Amount Required : RM500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Shareholder)

informatics / multimedia
consumer goods

Project Stage: start-up


We can deny the importance of internet nowadays, and people will turn to Google, Facebook and Twitter for news updates, job search, buying products etc. is basically a social network site, that list and sells any digital products and services. We will get %30 cut for each services sold under The concept is similar to but with more features and higher pays for contributors.

A little fact about and its earning revenues and net worth below, has ranked #192 in the world according to Alexa website ranking. has Google pagerank #5. The estimated website net worth based on it’s traffic value and online website advertisement revenue alone is around $12.5 Million. receives 5.7 Million pageviews per day and generates nearly $17,188 in daily ad revenue.

This goes to show that many people seeks services and services online, and willing to pay for it in an instance.

I have been in Internet Marketing for 4 years now, with my current site earns USD$9000 in revenues in just 2 months of launching. I have the proof to back up my claims. So i have significant amount expertise in internet commerce and know which road to take to successfully market 20bucks and earn revenues with it.

Financing Sought,


Use of Funds,

– Website Creation
– Office Setup
– Advertising and Marketing
– Hiring Workers
– Offices Supplies
– Cash Flow

Expectation of full bloom revenues is in 6 months, as the web creation itself will take 1 month since it is a complex development complete with social network, payment processor and making sure of the stability of the site before launching.

How much equity are you willing to allocate to the Investors for that funding amount? 30% of the shares.

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