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VIP (Versatile Investment Portfolio) is Areca Capital’s concept of how investment should be; allowing the customer to control how best to allocate their assets while providing professional services to backup the investment.

VIP is designed to provide active investors an investment strategy with two assets classes offering contrasting risk-return profile. Depending on the investor’s risk-appetites and market conditions, investors can participate simultaneously into both unit trust funds, equity and non-equity, managed by Areca Capital. This facility encourages investors to review, revalue and rebalance their asset allocation overtime in any combination.

Versatile Investment Portfolio

Versatile Investment Portfolio (VIP) is an investment facility designed to provide active investors with an investment strategy which offers the flexibility to tailor their ideal investment solutions. The VIP provides investors a professional diversified portfolio with access to two types of asset classes – equity and fixed income (bond) Funds with unlimited free switches between the Funds. It is an easy and convenient way for active investors to manage and customise their investment portfolios according to their investment goals, risk profiles and market conditions.