Project Cost: £1,000.000

Amount Invested : 3,000,000 yen

Amount Required : £1,000.000

Knowledge / Experience Required: production

Proposed Investor’s Role: others ()

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: Startup


Company History:

Mr. Tagawa, who had lost many friends in the Kobe earthquake, wished to develop a lighting system that would illuminate essential resources, such as water mains for fire fighting. He set up a venture company to fund research and development.

Professor Takeda developed a condenser (capacitor) that can store energy, even in dark areas, and on cloudy days. Solar power has relied on traditional batteries, but these cannot store unused electricity. (NB:if solar power were used in all 45 million houses in Japan there would be saving in total electricity use of 25%!

Mr. Tagawa patented the technology worldwide. There was a lot of interest from overseas, but not much in Japan although it is being used in flashing road markings throughout Japan. Japanese are traditionally slow gadopters h, although are excellent at enhancing things developed elsewhere.

Product / Service Description:

We have created a state of the art All Weather Solar Power System that enables you to generate your own solar electricity which you can make a difference to global warning by reducing carbon emissions, At the same time this energy-saving and renewable energy source will help to reduce your own electricity bills while you take care of the environment.This double layered electric condenser that doesn’t require batteries, the finished product is a flat, lightweight A5-sized package resembling a sleek foil packet of tuna. It contains two sheets of carbon fabric made from carbon powder. Each sheet can store 10 kWh ? enough to run a house for a day. The technology is being hailed as the “Energy Revolution” and “The Saviour Of Humanity

Business Opportunity:

Our mission is to enhance the use of cleaner, safer and sustainable solar energy to hand over a good environment to the next generation through developing devices with solar energy system we developed compact luminescent products for road safety with the patented Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) technology, which is expected to improve power generation efficiency as much as 10 times more than the lead batteries currently used.

Solar energy systems have been limited in their use due to some problems, some of which are its fluctuating energy productivity and the size and cost of lead batteries for storage. With EDLC technology, however, the system ensures a constant supply of energy. In addition, the size of systems can be much smaller than before because the energy is stored in capacitors instead of batteries.

Revenue Model:

We are seeking a £1,000.000 investment for Working Capital and Marketing. Based on our projections, Angel Investors will see a ROI in year 1 of 20%!We will enhance the application of EDLC technology to help develop the future of the planet. Solar Energy Businesses are worth Billions as it is the future of our planet, As an Investor you will see a return in the first year of 20% and a share within the business which we are more than happy to discuss with parties who are interested in investing with us we are not short of customers all over the world and being apart of this we will reduce energy bills all over the world

Management Team:

ECO CREATION LIMITED has been operating in New Zealand for approx 5 year. The company is managed by Akira Ochiai, who is also the major shareholder.

Current Status:

The product is finished but the investment is needed to bring the cost of the product down as the capacitior are very expensive and we need to mass produce the product to bring the cost down of the product, The Japanese Government has spent millions of dollars assisting, in the development of the technology, and it is already winning environmental awards.

Funding Milestone:

Funding will help in the production of this product and will be cost productive for everyone in the world so the power of the sun can help everyone everywhere even on cloady days there is nothing like this in the world and his hailed as saviour of humanity the energy created can be sold back to the grid and used again this will bring the cost of household bills all over the world if you are ready to make a change and help save our planet and make a difference to the ozone layer.

Business Valuation:

Sorry i have no equity to invest but this is the best and cleanest form of energy product on the market and will be worth billions in years to come

Expected Return On Investment:

we will return 20% investment in the first year and maybe more we are not short of customers as this out sell any solar power system in the world developed because of its size and cleanest form of energy.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: No risks but gains

Exit Strategies: they exit at anytime after the investment and stay a slient investor


ranjeet bains (

Company Name: rb-forpex
Postal Address : 63 heath road
State : bedworth
Post Code : cv12 0aw
Country : uk
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