Current Status Loss-making, Turnaround
Amount Invested 600k
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Ampang original yong tau fu was first brought now to Johor Bahru in 1994 after 8 yrs we decided to sell back to Ampang . After a short lapsed we revive in 2014 Ampang original YonG tau fu the non- pork version and was acceptable by the market . Currently we have 2 outlets and a central kitchen which can produce for 5 outlets.
We are looking into another new segment of the market the halal and non- pork eater market. At the same time we believe franchising in this business is widely acceptable and encourage .
Business Opportunity Ampang original yong tau fu is an household brand for many of us and is easily recognized and acceptable to the market. Our vision is to franchise the business into every recognized shopping centers, food courts , food trucks and fastfood kiosk.
70 % of the un tap market if is halal certified .
Central kitchen can also produce for hotels, airlines and other wholesale supplies.
It is a very easy business to do , anyone can manage and be train with simple cooking. Peace of mind from having to solve workers problems, chef runaway, recipes stolen and duplicate .
Products are easily recognized and can be a breakfast item, lunch items and dinner items. Is light yet is healthy and filling.
Ingredients are only fish paste and vegetables and breancurd . Good and healthy for any category of people. Young or old.
Revenue / Business Model Untap 70% of the Malay and non-pork eater market.
Franchise holder can get goodwill and franchise fees
Products are versatile, it can turn into steamboat joint or tim sum restaurant or just stand on its own
Fast food kiosk at mall and shopping outlets
Online food delivery and food truck for young entrepreneurs who no experience in food business.
Wholesale market supplies are abundance – hotel, other restaurants and airlines
Management Team Existing we have 13 workers , 4 in production, 2 managers and the rest service staff.
Managers are well experienced in running the day to day business , while one of the managing director are focusing on production and formulation of other food line.
Company Background Started in 1993 in Johor Bahru after 8 years we sold back to kl reasons was to focus on the young children at home.
2014 we revived and Ampang Original YonG Tau fu was reborn and 2015 we opened our 2nd outlets.
We had put up an advert on business licensing wanted on and 4 Malay responded but they needed a halal cent to begin with.

Currently we have a central kitchen and 2 retail outlets .
Investment are all cash and we have invested 500k and needed a further push for a breakthrough.

Funding Milestone We need another 500k to 1 mil for expansion depends on how ambition we want.
Mainly to look for a Malay partners and to get the halal certification , franchise certification in placed.
We highly believe there’s a untapped market and is a good opportunity for investor to come in at this time where everything is been properly laid and set up .
There’s also halal food grants and funding from SME loans which we can explore.
% Equity Allocation 50 to 100%
Expected ROI 60%
Risks and Mitigation Calculated risks … Depends on market economy .
Exit Strategies Any time
Company Name Ampang original yong tau fu Sdn bhd
Business Address 2, jalan kempas utama 3/1 Taman kempas utama 81200 Johor Bahru
Contact Person Fancy tan
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Teh Chong Meng
5 years ago

Hi, How is this business doing? Are they still keen for an investment? Thanks