Project Cost: RM300000

Amount Invested : RM50000

Amount Required : RM290000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia

Project Stage:


Company History:

We are active in website making for 5 years with projects costing up to RM10+k per project. However, we are passionate developer that wishes to achieve more, hence the initiation of this project.

Product / Service Description:

The asynchronous multiplayer cross platform multiplayer game, is basically a turn based game, which is widely played already among the asian country, and also Western countries, a lot of us are actually waiting for the introduction of this game as multiplayer online! We would like to assure you that we know what we need to bring this project alive as we have already digged in deep to understand how games like draw something can sustain without fail such a big user pool, by using NoSQL DATABASE with cloud computing. As we can already see, most mobile games are actually making millions a month itself, without much maintenance.

Business Opportunity:

This game is inspired by draw something, which hit big, though it has slowed down much more now. For this game, it is definitely first of its kind even in asynchronous multiplayer game field. Most asynchronous game is actually based on western game idea, while ours here is an asian one, which will take on the market unexpectedly. For game like draw something, it is easy to play, so able to attract huge amount of player,yet its game model lack control, skills, and even hard to draw to play it, same is the newer game of dice with buddies,which lack of control by players and also more on luck, even so, these games are basically generating a whooping RM50000 per day with a cost of around RM1k for hosting. By introducing this game, we would expect it to hit local malaysian market at top1 chart for both android and appstore within the first week itself without much advertisment needed. This can be easily achieved by the facebook users inviting their friends to play it, as we mentioned before, a lot of people actually waiting for this game to be launched.

Revenue Model:

The game will be basically a free on with in game ads which will generate around RM10k per day minimum within first week of launch. And also a ads free version costing usd2.99. Of course with the game to be a hit, the income will be 10-100 times more of the amount. Also there are in app purchases for users to join the tournament and also buying avatars and so on, costing usd0.99 minimum.

Management Team:

We are linking up with a major award winning mobile apps developer to build this game and they have quoted us for the project.

Current Status:

RM50000 initial investment made by company and also some close friends investments. We are raising funds and seeking investor to give this project the green light.

Funding Milestone:

Fund is fully utilised to pay the developer, and sorry to say, we are not using any local developer as they really do not show any promises to be able to deliver the project. Also part of the funds will be utilised to meet the future scalability of the project.

Business Valuation:

A maximum of 50% as this project will go on regardless how the funding goes as we are confident that it will be a hit.

Expected Return On Investment:

A minimum of 100-200%. Up to 10-200 times according to the datas of dice with buddies or draw something.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The game will be delivered garanteed, quality will be refined as we progresses as well. The risks are that the game will be a hit only locally, however it would be small chance,once you know the idea you will know it will be a hit.

Exit Strategies:

Of course like draw something, after locked in all the user base, sell big for millions to bigger company, or continue enjoying the stream of income for at least 2-3 years or more.


Cheong Mun Pong (
Company Name: MP studio
PoStal Address : B13-9, Seaview Tower
State : Penang
Post Code : 12100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0129787092