Whether you’re a startup or a scaleup, we can match you with angel investors, venture capitals, corporate ventures, government funds, banks and other funding sources.

Your Challenges

  • Cold-messaging hundreds of investors but no response.
  • Investors do not give you any explanation why you get rejected.
  • Difficulties in closing deals with investors.
  • Getting negative feedback on the investment proposal.

Our Solutions

  • Warm introductions and matching with angel investors and VCs.
  • Get specific feedback from our internal network of angels and experts.
  • Our financial advisors can guide you through the entire capital raising process.
  • We help you improve your pitching materials, make a good first impression, capture interest and imagination.

How it works?

Step 1: We start with fundability due diligence (and de-risk) on 4 areas of your business:

  • Commercial – business model, industry, market size etc.
  • Financial – past performance, key metrics, projections, assumptions etc.
  • Team Execution – management team, advisory board etc.
  • Fundraising Model – valuation, capital table, funding roadmap etc.

Step 2: Marketing Materials

Based on above findings, optimizing your pitching strategies and materials (Pitch Deck, Executive Summary, Business Plan, Subscription Agreements, PPM etc).

We will work with you and give you feedback from experts and investors to help you get better results when contacting investors.

Step 3: Promote, Pitch & Close

Once you’re Investor-Ready, we will help in connecting you with angel investors / VCs by our proprietary PULL and PUSH strategies, targeted capital raise campaign and finally, guide you through the investor due diligence process.

We help you solve capital raising challenges!

What are the Benefits?

The services offered by Targeted Capital Raising program can save you a lot of time looking for the right angel investors/ VCs and can increase the chances of your startup being chosen by investors considerably – as we make sure all the documents you need to present are convincing enough and well-prepared and as we work with you on improving your approach and pitching skills according to investors’ and experts’ feedback.

You will be guided by financial experts and investors on how to approach investors and what you should include in your pitching materials.

We also help you find and connect with angel investors and get funded through VCs that are already interested in the industry/stage/country your startup / scaleup belongs to.

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