AIM Initiative Financing Scheme

AIM Initiative Financing Scheme

To reduce the poverty rate in Malaysia by providing financing to poor household to enable them to undertake viable economic activity to upgrade their household income.

Maximum tenure : 25 weeks to 6 months
Maximum financing : RM20,000
Participating financial institutions / Implementing Ministry / Agency: AIM

Eligibility criteria

  • Household income below the following Current Government Poverty line:
  • West Malaysia: RM661 per month (RM152 per capita)
  • Sarawak state: RM765 per month (RM167 per capita)
  • Sabah state: RM888 per month (RM173 per capita)

The participant to set up a group consisting of 5 members of the same gender,  responsible and committed to the programme and members are not close relatives

The participant must attend compulsory short course. Upon passing the special test, the member is required to attend the weekly Central Meeting that comprised of 2 to 8 groups of AIM members

Purpose of financing
Working capital

Eligible sector / Types of financing
All economic activities

Application procedure
Applicant to liaise with AIM

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