Australia Global Payments service focused on Education Export & Remittances market

Australia Global Payments service focused on Education Export & Remittances market

The education export market is Australia’s 4th and New Zealand’s 5th largest exports in 2009. We offer a differentiated online international payments and collections service targeting niche markets of education providers, parents, students & expat workers.


We are a start up Online Global Payments and Collections Service backed by a committed management team with solid experience in payments and the international student market.

We offer an Online Bank grade service that fills a need in the market for cheaper, easily accessible and transparent funds and foreign exchange transfers while guaranteeing the security of our customers funds.

Global Labor Migration and Education Export are high growth sectors with education export in 2009 earning $18.6 and $1.3 billion for the Australian and New Zealand economies respectively.

The target market is the booming Education Export and Global Remittances Market with our initial focus on funds transfers in and out of Australia & New Zealand into the Asia-Pacific region.

Our client base is large and includes international students, education providers, expatriate and migrant workers who send and receive money regularly. Our business model is highly complimentary and have initial traction with relationships formed with future customer groups.

Our main competition is Banks who charge expensive send and receive cross border fees as well as high foreign exchange f(x) margins for currency conversion. Our competitive advantage is the ability to process transactions locally within the platform allowing us to charge lower fees and offer very competitive f(x) margins to our customers while delivering a bank grade service. The outreach is to over 60 countries worldwide within our network of segregated client accounts

We are in the final stages of product development and payments platforms integration. These are proven and operational systems with differentiating technology ready to be deployed. We are fully compliant with AUSTRAC regulations in regards to maintaining Anti Money Laundering(AML) and Counter Terrorism funding programs.

Our base is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and are planning for the website service of the business to go live by August/ September,2010.


The management team have over 20 years of combined experience within the payments, remittances, IT infrastructure, corporate governance and education export market. We are very confident in this proven business model and are committed to the successful execution of our business plan. That is to grow this business into a profitable venture and position it for a strategic acquisition within 3-5 years. Our exit strategy is modelled on recent buyouts and developments in this space. Our focus areas of market penetration is the European and Asia-Pacific corridors.


The company seeks a financial partner(s) to commercialise the business model through funding initiatives and advisory services for the working capital requirements totaling. $650,000. The offer to the investor(s) is an equity interest of 35% in the form of shares. The exit strategy is to position the company for an acquisition sale value of a minimum of 8 times its projected EBITDA value of AU$4,837,800.00 by the 4th year of operation.

Capital Needed :AU$650,000
Minimum Investment :AU$32,500
Region :Queensland
Industry 1 :Financial, Business & Legal Services
Industry 2 :Internet & eCommerce
Investment Reason :Working Capital
Business Stage :Near Finished Product
Investor Role :Any
Amount Invested :AU$50,000