Project Cost: RM100,000
Amount Invested : RM20,000
Amount Required : RM80,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy, sale & marketing
Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor
Industry: others (Watersports Industry)
Project Stage: early expansion

More Information:

I’ve already registered an enterprise under ROB since 2009 under the name AquaDolf Swimming & Watersport. Primary business is providing swimming class. Our niche segment is private lessons and we specialized in teaching adult ladies. Currently AquaDolf have 4 female instructors to accommodate to the demands. Me myself have been teaching swimming for more than 8 years, starting as just coach assistant, doing it for freelance and now doing it fulltime.

Besides operating swimming classes, we also conducting lifesaving and CPR courses for public and corporate. Since 2009, in our record, we\’ve taught more than 300 students, and some of them are still continuing their lessons with us for workout purposes. We operate in a rented bungalow house at PJ Oldtown (it\’s a good location with easy landmark and access), owned by my family. Currently our pool is an above ground pool, with 32 (w) x 18 (l) feet in size.

Our strength in this industry is our small market concentration. As all of our key personnel and instructors are female, it is easy for us to tap the market of adult ladies. This is because, most ladies feels more comfortable learn swimming with lady instructor. Furthermore, we\’ve created a private and fun swimming experience at our private pool. This private pool is only use for swimming class only and is not open to public and even to men. As for loyalty, most of our students stick with us because we\’ve created an after sales program which include, free stroke evaluation, fun swim session. We also created a secret group in Facebook for our current and former students which will update and give them extra tips and free workout plan.

We plan to build a permanent and deeper swimming pool at the same location so that we can serve our students better. By having a permanent pool will also enable us to accommodate to bigger group classes. In next 1-2 years, we plan to send 2 instructors (including me) to take up professional course in scuba diving so that we can now expand our service in scuba courses. Long term planning is for us to create a franchise for swimming class for ladies.

Maslinda Abd Talib