1. Executive Summary

a. Objective .

PalBean is to promote global environment caring via exchanging stuff with people around the world, to reduce waste producing and smart spending.
Profit from keyword oriented advertisement published together with exchange items posted within PalBean domain.
b. Mission :To promote online exchange behavior.

c. Keys to success

Acceptance level of PalBean as worldwide number one exchange portal and pioneer.
Customer willing to advertise on PalBean.com.
Exchange behavior widely accepted by online users as purchase goods online.
2. Service Description

a. Provided an exchange portal allows online user posted exchange items for free, and users are welcome to bid on those items with any reasonable bidding. Detail transaction workflow described in this link (http://www.palbean.com/Howto.aspx).

b. Market segmentation

Great unexplored market segment that today e-commerce companies underestimated (e.g. Amazon.com provides used book reselling but not as main strategy, eBay provides bidding portal but only by monetary.)
PalBean services will be covered from B2C (e.g. a gamer seeking for used game exchange) to B2B segment (e.g. a business entity exchange industrial material with other)
c. Target Market Segment Strategy

Smart spending users –users very caution on “spending” and love to utilize available “resources”.
Go-Green users – fans of environment caring, love to see “recycle” and “reusable”
Commercial/industrial users – business purpose of cost saving by exchange with others partners with existing extra material.
3. Strategy and Implementation

a. Marketing Strategy

b. Funding Strategy

c. Income Strategy

Keyword advertisement (e.g. advertisement would published based on user’s browsing behavior, such as categories, posted item keyword)
Partnering with International online advertisement program (Google AdWord etc)
Timeline Status

Email, Facebook and Twitter marketing Q2’2010 In progress
Online advertisement (Google, Yahoo, forums etc) Q3’2010 Funding required
Media advertisement (Business and environment caring magazine) Q3’2010 Funding required
International venture funding Q2’2010 Connection required
Local government funding Q3’2010 Connection required

System Implementation Plan : Timeline Status

Phase 1 – first release Q2’2010 Done
Phase 2 – integrated with Google Ads & Keyword advertisement engine Q3’2010 In progress
Phase 3 release – Chinese version Q1’2011 –
4. Financial Plan

a. Balance sheet projection (3 years)
b. Income projection Detail (3 years)
c. Cost projection Detail (3 years)

Year Income Cost Profit
2011 30000 20040 9960
2012 150000 70200 79800
2013 3000000 1004000 1996000

Year Projected Registered User # Projected keyword advertisement customer# (1/20 scale with registered user #) Projected annual advertisement budget from one customer (USD) PalBean Income (USD)
2011 2000 100 300 30000
2012 10000 500 300 150000
2013 200000 10000 300 3000000

Year Projected Registered User # Hosting Cost (server, storage, bandwidth) -1/50 scale with Registered User# (USD) Expenses (Salary, office etc) PalBean Cost
2011 2000 40 20000 20040
2012 10000 200 70000 70200
2013 200000 4000 1000000 1004000

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