Project Cost: 300,000RM

Amount Invested : 25,000RM

Amount Required : 275,000RM

Knowledge / Experience Required: production

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time


Project Stage: concept


Company History:

Well, I work as a content manager in a digital marketing company ‘TwitterJaya’. My job comprises of sharing content, advertising, running campaigns as well as contests through social media platforms. Along with that, I’m looking forward to establish my technological invention in South East Asia and become a global entrepreneur. Thus, I’m searching for busy and driven investors as well as business owners who have passion and strong will to invest in innovative technology.

Product / Service Description:

I am specialized in alternatives for electric power plants and recently me and my dad have developed an innovative electro-hydraulic power plant which is more productive, efficient and profitable than the regular power plants that exist today. I’m in a unique position to propose this business idea because it is a complete new concept for power plants which is environmentally safe, multifunctional, simple, can be dislocated to other territory and at the same time it doesn’t require any valuable resources such as: petrol, coal and gas. I believe that this particular innovation will change the whole process of producing electricity and lead to the convergence into these useful and convenient electrohydraulic power plants.

Revenue Model:

I expect to generate revenue from the production of electricity which is much more efficient and cheaper to operate


Vladimir (
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