A self sustaining 10K class manufacturer of 3D parallax barrier component which provides 3D viewing without the use of viewing aids (i.e. anaglyph, shutters, VR helmets) seeking strategic partners and investors. Current paid-up capital: RM23.6 million. Code: TVTSB


Capable of volume production of Parallax Barrier Component.3D2
Designs and develops high quality, customizable parallax barriers for LCD displays in sizes ranging from 8.4” to 47”.
Rapidly growing 3D market ($2 billion by year 2010) with projected 40% CAGR.
40% + Net margin on manufactured lenses.
Significant upside: Projected revenues of RM560 million + by 2015.
Potential partnership with worlds top 10 panel manufacturers.
Development of our own content provider subsidiary and R&D division.
Development of our own 2D to 3D content conversion service, potential revenue : RM180 million.
Strong management team

10K clean room3D3
Up to 3000 units max capacity
Located in Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) of Malaysia.

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