Project Cost: RM3,000,000.00

Amount Invested : RM500,000.00

Amount Required : RM5,000,000.00 per 1 Megawatts

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; finance; sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: seed

Information Memorandum:

Climate Scientist has long warn us that global warming is accelerating due to continuous rise of greenhouse gas emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide is from fossil fuel based energy, many Government realize the need to promote the use of Alternative Energy to reduce the greenhouse emission and also because the price of fossil fuel such as Coal, Natural Gas will continue to rise, moreover these resources are not replenishable.

The focus of our concern is to generate electricity free from using fossil fuel, As at today there is no technology/product available to generate electricity that is consistent enough to replace the conventional method of generating electricity using feed such as Coal and Natural Gas.

Renewable Energy electricity that depends on natural resources such as Sun, Wind, River Water, EFB (empty fruit branch) and Gas from Land fills can only be supplementing electricity provider because most of these products/technologies depend on natural resources, which are not consistent enough as feed to generate consistent electricity.

After 2 and half years of research, we have develop a system/product that is able to generate electricity without the need of any feed such as Coal,Natural Gas, Diesel,Sun, Water, EFB and Land fills Gas, however, we just need a start up electricity for 5 minutes only.

In our system, we are able to generate electricity from 100Kw to 1Mw to 10Mw to 100Mw or more, our system is a modular system.

The process flow/technology of our system is already Patented with Malaysia Intellectual Property Organisation (MYIPO) and World wide Patent will be submitted soon.

Being a new product in the World, we need to build a working commercial pilot unit to demonstrate that our product/system is able to generate electricity consistent 24 hours seven days a week, this commercial pilot unit will be the showcase to the industry players locally and from overseas.

To build a commercial pilot unit with substantial electricity output for the industry players to test, we require RM3,000,000.00 of funding ( 400Kw system with consistent output for 24/7) note: 400Kw output is able to provide electricity to at least 340 houses with 2 air condition and basic amenities.

Most likely, after testing the output of our commercial pilot unit, the utility companies will award us Power Purchase Agreement for 21 years at agreed price per Kilowatt.

This year 2012, Energy Commission Of Malaysia will be calling for bidding for 4500Megawatts of electricity, equivalent to approximately RM680 million per month for 21 years. In Malaysia alone, demand of electricity increases between 3.5% to 4.2% per year i.e 680megawatts or approximately RM110 million per month. Our system is the cheapest per Megawatt compared to lowest system available now.

Contact Information

Azmi Mansor (

Postal Address : 46, Jalan 33/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 50480
Country : Malaysia

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