Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested Currently, there is no capital invested in this PLT and we see that potentially the directors investing RM 10,000 by the last quarter of 2016.
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description EVE is a discount voucher app designed specifically to cater for women & their needs. The app will feature discount vouchers from a wide variety of categories targeting women’s lifestyle.

The EVE app essentially is a central All-in-one deal and lifestyle mobile application for women with features such as :

A) On Voucher and Deals –
1. All-in-one deal and lifestyle mobile application
2. 3 steps redemption process
3. Deal redemption history
4. Personalized deals
5. Special deals on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, 1st kid etc.

B) On Women’s Lifestyle & Community –
1. Lifestyle tools such as menstrual cycle tracker, health screening checks
2. Community groups & Activity planners

Business Opportunity Why Are We Recommending a Discount Voucher App For Women?

No mobile apps out there caters deals specifically for women. Apps that cater for women are only addressing tracking menstrual cycle, organizing a business or productivity, stocking up on rewards and the likes.

These apps do not usually involve a woman’s lifestyle rather they push un-targeted promotions and discounts.

The apps that do cater for deals are for all walks of life and are quite convoluted. Women are the main contributors to buying or making a deal viral so if there is an app that caters to their interests as in shopping, while bringing value, then that will be the killer app.

Why Specifically Women?

Women account for almost 50% of the Malaysian population. They are the ones who usually make an educated decision for household spending. They are also the ones with a strong inclination to shop while looking for deals and who are mostly on smartphones when doing so.

Addressable Market

Based on Malaysia’s population of 30,751,602 and the ratio of males at 50.7% to females at 49.3%, that gives us 15,160,539 of women folk.

Breaking down further, we take a 54% who are in the labour force which gives us a total addressable market of 8,200,000 women.

Target Market

The potential target market will be as such:
Powers Users: 1.1M
Social Stars: 0.8M

Total of 1.9M are predominantly women user who will most likely be the early adopters of the app we are proposing however we are not discounting other age ranges. The app will cater for all age ranges however for a realistic forecast of take ups, we have used these figures which accounts for 23% of the addressable market.

Revenue / Business Model The Eve App will deliver feature and function which is designed to hook the ladies to continuous the app. To encourage the redemptions of the free coupons, the apps will ensure that that certain features are enabled after a certain number of confirmed redemption. We also will have functions and events for ladies who either are the top confirmed redemptions or new users who make their first redemption.

The aim is ensure that the ladies always keep our app and continuous use them.
By providing free e-coupons to users entices them to seek better deals and take the initiative redeem the coupon at site, thus bringing more views of merchants’ products other than that they have advertised. It also enables the merchants to leverage the opportunity to further cross-sell or upsell their products combined with the coupon.

For the Merchants we have a two prong approach :
(i) Normal Coupon Advertisement : Merchants pay to advertise their coupons on the app.
(ii) Premium Coupon Advertisement : Merchant pays for their coupons to be featured as top tier merchants.

All coupons will be able to be filtered by location and category, putting the featured coupon on the top.

Launch Promo

a) Partnership with NGO and Partner Merchants
(i) To do a launch gambit with merchants and NGOs to support women’s cause.
(ii) Merchants will donate RMx upon redemption of their coupons to the participating NGO.

b) Working with hospitals
(i) New Sign-ups will get a Free medical services such as mammogram check up with participating hospitals.
(ii) Existing users will get a FREE health screening which is sponsored by the partner merchant and hospital.

Management Team (i) Ranjinath Muniandy

Chief Executive Officer

Over 25 years of work experience ranging from small, medium enterprise outfit to large local corporations and MNCs across Information Technology and Telecoms industry.

Experienced in Project management, product development, operations, people development & management, developing business and end-user requirements, translating and communicating business needs to IT and Network team, management and integration of IT application (Value-Added Services and Telecom industry)

(ii) Joshua Muniandy

Chief Operating Officer

Joshua has more than 20 years working experience primarily in the IT sector as well as in Training & Development. He has been involved in Internet Commerce Consultancy, Project Management, Business Development and Project Consultancy. Joshua has worked for companies such as MIMOS, JARING, VADS, EDI Malaysia and E-Commerce Sdn Bhd.

(iii) Sanjeev Muniandy

Chief Marketing Officer

Sanjeev has more than 17 years working experience with specialization in Product Development and Management. He also has experience with Customer Service, MVNO start-up, e-commerce, Peer-To-Peer Lending, Big Data Analytics and mobile app design. Sanjeev has worked for telecommunications providers and a public listed service enabler company.

Company Background THE MOON & ANDY GROUP PLT started on the 28/11/2013 to enable the directors to start a trading business. However, due to certain circumstance, the business did not start as plan and the PLT was put on hold. Currently, there is no capital invested in this PLT and we see that potentially the directors investing RM 10,000 by the last quarter of 2016.
Funding Milestone RM1,600,000 of funding is required. Our Plan is to have one drop funding to enable the company to move without the worry of funds being depleted. The company would want to run marketing events and promos as early as the month before launch and hire people early.
% Equity Allocation 45%
Expected ROI We expect the minimum ROI if the VC deposes of the share at Listing is at 12.5%
Risks and Mitigation 1. Threat of New Entry
A profitable industry will attract more competitors looking to achieve profits. It is easy for these new entrants to enter the market as the entry barriers are low – this poses a threat to us.

To mitigate this, we believe that our app should be more than just a Discount App. Our focus is build a large loyal women customer base by having key lifestyle features essential to woman and to build a strong women community base.

Our brand would be synonymous with Empowering Women. This puts us far in the lead when others are merely focus on just selling and it also gives us opportunity to continuously innovate to produce better app for the market.

2. Market Risk
We have done our research and found that the potential for an app for women is huge. No such app exists as yet and we have done the math to figure this out. Based in Malaysia alone, conservatively there are 1.9M women who will be early adopters of this service while a potential of another 6M waiting to hear from friends and families.

3. Operational and Management Risk
The Moon & Andy Group can already attest with its strong Founders’ experience and industry know-how plus we have found an opportunity by developing an app for the women folk, the main retail industry contributors in terms in terms of revenue.

4. Financial Risk
The Moon & Andy Group has gone through the financial numbers with a fine comb. However, we will need to prepare for any new and unexpected challenges which will need the company to improve and be more efficient in both cost and revenue streams.

Exit Strategies In 3 years :
– Buyout of investor shares by owners or key business principles
– Acquisition by or merger with another business
– An initial public offering (IPO), which raises funds by selling shares of stock in your business
– Recapitalising and paying off early-round investors with funds from venture capitalists or other later-round investors
Company Name xxxx  PLT
Business Address NO 15, Jalan Camar 4/21, Villa Damansara, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Contact Person Sanjeev Muniandy
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