A World Awash In Capital

The world is awash in capital, in so much cash, that it is a little difficult to comprehend. Not only are equities priced higher, but every asset class you can think of is being driven up as faithful money seeks a dry, safe and happy home.

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Need Funding? Here’s How to Catch an Investor’s Eye

Having sat on both sides of the desk as an investor over the past 20 years and as a capital seeker as well, I could tell you, there is some eye catchers that are going to pop out at you and really grab your attention versus those are the deals that are going in the to-do file.

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Private Investor: William Kuan

What Best Describes You?Private Investor
Where Do You Invest?Singapore, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
What Do You Invest In?SaaS Platform, Food Production,
What is Your Investment Criteria?I am keen to invest in IT Software platforms and Food related industry.
A Definable exit plan will be added advantage.
How Much Do You Invest?Seed and Series A
Will NOT Invest InNA
NameWilliam Kuan
Organization NameFreshniku Sdn Bhd
AddressSg Buloh, Selangor

Private Investor: Kumaresh T

What Best Describes You?Private Investor
Where Do You Invest?Malaysia
What Do You Invest In?Telco , SAAS , IT
What is Your Investment Criteria?Quality management team desiring an active investment partner
Currently achieving at least $3 million in revenue per year
Attained or are approaching profitability
Strong organic growth potential
Definable exit
Already have strategic investor
How Much Do You Invest?USD$200k to USD$1M
Will NOT Invest InGambling
NameKumaresh T
Organization NameSolara Group
AddressUSJ Heights, Selangor