AdikMu Online Consultancy

AdikMu Online Consultancy

Project Cost: RM 3.5 Million

Amount Invested : RM 30K

Amount Required : RM 2-3 Million

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant
others (Silent Investor)

informatics / multimedia
financial services

Project Stage:

Information Memorandum:

Who we are
Adikmu online marketing consultancy firm

What we are doing
We are the one-stop online information distribution channel solution provider.We help SMEs and Big Companies to target their customer in most appropriate way, conduct effective and traceable online promotion, enhance customer satisfaction and realized online sales revenue.

How we do it
We provide Online Marketing Solution
We will divide our target customers into two types: SMEs or Big Firm. We standardize our service, solution and charges. However, we do provide customization service based on customer request.

Free Wifi Hotspot Channel
We will lay out our ‘exclusive’ Free Wifi Hotspots in Restaurant, Pub, Sport center, office block, shopping mall and so on (around 2000 spots first phrase) over KL, JB, Ipoh, Penang, and Melaka. People can surf internet via our free wifi hot spot if they have smart phone / devices within the service area; Sellers could promote their product or service via the platform we provide.

Why we are better than others
Unique channel: We own ourselves an information distribution channel which allows us to generate advertisement revenue flow at the initiation stage, and cheaper cost of attracting customer stream.

Hardware advantages: We have the stable and cheaper router than currently using in Malaysia. (R&D in Top China University)

Human asset: Our team has fruitful experiences in IT field (developing, product and consulting), and core members have the working experiences in Fortune 500 IT companies.

How we goanna survive
Advertisement will be part of our source of income. We will rent our space of the login webpage and the directory page appear once the user connect to our free WIFI hotspot.

Online marketing solution / consultation will constitute other part of our income. As we will able to track the journal and cache of the users once they connect to our hotspot, we will be able analyze their surfing behavior.

Funding requirement
We need RM 3 Million to lay our Free wifi Hotspot (2000 hotspot points), including router, rental for the wifi (restaurant, office) , technician, application of wifi license.

* Summary of Investment Proposal available

Contact Information

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Country : MALAYSIA
Telephone :
Website : (still in construction)
Mobile: 017-360-8899