Academic Workshop – Method by heart

Academic Workshop – Method by heart

Suitable for Standard 4 onwards. UPSR,PMR,SPM even Tertiary level. Compiling method of study from Japan, US and UK. 3 hour workshop module explaining how to cope with subjects in school using ‘very adaptable concept’ applications.

An overview of the market and opportunity, including why your business model can generate superior, sustainable returns;
STATISTIC BY MOE ( Data as on Jan 31st, 2012 )

Number of school
Primary Secondary Total
7,723 2,296 10,019

Number of pupils/students (Enrolment)
PreSchool 186,298
Primary 2,804,405
Secondary 2,281,775
Total 5,272,478

Number of Teachers
Male Female
Primary 72,266 164,047
Secondary 55,155 121,252
Total 127,421 285,299

*If only 5% from this figure would attend the workshop at only rm15/person, the estimated potential that can be generate from this workshop is nearly RM4m.
*Ongoing market.

Background of key managers/founders and shareholder;
Muhamad Zaki Bin Mustafa – Method Founder/Developer
Highest academic level PMR. Had to choose to leave school to help family.

Current Status
Pre Establish.
Documentation process.
Investment made to date –RM500,000
12 years RND
3 years monitoring on test subject – Result :

Funding required

Research And Development: RM 500,000
Company set up: RM 500,000
Advertising: RM 500,000
Cashflow: RM 500,000
Total: RM2,000,000

How much equity are you willing to allocate to the Investors for that funding amount? 40%.

Projection from RND and expenses to date.
Ongoing potential market.
Minimum rate expectation of attendance from the industry at 2.5%.
Collaboration of sponsorship to the programme.

Expected rate of return or IRR; 20-30% Annually.

Investment risks and mitigating factors; Team management, marketing and collaboration that are not understand the value of academics.

Contact Person

Muhamad Zaki Mustafa (