Artisan Kitchen

Artisan Kitchen

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description At Essential Bebe, we have been targeting the artisan bath & body products such as facial scrubs, handmade soaps & bathbombs in which a great array of varieties can be found in social medias like Instagram and Carousell. Most of the artisan products are usually handmade by different crafters, which then require the customer to do multiple order placements and bank transactions.

Our idea is to gather all these artisans for bath & body products in a single selling platform, where the customers pick their items, then we put everything in a box, wrap it nicely and get it shipped on time. Thus, saving the time and hassle to liaise with different sellers and they’ll be able to get all desired items in one box!

Business Opportunity Essential Bebe will provide the platform for local artisans to showcase their handmade products. How?

1. Secure stocks from local brands
2. Sell products online
3. Customer select desired products from various local brands
4. We will pack and wrap it
5. Packaged box ready to be shipped to customers

Our future website will give an ease to customers to have a more rewarding and less time consuming shopping experience.

Management Team Rugayyah Mazlan (Business Manager @ Artisan hunter)
Adi Firdaus Fauzi (Assistant Business Manager @ Delivery Guy)
Company Background It all started in April 2016, where I stumbled upon the fact that I dislike shopping via social medias (i.e. Instagram, Facebook) because I will then need to send a message to the seller which I need to wait some time for them to respond to my queries. This delays everything, from making a decision, finalizing my orders, sending my details and make payments. But then again, most of these artisan products are sold in this platform, so what choice do I have?

It then led me to become an agent for a few handmade products such as bathbombs, facial scrubs and soaps. I took my own savings out and invest on some stocks, packagings, marketing and sell them on Instagram (@essentialbebe). Since then, Essential Bebe customers come all over Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and even France!

My first target was to sell off 50 bathbombs in the first month of launching. It was done successfully 24 days with profit of RM550. As a person who is working on this part-time, I found it is quite challenging as I have limited time to entertain queries from customers and at the same time I need the funds from my monthly salary.

As of to this date, we at Essential Bebe are working on the items below:

1. Communication with other local handmade body & bath product brands to expand our product range
2. Developing our own website for a faster and easy shopping experience.

Funding Milestone Feb 2017: RM40,000
Secure 5 local brands
Stock up on packaging (4 types)
Marketing (Social media influencers)

March 2017: RM20,000
Website Development
Website Go Live
Marketing (Social media influencers)

Important note:
1. Fundings also goes to manpower required for every month (i.e. Delivery, packaging, etc)
2. Instagram shop operates as usual

Company Name Essential Bebe
Business Address Lot 3337, Desa Bahagia Phase 2, Jalan Permata, Permyjaya, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Contact Person Rugayyah Mazlan