3p optimization systems dmcc

3p optimization systems dmcc

Amount Invested RM400,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description One of the key challenges in the industry is having real time visibility on the critical information on Toxic Gases and H2S . This are very hazardous elements that could cost lost of life and shut down of facilities , which can cost millions of dollars lost in revenue.
By implementing MOS (Metal Oxide System) Tracking System , we can manage the sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients also includes equipment calibration alerts . It has the ability to deliver MOS real time viewer with users can view information real time which will also provide equipment reliability , calibration alerts for preventative maintenance, and location changes from a single application . With our experience, expertise and commitment towards the industry we want to make the working environment more safe and efficient
Business Opportunity ADCO (Abu Dhabi Oil Company for Onshore ) has huge issue on the sensors for the toxic gases and H2S , as it has to be manually monitored and calibrated regular , as this is a very critical . If wrong reading it could cost human life and facilities shutdown . Which in turn could lead to Millions of revenue lost .
We were approached to make a study for the best solution . Based on the functional study by implementing real time monitoring and predictive analysis . We could reduce the cost by 70% and increase equipment utilization by 40%

Currently 80-90% H2S and Gas detection data are being collected manually . Proposed solution is to provided integrated and automated solution to have data access and calibration of equipment. The potential market for this is big and untapped .

This solution cuts across Upstream , Midstream and Downstream market as all the the process will have toxic gases and H2S sensors that requires constant monitoring .

Other Market
mining industry , Power Plants and Refineries which provides the same type of sensors which are manually monitored .

Revenue / Business Model Currently we are working on ADCO requirement which is 30,000 devices , there are only from 2 Fields . In Total ADCO has 8 fields .
We have funnel size of USD2Million for the first 6 months . This are only from Middle East , have not included SEA region .
Iran market we are looking at another USD1Million
We are working with TYCO with their device and packaging our software for ADCO project .
Locally we are in talks with Petronas and RAPID team , Also have been in discussion with partners in Indonesia and India on potential deployment on trial basis for the end users there.
Management Team CEO/BD – Worked with Top 10 , Fortune 500 companies . Experienced working across Middle East , Africa , Europe and Asia Pacific . Delivered Complex projects and solution – while in Shell and Halliburton . Increase solution sales for Roxar Middle East and Africa by 60% and Integrated Roxar into Emerson Flow group .
COO – Worked with SHELL on numerous senior management role across Africa , Middle East and Asia . Strong Procurement and Legal background .
Technologist – One of the few online intrusion and fraud security certified in the world .
Company Background 3P core business function is to enable oil and gas companies to optimize their production with proper set of tools, processes and experts in predictive technology . 3P, have also tied up with some of the leading production optimization companies in US and UK. As 3P being projected as one solutions company for production optimization, our core skill is in optimization , predictive analysis and IIOT implementation . As part of our production optimization offering , we have MOS core functions which could provide predictive analysis and calibration tracking, which can manage the calibration and sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients.
We started at Middle East and decided to relocate to Asia Pacific because we are group of Malaysian whom believe we can contribute to our local economy by leveraging our local talent and growing them globally
Funding Milestone Month 1 – Staffing and Development — RM450K – hiring core engineers and completing the development

Month 4 – Implementation and Deployment – RM350K – Getting the team to site to implement and deploy

Month 7 – Sales and Marketing – RM400K – increase funnel and growth from the existing funnel.

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI Within 3 yrs 50-60% return
Risks and Mitigation Key Challenges
New brand in the market
Customer confidence
Customers/end users are ready to use latest technology with lot of precautions, references, proofs etc.
Educate customers
Geographical challenges ,as most of the organization works in a clustered method

Excellent Products, Excellent Technology
Focused on the applications and products
Ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and adaptability
Excellent trial at the largest oil producer in UAE on different applications , different fields
Technical Experiences
Big players are cutting down staff as their over head is big . We are Lean and Agile

Exit Strategies 3 Year , investor can cash in at the market rate to the company .
Company Name 3p optimization systems dmcc
Website/Facebook http://www.3p-es.com
Business Address 708 , 1 Lake plaza , Cluster T , JLT , Dubai