for Successful Fund Raising

Investors need documents that communicates ideas and information, but they invest in a company, in a product, and in people.

As you begin raising money from outsiders such as investors, venture capital (VC) fund or banks, you will need to use different communication tools to accomplish various goals. The following 6 key documents are usually required to engage and communicate with a prospective investor:

Executive Summary

Your Executive Summary is a high level overview of what your business does, how your product works, and your strategic plan to develop the business. The summary needs to be enough to engage a potential investor but is not intended to be comprehensive. That’s the function of your Business Plan.


Investors will want to see your past performance, proposed use of funds and financial projections at a minimum. Any serious investor is going to request this information before making a commitment to your company so its critical information to have on hand.

Indicative Term Sheet

The parameters and terms of your offering need to be determined before you start talking to your prospects. This includes the amount that you are looking to raise, the percentage of equity you will provide potential investors, how you value your business, investment structure and any relevant deal terms that are pursuant to your particular deal.

Pitch Deck

The Pitch Deck is a more visual version of your Executive Summary, most widely used for in-person presentations. More and more, the Pitch Deck is replacing the Executive Summary as the first document requested by investors, mainly because it forces entrepreneurs to be brief, which investors appreciate.

Business Plan

Your Business Plan should include a detailed analysis of your market segment, sales and marketing strategy, strategic growth plan, and corresponding financial plan.

Closing Documents

Upon closing, you will need to have specific documents prepped. For example, you’ll need to complete a Shareholders Agreement which provides detailed terms of the investment to all committed investors. It is helpful to have these documents prepared in a draft format prior to fund raising. They can also be drafted once funds have been verbally committed.

Customized Investment Offering Documents and Business Plan

Are you looking for someone who will leverage your input and expertise to quickly, easily, and cost effectively create an investment proposal that communicates your business model and value proposition?

Are you looking for someone to guide you through a comprehensive strategic planning process that results in a comprehensive business plan, strengthens your existing business, refines your value proposition, and improves your “fundability”?

Our consultants have just the solution at just the right price! We help you to develop a clear, concise and compelling investment proposal or business plan so you can be ready for a successful capital or strategic transaction. Since 2006, our consultants and financial specialist have worked with entrepreneurs, owners, and executives in wide range of industries, and with companies at nearly every stage of development.

Raise capital or secure a bank loan

Facilitate a merger or acquisition

Impress strategic or joint venture partners

Gain interest from potential management team and board members

Intelligently plan and document your growth objectives and strategies

Our Fees

We provide a custom, compelling pitch deck / investment proposal / business plan for RM6,000 to RM30,000 depending on the complexity of the business and amount of fund to raise.


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