Asia’s 1st E-Learning Marketplace

Asia’s 1st E-Learning Marketplace

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM70k
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description The online learning business is like the classroom training in 1900. We’re on the cusp of a major transformation. If you believe online learning is going to have a significant share of the training business in 10 years, we are going to be on the right side of the fault zone. The heart of these courses will be an efficient hosting platform and an interactive environment. We’ve designed, built and installed them. Every online course will have to have a product like ours.

Our business focuses on integration of technology and education to make learning more interactive, accessible and affordable. We are filling the gaps of training for working professionals in the field of engineering, information technology, project management and other technology industries. In our current working industries, trainings are mostly inaccessible , expensive, and inapt. Depending on company policies, only a group of individuals are usually sent for trainings. Those wanting to improve their skills by their own will have to fork out a large sum of money for professional trainings.
Skill Bear was born to create a solution to all these. For professionals to upskill themselves in their areas of expertise without burning a hole in their wallet.

Business Opportunity The PROBLEM with pursuing education/learning skills :
Price is an important concern for those wanting to learn
Classroom training’s are not very convenient in terms of time and place
The internet does not always have niche courses
No easy way exist if you want to share your skills with others and earn a living out of it

Our SOLUTION is to have a marketplace where instructors can share their knowledge and skills for users at an affordable price.

There are 200M users in Asia using E-Learning. Approximately 60M of them are using Paid Services. Skill Bear is aiming at 15% of that market which is approx 9M users.
Our target customers to start with are those in need of soft skill courses. We will be looking specifically now at working professionals between the age of 25-44 in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia.
Industries we will be focusing on are Banking and Finance, IT and Technology, Human Resource, and Customer Service.

Our competitors are Udemy and Lynda, Our competitive advantage over them are :
We have the first mover advantage by targeting the Asian market. Our courses will have subtitles in languages of our targeted countries.

Revenue / Business Model Our business model is a 70%-30% revenue sharing with our instructors. We are currently the only marketplace in the world giving out 70% of the revenue. This is to attract more instructors and get a variety of courses.
Our target market will be specifically targeted by each course and not the platform.
As you will see in our pitch deck, we will be reaching a profit of 54M by 2019 using this technique.
In phase 2, we will be implementing the corporate section which will be used to reach out to corporates to use Skill Bear as their learning system.
Management Team Our management team consist of 2 people which is the founder and co-founder.
Suja Krishnan : Founder
Graduated in telecommunication engineering and worked with multinational companies such as Ericsson, NSN and Vodafone in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia. Moved back to Malaysia in 2009 and joined a Swedish consultancy firm for engineering. Started as a consultant and trainer to big telco companies in Malaysia such as Digi, Maxis and Axiata. Moved on to become the global services director managing the operations and financials of the company. Owned and manage company’s PNL and Cashflow. Manage a staff of 25 people and had a company turnover of RM 5 Million a year.

PremKumar – Co-Founder
Graduated in mechanical engineering and moved into the food and beverage industry in Malaysia. Worked with big brands such as Chilli’s, Bubba Gump and Gyu-Kaku. Started with Naza Group after Chilli’s and became one of their rising stars and youngest outlet manager. Turn around Bubba Gump’s revenue from a mere RM100k a month to a RM400k turnover every month. Extensive experience in building brand awareness and driving top sales.

Company Background Skill Bear is wholly owned by Techrev which was registered on the 24th of January 2015 in Australia. Techrev Asia was registered in Malaysia in August 2015.
Up to date, we have had investments of RM70k from friends and family. Skill Bear was officially launched in March 2016. As of date, we have 500 subscribers and growing,300 courses from 12 different categories and 30 instructors. Our monthly average traffic is 1000 users per month.
Funding Milestone We are looking for funding of RM100,000. This will be used to move to a better hosting improving user experience, build an app to make it easier for users to use, start of phase 2 which is Skill Bear for business and for digital marketing purposes.

Hosting for a year – RM 3600
App Building for Android and IOS – RM 30,000
Skill Bear for Business Section – RM 15,000
Digital Marketing – 50,000

% Equity Allocation 1% = USD 2040
Expected ROI Year 2 = 1000%
Risks and Mitigation Risk Strategy
1) No internet connectivity Marketing should be done to target more metro areas
2) Laws that do not permit certain type of contents in
certain areas All courses are strictly professional and will be quality assured before releasing to the public.
3) Competition Always staying on top and finding innovations to further improvise our platform
4) Funding Loans and grants and investment. Sell company equity to bring in funding
Exit Strategies Investor exit strategies involve payoff through one of the following approaches: (2-5 years)

– Buyout of investor shares by owners or key business principles

– Acquisition by or merger with another business

– Recapitalizing and paying off early-round investors with funds from venture capitalists or other later-round investors

Company Name Techrev Asia Solutions
Business Address 29 Jalan Melawis, 41000 Klang
Contact Person Suja Krishnan