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Why are we here?

Entrepreneurs solve the world’s biggest problem, but lack of access to capital is a problem faced by them.

For early stage companies, particularly those with little or no track record, the challenge is to find the capital they need, and for later stage companies, the challenge is to find the right capital at the right terms.

On the other hand, there are tons of capital sources that are largely overlooked by entrepreneurs and there are always venture capitalists, private equity firms and other investors willing to put their money on businesses even outside their own countries – you just need to know who to target and how to make them invest in you.

This is why CAPITAL.MY was created – to enable entrepreneurs access to a wider range of funding options, varying in purpose and sophistication, at difference stages of growth, locally and globally

How we do it?

  • Pairing business owners with capital sources on an international basis
  • Global network in key financial regions in Southeast Asia, China and USA
  • Proven capital raising methodology to help entrepreneurs close rounds faster.

Our clients are predominantly start-ups, SMEs, tech companies and large cap project owners.

Our home is Asia, but our reach is global …

William Tan, Global Entrepreneur
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