Noisy neighbors. A ringing phone. Kids running in and out of the house. Just how important is a good work environment? When you work from home, it’s everything.

Self employment is the loneliest job, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be distraction-free. Many professionals who work at home are also work at home parents, and any parent knows that kids are all about creating distractions. They can be noisy, they can be demanding and they’re often exhausting. Even if the kids aren’t creating a working problem, there are other problems throughout the day which can really inhibit a working environment. Just how important is it to have a good work environment when you work at home?

The Noise Level

Not everyone likes complete quiet on the job, but some can’t work without it. Everyone has their own level and their own ideal environment – they key is to find out what works for each individual. There are some disadvantages to working from home, and distracting noises is one of them. Neighbors, children, telephone calls, everything can add up to create one thing after another that takes professionals away from their home desks. Sometimes, it’s not possible to reduce this noise level. Compete with it instead by adding a favorite TV program, movie or CD. Focus on this background noise instead of all those distracting sounds, because sometimes it’s easier to work with the familiar and expected. This will help mask other noises and add to the overall symphony, making it harder to distinguish the distractions. A noisy environment can create a good work environment, because it’s all about getting the work done. It doesn’t matter how the work gets done.

The Stress

Work at home can be stressful. It’s hard to be alone, to come up with fresh ideas with absolutely no sounding board whatsoever, to battle all those daily distractions (like the guilty pleasure of daytime TV). It’s okay to have fun at work, especially with work at home. Be sure to take breaks, to have fun, to make time to laugh and enjoy. Remember, it’s fun to be self-employed – so enjoy the workday. Being less stressed out will help create a much better, healthier working environment. A good work environment equals good work, and what’s more important than that?

The Kids

Kids getting in the way? Find ways to keep them distracted, and make sure they understand the importance of allowing the parent to get work done. A good work environment means being able to get work done and maintain a stream of steady thought, and kids can really create problems with this goal. Keep them busy, so you can stay busy.

by KC Morgan

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