting the sector by providing both adminstrative and production automation technologies. Existing players in the market range from Authorised Resellers, the Big Players (SAP, Oracle, IBM) and Software Developers. The issue is 1) Price — Only very large companies (PLC, GLC’s) are willing to invest millions into IT systems. The rest of the market, even if they can afford it will simply not be able to justify reinvesting that amount of capital. 2) Fear of the Unknown – While every manager and owner recognises the need to upgrade their operations, they are unsure where and how to begin. Key risks is the disruption of business during the transition period. We provide high tech solutions with a level of support and service that ensures succesful adoption. The relationship we develop by implementing that first system allows us to be their preferred tech partner for the rest of their IT needs. Manufacturing is 28% of Malaysia’s GDP and the rise in labour cost, energy costs, regulations and competition is driving the need for investment into tech to optimise operations and evolve into data driven manufacturing.
Revenue / Business ModelWe sell Software and Hardware Solutions to the Industrial Sector. The solutions are sold using the Enterprise Model where we charge for the System + Setup/Configuration cost and then a Maintenance Cost which is recurring revenue.
Management TeamSales and Marketing – Currently in the process of hiring. 
Production – 9 Years Experience in various technologies AND in managing a technical team. Previously was Head of Production managing 50 Developers.
Operations – Previous experience in the manufacturing sector. Has in depth understanding of what the Industrial sector challenges are. Was operations manager for a glove manufacturing factory and succesfully upgraded the facility to reduce leakages by 15% and increase productivity using technology and policy changes.
Company BackgroundWe started the business November ’17 and have so far invested RM 350,000 and have been bootstrapping ourselves since then. We have totalled sales of RM 500,00 in which time we were developing our softwares and survived on selling beta versions of the softwares into the market. Since July we have a V1 of our two flagship systems and the market has been responsive to our solutions and price points. We are now considered a competitor against well established brands in the sector. Out systems are now running in 6 factories and each factory has retained our services for other systems required with respect to their digital transformation and IR 4.0 needs.
Funding MilestoneWe are seeking between RM 350,000 to RM 500,000 which will enable us to boost the sales and marketing arm of the company. A small percentage will go towards hiring 3-4 technical hires to support the growing needs of the systems as we are onboarding new clients. Further, with investment capital we can consider an alternative revenue model for one of the systems, converting it from the Enterprise Model to SaaS model which will severely reduce to cost of the system to end users and enable us to acquire customers in an aggresive manner.
% Equity Allocation20-33%
Expected ROI2.5x to 5x in 3-5 Years
Risks and MitigationLoss of Key Technical Personnel. Our tech stack is in high demand, soonest as we train our new hires with our tech stack they becoem very attractive in the Job Market – Hiring and Training of Junior Developers to mitigate against concentration of product technical kowledge with Senior Developers. Further, the automation of key technical processes reduce the need for specialised technical skill.
Exit StrategiesManagement Buy Out in 36-60 Months
Company NameTrybe Technologies
Business AddressT6-11 Menara KEN Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi TTDI Kuala Lumpur
Contact PersonVineet Baskaran

Private Investor : Jasvinder Singh

Preferred Investment AmountRM100k to RM 300k
Preferred Investment Opportunityanalytics and tech
Will NOT Invest Infood and beverage
Preferred LocationDoesn’t matter
Public ProfileBusiness owner, currently involved in energy efficiency products and healthcare.
AddressBangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

Aura IoT Water Purifier

Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM800,000
Funding RequiredRM3,800,000
DescriptionWe are in the process of creating an IoT Water Filter called Aura that offers an all new subscription based payment system based on how much the user(s) drink, rather than a fixed monthly amount.

Being IoT & Internet ready also means we can offer a host of value added features for the end user, such as hydration tracking, a rewards system for drinking more water, and an automated and efficient post sales support based on the sensors available in our product.

We have a prototype ready. We have 2 shareholders / directors who are both Malaysian. Seed funding to the tune of RM800,000 has already been provided by the founder. We are looking for a further fund injection to go into full production and to pilot our project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The water filtration market has been dominated by Korean companies such as Coway & Cuckoo for a number of years now, and we believe we can now offer a better alternative. 

* We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Business OpportunityThe current water purifier market in Malaysia suffers from the problems below:

1) OVER-EMPHASIS On Water Quality, Service Frequency – Competitors in the industry usually focus on the above for marketing which actually leads to more confusion on the consumer’s part on what is the best choice for them

2) ONE SIZE Fits All Problem – Whether it is just a household of 2 people or an office of 50, monthly rental and servicing schedule are often the same 

3) Mediocre Post Sales User EXPERIENCE – Someone knocks on your door once every 3 months to change your filters. This is the extent of the post sales experience that most people have with water purifier companies

4) Lack of ACTIONABLE Correlation Between Water & Wellness – We seem to have forgotten the original point of having a water purifier. It is more than having clean water available. It is part of encouraging a greater wellness lifestyle

We aim to solve this with the Aura, which focuses on creating good user experience that will lead to utilization based billing, incentivized usage to drive up utilization and low overheads since no showroom n dealer network. 

Malaysia water purifier market alone is worth 1.8B in 2019

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Revenue / Business ModelWe will offer a subscription based service for the Aura, where users will pay based on the volume they consume

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Management TeamConsists of Neal and Kevin. Combined 11 Years prior experience in the Malaysian water purifier industry. Neal previously bootstrapped another water purifier company, and subsequently sold the company for RM3.1M. Kevin was the head of sales in the same company, and hit record sales figures for the company.

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Company BackgroundSnap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd – Incorporated February 2019.
Seed Funding of RM800,000 provided by Neal (Founder)
Prototype is now ready. We require further funding to commercialize

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Funding MilestoneWe require RM3.8M to properly bring this project to the Malaysian market.

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
% Equity Allocation30%
Expected ROIWe expect to have a market share of at least RM50M in 6 years’ time
Company NameSnap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd
Business AddressKuala Lumpur
Contact PersonNeal Wong