8 Tips to Start as a Freelance DIGITAL ARTIST

8 Tips to Start as a Freelance DIGITAL ARTIST

We know there are plenty of people out there making so much money doing freelancing that neither do they need to work being hired by someone , nor they seek work any longer . Why you ask? Because now the works comes to them. First thing first if you are thinking of starting doing photography or illustration freelance work for your self here are a couple of things step by step you would like to work upon

1-Create Portfolio

Create your portfolio, people want to know what you have done already. No one wants to buy word of mouth ….people want to see what you have done. Biggest mistake I myself have done in the past was that I didn’t get time to create my own portfolio at one place as well. It was completely scattered . My advice to you would be to place everything at one professional place buy a domain name, brand yourself and showcase your work. This is to show a professional side of you which shows you are capable of doing and handling jobs.

2-Go Social

The most important thing a freelancer has to face is to get the word out, let people know that you are available for work and hire. So one must let the world know that you are there and you are available. Most of all show the world your abilities and what you are capable of doing . You need to show people friendly side of you as well. These days every next person needs a logo , a button a banner on these social networking sites . A user with less or none graphic ability would drool over heavy and nicely presented social pages these are the people who are not only willing to pay but it is a good start for a freelance designer to get work and get to know people and most of all get some experience and expand portfolio .

3-Be a Provider

Till now you have been doing work as told and as wanted, be your own boss and become a provider. As a designer you would go all the time to download the works of other artists , I don’t find any harm in placing your works on these stock agencies as well which pays regularly besides your regular income.

4-creating logos/Banners

For me Creating Logo is one thing that opens up your mind more than anything, in the start do this for friends. Create logos for friends, and fellow bloggers or my spacers . It hurts no one to receive a low cost or free logo and even if they don’t use it you have put your effort in and giving yourself small targets like this everyday .

5-selling illustrations

Yes !…do illustration portraits , create avatars or simply artistic illustrative artwork. Sell these illustrations as prints…… there are many compnies out there who do all the hasstle work for you and you can relax and be creative. You can sell the same work over and over on different sites . For example create images and illustrations sell them on stock agencies , use these illustrations to create Mugs , greetings , prints or shirts on dealer websites. Set yourself a task of creating 4-5 illustrations one week and spend the next week submitting and creating products with them.

6- Selling artwork

Sell artwork through your blog or your own website by using any of these helpful merchant softwares. Paypal is itself as easy to set up and integrate as E-junkie is . Have your prints printed and then sell them on ebay or Etsy to get a good price.

7-Make reusable resources

Look back and see what you have been creating . I believe that every designer finds a set of tools and resources that works best for him . These tools and resources can be of any form , ie brushes , symbols or series of images which always come handy in those times when your creative spirits are low. Try to resell these resources making them your own.

8-Free Services

Last but not the least Most of all offer free services once in a while through your blog or myspace a person who came to get that 125×125 ad box for free next time wants a banner he will know where to go then.. J
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